Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine Moscow, Russia
Saint Petersburg Hospital
16 Hours after the BSAA's disastrous first mission

It has been nearly a day since Russian Special Forces aiding the BSAA engaged Bioterrorists in Moscow, only to be ambushed by an unknown force of commandos who were secretly members of the Umbrella Security Service.

Jill Valentine had been badly wounded and in critical condition for most of that time, having suffered multiple gunshot wounds, fractured bones and other injuries that didn't need to be listed off in detail.

After she had been taken to the hospital, in those first eight hours; they didn't even know if she was going to make it. They had kept Chris informed.

By hour 12 they were able to stabilize her condition and were sure she would live, but she had a long recovery ahead of her.

By hour 16, she had woken up, still groggy from the painkillers and anesthetics she had been given for surgery and post-surgery. Chris had been called in immediately.
Chris Redfield Chris had found his in a crumpled heap, bleeding from numerous gun shot wounds and with her own broken radio tossed on top of her. She has this thing with radios and it seems.

He doesn't really recall all the details that happened afterwards, it was a blur really, he remembers calling on his radio for a medic, performing CPR on Jill until the EMT's had arrived and then staying with her while she was evac'ed in a medical chopper to this hospital for immediate surgery. He didn't want to leave Jill's side but he knew that they wouldn't let him, so he reluctantly left to go brief Zima on what happened and then wrote up the mission report. Suffice it to say, the UN Security council was not happy with the results and Chris's decision to save his partner rather than apprehend or take out, Alice was being scrutinized to the 9th degree.

"Zima, I told you and it is written in my report that when I confronted Alice, she told me that Oswell Spencer, head of Umbrella Corps is the one we should be investigating." Zima replies back to him. "I know she could be lying, but she could have shot me instead of trying to engage me in hand to hand. It just doesn't add up and I want you to find out...I know, the security council isn't pleased but they aren't out here in the field, damnit. They wanted us on the team and...okay, I'm sorry I am not angry at you Zima. I know your trying your best. Listen, the doctor is coming. I'll call you back."

When the doctor tells him that Jill has woken up, he immediately rushed to her room and when he gets to the door he hesitates for just a second, then opens it and walks in.

When Chris see's that your alive, he smiles and walks over to you taking a hold of your hand if you let him, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Hey Valentine. Glad to see you up and around." It looks like he wants to say more but holds back, focusing on your face and not the rest of you so that he won't get all upset or angry at who did this to you.
Jill Valentine Jill didn't seem to be all that with it, even if she had wanted to stop Chris from taking her hand there was nothing she could do about it. She tries her best to force a smile and replies, "Oh yeah, look at me, I'm just flying around." It was true in a sense, thanks to all of the painkillers she was on.

Her vitals were reading ok, but she looked even worse than she did after Raccoon City if that was even possible. All of the bullets had been taken out, but she had possibly months of recovery ahead of her.

She wouldn't be heading out in the field anytime soon.
Chris Redfield Chris pats Jill's hand tenderly then lets it go, seeing as she's a bit out of it right now. "Yes, your on a lot of medications right now so it probably does feel like your flying." He sighs and grips the metal bars on the side of the hospital bed, lowering his head a bit and then glances up towards you once more. "I never should have let you talk me into leaving you Jill. We're partners and should have stuck together. I'm not going to make that same mistake again. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm going to make it right." He then takes his hands off the bars and walks to the other side of your room, heading towards the window and opening the blinds just a tad to look outside.
Jill Valentine "Not your fault, Chris." Jill replied weakly, forcing a smile for the sake of her partner as she eyed Chris suspiciously; his head seeming two sizes two big at least. She shifted in her bed a little uncomfortably blinking a few times as the medically induced hallucination faded, "Those were Umbrella's trained killers, they were in Raccoon City to. So was that woman, Rain.. their leader."

Jill began to laugh, "When it rains, it pours, right?"
Chris Redfield Chris is his usual stoic and silent self when you tell him it isn't his fault. He glances back towards you from his spot near the window but when you mention, Umbrella and the name Rain, his eyes narrow a bit and walks back to your bedside. "Rain? That's who did this to you?" His voice is steady, curt and his jaw tightens just slightly as he grinds his teeth. A habit that you've probably noticed over the years of him being your partner, when he starts to get pissed off.

Redfield doesn't laugh, he doesn't even crack even the slightest smile at your joke. He reaches into his jacket pocket, pulling out a cell phone and dials someone on speedial. The voice that answers is Zima's, "Zima. It's Chris. I need you to do me a huge favor. I want you to find out everything about an Umbrella Security Services officer. Her name is Rain. Yes, check every databse available. Yes, Jill is awake now and I'm with her now. Thanks, I'll let her know you said that. We'll talk soon. Bye." He then hangs up the phone and slips it back into his pocket.

"Oh, Zima says he will come by to visit soon and that he wishes you a speedy recovery." Redfield tells his partner as if she didn't just hear everything of their conversation since he was standing right next to you.

"I caught up to Alice, by the way but she got away. She's a lot tougher than she looks, she would give you a run for your money in a sparring contest and she's fast. Real fast." Chris doesn't want to ask Jill anymore questions about Rain, even though she's drugged up he doesn't want her to relive the battle in her mind and spare her any additional anxiety or post-traumatic stress.
Jill Valentine Over the next few moments, Jill seemed to drift in and out of consciousness; unsure if she was even seeing Chris for real or if he was a figment of her imagination. How could they continue this battle with so little help, or support?

"I'm glad you're alright.." Jill grinned wryly, "Maybe we should have swapped dance partners, sounds like yours wasn't as interested in killing you as she was getting away."

The thought of having to face someone like Rain again? It terrified her.
Chris Redfield Chris gives you a little nod, then reaches over to grip one of your hands with both of his and squeezing it reassuringly. "Next time we stick together. That's an order." Even though he says it, he has other thoughts about how to keep Jill safe and she's probably not going to like his idea, not one bit.

Chris gives your hand another reassuring squeeze and then looks away from you towards the wall above your bed. "I'm glad your alright too."
Jill Valentine "An order? Like you can order me around Chris, I'll do whatever I want." Jill continued to grin as she tried to raise her arm to give Chris a little punch on the shoulder but instead winched in pain, screaming out a little as she did so, "Ok, that hurts.."

Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths until the pain subsided, she asked, "Just promise me one thing ok? You'll be careful, I don't want to be sharing a hospital room with you. Take some good backup with you, someone who won't need rescuing."
Chris Redfield Chris cracks a small smile when you comment about orders. "Yeah, that's partly why I left Alpha to go to Bravo." he says dryly and then removes his hand from your's, patting your shoulder gently. "Take it easy, Valentine. Just relax or you'll hurt yourself more." He says in a tender tone and shakes his head at your stubborness.

He listens carefully to the second part of your conversation before replying. "I can't promise that..." he doesn't want to worry you needlessly so he answers in that vague sort of way that he usually does when he's being the stoic stone faced hero. "You should rest up, get some more sleep and stop worrying about things. Your safe now. I'll keep watch while you snooze a bit and Zima will probably be here when you wake up next." He reaches out and brushes some strands of hair that have fallen over your face since you are having some discomfort with your arm.
Jill Valentine Jill reached up towards Chris' hand with her left hand, the one that was not injured and gave it a squeeze, "I always knew you left Alpha because you were running from me, you big jerk." She laughed a little and her eyelashes began to flutter as drowsiness began to overtake her.

There was so many things she wanted to tell Chris. So many things that had flashed before her eyes when Rain had almost killed her.

"Chris, there's something I need to tell...." She murmured as she fell asleep, the painkillers, no doubt copious amounts because this was Russia; fully kicking in.
Chris Redfield Chris takes your left hand with his right and pats it with his left as you drift off to sleep. He doesn't reply to your off-handed remark by calling him a jerk for leaving Alpha and smiles softly to himself when you mumble something about needing to tell him something, "I don't have that $5 bucks you owe me." As he attempts to finish your sentence for you once the drowsiness from the meds overcome his injury prone partner.

He gives your hand one more gentle squeeze and then as promised, he walks around the bed to grab a chair, lifting it up so it doesn't make any noise by accidently scraping the floor with one it's legs and moves it over near the window. He sits down facing his now slumbering Jill and opens his backpack pulling out a file folder as well as a notebook. He glances towards Jill once again and softly says, "Sweet dreams Jill." He's going to try to keep those nightmares at bay and the best way he knows how is by doing some research and once Zima comes with any information on Rain, he's going to tell him to let Jill know that he's off to make things right. He won't be back until his mission is complete and this time it's personal.