Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice Moscow, Russia - Set simultaneously with RE3: When it Rains it Storms

Alice took off through the stairwell as the fight broke out, whatever she was doing in Moscow having been accomplished, or not worth her life as she took off away from the fight.

The trenchcoat she was wearing hid whatever she was wearing underneath, and she didn't seem to have any weapons.

The chase takes Chris through several buildings as the woman runs faster than he can hope to keep up with, but he doesn't lose sight of her.

As Rain, Jill, and the USS and Russian Special Forces fight; Chris is hot in pursuit.

He does lose sight of Alice for a bit, but the sound of gunshots on the rooftop near-by leads him to his quarry just as she finishes gunning down a group of black armored commandos with a pair of pistols.

At the sight of Chris catching up, she states, "You don't even know what you've got yourself into, you should turn around and walk away now."
Chris Redfield Chris really didn't want to leave Jill alone to face off against those Umbrella goons by herself but she gave him that /look/ that didn't give him much choice. He must be getting soft, mental note to have to work on that but the thought it quickly set aside as he chases after the number one most wanted person on INTERPOL's list - Alice Abernathy.

Running up the stairs to the rooftop, where he heard the gunshots he comes face to face with Alice after she's gunned down two commandos with dual pistols. He points his M16 at her, getting into a low crouch as he aims at her with his sights. Her speech doesn't phase him, he's heard this kind of talk from hardened criminals before and he responds as he usually does, with a stoic serious expression and very calm but deliberate voice, "Drop the guns. I won't ask you twice. Your under arrest for terrorism, mass murder, conspiracy and treason."

He would keep moving to find cover but there isn't any nearby so he just stops in a mexican standoff it seems with the most wanted Terrorist in the world.
Alice Alice laughed at the list of crimes Chris listed off, "You don't even know what you've gotten yourself into. You're after the wrong woman, maybe you should start looking into Oswell Spencer, the head of Umbrella Corporation."

She had a mission though.

While she wasn't interested in hurting Chris, she couldn't afford to be slowed down by him, "Turn and walk away, we don't have to fight." It was clear though that she was ready based on her stance and poise; both pistols aimed directly at Chris.

She wouldn't hesitate.
Chris Redfield Chris's eyes narrow slightly as he listens to Alice but then they go wide when she mentions Oswell Spencer and Umbrella Corporation. "Why should I believe you? You would say anything to get out of have to give me more than just names. But you have to lower your guns first or else this conversation isn't going to get very far." A Mexican standoff is never easy and usually ends quite badly for somebody and in some cases nobody walks away unscathed.

"You know I can't do that. If you are innocent, I can protect you we can put you in witness protection if you are willing to testify against Umbrella. But I can't just let you walk away. A lot of my close friends died in Raccoon City." He doesn't lower his gun and his finger isn't on the trigger it is on the frame but it only takes him a milisecond to fire on automatic and he's a very good shot, especially at this close range.
Alice Alice nodded her head to Chris, "That's a reasonable offer." For a moment it looked like she was about to holster her guns, raising them forward non-threateningly..

...Then she kicked a piece of concrete on the rooftop towards Chris and began to rush towards him as quickly as she could, her heeled boot snapping up when she was in range to kick Chris' gun away.

"But I can't take it."
Chris Redfield Chris keeps his eye on Alice, always wary in case someone so willing to give up is trying to pull a fast one.

Yup, Alice is a very good actress but he's not taken by surprise by the kick of concrete, managing to dodge it since the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up. However, he is caught off guard by the speed and ferocity as she rushes him to engage in melee combat.

He's been trained by Barry Burton, sparred with Jill but he's never faced an opponent with Alice's inhuman speed. He's unable to use his M16 at this close of range, in fact it has become a hinderance as he manages to block the first few punches and kicks she's throwing as he crouches into a low boxing stance with his arms up to guard.

Alice was waiting for this however, after blocking one of her punches with his arms, he's surprised by the spinning round house kick that knocks his assault rilfe out of his hands.

"So this is how you want to play it." Chris scowls and advances, throwing a few feint jabs to test Alice's reaction and then launches a right hook punch.
Alice "You're good." Alice replied back to Chris as they traded blows back and forth, the pair falling into the crescendo of the dance that was martial arts. Her initial kick missed as Chris side-stepped, her goal focused on getting that gun out of Chris' hands.

Whether or not she had been modified by Umbrella, bullets still hurt and getting hit with an assault rifle at close range was a quick way to end up in a hospital or a morgue.

When the rifle is out of Chris' hands, she follows up with a rapid rotation of punches; using her agility to her advantage as she looks for her moment of opportunity.


Chris' earpiece crackled to life, the sound of Jill on the other end, "Chris, Help!"
Chris Redfield Chris circled to Alice's left, he is way bigger than her and he's a lot faster than he looks. He feints a couple of jabs to get her attention, then slides in to throw his knock out right hook!

He's never seen someone move so fast, Alice somehow manages to duck underneath his right hook as if she knew it was coming and he knew it would have landed solidly had it connected. It was probably one of the best right hooks he had every thrown. Alice now had the advantage after ducking underneath, she was now on his blind side.

Chris turns quickly to his right, ducking underneath as she throws a knife hand chop to where his neck would have been but her follow straight punch with her other fist, connects solidly against his right bicep if it wasn't for his armor it would have been a shocking blow to his muscle causing involuntary spasming. A move that Jill used on his once during sparring and it hurt like hell.

Then his earpiece crackles, Jill's calling for help and by the sound of her voice it's bad! Stay to battle Alice with the hope of capturing a terrorist who may be responsible for the deaths of 600,000 people or run to save Jill, his partner? There is no hesitation he's not going to lose Jill, especially after saving her from Raccoon City and all that's she's helped him do in forming the BSAA and there's a third reason.

"We'll finish this later." Chris says to Alice as he disengages from their melee, as he sprints towards his M16, scooping it up with one hand and then runs to go help Jill! "I'm coming Jill! Just hang on!" he barks into the mic's headset, turning up another gear as he pushes himself to run faster. If anyone gets in his way, he's either going to plow through them or shoot them in the face with his M16.
Alice Alice didn't argue with her luck as Chris ran off in the direction he had came from, she could had tried to engage the man further but she was happy for the reprieve and chance to escape. She had got what she came here for, one way or another; the bioterror attack on Moscow had been prevented, albeit narrowly.

The sample Umbrella Security Service had recovered of the modified t-Virus strain was a dud, the real sample was on her person and to be destroyed in an incinerator as soon as possible.

Watching Chris for a moment she smirked before running in the opposite direction.


As Chris is running towards the warehouse, he receives Rain's cryptic warning, ""You have five minutes to get here and get her out. If I see either of you again, I will string you up and skin you alive." The radio is smashed in her hand and tossed down on Jill's twisted frame. " Then the radio goes dead.


By the time Chris arrives, he can see an aircraft taking off from just outside the warehouse. It's a VTOL Transport of some kind in black colors and far beyond the kind of aircraft he is used to seeing in the military sector.

It reminded him of a scrapped prototype.

Were those the true resources Umbrella possessed? The ability to deploy advanced equipment that even the United States Military could not afford to make?

The warehouse is a mess when he enters. The Special Forces team that had aided him and Jill is all dead.

Not far from the entrance, he finds Jill clinging to life, her armor torn up from multiple gunshot wounds and a quickly growing pool of blood by her body.

She was still breathing though.

In the distance, the sirens of Russian Emergency Services and no doubt military response teams could be heard coming.

Would Jill make it? Will Chris have revenge?

Tune in next time to find out.