Umbrella Surveillance System
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Isaiah Hopkins On the first night of the cruise, the TerraSave members had a lovely dinner with the reclusive billionaire Warren Jameson Price IV. Mr. Price, as the group referred to him, was a charming if eccentric host in the manner only the fabulously wealthy can pull off. The group discussed the origins of TerraSave, their ideals, their plans-- and most significantly, the firsthand experience of two of the members in the Raccoon City disaster. The outbreak has become a media controversy and ongoing legal and political nightmare, and hearing of it was massively important to him. It went well.

The second night was similar. Mr. Price invited the group to enjoy the luxuries he afforded them. There's music, food, countless entertainments, and the beautiful sight of the open sea in all directions. There was little discussion on day two, just the group relaxing.

By day three, the danger was apparent. The Britney Bratty concert was assaulted and the rumors spread by passengers proved true: the infected were on the ship. As the pop sensation was torn apart by the horde, panic spread like wildfire on all levels of the ship. Thousands rushed to be evacuated, flooding lifeboats that tipped and capsized, or left with far too few passengers as the frightened crewmen abandoned their duties and left on their own. The TerraSave members were unable to escape; when they tried, the crowds on the deck were simply too dense, and staying risked being trampled, or perhaps drowned-- as more than a few unlucky souls experienced when they attempted to leap onto descending lifeboats.

Now? The fourth day. The group, split from Mr. Price, is holed up in their room. Their supplies are low, though at least the hot tub is still full of water, even if they were soaking in it before. Isaiah stands near the door, arms folded, lips pressed into a quiet frown.
Yoko Suzuki Deja vu.

That's all Yoko Suzuki can say to describe what's happening onboard this cruise ship. It's like in Raccoon City, with the infected attacking and causing a massive panic onboard the cruise ship. Only there's nowhere to run or hide. All of the lifeboats have been taken, and the ship has turned into a necropolis. For Yoko, it's a relief that they've managed to find a temporary safe place to hide, but it's not going to last for long. Even the most secure barricades can be broken through by the determination of hungry zombies.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Yoko's head is lowered, almost like she's meditating. In reality, she's just thinking about what's happened and how she's gotten herself into yet another nightmare. All the while, she begins to go over the survival tactics she learned in Raccoon City, and how she can utilize them again to survive this nightmare. She looks up a little and thinks to herself, "Someone has to find us. Even if a distress signal didn't make it out, someone has to spot this ship. It has to happen." She uncrosses her legs and stands up, doing some light stretching to get the blood flowing through her again. It may seem weird, but to Yoko, anything to pass the time. Especially after sitting on the floor for so long.
Tyler Lancaster "Hopefully." Tyler replies to Yoko. He sat cross-legged near the bed, currently occupied b shifting through the information on his laptop. Thank man for extra batteries. "Hopefully we don't drift off into restricted waters or some shit." He folds the laptop up and rises, wandering over to where everyone else is, "Think anybody's left in there to make radio contact with anybody?"
Isaiah Hopkins Isaiah has never been involved in a viral outbreak before. While the group doesn't know everything about each other, they've learned some things--namely, that he's a widower who lost his daughter in Raccoon. Despite that, the terror and panic filling the ship hasn't caught him, and he's been doing his level best to present the group a calm, collected front. He rarely raises his voice. "A few of the life boats made it away, and I'm sure they have their own means of sending out distress calls," he explains. "What we need to do first is make sure there's a signal going out. If we stay inside, we don't know what will happen. We can try to contact people ourselves. The sooner we do, the sooner we get off this thing." He looks over Tyler, and then Yoko, where his gaze lingers. "We're gonna be just fine. This ship's too big to just disappear."
Yoko Suzuki Continuing to do her stretching, although it looks more like she's transitioned into doing Tai Chi, Yoko nods to Isaiah. "I suppose you're right. We don't know what it's like out there, or what we might have remaining. Our first priority, however, should be trying to arm ourselves in any way we can. Against the infected, we're powerless barehanded. I don't know what they've got on this ship, but I'm thinking if we search it, we can find out. The only thing is..." Yoko stops doing her Tai Chi to think for a moment. "Should we use this room as our 'safe place?' Or maybe we should try to find someplace that's more secure?"
Tyler Lancaster Tyler didn't share too much about himself, but for the most part he's taking it well. As long as something stays between him and the infected at least. "Yeah, somebody's got to have made it back." He gives a few nods, almost like he's trying to convince himself. In regards to Yoko's question he lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug, "Probably should make this it for now. We can take over rooms along the way. Hopefully. Maybe."
Isaiah Hopkins "We stay with this room, for now," Isaiah says firmly, glancing over toward the closed door. "Our stuff -- what little it may be -- is here, and we don't know what anything else looks like yet. If we find a safer place, we'll go, but right now.. different priorities." He nods a little and unfolds his arms, puffing out his chest a little, stance widening. The beer gut underneath his suit almost looks confident, and it's matched by his smile. "I managed to a sneak a little something in my luggage," he says, eyeballing his suitcase leaning against the bed. "Tucked inside the bundle of socks and my foot cream." He wanders over and ruffles through his junk, pulling out his revolver a minute or two later-- and a hefty jar of cream for dry feet and rash. "Slow and steady, everyone, one thing at a time. You get the job done, then the next."