Umbrella Surveillance System
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Richard Stadler The ship was a long one. It had been a very long walk down deck 12, trying to reach the elevator at the Fore, and thankfully /that/ was still working. Also, thankfully, the Stateroom Rick leads the group to was close to it. Though, this in no way meant they were safe.

Stadler sends all three of them through the door, before closing it behind him. The stateroom is well kept, or as much as it could be before two mauled, bleeding people had gone through it. Chase didn't seem to be in any fit state to converse, so Stadler only has to look at Andrei as he comes through the door. "Afraid I'm claiming the bed. You want to take the chair, you can. Just hand me an undershirt from the drawer and... bottom drawer, the minibar. The Vodka there, the 150 proof one."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei pauses as they enter into the room, taking the time to unload his p90 then as he walks inside, glancing about then. "Right right. I'm only doing this becuase you are injured, Sir." Andrei responds rather dryly as he moves to go through his clothes drawer then to just start tossing a shirt or two over at Standler then as he kneels dwon.. then makes his way to filch a bottle of alcholol then as he walks over to the man.

Even behind his respirator and goggles, it isn't hard to tell that the man is more amused then anything else by this as he chuckles softly, holding it out. "Looks like that thing was rather into you.. quite litertally, better make sure that you don't turn or anything.. Hate to have to shoot you."
Richard Stadler "What, you think this is a good time to get plastered? Not enough site security for that." Rick says, He unscrews the bottle of vodka, gritting his teeth and wincing as he slowly pulls the tatted shreads of his hawaiian shirt from the wound. It's almost like he'd crack his teeth with how hard he holds them shut as he pours the alcohol over it, washing the blood away with a poor man's disinfectant. An Undershirt is held there to staunch the bleeding, as well as another when that one was bloodied.

After that, he simply reclines on the bed. "Sorry. Damn thing hurts. And I know the drill. Watch me, shoot me if I turn. I actually have some evidence that won't happen, but it's slim. It'll be great to have another goddamn datapoint For it. Wouldn't be the first time one of those beasts torn into my stomach."

Eyes screwed tight from pain, voice ragged, but he tries concentrating. "All right. First. Name, rank. I'm guessing you're FBC, but if you're from another branch, too, let me know."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's attention will shift elsehwere as his eyes glance to the doorway as he moves to stand nearby as he offers simply. "Andrei Kirov. 'Junior Agent'. The latter is added with a bit of venom as he chuckles softly. And apparently the only person on this damn operaton with enough enough sense to actually try and get it completed without dieing due to being too nice or being too suicidal." Andrei offers as he looks to the man then chuckling softly. "And your.. what was it again? Stabler? Stamler? Stumbler? Stutterer?"
Richard Stadler Stadler nods slightly, and is silent for a moment, either absorbing it in, or simply trying to work through the pain. "Agent Kirov, good to have you on board. From what I overheard, I can guess what this mission's about. A bit silly, blowing the ship up when China's willing to spend the money instead, but the job's the job. Though I think we need to talk that over again."

He seems to struggle, reaching behind him, pulling out a wallet, with difficulty. Once he does, though, he fumbles a card loose, and tosses it over to Kirov... and it turns out to be the Standard DoD CAC card, complete with the chip, picture, and rank. Along with his Affiliation.

"Captain Richard Stadler, United States Army, Federal Bioterrorism Commission. Formerly a Major in the Colorado National Guard, and I assume you're smart enough to put two and two together on where I got gutted before. So, given that the woman who was giving you orders just got dragged away, that might leave me in charge."

He pauses again. "Or not. Honestly, you could put a bullet in my head right now, dump me overboard, and no one would know the difference. I suppose it comes down to what you think of the chain of command." The last sentence is said almost questioningly.
PrestigeAndrei "I'm not a murderer, nor am I a good soldier. I have a mission, and it will get completed. If you feel that you have a better plan to actually solving the problem at hand, then I'll hear you out, but I make no gaurntees." He'll twist his lips into a frown then. "As it stands currently, the FBC has access to the most firearms on the boat and there are numerous individuals without a route of escape. Leveraging these two tokens over individuals heads will get them to assist us in claring out the sealed levels." Andrei notes as his lips purse. "It will also free us up for the possibility of finding out what exactly happened here before we detonate the ship and prevent more agencies from gaining access to bioweapons."

Taking a step then towards the bathroom door he'll turn to look at STandler then as he offers simply. "I will be crashing in here.. and I will be locking the door, just in case. I'm sure you understand." Andrei offers before giving a light lift of his shoulder. "I will listen to your suggestions, but you were not called up on this mission, and for all intents and purposes, unless it is convinent for me to not do so, I will be preferring my CO's command over yours."
Richard Stadler Stadler gives a nod of his head. "An honest man... I'd think I'd prefer to see a righteous one, right about now, but I can deal with honest. Your CO's plan was a decent one... so long as you go about it the right way. Some people from Terrasave are here courting a philantrophist. One of them I know specifically is Ashley Graham, daughter to the former President and a survivor of Raccoon City. She's good at working with people, so if we can get her help and convince her that this needs to be done, we can accomplish the mission. But I don't know how much we can relay on the civilians that're left... primarily because I don't think there are many left."

He holds up his hand, as Andrei moves toward the door. "Before you go." He reaches into his pocket, and tosses Andrei what looks to be a keycard. "Feel that. Tell me what the shape on the front feels like to you."
PrestigeAndrei "You mean cowgirl? Yah, we spoke already, she and I have already worked out an arrangement. If I have your permission, I will arm her with my sidearm." Andrei responds rather dryly then as he gives a slight snort as he moves a hand to pat at the backpack at his side. "Beyond that, I would suggest you not tell Cowgirl that our end goal is to blow the ship. I caluclate our chances of saving everyone aboard this ship that is still alive before we blow it.. with say, half of us still alive at zero, and there is no gaurntee that the civilians might short-sightedly try and save their own sorry skins by disarming the bomb before we get them all in place."

Andrei will catch the card then before he looks it over, giving it a quick feel with his hands before he looks it over. "Feels like a pointed circle. Kind of reminds me of the Umbrella logo.. which would explain a lot to be honest." Andrei notes before he pauses to look at Stadler again. "That man on the deck? The one who tried to.. hit the weapon? That man is Markus Berger. Albert Wesker worked with him during the Raccoon City outbreak.. and from what I can tell he is a bioresearcher familiar with these diseases. If all else fail.. we must have him extract with us.. only if to use him as a scape goat for releasing the monsters in the first place."
Richard Stadler Stadler holds his hand out for Andrei to toss the card back to him. "Cowgirl. Haven't heard her called that before, but I'm glad to hear she's not dead. I don't know how well she can shoot, but keeping her alive would be a priority. I'm /afraid/ I can only give my suggestion that you arm her with your sidearm." He says, a touch of sarcasm meant to add some humor to it. "I understand ommission may be needed on this, but we need to have a game plan for any civilians left. We can try to arrange a detail to build rafts, for instance; enough of them might bring them over to the Chinese mainland, and it will at least show there's a possibility they can get out."

Stadler nods again. "It would. And we do need to extract Berger. Or at least have another Doctor here that can take a look at these wounds." He frowns, and works his way to sit up. "I suggest you leave that to the politicians. In my opinion, we're the United States. Scapegoats are how Russia does business, not us. The only thing that helps us here is the /truth/, and God willing we'll find it before we have to blow this ship to prevent the Chinese from releasing zombies aganist Vietnam."

Back down on the bed again. "But that's for tomorrow. The tubs actually big, and I have some extra bedding. Feel free to take it. And if I'm wrong and I'm banging mindlessly on the door... Well. I've got tags."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will just shake his head in response to Stadler, even as he throws the card back to the man. "Do you think that they sent us in here without extraction?" Andrei offer rather dryly, smirking for a second, though again this is obscured by his respirator. "Getting off this boat is not going to be a problem, and we can get as many civilians off here as we can save. At least that is the sound of it, the problem is we lack the resources both in terms of bullets nad food to actually warrant saving people who can't help us further our own immediate objectives."

"The truth? Amusing." Andrei smirks slightly as he looks the man over, "The truth pinned an entire last outbreak on one woman. I think the boys upstairs arn't losing sleepover that one, and the probably won't lose anymore if we have a backup plan ready in case of failure." He'll step into the bathroom doorway then as he moves to look around and offera sigh.

"Remember that the primary objective, the one that we cannot fail or fear being disavowed and court martialled.. is blowing up the ship. The truth, as we were told it, is a secondary objective. Important, but negligible compared to preventing this knowledge from spreading further."
Richard Stadler Richard Stadler gives a weak smile after a second. "I suppose they wouldn't. My apologies. The last time I was doing something like this, we weren't sure the helicopters are coming. They'll pull their wait. We're not the National Guard; we're not here to help these people... so I'm really hoping Terrasave can pick up the slack on this." He says, before turning to look at Andrei, catching his card back and stashing it away.

"They shouldn't have. I know people were looking for a reason, but that never helped us... that's editoralizing. But I'd like to see the truth first, at the very least."

And for that last part, Stadler closes his eyes, head propped aganist the pillow. "Oh, you're right. China can't get a hold of this place. But maybe I can help a little with that. After all, I /am/ on vacation."
PrestigeAndrei "I'm sure you can, You've got a gun after all." Andrei retorts before he moves to close the door, a little lock sounding out then as he secures the room and no doubt moves to go to sleep.. its been.. well a long day to say the least