Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger Lurking around the very top of the ship may or may not be a good idea at this point since it makes ones presence easily visible, but Markus being himself needed some spot to plan his further actions from... and the dining area on the roof being free of anything hostile right now turned out to be convenient for that. In fact he right now is sitting at a table with his back to the glass railings, his view towards the way he came from and a laptop he is typing on on the table in front of him along with some brass knuckles.
Caio After being separated from his team, Caio decided to explore the ship. With or without infected, he still has a job to do.. After walking around the ship for a while, fortunately without encountering any infected, the soldier makes his way to the rooftop dinning area. He tries to walk quietly, pointing the flashlight of his machine gun at the entransse, the only sound thats heard from him is the faint noize of the filter on his gaz mask.
Markus Berger The fact that there is in fact a flashlight to be seen is allready enough for Markus to notice something being wrong and to both close the laptop and slides the brass knuckles over his hands followed by him quickly heading towards the entrance and pressing himself against a wall next to the door. The advantages of tactical positioning...
Caio Seeing a man quickly close his laptop and run, Caio thumbs of the safety on his gun, turning his flashlight to where he last saw the man for a brief second. Autough the laptop alsso catches his atention, the soldier starting to move to were the man previously sat at. "Come out." The man says in a calm, level tone.
Markus Berger "Sure. If you would kindly not aim that thing at me." The tone of the man in question is about as calm as he moves in front of the entrance, his body quickly shifting into a stance inteded for imminent combat in the form of someone punching someone else... painfully. "Not that you likely will. I mean... A well armed commando guy on a ship thats overrun by infected? Only two choices there. Some government agent doing clean-up or one of the perpetrators themselves."
Caio Caio sighs, his gun now being aimed at the man. "Says the man who has a laptop in an infected enviroment.. And I'm not one of the perpretators, I'm here to help. Autough it would be a lot easier if you didn't try to attack me. This could make things difficult." His tone is still even, even a bit calm.
Markus Berger Markus simply smirks as he drops the combat stance, turns around and gestures for the man to follow along to the table. "Well, thats confirmation enough that you would at least a incompetent terrorist. Those would've allready be shooting... and notice some surprises."
Kitten The sound of a jet's engine can be heard far in the distance; those who look to the skies might see a pair of high-flying fighter jets mostly identifiable by their contrails in the sky as they fly over the ship. The pair of craft veer off in the distance before flying back over the vessel and heading in the direction they came from, not returning.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov It might take a minute or two, but there will be the sound of someone coming out onto the deck, another maksed figure, perhaps not unlike Caio himself, pusing through one of the doors that leads out onto the deck. His steps simple and slow as he clutches his P90 to his chest as he moves, staying near the wall.. Of course once out only then will he catch sight of Caio and.. well the company they are keeping, whom he will soon take to watching from afar and not approaching.
Caio Caio looks up at the sky. Its probably unseen through his mask but a frown is now on his lips. Despit this he nods at the man. "Well I'm not a terrorist." He answers the man, making his way to the table. He doesn't sits nor anything just looks at the man, paying close atention to him. "How did the outbreak start?" He asks in a calm tone. Perhaps the man'll be able to give him some info..
Markus Berger The doctor too looks up at the sky and sighs. "Well, thats the chinese. Things are bound to get even worse now." With that said he continues to walk towards the table where he has his laptop and turns it around revealing... nothing more than a unfinished and very recent sketch of the ship with pretty much all parts that are the lower decks being covered in questionmarks. "Few days ago there were some rumors that someone was attacked with her throat torn out, those rumors kept increasing as some lower decks were sealed off and people went missing... until a concert at the Amphitheatre was overrun by infected. Now we are here and the whole place is hell on earth now. Thats as much as I know."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei still doesn't move to approach at all, he'll take the time to stand and watch, sure.. Maybe make sure that his saftey is flicked off just in case anything goes down, but for the time being, Andrei just watches.. listens.. and waits.
Caio Caio sighs. "The chinese... Thats another problem in our hands." He glances at the laptop, trying to commit the unfinished sketch to memory. "So everything started bellow.. Have you had contact with any other survivors?" He asks the man, his posture now more at ease.
Markus Berger "None so far. The only other person of which I know that he is still alive in the classical sense is my bodyguard who is currently busy checking the upper decks. Aside from him I don't know who else is alive and well. Just hope that my friend is still alive..." With a swift motion Markus closes the laptop and shuts it off as he sits down again at the table.
Caio Caio nods. "When I arrived here I saw a lot of infected... We lost a lot of people no matter what. What.. Is your name?" He asks Markus. Despit their chat, Caio still has a hand on his gun just in case.
Markus Berger Markus looks around slightly before nodding. "Doctor Markus Berger. Now, two things... Firstly, before you wonder why I'm so calm about this. I have survived something like this once before in Raccoon City. Secondly, can you describe the infected to me? I want to know if its one of the virus strains familiar to me."
Caio Caio nods at Markus. "So you've been there, too?" He blinks, surprise evident in his eyes for a brief second before the emotion is lost. "Well, I'd say we are dealing with the t-virus variant... Autough I did see a creature that had tentacles growing from its molt."
Markus Berger "A new strain then... or unpredictable mutations. That makes the situation completely unpredictable now. Let us just hope that there aren't B.O.Ws on board as well or we will be in even more trouble." With that said the doctor quickly puts his laptop back into a bag which he slings over his shoulder while still sitting at the table though. "So... if you want answers you will likely need to head to the lower decks where most of the danger lurks."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's brow lifts slightly as he listens to Caio's words, his hand reaching up to rub at the side of his head even as his expression twists into an obscured frown no doubt masked by his mask as he turns his gaze to look back at the doorway behind him them, chuckling softly.
Caio Caio nods, staying cilent for a few moments. "Doctor.. How do you know so much about all the strains?" His tone is carefull, his hand still clutching his p-90.
Markus Berger "Does the term Ground Zero mean anything to you? I was in the main hospital of the city, attempting to treat the infected although once the Outbreak started in earnest I was trapped there for a bit and managed to get a look at some data from an Umbrella researcher working there. It was... interesting to say the least. Not to mention that I got more than enough chances to encounter the infected first for obvious reasons." With that said Markus simply gets back up and looks over the railing, likely to check the surroundings.
Caio Caio nods at Markus, not saying anything helce, his eyes quickly scanning his surroundings, his hears open for any new noize.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei still remains near the doorway that leads out from the fiine dining room, and it will come perhaps as little suprise that he is armed to the teeth.. though he doesn't stand with his gun trained on anyone, he'll still seem to be intentely listening to and watching Berger and Caio, though the former gets a more curious look at this point as the man steps along the outside edge of the dining 'area' itself, padding slowly, carefully, never drawing attention to himself.. but not really engaging with the man
Kalin Mikhailov Coming walking from the other parts of the ship, more precisely the rest of the Upper Deck, there is Kalin. He looks at Andrei. after all, he does have to go through that particualar doorway to go in. Seeing the man's considerable weaponry... and gear, he puts he puts his hand on his SMG, slowly having it drawn, but pointing it down for obvious reasons. "Hello there," the man speaks with a considerable Russian accent to Andrei, but by how loud he was, even the people in the rooftop dining area might be able to hear him.
Markus Berger Markus in fact does hear the voice of his bodyguard, since he had to hear it for days by now, and quickly gets up to head in the direction it comes from while gesturing for Caio to follow along. "Seems like my bodyguard is back... Mister Mikhailov?"
Caio Caio starts to walk towards the sound of the new voice, giving Markus a nod, finally spotting Andrei. He stays cilent, deciding to not say anything.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's attention will shift to look at Mikhailov then, his head turning quickly to examine the man, his vision obscured behind his goggles, and his expression behind the Gas Mask, finger lightly tapping against the side of his firearm as Andrei takes a momment to consider Kalin's threat for a second before there is a slight dip of his chin. "How did you get that gun on this boat, citizen?" Andrei will inquire then as his head turns slightly to look over at Markus Berger.. a face that he at least knows.. outside of Caio of course.. sort of
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin nods as he sees the man tapping his weapon. If he was a hostile, he certainly would have tried drawing it by now at least. With that, he hostered his SMG, "I got special permission to keep. I'm in charge of protecting a person." Lies are only a question of perspective, "Doctor Berger, I'm here." With both things said, he began walking towards the doorway where he could be seen, "Upper decks are also mostly lacking on people, but you seem to have found some people around." He glances towards Caio, and then back at Andrei from behind his shades.
PrestigeAndrei "I see. Well, it looks like protecting your charge will be very difficult given the limited space aboard this vessel." Andrei observes then with a a slight bit of amusement as he takes a step about then, gaze shifting to look at Caio for a second, then back at Kalin again. "I'll pretend you have actually still have your permits for that firearm on you.. and ask you a question..." His gaze shifting to Berger then. "If you did legally manage to get that gun on here.. than that means your charge is valuable, valuable enough to have an escape route perhaps?" He was familiar with Berger after all.. and had a pretty good of the man's importance.
Markus Berger The doctor briefly nods to Kalin before looking at both Caio and Andrei. "I'm stuck on this ship like anyone else or I wouldn't still be here. Anyway, I advice that we all leave this place quickly before we draw attention from the infected since we have lingered long enough that its a definite possibility. Not to mention, I have told you what I know and what I suspect. How you act on it is up to you."
Caio Caio gives Andrei a nod and salute. Andrei's words are what draw his atention and he moves a step closer to the man, discretelly covering him.
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin nods at the doctor, "A good choice," leaving him to keep Andrei's question answered. Ignoring most, he looks at the doctor for a moment, the man truly had experience with this. He turned halfway around to glance towards the way off, "I'll be scorting you then, Doctor Berger."
PrestigeAndrei "If you can survive the next few hours.. or day on the boat, perhaps you might be lucky and find a way off this thing.." Andrei responds with an amused tone then as his hand lifts up to tap at his forhead then. "And I'd be more than appreciative to trade information.. with either of you two.." He'll note before he looks to Berger then, harumphing then before he amusedly remains out of the way of the doorway, not about to stop Kalin or Berger from escaping if that is their goal
Markus Berger "Information is something I do not have at this very moment aside from what I told you. Anyway, good luck for whatever you are here to do... if we survive we are bound to run into each other again. This ship is big, buts its not a city." With that said the doctor walks past his bodyguard to leave the area and gestures for him to follow along. "Back to the room. I sketched the ship and I want your oppinion on which places to check..."
Caio Caio waves at Markus and his bodyguard. "We'll surelly see you again, doctor." He says to the man, his atention now turning to Andrei.
PrestigeAndrei "You will need to make sure to speak with.. that woman." Andrei responds dryly as he turns his gaze to look over at the man, if only for a second as he adresses Caio. "Do not make any offers or promises you can't, or we can't keep.. not without something of value in exchange."
Caio Caio nods at Andrei. "Understood, sir. I only asked him for information, nothing more." Deppending on how much Andrei has heard of their converssation he might or not already know what Caio has to offer.
PrestigeAndrei "I am sure that is the case, just be careful.. What you own and have is valuable.. and giving up anything.. even a single peice of equipment might.. arm our enemies.. or have been traded for something more useful." Andrei offers simply as his vision now seems to of settled upon Kalin, watching the man very intensley and carefully.
Caio Caio nods at Andrei, moving to stand beside him, his eyes alsso on Kalin, the edge of his hand softly touching his own gun.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will take the time then to look at Caio and then to Kalnin then, his head shaking as he offers aloud. "I've got things to attend to. Don't get into any more trouble.. the two of you." Andrei offers before he turns and makes his way to the door them, lips twisting into a frown, hidden beneath the gasmask as he goes.
Caio Caio nods. "I have alsso things to do." Says Caio, starting to make his way to the exit. "Be safe, the two of you." Is what can be heard as he disappears, going to other parts of the ship.
Kalin Mikhailov Not long after Doctor Berger left, Kalin also went ahead behind him. Not too far nor too close, just close enough to give proper fire support as they went off together to explore the ship.