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Emma It's a nice day in Paris, warm with a nice breeze. Lately it's been nice, and this brings people out, including tourists. Emma is among the group of people, waiting to go into the catacombs. Earlier today - as now it's coming up to the afternoon post lunch, she had to work on a cadaver for school, and what better way to top of the day than with more death, aka; the skeletons of about six million. There is a large group of people waiting at the entrance to enter, including her. The tour is well known here, to locals and tourists alike. For her, this may not be as creepy as it is for some, but one gets use to death when you're a budding doctor, and also survived Racoon City. Looking up from her booklet, she sees the guide getting ready to let people in. Closing the booklet, it's put in her back pocket.
Evan O'Connor Evan is among the people that came to visit such a place, not because of any particular reasons; he was just in the area and thought it could be a good place to see. He's been spending more than his fair share of hours working and some free time always comes welcome. He is currently wearing a light blue shirt, with navy blue jeans and some comfortable walking shoes. He does have his reading material, and he eyes it while waiting for the long lines to move, just learning more about this place and everything said about it. For the most part, he keeps to himself, not addressing others unless he has to, but he is always polite.
Emma Seems the group is about to go in. Emma needs to move to her toes to look over the shoulders of some. A older couple a head of her turn to say something, and she replies in fluid French, yet her Scottish accent still clear as day. At last, though, the group seems to be going in. Tucking her thumbs into the back of her white short pockets, with a bit of eagerness the lass goes to enter, but it's not a big opening and people need to squish some. This causes her to bump into the guy wearing that light blue top. Going red, she blinks. "Oy. I - I am sorry, sir." Says the red head shyly, yet in her sweet way. "Go - go a head." A delicate hand motions for him to enter first.
Evan O'Connor Evan notices that the crowd is moving towards the entrance and that makes him lift his gaze, looking around for a brief moment before he takes two very short steps forward, finding himself a little bit squeezed by others. Since it's a start, stop, start, stop sort of scenario, he takes these moments to check his reading material again. This is abruptly stopped when someone bumps against him from the back, and the man quickly turns his head to see what is going on. Eyes move downwards to meet Emma's and he offers a polite smile along with a shake of his head "Oh, please, don't worry." He does see her offering him to go ahead but the man chooses to take a step to the side "Oh, no, go ahead please..." There is a gentle nod of his head, and he still carries a soft smile "This place is cramped as it is, I figure the sooner everyone is, the better." There are some folks trying to continue moving through the line, even if that means having to shove others. While Evan doesn't really say anything towards them, some people do get some 'looks'.
Emma "Ah - ah, if ya insist." Says Emma, with a quick shy smile, cheeks a little red from bumping into him. When a free moment comes she dodges in, with a quick step, passing through the entrance. The guide seems to go on to explain a few things, flipping between French and English. Lucky for her, she speaks both. The catacombs are colder though, and when they enter it's an instant change from the outside world. Which is bright and sunny and warm. Here, it's dark and like death - which is because of the many skulls and bones everyone can see there. Leaning forward a little, her grey-green eyes focus on some skulls, looking them over curiously. Standing back up there is a small half turn to the guy she bumped in to. "I - I am Emma, by tha way. First time here?"
Evan O'Connor "Emma" repeats the man, nodding his head "I'm Evan, nice meeting you." He takes a deep breath and looks around for a moment, letting his eyes adjust to the lack of light before looking back at the young woman "First time, yes. I must say, I'm already thinking about leaving. Interesting as it is...I already feel like I saw everything there is to be seen" A soft chuckle escapes his lips and he does lean a little to his side to admire a group of skulls for brief seconds before moving back. "It's an interesting contrast, isn't it? Knowing how things are above us; and it gives the city another dimension I think...makes it more interesting? Not that it isn't already but, I don't know, the magic does wear off a little" He chuckles again and shakes his head "I do apologize, I don't intend to come off as a negative person or anything of that nature"
Emma "Leavin' tha catacombs, or, Paris?" Emma asks Evan, curiously, as they slowly walk down through the catacombs. It's skeleton after skeleton. There are so many. "Yer - yer right, ya'know. This is different than above. Up there, it's like magic, or'something. A happier place. Here, what ya see is tha - tha reality of how people were, what they did. It's the side ya don't often see because, who wants'ta see that part of humanity?" A small shrug, her hand adjusts the aviator sunglasses on her head. Footsteps are light as they go, making no noise. "Well, yer not negative, I'd say. Just realistic. Life isn't all - all rainbows and puddin' an happy times." Stopping, the red head leans forward and frowns, looking at a skull. "Given tha size'n shape, I'd say this was a child, here. Lost within tha millions of bones, unknown an' never ta have a name put to tha life it had."
Evan O'Connor "The Catacombs" says Evan, nodding his head as he moves along with the group, no matter how slow the group is moving. He looks down at the skull Emma mentions "You are going to see many of those, I am afraid. It is not a pretty picture, but then again, I think we've grown unnaturaly used to the idea of ugly pictures all around us." But, alas, subject changing time. "So what brings you to Paris? Work? School? Vacations? More people than usual, that's for sure" He clears his throat, covering his mouth with a closed fist before he adds "Eiffel Tower, they never get tired of that one." The group continues moving, the Guide continues offering little insights here and there and general information that is designed to feed the thirst for knowledge -or excitement- that the tourists may have. As they near a larger area that gives more room for people to see things, some folks push through others to get a better spot. "That's something you see everywhere you go...." adds the man, going silent after that.
Emma "Aye, ya are." Emma nods, agreeing to the bit about seeing a lot of this. When he asks why she is here, there is a pause. "I - I, well, got accepted ta med school here, hopin' ta be a doctor. And it's one of tha best ya can get inta, so here I am." There is a shrug, and a step forward to avoid people bumping into her. "Eiffel Tower is a busy place, a typical tourist hot-spot." Because, it's Paris, and when in Paris see the Eiffel Tower. "What about ya? What are - are ya doin' here? Other than exploring a crypt with a few million dead bodies for entertainment." Course, she is joking a little, because there is a bit of a smirk.
Evan O'Connor "Oh? Well, congratulations..." says the man, offering a soft smile to the girl "...There are some really good schools here, that's for sure." When she asks about him, he just shrugs casually and says "Work, mostly. Now I'm just enjoying some time off that I know it won't last." Faint smile on his lips before he adds "After this tour, I'm thinking I'll catch a shower and then some sleep, or maybe I'll just lounge on my couch and watch a movie." He clicks his tongue, probably trying to decide what to do. "So you are looking to become a Doctor then." there's a pause and then he asks "Any specialization?" The group continues moving forward, stopping every few minutes so the guide can provide more info to the group, only to then spend a few more minutes looking at things before resuming the slow march.
Emma Her grey-green eyes are fixed on him, curiously. "What ya - ya do exactly?" Did she miss that part? Emma shrugs a little. "An' goin' ta lay back on a couch'n relax, sounds amazin' right now, too." His question however, gets a small shrug, which reveals her own confusion. "I was gonna be a paediatrician like my ma, but, maybe somethin' else. I - I am considerin' workin' in ER, trauma, intensive care. Hard ta say, really. I got a lil'bit of time ta decide. But, I do like tha idea of helping people in tha rush, in tha absolute moment of need."
Evan O'Connor When asked what he does, Evan tends to avoid giving a lot of info, not really because it is a secret but, because he learned to keep information output to the bare minimum. He looks at the girl when she asks that first question and he answers "I'm a Doctor" He swallows and takes a breath "And yes, you are correct, you do have time to decide but, if I may give some advise? Try to use that time well, sometimes the career itself can take you to so many different places that it can be hard to pin point what to go for" He shifts his body so he can allow room for people to move to what they want to see and adjusts again, to continue the conversation he is having with the younger woman. "Do you have any Doctors in your family? I hope you don't..." He chuckles after saying this and explains "...generations of Doctors in my family, they can either be a pain in your behind when trying to decide OR, they can let you decide on your own"
Emma Maybe Emma can sense this, because, through the past few months of being here, and given what she went through in Racoon, it's become fairly common for people to keep things back. "A - a doctor, yer sayin?" Brows lift, her head tilts a little. But she doesn't push, because there is a sense not to. "My ma is a doctor, paediatrician'n all. Papa is a chef, an' brewer. None of my brothers got inta medicine. I've got no pressure, actually, ma sorta.. wanted me ta change and teach dance or singin'." There is a shrug, she turns to look at some of the skulls, and other bones that 'decorate' this area. "Yer family a pain in'tha ass, then? Made ya follow tha family line of work?"
Evan O'Connor "That was their plan, at least when I was back in High School...even before that really." says the man, laughing softly "They were not a pain in the ass tho, they just wanted me to be my own person but, wanted to have their input. I don't mind really and in truth, I guess it did work for them." He smiles after saying this, nodding his head after that "Which is exactly what everyone should do, just find that something you are passionate about and go for it. And while I know I do sound like I'm taking my lines from a brochure, I do believe that." As for what her family does, he nods "Good, there's good diversity there. You dance too? Seems like you've got your hands full, dancing can be an unforgiving discipline, or so I've heard. Me? I've got two left feet."
Emma "I'm tha - tha only girl." Emma says, looking up to Evan from all those bones. "Four older brothers. I was lucky, they just wanted what was best for me'n all." His question of dancing gets a smile. "Been a hobby of mine all my life, see. Dancin', singin', I find it helps ta release stress, that, or spendin' time with animals, or my massive dog Shaemus." There is then, a short sweet laugh. "Most men - men have two left feet, ya'know, if yer ever wantin' ta learn, I'm willin' ta teach, I did when I lived in Racoon City." Woops, that slipped out, she goes a bit red and looks away to a gathering of bones that's setup in some sort of design.
Evan O'Connor "That'd be the day, my mother would love you I think. She tried so many times to teach me how to dance, but, I don't know...never really cared much about it really. I do know however that it can do everything you said it can, it's a good medicine" says Evan, smiling when she mentions her dog "I have three dogs back home, well, they are family dogs. I honestly thing we belong to them really, at least my parents. I'm an only child myself, but I bet it is nice to grow with brothers and sisters, no matter what a pain they can be" He smiles after he says this, and then she lets it slip, that she is from Raccoon City "I'm sorry, you know, about everything that happend. I'm glad you are safe tho, I'm sure it must have been hell" He has seen hell, and he is sure that Raccoon City was probably worse than anything he had ever seen. He doesn't ask anything about the incident, not wanting to bring her bad memories or anything of that nature. "So when do you start your classes?" asks the man in an attempt to move the subject away from that incident.
Emma "Yer not - not much of a dancer, if yer not passionate 'bout it. I am, always was. Tis my outlet, ya see." Emma blinks and looks at Evan, totally surprised, but she grins. "Yer a dog person to, eh? Oy, I don't run inta many of those! Shaemus - my dog, though friendly, can often run people away given his side." A hand comes up to just higher than her waist, to indicate his size. "Ya should meet - meet him sometime then, if ya got dogs of yer own back home, then ya'd likely like him. Big'n friendly." Then when he mentions Racoon there is a quick nod. "Lucky." It's all she -needs- to say, because that quick pained look in her eyes, says enough. "I've been takin' classes for near six months actually. Worked on a cadaver today actually, I'll tell ya, poor guy, the cancer in his lung took over his -entire- body, horrible way ta go, but, amazin' ta see how it invaded his body."
Evan O'Connor "You certainly have the stomach to be a Doctor it seems." says the man, smiling "I think one turning point for every student wanting to become a Doctor is just that, the moment in which they see a dead body, open for everyone to see." adds Evan, clicking his tongue again. The group continues moving forward up to a point that looks like the end for the tour. Some folks leave their audio devices in the offered baskets and start leaving the area. Since everyone is moving, so does Evan, but makes sure that he is still close to Emma, not wanting to be rude or interrupt the conversation. He narrows his eyes when more light starts to fill the current area "Looks like tour's over." he chuckles and looks at the girl "I think I didn't pay much attention to what the tour guide was saying..." he waves a hand "...not that I'm complaining tho" Now there's light, natural light, and this particular area is well lit, not surrounded by death. The man smiles and as people leave, he turns to Emma and says "Good learning experience?"
Emma "I've seen a lot." Emma says, with an undertone of burden. It's brief though. As they begin to flood out, she follows with the group. "That - that went by fast." She didn't realize how fast time went, must of been due to good conversation. "It was neat, what I -- I expected, though. Not as much shock to tha system when such things don't shock ya. What 'bout yerself?"
Evan O'Connor "It was ok, I guess" says the man, shrugging casually. As they step out and now he gets to see the sky, he looks up and lifts a hand to shield his eyes a little. His attention goes back to the girl and he says "I don't know, good info, a nice visit. Don't think I would do it again unless I'm aiming to show this to someone or someone /asks/ to come here" He checks his watch for a second and then gives Emma his attention again. "So, I should head home...get dinner started and by dinner I meant take out" he smiles after saying this and then extends his head "It's been nice meeting you, I do thank you for making the tour better, I was already thinking I would hate it as soon as walked in"
Emma "I -- I think tha history is more interestin', seen enough death'n will be seein' more as a doctor." She shrugs some, Emma pulls down her aviators to block out the sun, which helps her eyes adjust. "A - another guy that can't cook? Must be in tha genee, if yer wantin' I can teach ya how to least not live off takeout. That's expensive." There is a bit of a laugh, men never seem to be able to cook. Her hand comes out to take his, her hand delicate, yet with a perfect grip. "Thank ya - ya too, made it more interestin' hope yer evein' goes well an' takeout isn't awful."
Evan O'Connor "Oh, I do know how to cook..." says the man, chuckling softly, nodding his head. "But, takeout is easier, specially since I'm feeling very lazy and all." He tilts his head when she puts the aviators on and then nods "It's been nice meeting you, Emma." He takes a couple steps back, smiles and adds "Have a good evening, and, good luck at school, I'm sure you'll be fantastic." A soft smile remains as he nods, then he turns around and starts walking down the street, just enjoying the nice weather.
Emma "Oh." Emma says in a breath. A guy that can cook? That's new. A thumb slides into her back pocket, the other is lifted to give a wave. "Was -- was nice ta meet ya Evan." His compliment about her being a fantastic doctor makes her blush a little, yeah she did doubt herself for a while. When he's gone she'd turn and take a deep breath. "Wo -- wonder if Jack's has whiskey." So, to top off a day that evolved around death yet with good conversation the red head would go to the bistro to relax some before heading home herself.