Umbrella Surveillance System
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Ashley Graham Ashley promised Leon she wouldn't bring her bikini on the cruise ship. She kept her promise! Not just for Leon, although a promise to him would have been enough. But also because she's here to schmooze with potential donors, or at least one potential donor. Hard to take a girl seriously when she's barely wearing two strips of fabric. So she went simple, chic. Black single strap. Naturally, she's Ashley Graham wearing a bathing suite, so even though her curves are still skinny and girlish, she's otherwise flawless.

The blonde has braided her hair back in a tight french braid for the day, and is wearing a big floppy hat and sunglasses. She's seated, Indian-style, on a lounge chair with a very thick book in front of her, and a notebook and a pen. She's studying.
Markus Berger Markus really would've prefered to stay in his room and be lazy, but that would've on one hand resulted in a happy bodyguard and friends back home complaining about a wasted cruise. Both things the good doctor wouldn't want to have to deal with which is why he is lurking around the pool in swimming trunks where he 'tries' to stay away from everyone else, completely oblivious to the fact that a friend he hasn't seen since their temporary stay in hell on earth is likely not even a few steps away.
Ashley Graham Markus is a man who casts a shadow. Not a giant one, but enough of one that when it falls across the page she's reading, Ashley lifts her face to the man. She has to squint into the sun against him to make out the man's silouette, and at first she doesn't appear to know him.

"Hello," she says, ever-friendly with that polite yet warm smile that she gives to all strangers. Just hello. So friendly, this girl. Even after hell on earth.
Markus Berger Markus just stares at Ashley in confusion for a moment he hears her voice, with his expression swiftly turning into a smirk as he finnaly recognises just who that particular lovely girl is. "Hello to you too, Ashley." It has been a while and the circumstances are better. Enough reason for him to act calm and enjoy the reaction.
Ashley Graham Calm is not what you get from an 18 year old girl. Not at all. Ashley squints at Markus again, and then reaches up to pull her sunglasses off her face. "Jesus!" she cries out, her particular favorite of swears. And then she's pushing to her feet, though she never quite gets there. She's up on her knees with one foot just barely touching the deck and, from that position, she's leaping up into Markus' arms. He can catch her, dodge her, or anything of the like. But if he elects to let her continue on her current course, he'll find the girl with her arms wrapped tight about him, squeezing him more than hugging him, and doing it hard. "Jesus Christ," she says. An added explative! She certianly is emotional! Those emotions are clear in her tone. Joy and relief.
Markus Berger He does indeed catch her which now means that he is now holding a particularly emotional Ashley in his arms and being hugged. Something that gets some laughter out of him as he squeezes back. "Glad to see that you are fine, Ashley. I was worried about you for a long while even after I was told back in Denver that you made it out." The doctor does sound awfully cheerfull, especially compared to how he used to be...
Ashley Graham It's an emotional moment, because seeing Markus now brings back memories of when she saw him last. Sitting in the church pews, sure they would never see each other again. He might even hear her sniffle, and she squeezes him more firmly for a few seconds before, at last, letting the man free to breathe and move around. With her free hands, Ashley uses one to touch her eye, wiping away a tear that threatens to slide down her face.

"And I you. I ran into your friends Emma and James," a shadow crosses her face at that. There's something in there bothering her. But she doesn't let it stop her. "They told me you were well. But to see that in truth is overwealming."
Markus Berger "They told me. I was actually trying to find you afterwards but my flight to Europe was barely a day or two later, not to mention that I really wasn't particularly ethusiastic about leaving my room." The good doctor just shrugs slightly with a weak, apologetic smile on his face. "Afterwards, well... I had no idea how to contact you and I was busy with work."
Ashley Graham "Well you're here now," Ashley says with a sigh. She wipes a finger beneath her eye to clear away the threat of a tear there. "And so am I. And we'll make sure to exchange information before we get seperated again." Will they though? Not knowing what's coming...

"Sit, please," she encourages, gesturing to a lounge chair beside her own. "Tell me everything. You look well, amazingly well."
Markus Berger Markus does as told and quickly sits down. "Well, I got a new job thanks to a friend, but thats not important. Fact is that I live in Paris now and have spent the last couple of months either working, training and keeping an eye on the fallout of the Outbreak. You see, I'm still trying to figure out anything about Umbrella since so far absolutely nothing really happened to it. Investigations are bogging down, various media consider it all a hoax since apparently nearly a million dead isn't very convincing and all that." As he says that his previous smile quickly fades. "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions a statistic. Unbelievable..."
Ashley Graham "You did so much for so many people, Doctor Berger," Ashley says emotionally, reaching out to set a hand on his in reassurance. "From the raid in the mountains, to the hospital, to the church. You did so much." She gives him a soft, sad smile.
"I'm working with TerraSave now, actually. Just to that point," she confesses. Father and I took an apartment in Paris, though he's constantly traveling. I'm actually finishing my schooling at AUP." She reaches over and taps the legal book beside her. "I've changed my focus though; international law instead of law just to go into politics. These coporations, these industries, they're all multi-national."
Markus Berger Markus briefly glances at the book and nods with a smile. "TerraSave, huh? Guess their reputation got quite a boost after what happened. Good choice. Same for your shift of focus. After all, Umbrella alone has an USA branch, an European one, a Japanese one, a Russian one and likely a whole bunch of other subsidiaries attached to them. Not to mention their private army. Thats assets spread across at least half the globe." He has got to know after having worked for them and working for some other shady corporate manager afterwards likely helped with grasping the scale. Not that he is going to admit the later anytime soon...
Ashley Graham Ashley nods, and this is nothing she hasn't heard before. TerraSave has been very vocal against Umbrella after everything. "They're setting up an arm of TerraSave now too, to start taking in orphans from bioterrorist attacks," she says, and that does make her smile softly. That's some good work, right there.
"But they're not the only company. And companies aren't the only issues, either. Non-state actors pose just as much a threat. The companies like Umbrella just make the products that these people can take advantage of."
Markus Berger Thats a possibility the good doctor is quite aware off and anxious about so he just nods slightly. "Was just using them as example, but you are right. Not to mention that I really don't want to know what would happen if any virus samples or full blown bioweapons of the type we know from Raccoon would end up in crisis zones or just third world countries and used by pretty much anyone in general." he says before sighing and slowly glancing over to the pool. He is on vacation damn it. Worry can wait for later.
Ashley Graham Ashley sees that glance. She smiles then, conspiratorially. "Have a drink with me," she tells him, and without waiting for an answer she waves down a server and orders a bottle of champagne. Know what's better than being on vacation? Being on vacation with a rich friend.
"And then tell me about your life in Paris," she decides, setting the books on the ground out of the way so the blonde can recline on the lounge chair. She remains rolled on her side, though, so she can watch Markus as they talk. "Where exactly are you living? Do you speak the language?" She grins wider. "Are you just cleaning up with the French girls?"
Markus Berger Whats better than being on vacation with a rich friend? Being rich yourself. And better than that? Being so because you robbed Umbrella. Markus still smiles regardless as he shifts about to properly lean back in the lounge chair "Well, I live in a quite fancy place not too far outside in the countryside together with Emma and another friend of mine from my Raccoon City days. Might even invite you someday to visit us so I'm not going to spoil the surprise of what the place is just yet. And no, I don't speak a single word of french." The last bit meanwhile doesn't get an answer aside from a smirk though.
Ashley Graham "Well that at least I can help with. I've been working pretty hard at it, and AUC has some great lessons." She slips her sunglasses back on and turns just as the champagne arrives. A glass is poured for each of them, and the bottle left in a bucket of ice to chill for them to drink at their leisure. Ashley sips. "Let's see. Alright, let's start with some basic nouns you might need to know..."

And that's how the two spend the next few hours; getting tipsy on champagne by the pool and trying to speak French.