Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten It's late Sunday Night and multiple FBC Agents and Operatives have been recalled to the USS Liberty to attend a top-secret briefing. In all likelihood, multiple individuals who would not take part in the mission had been called for as potential backups; although most were not sure of the precise nature of the operation they were about to take part in.

The briefing room is fairly standard with a table and multiple chairs, projector screens, and computers.

As of this moment, multiple people are arriving, and there is already a suited man who looks like he is from the government seated at the table. He looks very unfriendly and is unlikely to reply to anyone personally, he was here as an observer from the Pentagon.
Caio With slow steps, Caio arrives at the briefing, a lot of thoughts going through the young corporal's mind. He enters the room quietly, moving to stand at a corner, his eyes looking at all the faces around him.
PrestigeAndrei For Andrei Kirov, this briefing isn't exactly what he would call a wonderful sign. The man's heart was lumped up in his throat and even as he enters into the briefing room he walks more like a robot, shuffling to settle down at the table then, and wait for people to shuffle in. Government suits apparently intimidated him far more than the undead did. Can't run away from a suit on a aircraft carrier after all.

So rather than sit there awkwardly with nothing to do, he'll move to one of his fatigue's pockets to pull out a small pocket knife, and while he remains seated start to fiddle with clipping his finger nails, humming as he waits informally in the room, expression shifting to look at the door and those that enter every so often.
Cassie Arriving with a quick yet formal stride, Cassie arrives in the briefing room as quickly as she can. She gives a salute as she enters before taking a seat at the nearest available chair. She doesn't care about the fact that this person from the Pentagon doesn't look very friendly, as she knows that people who give briefings like this aren't exactly the most sociable type anyway.
Evan O'Connor When the recall got sent out, Evan O'Connor grabbed his things and made his way back to the USS Liberty as fast as he could. He was curious about the idea of a Briefing, specially one that comes so out of the blue, at least for him. He stops by the lab first to check on a couple things and then makes his way towards the Briefing Room. As he steps inside, the man offers a nod to everyone gathered there, then marching to an empty seat so he can claim it. He seats down and leans back against the frame, placing one hand on the arm rest while he waits for things to start. He brought a notebook, hardcover, leather, black. There's a couple pens inside the pocket of his shirt, waiting in case they are needed. He takes his phone from his pocket, checks for messages really quick and then puts it on silence, placing it over his leg, screen facing down at the moment.
Prestige William Caldwell Arriving on deck and carrying the largest brown bag you've ever seen is the Commando of the FBC known as William Caldwell. He pops a squat in a nearby seat and unfolds his back, munching on a sandwich and cracking open a Doctor Pepper. He slurps at it and quietly munches on his sammie. He looks around at the people assembled and then at the man from the pentagon. Looking him over before going back to his meal. Since this was probably a mission he didn't know when he could get some good food in him, so he was eating while he could. He lightly cracks his knuckles and his neck before sighing heavily to himself, fiddling with his fatigues and trying to make them at the very least slightly more comfortable.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's head lifts slightly upon Caldwell's entering, there is a glint, a flash of recognition upon sighting the man though he'll keep that to himself as his attention shifts to look at Evan, moving to pocket his pocket knife as his eyes study the man for a second before he lifts his hand, index finger raised, trying to call the man's attention than as he states simply. "Can I take one of those badboys off of you? A Pen I mean?" Andrei inquires of O'connor then as he looks the man over for a second, patiently and curiously inspecting then each person in turn in the room.

Andrei will remain seated and unmoving, best to keep oneself out of sight and out of mind after all
Rachel Foley Rachel had arrived at the briefing, high-heels click-clacking against the deck of the ship as she entered the room. Eyeing the others in the room, she says very little to anyone before taking her seat at the table and crossing her legs as she awaited further information. Idly, she brushes some hair out of her eyes, the business suit she was wearing making her stand out a bit compared to the mostly fatigue wearing group.
Albert Wesker An aide-de-camp most would know as the Colonel's attache, one Lieutenant Eisen, hands out eyes-only dossiers and directs those operatives arriving to the group of chairs front and center before the briefing screens. Those intelligence pamphlets contain satellite imagery and deck plans (or projections thereof) of the 'Heaven of the Seas', one of the world's largest cruise liners. There's also operational details on several pieces of mission-critical hardware, including SCUBA gear, brute force USB data seizure scripts... and bleeding edge, experimental high-yield plastique charges, timed and remote. That always bodes well.

The Commander of the FBC, the aforementioned Colonel Wesker, speaks quietly with the man from the Pentagon before approaching the display screen, and those gathered, tossing up a graceful, crisp salute. "Thank you all for getting here promptly. Whenever we're all ready, we can begin." The Colonel tosses a pointed but largely amiable look -right at- Caldwell. "Some of us didn't get the memo about the dinner meeting."
Caio Caio takes a few steps towards a seat, sitting down noizelessly. His full atention is on the briefing that seems to be about to start.
Kitten The official looking man stood up from his chair and straightened his tie, "Good Day Colonel Wesker." The man then turned and looked across the room, "You're all going to need to sign your non-disclosure agreements concerning the details of this briefing and this mission." There was no 'option' present in this man's voice. It would become more obvious who he was as he began to walk around the room and hand out 20 page documents, which included words like 'treason' if any details from this room or the mission were divulged.

He was a lawyer.

"I'll be collecting these at the end of the briefing, failure to sign your forms can result in up to two years imprisonment for dereliction of duty." He nodded to Wesker again and left the room.
Evan O'Connor Evan hears Andrei talking to him and turns his head to look at the man "Sure thing" he says, reaching for one of those pens in his shirt pocket. He looks at the pen and checks ink levels, just to make sure he is not handing out a dead pen. "Here you go." he says now, extending his hand, offering the pen to Andrei. As new people walk in, he turns to look at them, just to see if he spots any familiar faces, but truth be told, since he keeps himself mostly inside the lab, he hasn't been able to do a lot of socials. And now, Wesker is talking, so he turns his attention to the man and shifts on that seat, getting himself comfortable for what it seems might be a long briefing.
Chase Dalton Chase had done as instructed by the higher-ups, keeping close to his partner like a close-sticking thingamajig. Upon arrival, he settles in, and directs his attention to the guy in charge, and the presentation being given. When the forms come around, he nods to himself, being quite familiar with NDAs.
Prestige William Caldwell The giant commando, Caldwell takes a look at Andrei, noticing his glance but not saying anything, simply going back to his meal. He finishes his sammie and doctor pepper before moving on to his bag of chips. He looks up at Wesker and slowly puts a chip in his mouth, crunching quietly before speaking "I don't know when i'll be getting a decent meal again sir. We are going on a mission, right? Plus. My mother packed me this lunch. I can't just say no to my mother." he scratches his head lightly before going back to his chips, suddenly a pamphlet is given to him and he quietly and quickly signs the NDA. Going back to his chips and finishing those off quietly. He looks up at Wesker again and gives him a nice PHAT salute.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is quick to snatch the pen from Evan's hand then, even as he is now anded a memo of some sort to look over. The worst part is he is the bastard who will actually spend the time READING the damn thing. He'll flip through the pages slowly, giving a slight hum and idly chewing on Evan's pen within three minutes flat.

Of course intersperesed through this very thorough research, Andrei will look up to notice that Wesker has finally entered the room.. or that he exists and just give the man a curious look, his brow ticking up before returning his gaze to the documents, finger sliding along the legalese presented before him. Death, dying, don't tell anyone... blah blah blah.

None of this was binding right? What is the worse that could happen if he told everyone?! He proceeds to Sign there, initial there, name and date on page seventeen.
Caio Caio releases a sig as he hears the word "contract". As he receives his he quickly signs his name, reading the pages for only brief seconds. Already been in such missions before, he knows how the procedury is done. From his pocket he pulls out a small candy bar, starting to shew it thoughtfully. As William talks to Aubert, Caio grins to himself, his head turning to William, giving the bigger man a friendly smile.
Cassie As soon as she is given the papers, Cassie quickly signs the forms without missing a beat. Some might think she really wanted to be a doctor, because of how barely legible her handwriting is. But those who know her would know that she wants her signature to be as difficult to duplicate as possible. Upon signing the form and reading over them carefully, Cassie looks up again, waiting for further instructions.
Katherine Quinn In the back of the room, looking a sullen as ever, Wyvern fiddles with her combat knife. Paperwork, non disclosure agreements. She agreed to join the FBC because of her knowledge of Umbrella and her prior experience in SFOD-D, but she is starting to remember why she LEFT the military in the first place. Paperwork.

She twists the knife around, letting it spin on the palm of her hand as she checks the balance of the weapon. "Lets get on with it." She mutters to herself under her breath.
Chase Dalton The papers are analyzed in brief, and then quickly signed, sealed, and delivered. Chase returns the pen he'd borrowed, and glances around to the rest of the 'A-Team', before turning his attention back to the man in charge. He gives his neck a sharp twist, eliciting several cracks, pops, and whatnot. Same with the knuckles, except that comes with more of a pianist's flair.
Evan O'Connor Evan takes a look at the paperwork, tilting his head as he goes over the lines. He takes his other pen, and signs where he is supposed to. Pen back to his pocket now, his attention going back to Wesker for a few seconds before he looks around again, as if wanting to commit every face to memory, those that he doesn't know already at least. He looks down, his phone vibrates, but he doesn't take it, just a message, probably something for later.
Albert Wesker The LED projector fires up, illuminating the screen with a high-resolution version of one of the photographs in the dossier; the Heaven of the Seas. Wesker doesn't wait for Caldwell to finish his lovely meal (that he rudely didn't bring enough to share), just for everyone to peruse the top-secret materials and decide they want to be here. "Two days ago, the cruise liner Heaven of the Seas started broadcasting a distress beacon. However, before search and rescue could respond and assess the ship's plight, harsh weather and an apparent lack of helm control sent the vessel sharply off course-- out of international waters, and into Chinese territory."

There's a beat as that's allowed to sink in, and Wesker progresses the display to a projection of satellite imagery of the 'Heaven's' tracked position, switching between several zoom levels to show its relative global position... with its distance from US jurisdiction painted plainly by the crisp borders drawn into the map.

"The situation is complicated by intelligence that indicates the ship's particular distress may, in fact, be a bioterrorism attack; or another rogue experiment. Put simply: We need to get onboard that ship and assess the situation, before the Chinese do. And we're doing it completely black." Off the books; disavowal if captured. "Everyone still in?" It's almost rhetorical, with a team like this.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just takes to clicking the pen in his hand, which he has taken to chewing on. Even though he is now abusing Evan's precious writing implement, his attention seems entirley focused now on Wesker's words as Andrei takes the time to scan the mans features for a second, lips twisting into a frown then before he looks down at the document in front of him. He isn't going to say no, but there is no sense of eagerness on the man's features for the mission, that much is clear as he looks over the paper in front of him. He'll move to flip the paper over and push it away slightly then as he exhales slowly, calming his nerves and trying not to leave any huge dents in the pen between his lips.
Caio Caio releases a breath, eyes quickly reading the document infront of him. His eyes stay on the paper as he listens to everything Wesker has to say, a knot forming in the pit of his stomach.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell finishes his lovely bagged lunch and quietly listens to Wesker, wiping his mouth with a nappy that his mother graciously provided him. He stares quietly at the screen, then looks down at his pamphlet. He silently looks back up to the projector as it changes frames to it's position. He nods to Wesker, giving him another fat juicy salute "Yeah, i'm still in sir." He quietly reaches into his bag and pulls out a candeh bar and unwraps it with a light crinkle of paper. He slowly shoves the candy bar into his mouth and crunches on it. Looking around at his companionrinos and waiting for them to speak up.
Chase Dalton Chase stretches luxuriously, and continues to mind Wesker's presentation. When the bit about China comes up, Chase briefly scowls. Fucking. China. He exhales, and allows his gaze to wander just a hair, before returning to the presentation. He shoves his hands into his pockets.
Evan O'Connor Evan remains in silence, just nodding his head once and lowering his gaze back to the document, just going over every line, knowing full well he read it already. So, Boat, who doesn't love boats right? Cellphone vibrates again, he still pays no attention to it but does press his lips ever so lightly. He finally leaves the documents be and crosses his arms over his chest, serious expression, full focus.
Katherine Quinn "Well that didn't take long." Katherine mutters from the back, "Do we have any intel? Or are we fastroping onto a zombie filled cruise liner with just a couple of guns and a prayer?"
Cassie Cassie is sitting, but attentively so. She faces forwards and nods her head every so often to acknowledge what is being said. She doesn't show any emotion on her face, as a true soldier would never do that. Yet in her mind, she can't help but wonder how a bioterror attack like this could've occurred on a ship like that.
Albert Wesker "Since we can't respond officially, or in force, we're sending in a small, covert team. Agent Foley will be in general command of the operation, paired with Agent Kirov and Agent Dalton, who is functioning XO. Corporals Henrique and Caldwell will provide on-site combat support. Quinn, O'Connor, Harper-- you're all on-call for the extraction response team, in case we run into more than we can handle in there. Primary's mission objectives are as follows:" the projector brings up more images of the 'Heaven's', this time a cross-section of its decks overlaid with an overhead view, with several key points highlighted.

"You'll board and reconnoiter the vessel, assess the situation and degree of biohazard. It's possible this turns into a rescue mission from there--" but Wesker clearly isn't counting his chickens; he frowns deeply. "In all likelihood you'll need to deploy experimental charges at these points in order to thoroughly scuttle the ship and incinerate any hazardous agents. Your other primary goal is the identification of the source of the situation; the proverbial ground zero. You should sweep for evidence and download any data from systems still functioning on-site. Questions thus far?" Wesker's shaded eyes scan those gathered, a hand smoothing down his fatigues. "Along with some very large explosives, Corporal Quinn." Wesker appends dryly, with half a wry smirk.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei's hand reachs up to scratch at his forhead then as he offers a small exhalation in response to Albert's words, he'll just stare at the man intently, studying him as if trying to pick up something.. or anything behind the man's demeanor, but it is likley of little use, as his eyes shift to the projector then as well, his lips twisting visibly into a frown as he listens to everything being said. "So, above all else.. insure the ship is destroyed then, Wesk-Sir?" He'll inquire, clearly interested in the mission's prioties over anything else.
Rachel Foley Rachel gave a sidelong look at Chase before asking, "Where do we stand on civilian witnesses to the operation, Sir? Also, are any operating protocols in effect for how we deal with them? Based on the debriefings I've read from Raccoon City, it's possible any survivors we find could be a greater threat to us than what we can identify as a bio-organic weapon."
Chase Dalton Chase briefly opens his mouth, as if to ask a question, but decides against it after Kat asks instead, and his question is quickly answered. He settles into his seat, and listens, exchanging the occasional glance with his partner.
Caio Caio listens atentivelly to the briefing, his mind now clinging to the facts: Overrun ship, destroy ship, find evidence.. His head turns up ever so slightly as he listens to Rachel's question, a slight frown marring his face as he understand what the question may imply..
Evan O'Connor "Talking about hazardous materials, no orders to, in a secure fashion recover some of those? For research and study purposes, sir" says Evan now, taking a deep breath as he takes in the plan. He rubs his fingers over his jaw line and then rubs his cheek, clicking his tongue as he waits for a potential answer, if any. Some samples would be great, if they can be obtained, after all, part of his work is to study those.
Cassie As soon as Cassie's name is mentioned, she stands up and salutes. "Yes, sir," She replies with full respect. Then she sits back down, going over things in her mind. She has nothing else to say for the time being, instead digesting everything that's been said so far.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell finishes his candy bar and tosses the wrapping back into his brown bag, then crumpling it up and balling it up. He shakes his head "No questions from me I don't think, sir." he says, smiling at his Colonel. He gently fidgets with his fatigues to get them more comfortable again, geeze these things really ride up on you, don't they? Of course William won't say anything to his superior, not at a meeting of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. This was NO time for fooling around!
Katherine Quinn "So we're going to scuttle the ship? Makes sense. Last thing we want is a ship full of zombies hitting shore in China." Kat says, as she leans back a little bit in her chair, "Any idea on survivor count?" She wonders. She does seem to have a lot of questions.
Albert Wesker "If this ship is a rampant outbreak situation..." and if they didn't expect just that, the FBC wouldn't be deploying, now would they? "The vessel -must- be destroyed, and any other forces trying to seize data and samples from the crisis prevented from gathering that intelligence. It would just be a convenient bonus if we weren't left chasing our tails on how it all went down." To put it mildly; the commander's dripping sarcasm illustrates the understatement sufficiently.

"Disposition and value of survivors, assuming there are any, is for your team to decide case-by-case, Agent Foley. Just remember, official support and logistical elements are lacking-- you were never there. Outbreak specimens are of similar value to computer data and testimony, O'Connor; a complete mission success implies not only the containment of any outbreak onboard the 'Heaven's', but enough evidence to identify the elements and operations behind it." The screen behind him continues to animate the vital mission data, the placement for the explosives, and certain 'hot spots' on the boat estimated to be high-population depending on the timing of the outbreak.
Evan O'Connor Evan nods his head and says "Yes Sir" after Wesker addresses his concern; the man offers no followup question, it seems that is enough for O'Connor. He pays attention to other questions being answered and further explanation of how the situation is looking like. Focus on the screen now, arms still crossed over his chest.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei has no real questions to ask either at this point, instead making to look about the room now, settling his gaze on Chase, Rachel, Caldwell and Caio in turn. Rachel in particular, the commanding officer with get a long a studious look as his brow furrows and his fingers rapping on the table then before he looks over at Wesker again, his expression rather tense then. "It would be wise for us.. Glorious leader, if you are worried about survivors.. to just find those amenable and useful in assisting us.. and taking them and ignore everyone else. Probably." Andrei then recites, his lips twisting into a frown. "Otherwise.. let us not worry too much about people attacking, the.. crowds by this point will of thinned out so to speak."
Katherine Quinn "It is just a cruise ship. Probably not that many hostiles on board, but be careful." Kat says, "I'll be on standby, you guys SHOULD still be in radio contact with us, I'd think. Unless somebody on board has a jammer.."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell takes another sip of his Doctah Peppah. Caldwell was a real-life Forrest Gump it seemed. He quietly observed the scenario on screen and quietly added "Theres no harm in helping the survivors on board, i'm sure if there are some people and we save them, it'll look good in the press if word does get out."
Caio Caio gives a slight nod as he hears Caldwell. "And besides, if we can save a life, why not?" Its the first time he speaks, his voice being soft.
Rachel Foley Rachel continued to look over the mission information, noting the passenger and crew compliment of the vessel as well as its size when the comment was made about not many hostiles she had a very bad feeling about this mission, "No further questions Sir. We'll insure the Chinese don't get ahold of the bioweapons, and that this ship does not reach a harbor. At any cost."
Albert Wesker "The 'Liberty' has been cruising towards a rendevous with the 'Texas', a Virginia-class submarine. Our covert team will be hitching a ride with them and then swimming aboard the cruiseliner surreptitiously. Once you're underway, you'll be on your own until the mission is complete and you signal for extraction. The 'Texas' isn't hanging around." Wesker further explains, the depth of their mission every bit as serious as it was sold.

"Eye-witnesses can help you contextualize what you find, or may have clues themselves-- but there's enough on your team's plate without babysitting duty. Be careful." The last two words are addressed pointedly to Rachel; after all, it's her call, once they're in the field. "It's entirely possible there will be operatives actively working against your interests already aboard, or coming aboard." Trust Wesker. Trust oneself. Everything else is questionable.

"If there's nothing else, see the ship's quartermaster and get suited up. Remember, you're swimming to the 'Heaven's'-- make sure you don't sink to the bottom." The Colonel tosses the squad another crisp salute, and a even, steady gaze.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will hop up to give a return salute in response to Wesker then before he takes to grinning then, glancing about the room for a second as he moves on owards the doorway as well. "Good luck with that idea Caio.. that sort of mentality will end ups drowning us.. or starving us before we can even complete the mission." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he makes his way to the doorway, looking back. "The fact we have an escape route? Extraction? Will make us a very.. attractive proposition to some survivors though, so we should leverage that into getting them to help complete our objectives."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell gives his big b0ss Wesker another juicy salute, getting up and tossing the paper bag away before heading over to the quartermaster
Chase Dalton Chase reports over to his partner/senior agent for further instruction, dusting himself off and squaring his proverbial rig in the meanwhile.
Caio Caio nods, salutting Wesker and standing from his chair. "Well Andrei what can I say? I like to think of my empathy as a good thing." He remarks easilly to the other man, a smile coming to his face as he alsso starts to make his way to the door.
Evan O'Connor Evan stands up, offers a salute to Wesker and gathers his things. He takes a quick look at his phone to see who's been sending messages and then turns off the 'Silence Mode'. He watches the interacion between Andrei and Caio but makes no comment on that, deciding to just turn and start making his way towards the exit. He does have some pending work so, he'll just head to the labs and finish that off.
Rachel Foley Rachel stood up and saluted smartly, "Roger that, Sir." Gathering the folder with her mission details under her arm she called out, "Alright, team, you heard the man. Let's move." She began to head out of the briefing room without any further words, right to the armory since they would be deployed soon.
PrestigeAndrei If Andrei's eyes could roll anymore.. they'd roll right out of his damn head