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Kitten 24 Hours After the Briefing - China Sea

The team of five had been outfitted on the USS Liberty before taking a flight to the other side of the world almost and transferring to a submarine; the time for them to rest being during the travel time!

Moments ago, the group had departed in their wetsuits from the submarine, the submersible vessel briefly coming to surface to allow the team to transfer over towards the still moving cruise ship that had responded to no hails.

It had been a perilous transfer, but the team had managed to get on the ladders that would lead them onboard the oddly quiet vessel.

The lights were on but nobody seemed to be home.
Rachel Foley Rachel looked quite at home in the snug-fitting wetsuit, glad that there wasn't much swimming involved as they transferred over to the ladders on the side of the Cruise Ship without much hassle; she wasn't too worried about the logistics just that they were there.

Speaking into her earpiece she said, "We'll make our way to the top deck. According to the schematics, the bridge should be on Deck 12. Stick to the service ladders on your way up."

Rung by rung, she began climbing up, the P90 slung over her shoulder as she did her best to hide her nervousness at this mission. It was too isolated, too remote to have a happy ending.
Caio as he steps into the ship proper, Caio looks around for a few seconds, the cilence and lake of movement being unsettling. Receiving Rachel's orders, Caio does as he is told, starting to move upwards. He spots Rachel and before he starts to assend he opens his hand. He's clutching what appears to be for the trained eye, a sattelity phone.
PrestigeAndrei The fact that he was able to make the short swim in the ocean to the liner was a miracle in of itself. That he was able to make it up the ladder was also incredibly impressive. At least, that is how Andrei saw it. That things were utterly and eerily silent was of little immediate concern to the man as he kneels down, moving to unshoulder his bag and draw out his own P90 then as well, checking the cartridge quickly before he moves to shoulder the bag and take a quick glance about the deck..

Andrei for his part isn't about to wait idly by on the deck quite yet though, he'll dawdle a little bit sure! He isn't about to overlook anything too dangerous! Yet soon he is moving to pick up the odd bit of food or snack here and there left on the tables, moving to stash them in the bag. Old habits die hard it seems.. as the man already is intent on insuring his own survival.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell arrives rather late to the party, but he arrives nontheless. He quickly climbs up the ladder rungs and pulls out his P90, flicking the safety off and beginning to scan around the area, grunting as he waits for further orders from his superiors.
Kitten After some time climbing, the group reaches the top deck of the vessel; Deck 13. On the way up, they pass the verandahs of several of the more luxurious rooms, but like the rest of the ship nobody seems to be home.

The first signs that something is wrong is the blood staining the decks, but a distinct lack of corpses. It was like everyone had evacuated.

The pale-lit moon, lovely as she was only added to the eeriness of the situation.

It was also notable that there were no lifeboats to be found, they had all been launched.
Rachel Foley Rachel took a deep breath as she flicked the flashlight on the end of her P90 on and began to scan around the deck, "What the hell is going on here?" She involuntarily shivered as she pointed the gun towards the near-by stairwell, "Looks like our way down to Deck 12 and the Bridge."

Not wanting to leave too much at their backs though she said, "We'll continue towards the fore of the deck though, we may be able to find an alternative access point. Kirov, you're on point. Caldwell, you take up the rear."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell gives a brief nod to Rachel and raises his P90 up, sweeping the area and quietly scanning it with his eyes. He takes up the rear (No not taking it up the rear, that's for him and behemoth later) and begins to move along with his group, turning his head every so often to make sure he doesn't slam into a wall.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will perk his head up from his work at trying to basically steal anything that isn't nailed down that looks edible. He'll look back at Rachel then, giving her an incredibly suspicious look, even as he moves to stand up, shifting to adjust his night vision goggles over his eyes then as he exhales slowly and turns to make his way, step by step towards the 'fore' deck, moving slowly as he readies the gun, stopping every so often, clearly easily spooked...

He'll trust that whatever Caldwell is doing back there won't dickstract him from his duties.
Caio Caio finishes climbing. All the way up he's kept his eyes open, looking for any sign of life. "No life boats?" Is all he says, before Rachel gave her orders, Caio's senses still alert to any noizes or new sights, still continuing to follow his group.
Kitten The fore of the deck is not much different in circumstance than the central area, bloodstains everywhere but no sign of anyone.

Andrei hears the sound of crying coming from the near-by Bar, but otherwise the only noise is that of the ocean breeze and the waves crashing against the ship.
Rachel Foley Rachel moves up along the deck and takes cover behind a bench as they advance, using her weapons flashlight to scan the area but finding nothing of value in the area and hearing nothing. Her voice low, she asks, "Anyone see anything? This place is a ghost ship."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will step into the foredeck without much ceremony, he'll pause for a second, his head tilting to the side before he turns his attention to look at the bar if only for a second, his hand raising slightly to motion to Rachel, and direct her attention to the bar, his gun still not pointed anywhere nearby the bar for the time being, far more concerned with being suprised by what he can't hear or see then the sounds of some crying individual. Only humans sob right?

"Somebody check that out." He'll grumble under his breath as his eyes narrow slightly. "And try not to pop off anything.." he'll whisper as softly as one can manage.
Caio Caio shakes his head at Rachel. "Everything looks clear here, ma'am." He says simply, his gun's lantern alsso being used to scan the area. After Andrey speaks Caio quickly whispers "I can go." He says, taking a single step forward.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell looks around and quietly gets behind some cover, looking around the area before rising up and moving quickly over to Rachel and Andrei "This place is dead quiet, I can't hear or see a damn thing." he whispers, moving to back up the group from behind, crouching down and aiming his P90 around. Waiting for the slightest hint of movement.
Rachel Foley Rachel nodded her head, "Alright, Caldwell. Henrique. Check it out. Kirov, move up ahead into that restaurant and see if you can find anything. Dalton and I will sweep the deck and see if we can find anything. Keep in radio contact."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will perk at Rachel's words then, and he'll offer the smallest of nods, making his way along the deck, trying to keep to the walls, and down as he tries to make his way to the restraunt. Each step is slow, carefully planned as he tries to sneak his way over, his lips twisting into a frown behind his gasmask as he looks once more towards Rachel, not moving to enter into the Dining Room quite yet, clearly intent on waiting just a bit longer to see if there is a call for help from the bar before entering
Caio Caio takes a few more steps forward. He points the lantern of his gun at the bar, trying to see who was it that made the noize. While he stays a bit far from the bar itself he tries to use the light to see what he can.
Prestige William Caldwell The giant commando, Caldwell is moving in the bar with Caio, raising his P90 and in a low SWAT style shooting stance. He quietly looks around the area and guards Caio from behind, keeping his back to Caio while he hopefully takes care of any threats in front of them. If not they were kind of both fucked. He gently looks over his P90 and makes sure it's fully loaded before raising it once more and taking aim with the sci-fi-esque gun
Kitten There is nothing that can be seen outside the bar by Caio, he will have to go inside; there is just the sound of crying.

Nothing happens as Andrei stands there, not entering the restaurant either.
Rachel Foley "Kirov. Henrique. You have your orders, proceed inside and check for survivors at your designated locations." Rachel said into the radio with a frown as she watched the agents on her team avoid entering the buildings they had just been ordered to check.
PrestigeAndrei Welp.. No time like the present.. Kirov determines as he moves to step inside the restraunt then, inhaling slowly and making his way inside, lips still twisted into a frown. His eyes narrowing visibly as he moves inside, slipping his way into the room.. gun still held at the ready
Caio Caio sighs, motioning to Caldwel to cover him as he starts to make his way into the bar, his gun's safety of. "Yes ma'am." He answers to Rachel, his mind on his task at hand. He raises his head, trying to see all he can of his new enviroment.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell begins to move into the bar, watching Caios back and then beginning to sweep the area inside the building for any survivors. He flips the safety off his futuristic looking weapon and aims it around the area. Waiting for sudden movements and also watching the ceiling because FUCK lickers.
Kitten The Bar

Inside of the fancy building that houses the bar known ubiquitously as Bar 1, there is a young woman wearing a bikini on her knees. She has her back turned to William and Caio as they enter, she's crying still.

She doesn't appear injured though, but she was clearly in need of aid.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant is very nicely appointed and Andrei finds a fresh (several day old) untouched meal but no sign of the person who was going to eat it. The restaurant seems all clear, if he wanted.. he could probably stash some of that food for later..

The Deck

All seems clear on the Deck, Chase and Rachel not seeing anything approaching from any direction. It was still a ghost ship on the top decks.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei isn't an idiot, he sees a meal, and wants it, wants it bad. Again, old habits are ones that die hard, and so.. it takes him a second, but he'll crouch down and start to snake his way amongst the tables, slowly sneaking his way through the restraunt. He'll occasionally take the time to glance about, make sure there isn't anything incredibly dangerous nearby.. and then slip under the table and try and pick the plate off from the top of the table and stash it away again.. in his bag or a pouch somewhere.

"Fucking.. insane.. sening me alone in here.." He'll muter under his breath even as he just wishes himself to utterly disappear so much.. that it might be actually having some effect
Caio Caio blinks as he sees the girl. "Ma'am.. I think I found a survivor." He says into his hearpiece. He starts to approach the girl quietly in the most nom-threatening manner that he knows how to. "She appears to be uninjured." He says to Caldwel.
Kitten The Bar

As Caio and Caldwell step closer to the girl, they don't even notice all of the 'things' that are hanging from the rooftop of the building they are in. The girl hears them speaking and whispers softly, "Help me... please."

She then gets up with frightening speed, her face ripping wide open to reveal a massive toothy-tentacle like appendage that tried to get Caio. At the same time, multiple unknown hostiles that outwardly resembled a cross between a licker and a lobster.... fell from the ceiling.

They were everywhere.

Caio being fairly inexperienced, perhaps lost his nerve or issued his own tactical retreat but in the chaos of the situation Caldwell had lost track of him.

The Restaurant

Andrei could feel the sense that something was watching him, through one of the windows looking into the restaurant he swore he saw a pair of red eyes looking through at him but they disappeared rather quickly.

The Deck

From the direction the group had just came, dozens of undead were shambling across the deck, each of them looking like they had been horrifically killed before they had turned into zombies.
Kitten haz some music while u decides wot 2 do:
Rachel Foley When Rachel saw the zombies approaching she directed Chase towards the nearby stairwell and called into the radio, "Multiple hostiles approaching, same kind of thing we were briefed on! Fall back immediately, repeat fall back immediately! Rendezvous Point is the bridge, deck 12." She wasn't terrified, as much as she was shocked by what she was seeing. She also knew that engaging that many at once would be near suicidal.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part isn't about to go bolting from the dining room, but he will take a hurried pace, agiain trying to keep his head down as he slips outside and turns to look down the deck to see the shambling hordes incoming, his eyes widening as he looks over to Rachel then.. and without trying to call attention to himself, will do exactly as Rachel orders!

Those stairs won't climb themselves descend themselves after all! So without moving to call too much attention to himself, he'll move to the stairs and make his way down, gun always pointed ahead.. after all he'd expect not to be the last one out! probably.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his P90 and opens fire on the tentacle bitch trying to re-enact a Japanese School Girl routine on Caio "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. NOW." he radios in to the group. He begins to flee on his own, proceeding to make his own way on out of there. He has now attracted all of the infected and is probably boned but has probably just saved his teams lives. RIP Caldwell.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to raises his P90 and begins to make his way into the crowd of zombies, unloading his P90 into the group of infected, headshot after headshot goes off as the blood and gore of the infected goes everywhere onto his suit and onto the deck. He grits his teeth as the recoil bites into his shoulder "COME ON MOTHERFUCKERS. GET SOME." he calls out. Clearing himself a path through the infected. One even tries to grapple him until he delivers a point blank bullet into the things forehead. He proceeds to make his way out of there, hopefully clearing out the infected and running away.
Kitten Caio ends up somewhere on the ship by himself, the confusion causing the rookie FBC member to end up on one of the lower decks and entirely out of radio contact. With luck he would be able to find his way back to the rendezvous given of the Bridge....

Andrei known for his self-preservation instinct gets away from the undead and his team, perhaps not even realizing how well of a job he did in escaping from the danger that had been presented.

Rachel and Chase, perhaps due to being partners manage to make their way together rather coherently more than likely watching each other's backs as they take refuge in one of the concierge suites.

Caldwell on the other hand finds himself fighting tooth and nail to escape, expending over half a clip just to clear a path; the undead following him every step of the way. It was a blessing in disguise for the others. He finds himself alone at the end of it all, no radio contact with the team.

For some reason, something on the ship was preventing radio contact outside of anything but a short distance...
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is a skilled.. escape artist, that much is certain. So the instant he hits the deck, he is sliding his way betwee the staircase, inbetween a crack in the wall and making his way away.. Whether this is intentional or not or just him leading the way for the group? Well.. who could say!
Chase Dalton The moment his boots hit the deck, Chase has his weapon out and ready for action. Not being one to leave his partner, Chase keeps in close physical proximity to his partner Rachel. The P90 and M104 slung over his shoulder, pistol tucked away, he might very well look like a walking armory to some unsuspecting civilian. He was focused on the mission, not enough time to care about it being lonely and isolated out here. He followed Rachel like a loyal guard dog, sweeping the rooms in tandem with her. The blood-stains are noted and filed away for later. When the zombies came up, and Rachel gave him an order, he followed it, heading to the stairwell, and into the concierge suite. Well, this is a pretty pickle, isn't it.
Rachel Foley Rachel tried several times to get radio contact made with the rest of the squad after the escape before removing her earpiece and sighing, "It's probably a bad idea to head out there just yet. With luck, those things will find something else to distract them and we can try to make our way to the rendezvous."