Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kalin Mikhailov Kalin Mikhailov, Doctor Markus Berger's bodyguard, could expect everything other than what had been happeing.

Day 1, it had been quite average bodyguard business in regards to the Doctor. Nothing beyond what he could ever ask.

Day 2, it was pretty much similar to day one. A peaceful cruise with highly plesant and well trained staff. The food is definitely divine.

Day 3... Danger was clear. The relaxed Kalin was now truly on duty. The Britney Bratty concert was assaulted and the rumors spread by passengers proved true: the infected were on the ship. As the pop sensation was torn apart by the horde, panic spread like wildfire on all levels of the ship. Thousands rushed to be evacuated, flooding lifeboats that tipped and capsized, or left with far too few passengers as the frightened crewmen abandoned their duties and left on their own. There were certainly those who were unable to escape towards the lifebaots. There were those who were trampled under others and those who just ended tossed into the waters and drowned.

Day 4, with the doctor has been, complicated. He knew that the doctor was a survivor of an event similar to this, he has to know about whom he is protecting after all. So even if reluctant, the Russian bodyguard sits on his bed looking at the Doctor. Just finishing to say the situation of their floor to the doctor whom he just recently had urged to remain in the room before walking off to do some recon on the 12th floor.
Markus Berger The doctor surprisingly has remained quite calm, considering that he is supposed to be just some scientist. In fact, his first instinct upon Kalin leaving to handle recon was for him to dig through his own luggage and dig out a new set of rahter resilient looking leather clothes, a fully stocked medkit, his laptop and to retrieve some brass knuckles he hid in the luggage as well. In fact, right about now he is adjusting his leather coat along with his J.F.Reys and checking his medical supplies. "Welcome to hell, Mister Mikhailov. So... how is it looking out there right about now?"
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin was sincerely, surprised. While he knew a thing or another, people shouldn't stay this calm, specially a scientist. Even then, he quickly began his report, Most rooms are either locked or empty, no indications that they are ocupied. We seem to be alone in this floor. The elevators seem functional and the access to the 13th floor is unobstructed currently." He took a moment to breath, and inspect the doctor now. He looked... prepared more than anything. It seems that surviving this won't be as hard as he expected. After all, given the VIPs in the ship -someone- had to do something about it... as soon as news got out.
Markus Berger "So, all the trouble is in the lower decks then with only stragglers up here so far. The question now is if the T-virus or the R-virus is responsible. Might even be a new strain..." The more the doctor talks the more obvious its getting that he definitely has been in a situation like this. The fact that he looks more prepared to kill something than jumping overboard helps with that impression... and the fact that he throws some practice punches, likely to try the weight of the knuckles. "An advice of mine. Go for the head if possible. Going by my knowledge the virus damages the brains and nervous system of the infected so much that it likely eliminates all pain which makes them more resilient... in the sence that shock doesn't set in."
Kalin Mikhailov "A bullet to the head, or a knife through the eye..." Kalin seems to note, a bit incredulous at the doctor's way. Dossiers aren't known to lie... but this absurdity? Who goes talk about how there are goddamned zombies downstairs while shadowboxing?! Too relaxed for this. After a deep breath to cool his head down, Kalin asks with some clear russian accent showing, "How can I differentiate between... T-virus and R-virus, in case I find the enemy?"
Markus Berger "T-virus infected look the most like they came from some zombie-flick. Slow, rotting, want to eat you. The R-Virus infected meanwhile are quite a bit faster and tougher, since other than the T-virus infected they aren't necessarily 'dead'. Still heavily necrotic. Beware though, if you kill the R-virus infected insufficiently the virus is known to just have them get back up. All of this probably doesn't matter if its a new strain though..." With that said Markus places his laptop into a bag which he slings over his shoulder, attaches the medkit to his belt and gestures for the door. "Time to leave. Lingering here all day isn't going to do us much good."
Kalin Mikhailov Kalin quietly listened and nodded, "Then ensure to properly kill R-virus infected." He nods against at Markus as he takes an ammo clip he had in his back, checking it as well as the on a certain SMG he has. After finishing to check he stands up and nods at Markus, "Let's get going, upstairs there still should be food available for us. We just have to take care." With that, Kalin lead the way out as stealthly as he could, checking every corner ahead of Markus with his weapon in hand. Their speed may not be the fastest but at least, it should make it unlikely for them to be suddenly attacked by the infected.