Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Emma had been gone -all- day. There was an early class, which was opening a cadaver. The fun of being a doctor. Afterwards, some time was spent in the catacombs because cadavers aren't enough death. Normally home by dinner - which means, she didn't get back to make it. A bit off for her. Now the sun is near setting. It's still a little warm, but there is a growing breeze off the lake. The horses are out, grazing in the field. And if any were wondering where the local red head got to, well she can be found sitting in the field some, in front of the horse that hates everyone but her. In her hands is a takeout box of food, her items dropped off at the gate. Headphones are in, and she does a light, playful step, like a dance step. In reply the horse sways her head back and forth as if dancing herself.
Silent Night Who has dinner before the sun sets? Sir Archene Night does, possibly.

But given that one of the residents the Chateau de Night is a researcher who doubtlessly has his chances to be late for dinner, another is a doctor in the making which doubtless has her chances and Archene who is Archene. As one would expect, dinners with the three together may not be a daily event, but if there is one that is usually there for it, on time, that is Emma.

Given that it is getting that and that Archene likes going for a walk whenever he has to think over something that won't solve itself with him sitting behind a desk. As he is walking about, he goes look at the field. Where would be a better place to walk about afterall? As he sees Emma... dancing(?), he slows his walk into a stop. Maybe he'd wouldn't be noticiable by the red-headed doctor... if not for the fact that he stood there some feet ahead of her.

"Emma," He speaks, hopefully loud enough to be noticed through the headphones. He pauses for a bit though before continuing, "You know, you can always call to let people know when you won't show up for dinner." He smiles softly, "Glad to see you got yourself food on your way though."
Emma Emma is -sort- if dancing, with the horse, im bare feet on the grass, while eating out of her takeout box of food. The horse only takes to her, was broken in by her, and has a rather distasteful view of -everyone- else. The horse moves around, just plain happy to have Emma about. Which isn't uncommon, often the red head will sit in the field and study by the animals. Pulled an earbud out of her ear, seeing Archene before hearing him there is an awkward frown. "Ahh I - I am sorry, Archene, lost track of time?" The way she says that like a question may suggest more. The horse stops and stares at Archene as if he -ruined- her world and was the creator of all evil. "I - I was hungry walkin' back." Normally she comes right inside, but she came to the animals first, perhaps that speaks to something being on her mind. Outside of not telling anyone that she wasn't going to be home for dinner nor that when she was meant to be gone for only the morning was gone all day.
Benny Benny was initially invited over by Emma after their surprise meeting at Jack's Bistro but when he arrived at Chateau de Night, everyone else had gone out for the day. So he told Emma, he would drop by the next day, which is now.

A black, Volkswagen Golf pulls up to the front gates of the Chateau. Benny, rolls down the window, sticking his head out and looks towards the guard with a slight smile. "Hi, I'm Benny and here to see Archene." The guard at the gate, regards Benny for a few moments, calling someone on the telephone and then nods. "Very good sir. He is expecting you." The gate then opens remotely. "Just park in the visitors area and you should find the master of this abode, /Sir/ Night near the front to greet you. Have a nice day, good sir."

Benny blinks, "Sir Night? Okay, well back when I knew him I just called him Arch but sure. Thanks mr guard." He waves to the man as he drives the VW Golf past the open gate, then down the long winding driveway to an open roundabout area that has a designated visitors parking area.

Benny parks his car, then steps out and takes a good long look at the beautiful Chateau grounds, the magnificent Chateau itself and then spots, Archene speaking with Emma who is standing by a horse. He walks towards them, giving them a wave and has a big smile on his face. "Hey guys. Nice place you have here Arch...I mean Sir Night. Hi Emma."
Silent Night It was still a pretty horse, and given that Archene mostly has those horses for show. A Chateau wouldn't be complete without its horses after all. They were like French maids, a basic requirements.

Archene chuckles quietly at the answer, shaking his head slightly, "It is alright, just be sure to take care of yourself and eat well." He sighs quietly, "Was your day alright?" If it were not for the fact that she was dancing and everything a few moments ago, Archene would, by now, be asking her if she had an injury and was well in all ways.

Archene looks over at Benny as he greets them, he chuckles briefly before smiling at the man, even waving back at him, "Benny, glad to see you could make it. And really, no need to be all formal." He chuckles quietly, "Not like you've come here for a business meeting, right?" He only sounds half-seriously, at most, when asking.
Emma Emma takes another bite of her food, looking to Benny and giving him a wave, with a smile, as her mouth is full. Reaching for her drink a sip is taken, while the horse passes a dark glance to Benny too. Shaemus isn't around, oddly, and with the arrival of a carrot the horse pays attention t the only person it likes.

"Oh ya - ya know, spent my mornin' openin' a cadaver filled with cancer, then spent tha timr after around six million skeltons. Least company was - was good." To a 'normal' person that may sound odd. But she is quiet a second, looking to her food and then up to him as the horsr nudges her with its head. "How many - many secret organizations do ya both think are out there?"
Benny "Good, cause I'm not really a formal kind of guy." Benny replies to Archene with a grin. He looks over at Emma, blinking a little because there is something different about her today that he didn't really notice yesterday. He isn't quite sure what it is but he'll figure it out eventually or maybe never, kinda 50/50 chance really.

"I'm glad you are learning lots of good stuff at med school, Em. Oh, milllions of skeletons? Cool, I think I read about that in one of those tourist guides. Is that the catacombs you were just talking about? I want to go there...but if you've already gone that is okay, I don't mind going with a tour group." He blinks, "Secret organiziations? Oh you mean like the Illumanati, Free Masons and the Sith?"
Silent Night Archene chuckles quietly at Benny's reply before nodding at Emma, "Glad you had a very productive day." He smiles, and was really sincere at it. Productive days are good. "More than I'd care to try to find." Archene pauses briefly, clearly having ignored the early evil glance given by the horse early, "But if you are just counting the ones that can directly affect us as it is, I wouldn't count more than 40. Most of them can only do minor things and most of them wouldn't be caring about most things as it is." He looks at Benny before saying, "Those are some with plans of terms so long, that you shouldn't think much about them in regards to secret organizations. Some of those, became more like philosophy clubs more than anything. Nowadays, at most, I'd pay attention to governmental secret organizations since those are made for more immediate things that'd affect us." He nods.
Emma Emma returns her grey-green gaze to Benny, with a lifted brow. "Ya - ya okay?" Asks the redhead, lifting a bare foot, so she can reach down and scratch at her bare calf. "Oh! Ya wanna go?" Now she sounds excited. "No I'll take ya I - I've been readin' up'n all that stuff! Tha tour is borin' I can teach ya more stuff!" Because, she is a bit of a brain and absorbs information like a sponge does water.

Looking to Archene there is a small shake of her head, aviator sunglasses caught before falling off and put on. "Nat what I mean." That statement is said to both now. "Well, maybe? I don't quite know ta be honest. Just thinkin', if people like Umbrella are about plannin' evil things there must be opposin' people to. But, who'n where is tha question. How far infiltrated are they, stuff like that." This generally isn't Emma talk, something seemed to get into her head today while she was out and fogetting to say where she was or why she was late getting home. "Just, kinda think maybe - maybe, somethin' like everythin' is goin' on that we can't see." Looking from Archene to Benny, there is a shrug.
Benny "Oh wow, you seem to know a lot about this stuff, Arch we are going to have to sit down one of these days and let me pick your brain, or we can play trival pursuit and see how much you really know." Benny smirks and then glances at the horse that is giving him the evil eye now, which he promptly does the mature thing and sticks his tongue out at it. "I don't think i've been given the hairy eyeball by a horse before. At least Shaemus likes me. This horse have a name, Em?" Benny seems to be in much better spirits, six months after you were all in Denver he certainly wasn't this chipper. He nods to Emma's query.

"Oh, I'm good hanks for asking and great! I can't wait to go see it and yeah your probably /way/ more fun that those tour guides." He glances between the two of you and puts his arm around each of your shoulders. "I'm so happy to see the two of you and doing so well. It is good seeing you." He listens to Emma talking about Umbrella, then takes his arms off your shoulders and puts his hands in his pockets now. "Yeah, Umbrella...I guess we can never forget what they did nor should we. Have you guys heard anything else about what happened? Oh and how is Markus and James doing by the way?"
Silent Night Archene hmms at Emma, "That isn't exactly asking about secret organizations... but sincerely, Umbrella's tendril's may be everywhere. Simply being a coorporation with money, makes it easy enough to buy politicians, and that there is more than enough for a lot. But that should be common knowledge, money does move enough people in the world. To see thinks like that, all someone has to do is look out, spend money, resources and time." He shrugs a bit before sighing, "Been looking a bit into them, but nothing of real importance until now." He sighs... even sounding dejected. He probably has put some effort into that.

"I'd be glad to talk any time, Benny." He chuckles briefly, "But only if you tell me as much as I tell you." He grins briefly before saying, "Markus went on a vacation, he has been working too much lately. So he should have a while off at some cruise in The Paradise Islands. Or something of the kind. He has been getting too worked up with well, work lately, but is doing well enough. James though, that is, another story. I got a chance to see him about, but I should be able to get a good talk with him soon enough. Have some things I need to discuss with him. He should be visiting sometime soon."
Emma "I'll gladly take ya!" Emma says to Benny with a smile. "Ya'll li- likely underatand me better than tha broken english to. An' I can tell ya tidbits 'bout tha - tha bodies." Such, such a nerd. When he sticks out his tongue at the horae, the horse eyes him and lets out a hard, disapproving snort his way. "I - I named her Princess Peach, or just Peachy." A hand goes to the pet Peachy.

"People like ta - ta keep secrets." She says to Archene, her gaze more inward now. "But, I can't really say I guess. To - to many ta figure out. Yer tha mind for that, or Markus, but he's gone. Sort of odd nat ta - ta hear Queen playin' all tha time." Suddenly Benny has his arms around them. "It's nice ta have ya back to." And after that he is handed the rest of her food. "Yer - yer both guys, can I ask somethin'?"
Benny Benny nods to Archene, "Sounds good. We should have a reunion of sorts, go out for beers, or coffee or tea, or whatever people do in Paris these days." He's Canadian so he prefers beer or coffee you probably guessed.

"Wait a second. Did you just say, Markus went on a vacation?! Like angry grumpy scientist Markus? Wow...people do change." He shrugs and grins slightly. "Paradise Islands, eh? Sounds nice. I'll have to ask him if it is worth going to when he gets back."

Benny nods when Archene mentions James, "Oh good, well if you do see him tell him I say hi. The last time I ran into him, things didn't really go over so well." He then looks over at Emma, "Princess Peach, huh? Nice from Super Mario brothers right?" He glances towards the horse and then back to Emma when she asks them about asking something. "Sure."
Silent Night "A very gentle, sweet and kind horse, she is... to earn such name." Archene shakes his head towards the horse before nodding at Emma, "People do, and everyone has theirs. If you really want to find a secret about someone, somewhere or something, you have to focus. Just go one by one. You can't learn everything at once. It'd be like wanting to learn everything you could possibly learn about medicine, in a single day. Have to do it step by step, and know that you won't ever get close enough to knowing everything." He smiles briefly before saying, "Yeah, it will be good to spend tonight peacefully." He chuckles briefly.

"I was hoping for something like that, either something as informal as a beer or just a real dinner. With all of you, I would be up for anything." Archene replies before saying, "He was needing that, and you should see him. He has been doing well physically and been less grumpy. The living proof that people can change." At Emma's question, he looks at her for a moment before nodding and saying, "Any question you want to ask." He smiles softly.
Emma Well Emma goes a bit red, and bites her lower lip some. "Ahh - ah, well, would a guy normally put their arm 'round ya an' try ta hold yer hand be flirtin' or tryin' ta get info or both?"
Benny Benny blinks at Emma, "Umm...I was just putting my arm around the both of ya because you are my buds. Not flirting, just friendly." He then hears his uPhone ringing, pulling it out and answers it. "Hi. Yes, that's me. Oh, you need me to go back right now? The server is down again? Okay, I was just out visiting some friends but I guess I will start heading back. Sure, no problem. Bye." He hangs up the phone and sighs, "Sorry guys. I'm on call so I have to get back to the office. We will catch up later though for sure." He waves as he walks to his VW Golf, gets in and then drives off towards the gate. Duty calls!
Silent Night Archene hmms, "Depends on what questions they asked you just after putting their arm around you." Archene looks at Benny and raises an eyebrow, "Take care on your way, Benny." Nothing suspicious was found, other than he really has to ask to which company Benny works. Maybe Tricell does have better employment options for him. He then looks back at Emma, "Though what Benny said isn't wrong, if it is a guy like him, they are probably being friendly that is if you know them for a while, they might just do that by chance. Otherwise they may be hitting on you. If they do that, then ask you questions. They may just be trying to extract information from you."
Emma Emma goes a little red when Benny says that, then waves. "He - did he?" Blinking a few times she looks to Archene. "I - I guess I don't trust ta well." And also can't see flirting if it's in front of her. "Well, I - I guess I gotta figure that out. Life is easier 'round animals. Let's go - go in an' relax."
Silent Night Archene chuckles quietly at Emma's blush, "Not being too trusting is a good trait." He nods at Emma, the girl might not even know when she is flirting given her own words at times, "You will be able to figure things out eventually. If not, can always honestly just ask. Who doesn't like honest forward people after all?" He chuckles briefly before nodding at her, "And it is getting dark anyhow. We should get going." He smiles at her before beginning to walk his way to the Chateau, certainly waiting for Emma as long as it may be required.