Umbrella Surveillance System
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Ashley Graham Ashley is armed! After a fashion. She's a bit of a strange sight, prowling the upscale halls of the ship. She's wearing her ochre-colored 1940s style pants, with the high waist and four decorative buttons on it, as well as her flowy ivory chiffon blouse and her silver charm bracelet. Her blonde hair has been braided back in a tight french braid. And she's armed ... with a golf club. Though for now she just carries it. She's ready for action, but not quite primed to swing it.

As she moves, she taps on the doors quietly, one and then the next and then the next. Sometimes the little tap will elicit a Zedlike groan from one of the doors, or silence. What's she looking for? Who can say.
Caio Caio Decided to, once again leave his room and go explore the ship. After all, he has an objective to complete. After filling his pockets with food (everything from candy bars to butter tablets) he makes his way to deck 12. He's just starting to explore when the sound of someone knocking at a door reaches his hears. He lights the lantern thats affixed to his gun, carefully walking forward. He can only see the back of a small girl who seems to be knocking at all the doors. The only sound that comes from him is his breathing being slightly amplified by the filter on his gas mask. "Don't knock." He says to the girl in a low voice, taking a step towards her.
Markus Berger Too late, as the most recent knock results in a far less half-dead sounding groan to be heard from behind the door followed by it opening... and for someone emerging from it with raised fist clad in brass knuckles and an right-arm that is limply hanging down. "I'll kill you all. I swear..." Markus doesn't actually get much further than that since instead of finding zombies or mutants he finds... Ashley. "I take that back."
Ashley Graham Why it's everyone's favorite mad scientist! But Ashley's welcome for the man is not quite what he might expect. She doesn't leap into his arms as she has previously, or even smile to see him. She's, in fact, very very still. She's also being lit from behind. There's someone behind her.

Ashley keeps her hands, one empty and one holding the golf club, where they are so the man with the light can see them easily. Her eyes, knowing, frightened, but determined, remain on Markus' as she slowly turns her head to glance back over her shoulder. "You're not Adrien," she tells the man, as if that's supposed to mean something.
Caio Caio blinks as he sees Markus come from one of the now open doors. "Sorry, I'm not." He says to Ashley, taking a few more steps near her, allowing her and Markus to see him clearly. His gaze moves to Markus, more specifically to the man's limp arm. To Ashley, he repplies. "My name is Caio, I'm here to help." He doesn't aims his gun at her, just grips it firmly and points it at the ground.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just puts his still working hand on Ashleys shoulder after he gets to hear the mans voice and a decent look at him. "Encountered that guy before allready along with someone else. Considering that he did not pump me full of lead and has even less of a clue what has happened here than us I'd say he is allright."
Ashley Graham It's Markus' hands and words that truly relax Ashley. Well, 'relax'. Because you know. Death floating and all that. She looks to Markus, though, and then at last she smiles. She sets her free hand on his at her shoulder. "I'm so glad to see you," she exhales. Only then does she fully turn to regard the frog soldier behind her.

Her smile fades at the sight of him. She looks him up and down. Then she shakes her head. "You're not here to help. Not us, anyway, not really." She looks up to Markus beside her. "I met one of them too," she says by way of explination.
Caio Caio nods at Ashley. "My orders weren't specifically to help, no.. However, that doesn't mean I won't." He glances at Markus. "Do you mind if I take a look at your arm, doctor?" He asks the man. "Perhaps I can make it a bit less painfull."
Markus Berger The doctor just waves the offer off with his other hand as he looks around. "Doubt it and I'd advice you to save your supplies for yourself. The arm is broken, nothing you can do about that except pumping me full of painkillers. Anyway, we got to leave. Lingering attracts unwanted attention." He has got to know, considering the trouble he ran into not too long ago.
Ashley Graham "Your arm is broken?" Ashley says, alarmed as she turns to look over Markus again. It's only then that she notices that his arm is, in fact, hanging limp and useless. "Jesus, what happened?" she asks, her eyes widening with true and heartfelt concern.

She then turns to look at the man in the gas mask, frowning. "Where's your extraction point?" She seems like she might ask more, but then her head snaps in the other direction, down the hall and away from Caio. "Get inside," she tells Markus.
Caio Caio frowns, sighing. Having learned a lot from his time in Racoon city, he recognises the tone in Ashley's voice. Even without noticing anything out of the ordinary he grips his gun thighter, thumbing the safety off, leaving Ashley's question unanswered.
Markus Berger Since Markus himself can also hear the shuffling from down the hall he quickly does as he is told and disappears back into the room he came from since he is in less than good condition for a fight. "Both of you, get in here as well. Quick now."
Ashley Graham It's a good plan that Markus has, to get everyone into the (admittedly swank) cabin. And were this a normal end-of-the-world day with normal end-of-the-world zombies, they could step inside and let the damage pass and perhaps all get to know each other a little better.

That's not what happens. From the darkness is the sound of multiple shuffling feet. And then a roar. It's a man's roar, not some sort of bio-beast. But it's definitely not your standard shuffler. And then footsteps. Running footsteps. A crazed, dark-eyed R-virus infected, the tough and fast kind, is barreling right at them.

Ashley manages to sidestep, throwing her light weight through the doorway and into Markus while the creature barrels past. Caio is not so lucky, and is struck with the full force of the creature in the chest, enough to stumble him back off his feet, though not to the ground. He'll have to act fast, though, because that creature is already moving at him again, launching itself with bared teeth to the point of an almost dislocated jaw.

That's not all their troubles, though. The shuffling from down the hall continues, and two comparatively harmless T-virus Zeds shuffle into the light. One is a woman in a yellow bikini, her head twisted to the side at an unnatural angle. The other is a man in red swim shorts and a whistle about his neck. A lifeguard. And it absolutely looks like he drowned.
Ashley Graham Ashley, from her place inside the doorway, sees the creature barrel past. "Are you armed?" she manages to ask Markus, but already she's moving, stepping outside of the room again. The shuffling Zack and Zed behind her are, well, behind her. But not so close yet as to be an issue.

She has the golf club in her hands ready and she swings, bringing it down twice on the creature. The first time bounces off near harmlessly from it's back. The second at least manages to hit him across the back at the shoulder level, causing the creature to buck under the (admittedly weak) weight of the blow. Perhaps that'll give Caio a chance to make his move, however.
Markus Berger The doctor sure as hell isn't going to let Ashley fight the zombies on their own and the ammount of them is for once actually manageable. Which means that he rushes out after Ashley and punches the zombie she hit with a golf club right into the gut. Hard.
Ashley Graham Caio has some good friends here, or at least some brutal ones. Which is rather funny, considering that they consist of a doctor with a broken arm and a 100 pound girl. And yet brutal they are, both survivors, falling on the attacking R-virus creature with a vengeance. Between Ashley's swings of the golf club and Markus pounding the creature in the back of the head with his brass knuckles like a boss, the R-virus Zombie can't quite complete it's lunch in Caio's direction. He has some leeway to make his move, but it'll still have to be quick: despite the beating, the creature is still reaching for the man in the mask.
Caio Caio stumbles, of balance by the creature thats close, too close for confort to him. His expression is still calm as he levels his smg and fires 3 shots, each one ripping through the creature's head. It stumbles, falling back-first to the floor, motionless. The soldier sigs, his weapon now aiming a head.
Ashley Graham Poor Markus and Ashley, and even poor Caio. Because a triple headshot at melee range can only mean one thing. Gore, gore everywhere. Blood, brains, hair, bits of skull, neural fluid ... they're all coated in it, across their faces and down their fronts. No one said survival was pretty, right?

But it's not the end of their troubles. Because by now the two shuffling T-virus pool partiers have reached them. The girl opens her maw and lets out a groan, swinging at Markus with her arm, but her swipe falls short. Ashley isn't quite so lucky, as the former lifeguard chooses to basically fall on her rather than swipe. And fall he does, draping his weight against her and his arms around her shoulders from behind. His jaw opens, going for the back of her throat.
Ashley Graham What's a white girl good for if not a good scream? Sadly Ashley is a bit of a letdown in that department, because while she yelps in surprise and fear, she doesn't let out a blood curdling horrified sound like she might be expected to.

But maybe it's warranted. Because the creature is close to her, if it had breath she'd feel it on her neck. So she flails. Shifting her weight left to right, trying to shake the thing off. It isn't enough to manage that, but it is enough to keep the lifeguard from sinking his teeth into her flesh. Thus far.
Markus Berger The zombie that was going after Ashley quickly got his skull bashed in by a extremely pissed off Markus. In fact by the third time he punched there was no skull left and instead Ashley was in the way who instead gets clipped by the edge of his brass knuckles. Which is likely still going to hurt. A lot.
Caio Caio starts to walk towards Ashley. Despit that, his focus is on the remaining zombie. He raises his gun one more time and just like last time, fires a 3-round burst, aiming for its head. Just like last time, the creature falls, its head exploding like a watermeloon, blood and brain matter being splattered on the walls.
Ashley Graham And just like that it's over. One R-Virus Runner and two T-Virus pool partiers. Dead, all in bloody spectacles.

Speaking of bloody, Ashley and Markus are coated in the stuff at this point. That's what happens when someone beats in a zombie's head with a set of brass knuckles and a broken arm. Damn, Markus. Just Damn.

Ashley did take a clip in the melee and while it will likely hurt, later, it's entirely unnoticed now. When the head-beaten zombie slumps backwards off of her, the girl collapses to the side, away from Markus, crumpleing against the wall and then sliding to the floor, panting. She drops the golf club, and then looks up at Markus over her shoulder. Her eyes are bright white-and-blue in the sea of red that is her face and clothes. She stares at Markus with awe. Just straight awe. Like he's a god, not a man. "Jesus," she breathes in disbelief.
Markus Berger Markus stares at the dead zombie for a moment as he breathes heavily before he slides off and pockets the the brass knuckles with the help of his other hand, which is likely an act that hurts like hell, and wipes some of the blood of his coat. Good thing that its made of leather so not everything is going to stick. "The advantage of genetic tinkering... even someone like me can have a good moment that way." With that said he offers Ashley a hand to help her up, if she were to try to.
Caio Caio looks at the two sides of the halway. "Its all clear, it seems." He says, still standing beside Ashley, alsso offering her his hand. To Markus, he smiles. "Excelent job, doctor." He says cheerfully.
Ashley Graham Know what stains like a bitch? Chiffon and linen, which is what Ashley's wearing. She won't be getting clean any time soon. But there's two hands being thrust down to offer her up, and she takes them both, using the counterbalance of each man to haul herself to her feet. She's small, so it shouldn't take much.

"Maybe," she says, with a little sigh of disbelief. "Maybe we should go inside. As long as you don't mind us tracking in a mess, Doctor Berger." It's an attempt at humor. It falls so flat it's deperessing.
Markus Berger Things can't get anymore depressing than they allready are considering where they are, but even the mood of the good doctor takes another dent as he just wraps his working arm around Ashley and begins leading her into what used to be his own room. "Lets get you two in here and let me check you over. Catch some breath and talk."
Caio Caio nods at Markus, helpping him to support Ashley. As the 3 of them enter Markus's bedroom, Caio shuts the door bheind them. "We should be safe for a while." He says, wincing slightly. Looks like the attack from that r-virus infected has wounded him mildly.
Ashley Graham Ashley's going to start having a bruise on the side of her face, at her jawline, eventually. It might even be forming now, if not for the blood. She does chuckle, though, clearly not yet feeling the injury. Adrenaline will do that to you. "I'm alright," she promises Markus, but as both men seem eager to lead her in, she lets them.

"Alright thanks to you. That was incredible, Markus." Terrifying and incredible. "I didn't know that anyone could do that. I really thought that I'd feel that bite in any moment." She's babbling a little, coming down from the rush. Poor girl. Just because she's survived RC doesn't mean she's a soldier by any stretch. Hell, she's a peace activist!
Markus Berger "I'm not actually particularly good at this or otherwise I wouldn't be one arm short. Just having the enhancements to my body compensate for me." The good doctor leads Ashley towards the sofa and gestures for her to sit down as he himself places the medkit he has attached to his belt under his coat down somewhere before he heads into the bathroom for a moment... likely to get something to clean up some of the blood.
Caio Caio moves to sit down on the ground. He pulls the top of his vest down ever so slightly, enough for a uggly bruise on his chest to be seen. From one of the pockets of his vest he pulls what appears to be a first aid kit. From kit comes a even smaller spray bottle. He has no expression as he sprays his wound with a thick, visquous liquid. "Are you ok?" He asks Ashley in his soft, calm voice.
Ashley Graham Ashley looks after Markus as he goes. "Enhancements?" she starts to ask, but then he's in the bathroom. So, seated with a perfectly straight back on the sofa, her golf club beside her, there's nothing left to look at but Caio, on the floor nearby.

It's odd to see a man's chest but not his face. Just a weird moment. Ashley watches as the man treats himself, her stare becoming less and less coherant. A thousand yard stare, if you will. But Caio's question brings her back and she blinks twice so her vision can refocus. "Hmm? Oh, yes," she assures him with a soft smile. It's eerie through all the blood. "He didn't so much as nick me, thanks to Doctor Berger. That was unbelievable."
Markus Berger After a few moments Markus returns from the bathroom with a wet towel and sits down beside Ashley. "Mind holding still? Got to get at least some of the blood cleaned off." With that said he would get to work to at least clean the blood of her face and a bit out of her hair if Ashley were to allow that. "To explain... I had a Umbrella scientist do some enhancments on my body. Something along the lines of manipulating my body chemistry on the genetic level. Actually spent a whole day out of comission as it was partialy breaking itself down and rebuilding itself with some more efficiency. Its kept me alive so far."
Caio Caio nods at Markus. "Genetics, hu? I guess that explains how you managed to kill an infected with just an arm." He nods at Ashley. "Its good to know you are ok." Cince he needs to rest and recover from his wound, Caio reaches up with his hand, removing his gas mask, revealing a soft, young face.
Ashley Graham Ashley might argue with Markus, or exclaim in surprise at what he tells her. But he asks her to sit still and so still she sits, closing her eyes and allowing him to clean the blood from her face. She even reaches up to undo her braid, letting him try to get as much gore and grime out as he can. The bruise on the side of her face is starting to form. It'll be a doozy, when she realizes it's there.

"We'll need to talk about that a bit more, Doctor," Ashley finally says to the man beside her. She does reach over though, giving his knee a squeeze in a reaassuring gesture. A familiar one, too. She reassured him in just that way in the Church, in a city that no longer exists.

And then Ashley turns to Caio. "Who are you people?" she asks the now bare-faced man.
Markus Berger "Just hope you aren't expecting anything interesting to know. Even now I only know the bare basics of... pretty much everything." With that said he wipes the last bits of blood and gore he can actually get out of Ashleys hair out before throwing the towel into a corner before looking at Caio. "My guess? Either government commandos or international ones. No clue."
Caio Caio nods at Markus. "You are right. I'm from the government. F.B.C, to be more specific. We only seek information, nothing more." He pockets his spray and medikit. He looks at Ashley. "We aren't here to hurt anyone."
Ashley Graham "Information about what?" Ashley asks, looking over at Markus for a curious moment to see what he thinks of all this, and then back to Caio. Interrogation time!

"You have already said that you're not here to help us, not really. And I think we're all very well passed the information stage of things now. So what is it you're really after, you're really here for?"
Caio Caio nods at Ashley. "We simply want more info about the infected. We want to know who's bheind this and if pocible neutralize them." Caio says simply. "If you still don't believe me, I'm sorry but I really hope you do." He puts back his gas mask a soft *ris* being heard as the masks fits his face perfectly.
Markus Berger Markus gladly joins in on the interrogation, especially since he loves being a conspiracy theorist... and just as much he likes to know what is going on. He lost the tendency towards obliviousness quite a while ago in RC. "Pretty much what I expected. That they aren't really here to help isn't surprising considering that likely nobody is expecting any or at least many survivors." With that said he heads over to his bed and pulls a laptop from under it and puts it on a table in fron of the sofa. "Well, not much else we can do aside from resting and planning on what to do. Take a look at this here." With that said he starts the laptop and pulls up a rough sketch of the ship and its decks...