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PrestigeAndrei Even amidst the eerie groans that is punctured by the odd scream or moan from unknown origin, it is just hard to shake how lonely the entire endeavor is aboard the Heavenly Abyss. The kitchen, which had so bustled with activity no doubt days before.. is now completely barren, its owners having long sense fled away to either the lifeboats.. or were killed by the hordes that have by at this point been locked away.

Andrei however is not one to spend time concerning himself with missing people ore the source of every little sound. Instead, it seems the man, still dressed in his wetsuit, though now covered in what appears to be an ill-fitting polo and khakis. His behavior perhaps is perhaps even a little more perplexing, as the man seems to be gathering up all the knives and other sharp utensils in the room and piling them up onto one of the central counters. Instead of taking out massive amounts of food, he is focusing instead on implements.. Weapons, gathering them all up for some unknown purpose.

One hand always remains on his gun.. and the gasmasked, goggled figure definitely cuts an odd figure.
Ashley Graham Lucky bastard with his gun. Ashley doesn't have a gun. She's rummaging around underneath some cabinets. Pots and pans mostly. She's being quiet, at least. It's like she's snuck around for the sake of survival before. Wherever could she have done that before, one has to wonder? But she does it now, sorting one pot from another, quietly setting one aside. She's settled on her knees as she works.

She's a passanger. It's obvious. She's wearing ochre-colored high-waisted pants with four gold buttons on the front. You know the ones, the fluttery ones styled after the 1940s pants. She wears an ivory chiffon blouse, one that would likely flutter nicely in a sea breeze. Her hair is left down in lovely platinum waves, and a silver charm bracelet hangs at her wrist. She's a dish.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei doesn't have one gun.. he has THREE, just to be clear here! For a ship full of men and women who were totally unarmed, he was walking in a class all on his own in this regard. He'll take the time to move through the entirety of kitchen more than once or twice, occasionally passing by Graham.. yet if he sees her, and it isn't clear that he does at this point, he doesn't seem interest in bothering with the woman. Instead, he gives her a wide berth and starts taking to gather up knives from a corner of the room to transport them back..

Yet even this cannot last forever as Andrei is soon walking back to his little spot near the side of the room with all the knives piled high and stops for a second, catching movement out of the corner of his eye and he drops the blades to the ground. The clatter is deafening in the general silence of the room and over that he shouts. "Hands on your head!" Andrei will shout, his voice muffled behind his respirator as he lifts up and points the gun in the general direction of Ashley Graham in the room.
Ashley Graham Ashley cries out at the clatter of the knives. "Ah!" Ashley cries out, inadvertantly. It is something of a shock. But she hears the words, she understands the words. And she doesn't sass him, although she has to bite the lower right corner of her lip to keep from doing so. No, she does as she's told. She brings her hands to her head slowly, the silver of the charm bracelet catching the light.

She says nothing, but even in the half-light available here, Andrei can see her glaring daggers at him with her big, blue eyes. Her chest rises and falls more quickly, nervous at the sight of a man with a gun. Because you know, that's never fun. She's bold, though. Meeting his gaze brazenly, angrily. And fearfully too.
PrestigeAndrei Almost as quickly as he had given her the command, he'll flip the saftey off on his firearm, clearly making a rather noticable motion of it all, clearly exaggerating the motion before he offers a slight nod then. "Name and purpose aboard this vessel." Andrei will bark out then rather directly as he keeps his firearm trained on her, his posture remaining tense, his eyes clearly lining her up down the barrel of his fire arm then as his breathing finally resumes upon her responding to his command.

He'll take a momment to adjust his stance then, turning to face her fully, and move to kick the knives over slightly to his left, causing the metal to scrape across the ground before he finally offers simply. "Hop up and down on one foot!" He'll order then secondly.. Thank god for gasmasks, becuase at this point he is just to about peel out in giggling at the thought of him abusing his power in such a stupid way.
Ashley Graham "Ashley. And I'm here for a tan," she tells him, with a little bit of a glare. It doesn't have much teeth to it, just a rather 'I told you so' quality. Slowly, then, slowly and with great grace, Ashley rises from her kneeling position to stand up, still keeping her fingers laced at the back of her head.

And she continues to stare, right into the gasmask. Bold as brass, this one. And she just tilts her head slightly to the side at his request. "I don't know how," she tells him, dryly. "You do it first to show me."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's fingers seem to grip the his P90 much tighter and more visibly then in response to Ashley's words as his lips underneath that gasmask purse for a second, still again clearly lining up that shot as she moves to stand, his gun following her before he offers in a rather odd tone. It is hard to place the emotion, again, becuase he is trying to not snicker, "Really? Getting snippy huh?" Andrei responds then as he lowers his gun slightly and gives a shrug of his shoulders. "Eh, whatever. Continue whatever it was you were doing over there." Andrei responds then as he turns away from Ashley Graham and moves to kick the knives away from himself towards his pile, not really letting Graham out of his sight.. but at the same time making sure he isn't stopping his work at gathering up all the dangerous weapons in the room.
Ashley Graham "Wait," Ashley says, taking a few steps toward Andrei as he seems disinterested, turning to go. "Wait, please," she says, sounding more honest as she moves in his direction. Not too close, but not so far away anymore. Quiet is good, after all.

"Wait," she says, with a swallow and a short, calming breath. "It's only polite for you to introduce yourself in return, isn't it? And to tell me what it is you're doing on this particular ship." She lets her blue eyes flit up and down the man. "You don't appear to be a cook, unless cooks have changed quite a bit since the last time I met one." Which, granted, was likely fairly recently. When you're rich and famous they often come out and present the entrees themselves. Ah, to have money.
PrestigeAndrei "THe name is Adrian Monk." Andrei responds amusedly and impishly as he makes his way through the kitchen, stopping to look at Graham as she approaches, lifting his gun slightly as if to ward her off from getting to close to him as his eyes narrow for a second at her distance from him. Not that she might be able to see the inherent suspicioun that her closer proximity immeaditly illicits from him.

"I came here to break all the knives in this room. Keep idiots from getting it in their heads that they have a tool to fight back with. Also reduce the number of possible threats aboard the vessel. If you want to talk, you will need to assist me in my master plan here." Andrei notes rather dryly as he steps backwards, still facing Ashley then as he makes his way, slowly away from her and off to the side of the room, head not turning from her as he moves. "You looking to hear something in particular, Miss Beach Body?"
Ashley Graham The man's words dishearten her, visibly. Her shoulders slump slightly. "Reduce the number of tools for people to fight back with," she says slowly, making no attempt to move toward him again. She does move slightly in the direction of the knife pile, though. As if protecting it, like a living thing in need of support.

"You're here to kill us," she says, with the weight of a great depression at the realization. "Or to let us die." Since knives and fighting back are rather required for survival. It's an accusation. A depressing accusation. "What did we do to be left to die?"
PrestigeAndrei "Yes, this is my master plan, kill all of you aboard but before doing that let you live long enough to get close to a weapon and possibly present a threat able to kill me." Andrei responds rather amusedly, a hand moving up to press at his gasmask then, as if obscuring the laughter coming from his gasmask. "Furthermore, I am going to instead of just killing you let you talk with me and tell you of my nefarious deeds!" He snickers then before turning to look at the pile. "No, you are just a.. incidental actor. Need to remove X-factors that can get into the way of the current mission. Easiest way to do that is make sure that no one has weapons and gets it in their head they can fight." Andrei responds then as he lifts up a hand to wave off her words, or her depression.

"I am not authorized however to offer you any deals at the momment, only suggest that you seriously reconsider your line of thought if you actually want to make it off this ship alive." Andrei amusedly state, "And help me get to breaking"
Ashley Graham "You're awfully paranoid for being a man with a gun," Ashley retorts, now standing at the knives. "Are you overcompensating for something?" She asks, and then takes another breath. A calming breath. And finally she's able to look at him, at his gask mask, and there's a mix of things in her eyes. Anger and terror. A cornered cat. A beautiful cat, but a cornered cat.

"No, I'm sorry. That's very rude of me. My father raised me better than that. Though I'm only a former President's daughter now, not a current one. So I suppose no one cares if I'm rude, do they?" Name dropper. She tilts her head slightly and continues to glare. "How better can I phrase this ..." she says, taking a deep breath. She's scared. It shows. But she's mad too. "Bite me." She says it deadpan. "This isn't my first rodeo. And by the end, it won't be a joke." Because while she can't see his grin, she can hear his playful words. And she's young, and small, and frightened. And mad.
PrestigeAndrei "Woah, Listen, I know some of the passengers have developed a taste for human flesh, but you shouldn't go soliciting people to bite you! You never know here!" Andrei offers out amusedly then as he looks Ashley over for a second and shakes his head. "But if this is not your first rodeo, then you should know how these things go. People get brave when they have weapons. Brave people make stupid decisions.. and they die. You can think I'm taking away peoples chances at survival.. but then going at a zombie with a chef's knife seems rather foolish to me, doesn't it?"

Andrei will take the time then to lift his hand up and try and scratch at his neck through his wet suit before grunting rather annoyed at the fact taht he isn't able to quite get the itch to go away. "Itchy bugger, now where were we?" Right." He'll move to lift the gun then, pointing his p90 square at Ashley then with a rather simple expression. "You want to live through this? Get back to the States maybe? I can help you get that opportunity, but it isn't going to be easy.. becuase in all honesty, I give myself a fifty-fifty shot of making it out of here alive. If those are my odds, where does that leave you, Cowgirl?"
Ashley Graham "Yes, I know how these things go," Ashley says with a swallow for bravery. The gun getting pointed up at her makes her stop dead in her tracks, with a twitch of fear. Her eyes are widen slightly. It's a rather terrifying thing, to have a gun pointed at you. And a fairly new one for Ashley. It's one she clearly doesn't like.

"You're right," she says. "It won't be easy. And you can help me. But I can help you, too. I've been here, I've done this. I know what's going to happen, and how it's going to happen. And I might not be as famous as I was six months ago. But still famous enough to require some extra hands, when they don't hear from me." She breathes in and out, pointly. "But you have to tell me who you are. Why you're here."
PrestigeAndrei "Excellent!" Andrei responds as he stops pointing his firearm at Ashley once more, letting it lower so that it might shoot her in the foot instead of square in the chest as he offers a rather cheerful nod then as he steps along, "See, thats where you and I are going to differ on opinions on the things." Andrei states then as he steps back towards the table, moving simply, "I'll give you a hint though, just becuase I'm a sporting chap, I'll give you a hint, Rescuing civillians is one of my mission objectives. It is however a tertiary objective.. and one I am given a great deal of leeway in determing acceptable risk."

Andrei doesn't seem to take the bait on her trying to lure out him asking about her surviving Raccoon city, after all, the man had been there himself and saw enough to know if she somehow survived.. she might actually be useful.. but then he would have to admit it. "I.. said my name was Adrian Monk? You know?"
Ashley Graham "Yes, I know the show," Ashley says easily. "I don't particularly care for the merging of comedy and trajety. Even Shakespeare knew to separate the two." Because of course Ashley, even with that hint of a well-practiced attempt to cover it, has a touch of a southern twang to her. Damn Texans. "Surely you can do better."

She takes another breath, long and calming. The apples of her cheeks are flushed red with the whole experience of ... this. She purses her lips. "But I'll make a guess. Adrian Monk ... you're here to investigate. You're looking for something. An answer to a question." She lifts her chin a bit. "But if you're willing to save civilians, even at a tertiary level, you're not Umbrella. But if civilians aren't your first priorities, you're not government either. So what's in between?"
PrestigeAndrei "I'd have you know my mama gave me that name in honor of.. the Tibetan monks who saved her on that steep hillside." Andrei responds as he towards the table looking it over then before casting a glance aside to her. "The word you are looking for is practical. That is what is sits between those two." Andrei offers before he sighs then as he reaches a hand out to take one of the knifes, and then moves to smash the blade against the counter edge, no doubt trying to remove the blade from the hilt of the weapon, growing frustrated because it isn't an easy task to do one handed- nor is it particularly quiet.

"What happens when you round up every person and save them? They all need to eat.. to drink.. They make noise, they have wants and desires... and that makes them all liabilities. Some who work with me might value that objective very highly in comparison to me, but I'm a man with realistic expectations."

"Now, am I going to have to ask you seven times to get you to help me with this?" Andrei mutters as he drops the chipped blade on the ground and motions to it, "Or can you help me ruin these things?" He'll seem almost a bit perplexed now by Ashley's behavior, sure, but he won't point the gun at her again, quite yet! Probably wouldn't be polite at this point. Neither is him making light and joking every other word.. but he isn't the polite sort.
Ashley Graham "Tibet. So you have something to do with those MiGs we heard earlier?" She asks, tilting her head to the side. She watches him destroy the knife, flinching at the sound. It's almost a PTSD response, the way she flinches away, trembles for a moment. But she wets her lips and soldiers on.

"Give me a gun," she finally says. "And I'll help you destroy those knives, if you really care so much about that." Her look softens as her eyes move up to the gas masked man's face. "If you don't want to hurt me, and if you're not Umbrella, I don't want to hurt you. And if you wanted to hurt me, you'd have done it already. But I have people here. And it is possible to round up people to save them." She wets her lips again.

"I was at the Church, in Raccoon City. I'm sure you've heard of it by now." At least 100 people were rescued from that church. It was heralded as some form of miracle in many a church across the world. "I'll help you, but you need to help me too. And no, 'not shooint me' is not the equivelant of helping me."
PrestigeAndrei "Listen, you are real cute, Cowgirl, and I will admit, I kind of want to give you a gun, but I need to get permission from my commanding officer before I start handing out my kit now, especially when you seem so interested in rescuing everyone aboard this ship." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he turns to face the woman then as he offers a small little chuckle, hand lifting up to make sure his gasmask is secure, clearly feeling a bit self-consious now under her gaze like that before he looks back to the table.

"Did anyone say you ask to many questions by the way? You arn't offering me much to work with here yourself you know. I know who you are, and what you've done, Miss Graham, now please, recognize that I am not able to do everything you want me to, especially if it gets in the way of my mission." Andrei mutters as he steps about and moves around the table then, trying to put a little bit of distance between himself and her then once more as he moves. "Let us say I do give you a gun though.. are you willing to help clear the lower decks of undead?"
Ashley Graham She bristles ever so slightly when he says he won't provide her a gun. At least, not yet. She almost looks hurt, strangely enough. "I'm studying to be a lawyer," she explains, when he talks about asking too many questions. "I'll take that as a compliment that I'm well on my way." Another sigh. It's stressful, all this back and forth. All this life and death. And while Mr. Monk may be trained and prepared in some form for it ... for Ashley it's a reoccuring nightmare at this stage.

"I only want one thing. I want to be armed." She frowns a bit deeper. "My stupid psychiatrist told me not to bring mine," she explains. "A Walther PPK. She told me that I need to let go in order to feel safe. It's what I get for a French psychiatrist." She looks back to the man again. "Give me a gun, show me your face, and I'll help you clear the lower decks."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will hesitate for a second, his hand clearly moving to reach for his bag before he inhales very audibly then, grunting then as he shakes his head. "Give me one day. One day." Andrei responds rather dryly then as he looks straight at Ashley again, reaching his hand back up to grip at the bottom of his P90 all over again. "I will.. give you a handgun to use in one day, After I speak with my commanding officer. If you refuse to assist us.. after that though, I will have to shoot you so that I can give the gun to someone who will."

Andrei seems almost threatening then with his tone of voice, but he quickly shuts it off, going back to humor, "And I've never killed anyone before, please don't make me have to shoot you? That would be really awkward, I mean I think my CO would probably strangle me to death if she knew I shot the president's daughter.. er.. ex-president's daughter. That wouldn't look good on my record."
Ashley Graham "You've never killed anyone?" Ashley takes a long breath and exhales slowly. "I have," she tells him, with total and stark honesty. Maybe he hasn't been playing it straight, and has killed a dozen people. But Ashley has killed some, and it's clear in her face. All the guilt, the conflict, and the fear that comes from such an act. She's transparent in that moment.

"I'll meet you back here tomorrow. And if you give me a gun, I will help you clear the lower decks. That is the help I will provide. That's the deal. No surprises, nothing unmentioned, nothing alluded to. No loopholes. Understood?" Wait, who's in charge here?
PrestigeAndrei "Sounds like a date then, Cowgirl." Andrei responds easily enough then as he looks down at the pile of knives on the table then before he offers a small nod. "So are you going to help me break these than so I can finish my job here and report back to my CO?" Andrei inquires as he steps to the table and moves to grip another blade and again try and remove the knife from the hilt so that it is a less usable.. hunk of metal
Ashley Graham "I don't work for free. It's not the American way," Ashley says, lifting her chin slightly higher. "You've not given me a gun yet, so it might be that I need these knives to protect myself." She sighs out her nose then, taking a few steps back. "Tomorrow," she agrees with him, backing away toward teh door. Turn her back on him? Nah.
PrestigeAndrei Thus, Andrei Kirov is now stuck in this damn kitchen, causing a racket smashing knives and trying to ruin blades all by his damn self. Damn spoiled princess. "Fine, just don't come in here for like.. a good thirty minutes, probably going to make a horrible racket." Andrei notes as his lips twist into a frown as he continues with his little break down of blades...

Dammit! He should of just ordered her to break them all with a gun pointed at her