Umbrella Surveillance System
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Laura The route to the bridge seemed clear... Or everything. There were no corpses, only more of the bloody marks left behind by the said corpses being dragged away. The pair proceeded slowly but steadily towards the bridge, with Laura reaching by the door to the bridge until she noticed the movement. "Shit--", she called out, taking a few steps back. "Looks like we'd need to clear out the place to get at things.", she said, taking a few startled steps back.
Leon Kennedy "Well, we've got to get in there at some point," Leon murmurs, pulling the slide on his pistol back a little to check and make sure there's a round in the chamber. Aw yeah, there's one. "You ready?" he asks his partner in crime-inal JUSTICE, because Laura is on the right side of the law now. "I'll breach, you cover me."
Laura Laura backs off from the door, "Yeah, just a moment..", she replied, unscrewing the silencer from her pistol to reduce the bulk-- not that it helped with her partner having a much louder weapon. A deep breath, with first time going toe to toe with those things in a good while. "Let's do this.", she nodded, steeling herself for the coming action.
Leon Kennedy Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Leon closes his eyes for a brief moment, summoning that cool, detached shooter's eye, the calm, relaxed trigger-finger. When he opens them again, he's not looking nervous or worried at all. He looks comfortable, in control, face relaxed, and he looks over his shoulder at her with one hand on the door handle. Then he twists it and pushes the door in.

As he steps into the room, the handgun rises reflexively into place in front of him, providing the young agent with a clear sight picture, its nightsights bright white as they center on the first undead crewmember, and he gives the trigger a little press, like shaking an old friend's hand. The gun barks, jumping slightly in his grasp, and the bullet crashes into the zombie's head. He turns to the next, and it happens again. There are eight more zombies in the room.
Laura Laura waited a fraction of a second for the door to open, and her partner to slip out of the way and begin firing, when she added in her mix of the bullets whizzing. She placed a hit, quickly operating the mechanisms of her modified pistol, before being able to fire again. Another bullet whizzed through the air, lodging itself in the head of another less-fortunate soal.

Another fiddle with her gun to get blast out the next bullet, but the clunky for firefights like that had her aim go off, only grazing one of the zombies, loding a round in it's shoulder. Not that it cared too much. By now, they all were coming for them and that doorway, "Crap, that many--", she shouted out.
Leon Kennedy Everyone messes up sometimes, Laura, don't worry. Even Leon, with his zen-like shooting skills, clicking almost mechanically from one undead to the next, shooting, shooting, shooting. A bullet hits one in the throat, which does, like, nothing, ripping harmlessly past its vertebrae, but the next takes it in the forehead. He drops another, but now they're getting close. Really close. Like, time to probably move close. "Laura?" Can she shoot the remaining three, or is he going to have to get Up Close and Personal with some smelly-deadys?
Laura Laura's focus certainly hadn't been to firearms that much, something she probably should address more at a gun range, but she held on if not by anything else but her natural grace and control of her body. It certainly didn't fully compensate for the customized weapon she used, the zombies in the bridge thinning out further with the shots from Laura's pistol finding their target, save for another one that merely grazed off the zombie's head, ending up embedded in the large windows of the cruise liner. It certainly didn't seem like she'd get another clear shot with the zombie closing in that distance on Leon, having her whip out knife out to try and move in to help.
Leon Kennedy One more zombie goes down under Laura's tender ministrations, but the other three keep coming. One is far too close for comfort, and the agent pushes out with his boat shoe to kick the walker back. Yes, he's wearing boat shoes, it was a cruise okay. With the extra space, he snaps his gun up to shoot at the stumbling zombie, but is thrown off balance by the kicking and the second zombie grabbing for his arms. The cold, clammy fingers latch onto him, but he manages to twist away, showing off those old QB reflexes. "Don't stop shooting!"
Laura Laura didn't make it more than few more steps, before stopping. Kicking and grabbing, that the targets moving faster close up. But her slinking in with her knife wouldnt' have helped too much, not with several still in the play. The one stumbling back ended up stumbling all the way down on it's back, the bullet lodged in it's head making sure it stayed that way. The next one required careful aim, the care of not accidentally hitting friendlies having her shoot little off-- it still hit the zombie, giving it something to think about to hopefully give Leon a better chance to act, her third shot ending up sunken on the bridge floor's fancy carpeting.
Leon Kennedy Laura's shot gives Leon an opening, and he jams his handgun into it, shoving the barrel up against the zombie's nose and pulling the trigger. The bullet exits out the rear of the skull, spraying gore and blasting through a window, but there's still one more in here. Dropping his arms, he whirls left, crossing over the door entirely so she doesn't shoot him on accident, snapping his gun up again and dropping the final shambling corpse with a shot to the cerebral cortex. A held breath pushes out of him as he pushes the safety back into position, chest heaving with the adrenaline pounding through his system. "Well, that's all of them," the agent observes, wiping the back of his hand over his face to clear away some of the specks of black blood clinging to his skin. "Let's see what we won."
Laura Laura lets the barrel of her gun follow the last zombie down onto the floor, before she let it loosely hang downwards in her hand. "Bit too close for comfort, too.. Hate to think what is going down on the lower decks.", she murmured, her attention quick on the cabinets and drawers. "Hope they got a blueprint here-- Check the radios, maybe we can contact someone... something."