Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten (Please Board 10 for prior details)

It's been several days since Leon and Laura boarded the Heaven of the Seas posing as a married couple, only God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Vishnu, and the other pantheons of Gods knew how much it had been consummated. (Please ignore some of those deities are just the same ones with different names, it was just a joke, if you get all SJW I'll kick ur ass. - To the log reader from Red)

The pair had found out that there was indeed something wrong on the ship in a hurry, the rumors of attacks by passengers on passengers in the lower decks had been hard to investigate; but Laura was a practical wizard (like a hot Gandalf without a beard on her face..) and had managed to determine that the attacks were cannibal in nature after some sneaking around.

No contact could be made with Field Operations Support, seemingly all communications were down; either jammed by something man-made or something more sinister...

Who knew what side effects powerful B.O.W.s could produce in a region...

In the time since then, the ship had gone to hell and escape was not an option due to the haste in which many of the CREW had launched the lifeboats; saving only themselves. Little did they know, these were dangerous waters. Chinese Military, Pirates, Traffickers.. Most of them would never be seen again.

The mission still stood though, it just was up to Leon and Laura how they went about it.. since it was clear they had confirmed something was wrong here. The question was, could they do anything about it? Or should they focus on escaping and saving anyone they could.

Decisions. Decisions.
Laura It certainly felt all too familiar to things half a year prior, but being on stuck on a cruise liner posed it's own limitations. Back in RC, Laura made it mostly by staying out of everyone's way and slipping out like the thief she was. Doing that in the middle of the sea seemed like a feat, plus this time she had the whole teamwork thing going on.

"I'm sure there's something deeper in the ship, something that hopefully would tie it to Umbrella or anything, like, something solid.", she commented, pacing about the honeymoon suite. "That's what Unca Sam wants, no doubt, but with those things in the way, and I'd hate to think there being anything nastier down there..", she murmured, anxious to finally have something solid for the few months of work with the D.S.O.. She turned to her partner, "What do you think, /dear/?", she asked, laughing softly, the joke just refusing to die out even in that situation. She'd been keeping up the act the whole cruise, not to mention her white dress and the hibiscus in her hair as she boarded the boat oh-so-in-love. She took her undercover gigs seriously, certainly.
Leon Kennedy It feels way too damn familiar, only this time Leon's a lot less prepared in the resources department and this time there's not even a quarantine zone to escape from, just a big boat with who-knows-what prowling around on the lower levels.

"I think there's a lot of people on this ship who need our help, and whatever is going on here, we're going to be the ones who put a stop to it." There it is, the Big Damn Hero complex. In the last six months, the rookie cop has shifted into an experienced zombie-killer and is now an /agent/ for a high-powered government agency. It's a step up the rungs of power, and a huge leap up the ladder of responsibility. The man is in the process of reassembling the sidearm he's smuggled inside, tearing a Coke can in half to drop the slide out onto the bed. "I'm not letting this happen again."
Laura "Policeman at heart, huh?", Laura asked with a soft chuckle, not really expecting an answer. "..Can't say I have anything against helping people, but this isn't Raccoon City, there's no nice church to fortify and hide inside, or National Guard to provide the guns. It's a lot bigger clusterfuck this time.", she added, ending her pacing by her luggage, pulling out her pet project, a suit of armor that'd let her maintain her mobility most of all, while maybe protecting from a bite. "Either way, think ship blueprints would help. To find a sneakier path to the depths of the ship, and to set up a defensible position we could hold until help comes, or we get bailed out of here."
Kitten There was a banging at the door.

The voice of a young woman was screaming, "Help me, please! Someone, help me!" She waited a moment, either impatient or terrified before she could be heard banging on the door to the adjacent suite repeating the routine as she cried desperately for help!
Leon Kennedy "I know it's not," Leon replies, shoving the slide onto the top of the handgun's lower that he pulled out of a bottle of Gold Bond, slamming a magazine up into the well in the handle and letting the slide snap forward. "Smaller space, nowhere to run. People can't get themselves out. It's up to us." One of them is being a lot more idealistic about this situation than the other.

As he's strapping on his bulletproof vest, there's a pounding at the door. "I'll check." The former cop steps over to the door, looking out the peephole. "...There's nothing."
Laura "Not that we can do much else than maybe provide the guns to keep them alive. But we don't have the ammo for all out war, either.", Laura comments, setting her suit on the bed before getting interruped by the screaming outside. She certainly didn't have the time to pull the suit on at the time, but she could grab her gun from the false bottom of her suitcase, grabbing her pistol and pointing it towards the door. "Up to you, hero. I got your back.", she said, walking sideways for a better angle, her pistol pointed at the door. The silencer was unattached, left on the bottom of her luggage.
Kitten You can hear the knocking down the hallway further as the young woman screams out louder this time, "PLEASE, SOMEONE! ANYO-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The way her voice had cut-off mid cry for help into a scream, it likely meant something had gotten her...

...A moment's hesitation, could sometimes cause someone to lose their life.
Leon Kennedy "Dammit," Leon breathes, knowing that that sound cannot have meant anything good for the girl running screaming down the hallway. It's one thing when they're just yelling for help, and another when it cuts off like that. "Dammit," he curses himself again, pushing the door out and half-stepping into the hallway, looking left and right, his pistol in his hand. "...I don't see anything!" Something is happening, though, clearly. If only he could find it. What he does find is the dismembered body of the girl, three doors down. She's here without you, Leon, but not on anyone's lonely mind. "Dammit," he curses again.
Laura "Shit--", Laura voiced out herself, holding her gun at the doorway incase there was something behind it when it was opened. Apparently not, and was quick to follow in after, slipping into the hallway, ending up watching the opposite direction from Leon by the doorway, keeping a gun pointed out along the corridor. "Whatever it was can't be too far..", she said, trying to look about the hallway, trying to get a few glances at Leon few doors down, slowly backing up to meet up.
Kitten There is an eerie quiet in the hallways, and a distinct lack of corpses except the girl who had just been brutally killed a few doors down. There was no chance of her coming back as a zombie, she had been ripped apart; quite literally. Pieces of her torso and limbs rested around what was once a very pretty young woman, having won this cruise for having a perfect GPA at school. She would have become a Doctor had she survived, now she was just dead.

In a far-off part of the ship, a scream carried, but there was no doubt it was very far away and out of your power to intervene.
Leon Kennedy Since there's nothing else in the hallway and that other scream sounds way too far away to do anything about, Leon bends over the mangled corpse of the girl, inspecting it. "Nothing human did this much to her this fast," he notes to Laura, making the kind of useless observation common in RE:4.
Laura The surroundings certainly felt off. The ship was packed with people, but there weren't that much of them left. Only blood. Lots of blood. Laura crouched down, deeming the situation was clear enough for now, looking at the mess. It certainly wasn't the type of studying and snooping about she was used to in her corporate-focused jobs, but something did certainly catch her eye. "It looks like.. they've been dragged away. Towards the stairwells there.", she said, curling her nose a little. But why? That certainly didn't happen back in RC. "Suppose whatever it was, comes and goes from somewhere there. Certainly makes me wish I packed in an assault rifle or two." Smuggling those in would've been a feat, even for DSO.
Kitten Whatever was out there, it was gone for the moment.

Were there other survivors? Or were the pair of you the only ones left. The latter was unlikely, which meant you had a ship to search and mysteries to discover and maybe even solve.

This was only the beginning.
Leon Kennedy "Toward the stairs," Leon muses, straightening up again, keeping his handgun held at the ready, up near his head in the classic police posture. "That doesn't sound ominous." Gray-green eyes peer down at the floor, following the traces of blood. "...There have to be other survivors. Maybe we can stop this thing before it gets out of control." When you're dealing with a zombie outbreak, there's a certain critical mass that, once you reach it, it's hard to come back from. It's hard to tell at this point if they've reached it yet.
Laura "Well, it /is/ kinda unlikely for the source to be on the upper decks.. Less people nosing around on the bottom decks, after all.", Laura nodded. "But it's just the two of us, and we don't know how many there are, especially if we go there guns blazing.", she replied. "Either way, I'm gearing up proper.", she said, sweeping over the corridors with her gaze and slipping into the cabin. She didn't seem to care that much, or was just in that much of a hurry when she started to peel off her casual clothes then and there, and instead slipped into her armored bodysuit. Or maybe she just was in that much of a hurry.
Leon Kennedy "Okay, that's a good idea." It is; Leon already did it. As far as Laura's absent sense of propriety, they /have/ been sharing a room since they boarded, and even if they're not doing the nasty that's long enough to get comfortable changing in front of each other. "I don't like this. We're not prepared for another outbreak; we were here to investigate." That's true, too. This was supposed to be a fact-finding mission, not a 'save the ship from zombies' mission.
Laura Laura rolled her shoulders, and gave her arms a bit of a swing. It certainly was good she didn't go too deep on the complimentary room service, as it might've been a tight fit. Adding on the boots and the gloves, she did a little hop, before turning to the hallway again. "I guess there's no bulkheads or anything that we could use to seal them off... Think the crew would have done that already.", she murmured. "But we'll have to manage with what we have.. I still think we should start with a blueprint or something to the ship. Maybe try contacting someone outside from ther bridge... Think we'd find both of them there.. Maybe find a few survivors, hope for them to have few of your coke cans smuggled in too."
Leon Kennedy "Lower down, there might be," Leon reasons, as the deeper you get into the internals of the ship, the less likely things are to be gussied up for the passengers. "If it gets worse the lower you go, we might be able to seal off the worst of it." Of course that will necessitate /getting down there./ "We can only hope no one had the poor taste to bring Pepsi on board," he agrees, nodding. "Sounds like we're headed up, see if the comms are still working."
Laura "As long as they don't get around it from upper decks, I guess.", Laura nods, holding her pistol in one had, starting to head towards the stairways. She left off a chuckle at the Pepsi-quip, "Yeah, that'd be bad.", she nodded.