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Frank West     Well, the day has arrived and the students of Raccoon City University certainly did not disappoint. The students promoting the protest have gone to great lengths in order to rally as much of the public as possible to their event. Throughout the week, talk about the rally has extended to social media and online forums within the Raccoon City community with some coverage extending to other colleges around the nation at large. However, there has not been much in terms of national news coverage, even the RCNN has not decided to be on site.

    This is one thing that needs to change. The people need to show they do not need to be afraid of the city and that they work for us, not the other way around.

    This is the belief of one student, Ricardo Keyes, a biology and political science major at RCU. He is the lead organizer of this event and intends to accomplish his goal, even if he has to go beyond to call out those responsible.

    It is presently noon with decent weather. A slight bit of a breeze is out but the sun is shining brightly, giving more than enough reason for those who Ricardo's organizers were able to reach to attend. Especially if his special guest arrives, who he is counting on to come. After all, she remains another 'ace' for him to play as well.

    Ricardo glances over the central point within the City Center, carefully placing himself just far enough to cause a disturbance to attract attention from the public, not enough to cause the RPD to intervene! He glances down at his watch and smiles, "Just about showtime.", then he looks back to the group around him, "Alright, folks. Grab your gear! We're about to get started!"

    A large group of his fellow students look back, offering Ricardo a smile and a thumbs up before gathering their gear as advised. Many of the students have signs that read as follows,

    "TIME TO WAKE UP, RC!" "The City is Corrupt!" "Our SAFETY is a TOP priority RPD!" "SAVE OUR FAMILIES!" "BRIGHT and IRONS are FRAUDS!"

    Many of the signs obviously speak loudly, criticizing the current administration for their lack of effort! The students begin spreading our thrusting their signs into the air and chanting loudly, "WE WANT JUSTICE, RACCOON CITY! IT'S TIME TO ACT!"

    As the students continue their roundabouts, more of the public begins to arrive on scene, joining in with the students out in front of City Hall. Within an hour's time, a mass crowd has emerged as a result and that is when Ricardo decides to make his move.

    The RCU Senior gets up on one of the concrete platforms and waves his hands out, "Citizens of Raccoon City! I thank you all for coming out today to show your support for our cause! These past two months have shown to been hell for our city! Our families! OUR COMMUNITY! Animal attacks have assaulted our brothers and sisters! Our beloved families being taken directly from places the government has CLAIMED to be our safe havens!"

    Then Ricardo points directly back at City Hall and continues his rant, "and amidst all of this occurring, those we have ELECTED into office DO NOTHING to help! They sit quietly among the safety of their protected borders and by the RPD no less! Where is our protection!? Where is our safety so we can sleep soundly at night!?"


    Ricardo's words resonate through out the crowds as a loud cheer erupts in a roar from the people surrounding them. Soon they continue the chants being echoed by the other organizers!

    Still, there remains no sign of the RCNN but there does remain a news entity on site. Frank West, Freelance Photojournalist has heard about the event and this more than certainly qualifies as a ticket for his story. The journalist is slowly making his way around attempting to get dramatic shots of Ricardo and capture the emotion of others in the area. However, even he seems surprised at the turnout. Given the circumstances, the city must have really been desperate for someone to break the silence, a would be hero! ... or a potential martyr.
James Scott Despite the fact that a number of the students gathered were very aware of his death, a good handful even holding a vigil, James Scott rolls up on the scene. Well, less rolling and more creeping up, hood raised and a scarf covering his lower face.

"Always thought this guy was a cocksucker. I mean, I still do." Apparently he has nothing nice to tack onto that insult. Typical James.
Yoko Suzuki There are, in fact, many students here who are protesting against what has been happening here. Including quite a few from Raccoon City University, which is unsurprising to Yoko Suzuki, since she is also a student there as well. However, unlike the others who are loudly protesting, Yoko isn't actually taking part in the protest. Rather, she seems to be keeping an eye on things as if there's something else going on here that she's concerned about. The look on her face does indicate that she's not happy about what's happening, but she's not holding up a sign or chanting like the others are. Instead, she's just watching idly.

What is going on with Yoko and why is she here if she's not being active in the demonstration? That's anyone's guess, although those who know Yoko will know that she's got a good reason to be here, since one of her friends has gone missing fairly recently, and she wants to know what's happening. Her roommate, Beth Grant, went on a date awhile ago with someone who's name was either Chad or James Scott, but that's all she knows. It's been two weeks now, and nothing's come of it. She's tried contacting the Raccoon Police Department for help, but she's been shocked to find that a blind eye is seeming to be turned on it. So she's trying to find answers herself, looking around for anyone who might know anything. She's been trying to get in touch with Claire Redfield, a local student who's an anti-Umbrella activist, in hopes that she can get more information with her.

As James Scott rolls up, Yoko takes notice of him, but she doesn't quite recognize him as he does so. Or perhaps she does and she's not showing it just yet?
Claire Redfield Claire Redfield got word through one of the forums she monitors that a protest rally was going to be held. One of her campus followers put her in contact with Ricardo Keyes and the two chatted at length about what he hoped to accomplish and how she could help him do it. Usually she'd be on the ground floor shouting into a megaphone, but she's been on the business end of enough of them to know that it very rarely accomplishes anything if there's not some civilian interruption.

That's the ultimate point of a protest anyways, right?

Disruption to draw attention to a cause.

Claire has made it her personal mission to be that disruption and bring that attention.

With her hood up and her laptop held against one knee where she's perched on the roof of one of the dorms with Deadmau5 playing into her earphones, she types at the keyboard. The festivities have begun, but not the lightshow.

SYSTEM ERROR: Insufficient Resources to execute operation. REBOOT IN PROGRESS.


Flashing a gray on black C prompt, Claire starts inputting her own executable.
Frank West     James' has rolled up on scene but obviously the young man has taken precautions to keep himself hidden. There are a few other who take notice of the young man but not in the way he might expect. Those that do tend to keep their distance from the young man, obviously suspicious and weary of him, while his comments are lost amongst the crowd.
    A couple of Yoko's fellow students take notice of her presence here on sight at the rally, offering her a wave before continuing back to find their other groups. The loud chanting from the crowd makes it somewhat difficult for those that call out to her, so she might not hear them. However, a young lady manages to break free from the crowd and approaches Yoko from afar.

Jenny Pine exclaims, "Hey there, Yoko!", offering her a wave as she approaches, "Coming out to join in the rally from a distance are we?"

    Meanwhile, Claire is not mistaken in this regard: Disturbances are certainly the way to go in getting people's attention and Boy, did she do it!

    Her hack quickly proceeds through the City Center network, gaining access to a couple of nearby digital displays. The displays flicker for a moment, as if being rebooted and resulting in a blue screen awaiting the young woman's next command.

    Ricardo continues to glance around as the crowd continues to chant behind him. However, his attention is more specifically attuned to the pair of nearby screens that rebooted, A smirk comes across his face, wondering if that is his 'ace' being ready to play their next move and thinks, "Well the stage is set and the pieces are in play. Let's get this party started."

    Ricardo opens his arms and continues to talk with mic in hand, this time attempting to amplify his voice for all to hear, "My fellow citizens. This has gone on long enough!", then his finger points again, "Once again, I repeat We The People DEMAND justice and action for what has occurred. Mayor Bright has promised some sort of defined action but the RPD and Chief Irons refuse to participate in that promise! So, here I am, Mayor Bright! I am calling out you out! The People are calling you out to take action!"

    Some members of the crowd notice the flickering display monitors, eyeing them curiously others with some weariness. Meanwhile, others change their chant, "WE WANT JUSTICE! WE WANT ACTION!"

    It does not appear that the crowd's words have fallen on deaf ears, as someone is watching from within City Hall. A shadowy figure settles in, watching out from the upper story window. A small puff of smoke arises from a lit cigar emitting from the shadowy figure, picking up a nearby phone, "Hello. Get me, Gordon on the line.", then they wait patiently on the line, watching the crowd from afar.

    Frank West continues with his photos and feeling the intensity of the crowd starting to pick up, obviously becoming more amped over the course. He decides to distance himself, perching himself upon a higher area and surveying the crowd. Peering in with his camera, Frank's eyes begin to spot signs containing pictures of young siblings, pets, and individuals who have been injured containing the words, "Bring my baby home!" "Stay safe, Johnny. We we will find you." "RIP, Hound."
James Scott James Scott cuts through the crowd, finding his way over to Yoko. Those odd red eyes don't settle on her, rather he looks on at Ricardo. "Hey, Yoko." he sighs quietly, but since his voice hasn't changed quite like his eyes, it's easy to place. "Figure you should know Beth was killed on our way back from that party. Was those animals they keep talking about. Chad and I barely escaped."

And then a wild Jenny appears. The teen doesn't have anything to say to her, but he does turn his burning gaze onto her and give a slight nod.
Yoko Suzuki Mr. Scott does a good job keeping himself hidden for now, so Yoko really doesn't have time or the opportunity to confront him for the time being. Instead, Jenny Pine calls out to her, and she approaches cautiously, not because she's worried about Jenny doing something to her or anything like that, but because this whole thing has got her on edge. That, coupled with the fact that she believes that there's someone after her, but she doesn't know who just yet. Then again, it's not unusual to see a somewhat neutral look on Yoko's face with a slight frown on it. She might seem like an 'emo' to some people, but that's just Yoko.

"Uh, yes, I did..." Yoko replies, trying to sound as polite as possible. "This isn't good, I have to agree." She looks down at her sneakers and sighs. "I mean, I still haven't heard anything about Beth yet, and despite filing several requests for help with the Raccoon Police Department, nothing's been happening. Ever since Irons took over, it's almost like the police have lost their functionality!"

Yoko brushes a stray strand of her jet black hair out of her face, then hears James speak to her, and she spins around to confront him. A mixture of shock and anger can be seen on her face, a contrast from the usual emotionless look on her face that is commonly seen. "Those animals killed her? Are you serious?" She puts her hands on her hips and scowls. "Why didn't you tell me sooner or report it? You were the last one seen with her, and you're making yourself look more suspicious!"
Claire Redfield Claire glances over the top of her laptop at the screens and grins a little. With music still playing in her headphones she starts writing the .exe file prompt to a datadump she set up in the Campus servers. It could be one of thousands of students who established the account responsible, so she does so without a hint of concern for her safety. Not that she would have had any, anyways.

The data is a collection of dozens of compiled footage feeds that she's editted together without compromising the integrity of each piece:

It starts with still images of Squirrels in various stages of decomposition, all of them baring fangs at the person taking the pictures, this is followed by a picture of Jenny Schultz wearing a forestry and Wildlife uniform taken from the companies webpage. It has two dates April 18th 1975 - March 9th 2005.

There's grainy phone quality pictures of large roving packs of dogs.

Camcorder footage of a group of black clad Checkpoint security mowing down hordes of the animals with heavy ordinance during the Blizzard.

National Guard forces being attacked by a half decomposed deer.

Dozens and dozens of images, video, and various other collected media start playing out on those comendered displays.

"Suck on that you cloak and dagger bastards."
Frank West     Jenny folds her arms and takes in a deep breath. The pair have spoken at a distance about the subject and she is aware regarding how worried Yoko is about Beth. She simply comments with, "I'm so sorry, Yoko." but then Captain Insensitivity decides to break in and toss the entirety of the subject out there.
    Jenny doesn't even take a second glance and moves up to James, attempting to shove him but missing the hooded man horribly. She pulls back and starts yelling out in frustration, "What the fuck, man! The hell is wrong with you!? That's not just something you blurt out to someone!"

The new scene seems to begin taking some notice as some individuals begin glancing over, curious about what disturbance is occurring across from them. Some larger men, potentially jocks, see Jenny and Yoko with the hooded individual and begin making their way over to check things out.

    Following that, the displays begin to flicker again before coming up with new images, disturbing images that seem to cause a feeling of disgust and horror! Soon, people take notice of the new displays, showing of the decaying animals.
    A number of comments begin emerging from the crowd, "Hey, are you seeing this?" "What the hell are those things?" "Who is Jenny Schultz?" "No way! I buy stuff some people who represent that company, even donate to charity!" "april 18th and march 9th?" "What does this all mean?"

    As the pictures begin to emerge on the displays, Frank takes note and turns his camera towards the billboard displays, snapping a few shots. A smile curls across his face as he comments, "Fantastic.", then he moves his camera in the direction of the other emerging commotion, "Hmm.. What is going over here.", beginning to see what could be a potential fight that could erupt. He keeps his camera trained over there for the moment, keeping the lens on Yoko and Jenny who are in less than stellar moods.

    Meanwhile, Ricardo smirks a bit from his soap-box and nods, thinking to himself, "Nicely done, Claire. You did good." then proceeds to move the crowd's attention towards the photos, "Now, people do not be alarmed! But I want you all to take note of this! These images are just some of these 'Rabid' animals, people are talking about! Do these look like just a case of 'rabid animals' to you?! Do you think this is something our boys in blue should take notice of? Do you think this is something the CITY should take notice of!?"
James Scott James Scott tugs his scarf down, revealing his face to Yoko and Jenny. "Well, being dead makes it hard to talk in private." His nostril curls up slightly, clearly not appreciative of Jenny's attempt at touching him. "See, there." A finger is brought up to point at the new pictures that are scrolling across.

         "That's why I didn't go to the police." He quickly covers his face and turns to head out, mutter to himself, "I should have fucking stayed home."
Yoko Suzuki This situation has just gone from bad to worse. First Jenny and Yoko are talking, only to have James interrupt with his claims about the animals attacking Beth and killing her, but Yoko's not believing it entirely. She's shown that she does have an angry side to her as she confronts James about this, sensing that there's something going on here that James is not telling them. Sure, it's possible with all these reports that there might be some truth to what he's saying, but the problem with James is that he's not exactly the most reliable type based on what Yoko's heard.

Then the crowd's attention turns to the big screens, and suddenly weird images appear. No, not weird, but grotesque images. Almost like what the reports have been saying are holding true. That strange animal attacks are being reported, and they're definitely not rabid. Yoko can only stare in shock and disbelief, and for a moment she looks like she's in a trance, almost like there's a memory trying to enter into Yoko's brain, but after a moment she shakes her head and looks back to James, just as angry as ever.

"It doesn't matter where we are or what happened!" Yoko yells, still scowling. "You should've told the police about this anyway! You could've given them more reason to investigate!" Then James turns to walk away, and Yoko gets even angrier. "You're hiding something, James! Don't turn away from us! Stay here and tell us what we need to know!"
Claire Redfield Claire grins at the reaction, setting her stickered up laptop down on the roof beside her to lean over the edge of the building to watch the people see the truth for a change. This was far better than any of her blogs or the forums she's on. The people there already believe what she's been saying for months... now the masses are getting on board with it.

She reaches over and grabs the two-way with Ricardo, "Operational success. Moving to phase two on your word."

Claire collects her things and starts jogging across the roof to the access ladder that'll take her down the fire escape and into the dorms, then down to street level to start her second lightshow. She checks her watch to keep a running time on how long she's got before the campus servers go into a self reboot to restore operating function and kick out her .exe program. "Couple more minutes... gotta hurry!"
Frank West     James' actions certainly aren't making it easy on himself or those around him and his sudden outburst, combined with his sudden departure doesn't help things. The two larger young men make their way towards Yoko and Jenny. One inquires, "Hey, are you two alright? Did that guy do something.", meanwhile his buddy who overheard Yoko's comments towards James shouts out at him, calling him out, "Hey, buddy!", then proceeds to wander a little bit from the group towards James, "Don't you know its impolite to walk off when a lady is talking to you?! If you got something to say to the lady, then I suggest you come back and be a man about it. Don't be a little bitch!"

    Jenny glances over to Yoko then proceeds to stand next to her, looking back to the other student, shaking her head, "No, its just that guy's an insensitive creep.", then proceeds to tug on Yoko's sleeve, "Just let him go, Yoko. Its not worth it.", attempting to persuade her to drop it for now.


    The pictures appear to be getting plenty of screen time and that certain shadowy individual has taken notice. He begins speaking with a rather irritated tone in his voice, "Gordon, Its Bright. I'm requesting a clean up for garden. It seems there might be some bugs that need to be exterminated and be sure to trim the hedges nicely will you?"
    A murmur is heard coming from the ear piece of the phone before Bright continues, "Excellent. Thank you.", then the man hangs up the phone, proceeding to resume the watching of the crowd below.

    Ricardo looks around still noting the shock factor. He touches his ear piece for a moment as Claire relays her message to him, causing his smirk to form into a smile, "Roger that. Move to phase two. Keep it up, little lady!"

Frank is taking a bit of a back seat to this pose, assume he's continuing to monitor the event with Yoko and crew.
James Scott Bitch. Such a small word. But James is nothing, if not a prideful creature. So he jerks around, tugging his scarf off and tossing it down. "What the fuck did you just say to me?"

There he is. The quarterbacks brother, the drug dealer everyone goes to, and most importantly the recent victim of a tragic hit and run. And he's staring at the man, who he does recognize, with unsettling red eyes that actually start glowing. Nope, those aren't contacts.

         "Because it's been a /real/ long, /real/ shitty week. I'm nice though. You can walk away. Everybody gets one."
Yoko Suzuki At first, Yoko attempts to take off after James, but then Jenny tugs on her sleeve, and she stops suddenly, looking back at Jenny, before looking ahead at James and sighing again. She looks at James for another moment, then turns to Jenny, her angry look replaced with one of defeat and sadness. "I'm... I'm sorry Jenny... but Beth was one of my closest friends." The glistening in Yoko's eyes is more noticeable now than before as a tear starts to slide down her cheek. For those who know Yoko well, they'd know that while she's a moody person, it's not like her to cry either.

"I just don't get it," Yoko adds after a moment, another tear sliding down her cheek. "I mean, I knew something was up with all these animal attacks and what not, but..." Now the tears start to slide down her cheeks. "Why? Why would there be a party in an area where animal attacks could occur? It doesn't make sense!" Yoko brings up her right hand, covering her eyes, and she begins to cry uncontrollably. "It's just not right!"
Claire Redfield Claire makes it to her secondary location and plugs a USB into the side of one of the library computers as she settles down in the seat in front of it. She adjusts a little and starts typing, adjusting her glasses with one hand as she connects with the server and the datadump running off her .exe.

"Ohhh shit..." The firewall is already starting to come back up after the hardboot, but she uses a mockup administration password that's from a few months to get temporary access. "Huh, I should charge them for stress testing their software..." She muses to herself and starts the second executable.

Still image of a man in a one-piece wrestling uniform appears on the screen. His mouth moves in typical ''flash'' fashion, photoshopped bottom job opening over a black box to simulate speaking, and the voice is a heavily synthesised, nasally drawl, "Raccoon City officials would have you believe that these attacks were the result of a mutated strand of Rabies and that the threat has been contained." The image perspective is shift so that it flips on its axis, giving the impression of switching hip dancing, "But we know the truth! Major financial kickbacks to the city officials, including campaign contributions to our Mayor and Chief of police suggest deep pockets and even deeper ties to Um-"

The feed is suddenly cut as the backdoor into the campus security is severed. "Times up Ricky..." Claire is already on the move out of the library, "Make magic with what I could get!"
Frank West     Appears their provoke worked, as James turns around to face the jock who confronted and called him out, Jim Townsand. Jim is taken back by James for a moment, realizing who is he so it takes him a moment to reel back from the realization. He looks at James with confused eyes, "What the hell? James? Nah, man. This shouldn't be possible."
    Jenny simply watches as Yoko begins to break down right before her eyes. She leans in and embraces her young friend, wrapping her arms around her as she attempts to console her. She shoots a dirty glare at James from a far and shakes her head him, muttering to herself, "Fucking, prick."
    Jenny looks to Yoko then sees what could potentially be brewing and figures this is not the best place for them, especially with this crowd of people here. She looks to the guys for a moment, nodding to them obviously grateful for their intervention then attempts to lead Yoko away from the area, "Come on, Yoko. Let's go some place a little quieter where we can talk, ok."
    Meanwhile, the pair of jocks continue to confront James once again as Jim's friend puts his hand on his buddy's shoulder to reassure him. Enter Paul Adams, who glares at James. He doesn't know what to make of what is going on either but he's not going to just let James act the way he is, "You heard him, James. I don't care if you are Chad's brother or about what you do. It doesn't give you the right to go around being a dick. So get off your high-horse."

    A pair of van park nearby City Center, inside a transmission is made, "Trim the garden and disperse. Check for bugs."

    Soon a group of eight emerge from the vehicles. Each of them appearing to be dressed in rather casual clothing. The group disperses, making their way into the crowd and each of them appearing to be heading in a specific direction.
    Just as the appearance of the athletic man appears and begins talking, conveying the message regarding Financial Kickbacks and those coming from a certain company, the crowd gazes up. There are quite a few chuckles but then the begins to question the message their athletic messenger had to convey. Can they be convinced?

    In the interim, the members of the mysterious group appear to be mingling about the group asking, "What are those?" "Can you believe this crap?" "Where's the evidence?" "All that stuff is photoshopped! My kid can do better than that!" "You don't believe this right?"

    Ricardo looks up at Claire's final delivery message and looks at it with some skepticism. I mean, it was certainly something that got people's attention that's for sure, but not quite sure it was the delivery he was hoping for. He'll just have to wing it, "Thanks, C. I'll see what I can do."
    Ricardo stays silent for a moment longer, taking a moment to see what's up with the crowd. He begins to see stirs and murmurs amongst them but no where need the level of hype he had before. Seeds of doubt are beginning to be sewn amongst the group, "People. This is most unconventional but I ask you to consider what this information means. The picture you were shown, while comical, was meant to get your attention. Think about it though! The in--", then his mic suddenly shorts out!, "What the hell?"

    Luckily, the message appears to be growing with further murmurs. A lot of people are beginning to talk and refute the doubt but still there remains a lot of questionable action, especially as Ricardo is cut off.

    A pair of individuals approach Ricardo from the front, calling him out, however, "Hey! What gives you the big idea to come out like this and slander the name of the man who gave us this great city?", while another, an older woman calls out, "Yeah! Mayor Bright saved this city years ago from going completely under and has since helped us prosper! Yet, here you are here calling him a fraud! What an ungrateful fellow you are!"
Frank West     The words from the front of the crowd go silent and listen to the pair in front who turn to address the crowd, "My fellow citizens! We're only getting one side from this guy! He's not providing us with the entire story! We need to look at everything. These issues are not light ones and must be taken with care!", then the man turns back to Ricardo, "Is that all you are looking for? An answer? A response from our mayor that you'd organize a potential riot just to see it done? That's preposterous, kid!"

    Frank West keeps his eye on the group, noticing the form of James who is about to get involved in a fight. He watches for a few more moments before glancing up to the view screen, noting the message there. He shoots another photo and begins to film as the crowd goes quiet, "Well, that's unusual.", then notices the people in the crowd starting to make stirring questions. He continues to monitor the situation from his place, what is going on now?
James Scott "What's possible and what's are can be two very different things." James turns his attention from Jim to Paul. "And you weren't even fucking here. The bitch started screaming and tried to shove me. So you can fuck right off with your assumptions."

He looks like he may say something else, but then the people begin cutting through trying to discredit the demonstration. Without a second thought given to the two he begins to turn to leave again, the anger he's trying his best to hold back becoming apparent on his face.
Yoko Suzuki By now, James Scott and his nonsense, along with the propaganda that was being played over the screen don't matter. All that matters is that Yoko gets out of here and to someplace safe. As Jenny embraces her, she cries even more. "Please, get me out of here! It's too noisy here!" Yoko says in between sobs. She tries to look up, but there's too much going on for the girl to comprehend. She looks to Jenny and says, "You lead me! I can't focus right now!"

Indeed, this is quite a rare sight for Yoko Suzuki to be seen crying.

Deep down inside, there are numerous emotions swirling inside, almost like a memory is trying to push its way into Yoko's mind, but Yoko doesn't want to think about that just yet. She wants to get to a quiet spot where she'll be alone with Jenny, where she can let out her emotions and feel safe... for now anyway.
Claire Redfield Ooop...

Claire pulls up short when she spies the shadowy element arriving on scene. She knows what that means a lot better than most and is in no way interested in tangling with it, so she turns right back around and heads into the library. Time to make a speedy exit, stage not that way. First she'll just find herself a nice quiet place to dump all her laptop's data onto the library server for later retrieving, hopeful that there's enough eye witnesses to keep things from going to violence, since that would pretty much nail the coffin closed.
Frank West     Jim and Paul simply watch as James decides to leave. The pair shake their heads at him then turn back to the demonstration, curious to what has happened while they left.


Jenny nods to Yoko and attempts to further soothe her with her voice, "Easy there, Yoko. It's ok. I'll take you to a nice quiet place.", then proceeds to take Yoko to quiet little coffee shop off into one of the side streets.
    The pair enter the shop, Jenny nods to the barista and waves at her lightly in greeting, nixing a response, then proceeds to help Yoko into a seat before joining her. The place is much quieter than the noisy outside. Jenny inquires, "Yoko. Deep breathes. In and out. Slowly."

    Meanwhile, Lady luck appears to be shining on Claire Redfield as she spots the pair of shadows, who appear to be the form of two men attempting to pursue her. The men lose sight of the young woman who quickly exited "Stage: ?" and become frustrated, "Where did she go!?!" "I'm not sure. We'll call it in.", are the last words heard before they depart to head back down. --
    Ricardo merely listens to the new people who have confronted him and he groans a bit at the BS that is being spewed amongst the masses. He leaps down and then does his own confronting, needing to play this right, "Maybe so. Maybe this is a bit excessive but we feel its something that needs to be done. I mean look around. There's no news crew around? Wouldn't a large crowd of people gathering and advising there is something wrong be news worthy? Seriously!"

    Ricardo looks out among the crowd and continues, "That is indeed suspicious but you're right. We want Mayor Bright to answer for the lack of response that has been given by our city. The people we elected into office to keep us and our families safe from things that would do us harm but we want to be fair too.", then he shoots a glare back at City Hall, "You hear us, Mayor Bright! This didn't have to come to this level if you would have simply responded and reassured the general public! We want to hear what our city has to offer as a response by this threat! How they are going to help us find our loved ones! Its time to speak up!"

The crowd cheers loudly. The cleanup crew has done their job in quelling the masses lightly by applying reason but it appears the Mayor and the RPD will have some speaking to do.

    Mayor Bright watches from within City Hall. His arms are crossed behind his back, along with a smirk across his lips thinking to himself, "Alright, son. You'll get your response.", then proceeds back to the telephone, "Jena, get me Chief Irons on the phone. Seems we need to have a short meeting.", to which a lady replies on the other end of the line, "Yes, sir."
James Scott "Fuck Raccoon City." James repeats quietly to himself. With the crowd finding something else to focus on he slips out and turns down an alley. It usually takes him a while to learn a lesson, but between the bar and here he's decided that leaving the apartment is a bad idea.
Yoko Suzuki A coffee shop. A good spot definitely. Once she's seated, Yoko follows her friend's advice and begins to breathe deeply, in through her nose and out through her mouth. Yoko sometimes does meditation, so she's familiar with this. She wipes her eyes with a napkin before continuing to breathe deeply. After some deep breaths are taken and she starts to calm down, Yoko looks to Jenny. She seems a bit calmer, but there's still uneasiness within her.

"Thank you, Jenny." Yoko says. "I don't know what happened there, but I do know that I feel like something triggered within me at this whole event. I don't know why, but I don't like it either." She sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "For now, why don't we have something to drink and then get back to the dorms? I don't want to stay out too much longer."
Claire Redfield With her laptop scrubbed clean incase she's apprehended during her escape, Claire shoulders the bag in which she's keeping her weapon of choice and starts towards one of the back exits of the library to slip back out onto the campus. It's a jaunt back to her motorcycle parked a few blocks away, but once there she hops on, helmets up, and bugs right out before things get messy.

No doubt to plan another hack attack on a future target!

No protest is safe!
Frank West The protest rally appears to be toning down, with its objective at least partially successful due to the political pressure being applied by Ricardo and the citizens of Raccoon City. Citizens begin to disperse slowly but surely, beginning going about the rest of their afternoon. Nevertheless, the demonstration appears to be the new Buzz around Raccoon City as citizens are in consistent talks.

    Despite his rants, James appears to be able to wander off back home without further incident. Individuals still give him a wide berth, however, as they continue to eye him suspiciously.

    Jenny remains with Yoko, keeping an eye on her friend with a smile as she begins to calm herself little by little, "You're welcome, Yoko." and then she just continues to listen as Yoko talks about what she was experiencing during it all. The idea causes her to frown a bit, still blaming that jerk James Scott for his blathering mouth but doesn't speak of it any further. She only nods to Yoko and replies, "Ok, Let's do that. Then we can go home and binge on something. Its sunday night after all and we could use a bit of a break, ya know?"

Jenny and Yoko rise from their seats and then head up to the counter to order a few things to go. As the order is places, Jenny looks outside, seeing the protest beginning to disperse and figures their original exit might not be the best option and plots a new route away from the crowds to take home. Still, the idea behind the protest and the images she saw remain on her mind. Just what the hell is going on in this town as of late?

    The two goons hear the roaring of a motorcycle in the distance from their place on the roof and look around, "Do you hear that, Bob" "I do, Jim." "Dammit! That's gotta be our target!"


    As the protest winds down, Frank West remains in the aftermath of it all, photographing people's reactions in post. Lowering his camera, Frank glances up towards City Hall, peering heavily as he lowers his gaze, almost as if he can see something there. His thoughts train back to when the mysterious user used her Athletic-Avatar to convey her message, "Financial Kickbacks to the local government, huh? Sounds juicy enough to me. This place just continues to get better and better."

    The camera then begins to pan away into the sky above, leaving the episode for another yet grand adventure to be had."

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