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Kristin Mid afternoon in the most beautiful city in Europe because Paris is still a shitty place full of people who poop in the street. Kristin is sitting on the back of a bench with her backpack down between her legs and her elbows resting on her knees. A cigarette smolders between her slim fingers, black nail polish mostly scratched off by now.

She might would look like a local if her backpack didn't have a sticker on it of an American flag proudly stating; ''Fuck France'' somewhere there on.

Also a rainbow and other things of a fundamental neo-political nature.

Go team gay af.

Whatever. "If it starts raining, I swear to god I'm burning something down."
James Scott "I'm sure that's a great idea." James says, stopping to lean against the back of the bench Kristin is currently seated at. "I know a great little manor in the forest, should be flamable." He tugs a cigarette from the interior pocket of his drab green Levi jacket, popping it between his lips. After a moment or two of patting he swears quietly, "You have a light I could bum?"
Emma Emma is sitting outside of the bistro, because as far as she knows Shaemus can't go inside. As per normal, the redhead is studying. There are a few books on the table, and a notebook out. Sipping at tea - yes, tea, and nibbling on some pastry now and then she looks down at her pet, who seems to be happily laying back and relaxing.
Kristin Kristin lifts her head at the voice behind her and cranes her neck a little to look over a shoulder at James. "Well aren't you a tall drink of water.. singing the song of my people too?" Pryos have to stick together. So do smokers. Before the witchunt begins.

She lifts one hip and slinks her hand down in a pocket to grab hold of her lighter and flicks it for Scott. "A cottage in the woods you say? How perfectly creeper of you.. I try not to go into isolated locations without telling people where I'm going with strange men until the second date."
James Scott "Not too bad yourself. Personally I like to wait until the third or fourth date for arson though, but I could make the second date work, as long as you're gentle." James shoots Kristin a wink as he leans forward to accept the offered flame. With that out of the way he moves around and takes a seat on the bench. "I'm James by the way."
Kristin "I'm always gentle, except when I'm not." Kristin says with a smirk around her cigarette, one hand held out to light James' cigarette. Once she's accomplished this task the lighter is put away and she receprocates his introduction by up nodding, "Kristin."
James Scott "I think we could be friends." James grins, leaning back and tugging his glasses off. Apparently the teen is wearing contacts, because his eyes are purple and the pupil has an odd shape. He slips out of his jacket, revealing a number of scars along his arms, as well as a 'cut here' tattoo at the base of his throat and a koi half-sleeve on his left arm. "So, what're you doing in France?"
Kristin "Whoa... look at you over here think it's halloween..." Kristin fixates on they eyes for a second, then the tattooes, then back on the eyes. "Clearly not the same shit you're into.. What the fuck man?" That's not really an answer, persay, so she gives him one in the form of a little shrug. "A friend of mine said she needed my help, I came all the way to this shit hole of a country to give it. I know right? Everyone should have a friend like me."
Emma Emma is busy studying, but sound from Shaemus draws jer attention. Looking up James and that woman are spotted. She smirks a bit.
James Scott "Can you tell just from a few tattoo's and a pair of blue contacts?" James arches a brow, clearly he hasn't looked at himself in a mirror with his sunglasses off yet. "France isn't that bad. A whole lot better than Colorado." That cigarette is puffed on, the smoke exhaled through his nose. "Don't think I'll renew my residency visa, but it's not a bad place."
Kristin "The throat tattoo bruh.." Pointing two fingers clutching what remains of her cigarette at the ''cut here'', "Is enough enough to wave off any indication that you and I are into the same line of shit.. which isn't to say we can't share a chicken parm or whatever. I mean, I'm on vacation right? Fuck't.." Colorado, "Never been, on account of Colorado sucking worse than the Raiders." Kristin says matter of factly, "Also I hear it got nuked."
James Scott "It sure did. Two days after we got evacuated to Denver. I didn't have either of the tattoos back then, and my hair was longer. But I ain't into nothing weird. Well, nothing dangerous." James reaches up to rub at his neck, thinking back on his time holed up in that laboratory.
Kristin "Oh, you were ''there''?" That certainly perks Kristin right up, lifting her head a little to eye James with a bit more scrutiny, "I guess the tat makes a little more sense now.. but you made it out." She takes another drag that's mostly filter and drops the butt beneath one converse allstar toe. Right on the seat of the bench because she's a nihilist and life means nothing. "What sort of weird, but not dangerous, shit are you into?"
James Scott "Born and raised in Raccoon City. Didn't have anywhere else to go, so here I am." James removes the hand from his neck, instead draping that arm along the back of the bench. "But if you want me to tell you about my kinks you should at least buy me dinner first." A grin kreeps across his face as he takes a second to better look at Kristin now that his sunglasses are put away.
Kristin "From Raccoon city with love, or some shit." Kristin shrugs a shoulder and scoots off the back of the bench. She's taller than she might have otherwised appeared while sitting down, thankfully, James is still taller. Awkward moment averted. "Alright, kinks over pasta. Is it French people who invented pasta or Italians? Is it bad that my world view is entirely based on video game demographics?"
James Scott "China. Marco Polo brought them it to Italy." James pushes to his feet and slings his jacket over his shoulder. The cigarette he had been puffing on is allowed to drop to the ground where it's crushed under his boot. "I'm full of empty facts, so that's not a whole lot better."
Kristin "I've got you beat on empty facts..." Kristin double gun-finger points at James, "Donald Johanson found Australopithecus... which he named Lucy. And that's the extent of my knowledge on anything I learned in three years of college." She eyes the bristo, which probably doesn't serve past, and Emma with her pooche outside. "Except strange sexual position that can only be described as deeply pornographic."
James Scott "I got all that out of the way in high school. Poor miss Grafford having to change schools in the middle of the year like that." James could be joking, but the look on his face says otherwise. His own attention moves over to the bistro, except it stops when he spots Shaemus and Emma. "Well damn, I guess I've got a regular stalker."
Emma Seeing that she is being looked at Emma offers a quick, shy wave, then looks down to her books.
Kristin Kristin pulls up short when James identifies Emma as potential stalker and as the girl has her own table and everything! She turns a chair around backwards and drops down into it with a grin. Her arms cross over the back of the chair and she leans in so her chin is laying on her forearms, "Hey, I'm Kristin. Kris. Whatcha studying?"
James Scott "Medicine." James answers for Emma, returning her wave with a waggle of his fingers, "She's a friend of mine, met her while I was still in college." He doesn't take a seat himself yet, but that's likely because he doesn't want to impose.
Emma Suddenly Emma is a little red, when Kristin turns and talks to her. "Ahh -- ahh, hi. I'm Emma." She is sitting outside of Jack's bistro, Shaemus at her feet. "Aye , medicine. Learnin' ta process that cancer takes from tha - tha brain outward and how it presents." She looks to James and gives him a small smile. "We survived Racoon together."
Benny Benny has never been to Paris, in fact he's never been anywhere in Europe yet until he landed on a flight from the United States.

Today, he's wearing a black waxed cotton Belstaff jacket, a dark grey graphic t-shirt with a black batman logo (the Frank Millar Dark Knight Returns version) on the front, blue designer skinny jeans and white with green Stan Smith style Adidas sneakers. On his left wrist, he is wearing a Seiko automatic diver's watch and peeking from underneath his shirt there is a silver chain around his neck of a jade figurine.

Benny has a backpack slung over his shoulder, with a camera bag slung over one arm and as he's walking around the area, he certainly looks like a tourist because he stops to pull out a mapbook not too far from Jack's Bistro. There are probably lots of people walking around though, so he isn't that noticeable or so he thinks.
James Scott "Oh, cool." James nods slowly at Emma's explanation. He doesn't have an idea what cancer does in the brain. "Well, that's why you're going to become a doctor and I'm basically a football hooligan."
Emma "We - we had ta watch a video too, disection of a stage four tumour from a colon. Than we got ta look at slides of cell formation." Such a nerdy doctor type! She then points to a diagram for James to see. It's graphic. "This was tha colon. Amazin' tha guy lived." At that point, Shaemus stands and sniffs, like he got a scent. Suddenly, he is barking with excitment and runs into the crowd of people, heading to Benny. "Shaemus!" Yells his master, jumping up, not knowing why he ran off suddenly.
Benny Benny blinks, hearing barking, a familiar bark in fact and lowers the mapbook just in time to see Shaemus bowl into him with an excited woof! Luckily the martial arts former cop, has cat-like reflexes and is used to Shaemus's fighting tackle style of affection, so he manages to keep his feet, pulling the friendly dog up into a hug while he stands on his hind legs, licking his face with excubarance. "Whoa...sit boy...down boy...I miss you too...I wasn't expecting to see you so soon! I wanted to surprise you guys. Where is your mommy?" A crowd of people near him, are smiling as they see how Benny is interacting with Shaemus. The mapbook he was holding fell on the ground though when Shaemus intially made contact with him.
James Scott "That's pretty cool." James nods slightly at the diagram, before turning to look into the crowd as Shaemus runs off. "Where do you think he's getting off to like that?"
Emma Emma gives a shocked look to James with a shrug. Her books are forgotten. "Best see." So, the redhead goes to hurry into the crowd after her giant dog because most don't take well to such a creature running away. Her hurried steps come to an abrupt stop when she sees why. Emma smiles. "Benny!" Exclaims the lass, rushing forward to near tackle hug him in a similar way Shaemus had done.
Benny Getting tackled by a giant Newfoundlander dog is one thing but when you are tacklehugged by a med student red head as well, it gets a little bit more difficult to manage.

Benny blinks again, when all of a sudden Emma runs up to him to give him a hug as well and then the blushing starts. "Hey, Em! I uh, was going to try and surprise you but it kinda backfired on me. So, yeah I've come to visit. How are things?" The people nearby are either smiling, laughing or just plain staring at the asian man, the red head and the big friendly dog as they are embraced. Shaeums woofs happily, finally getting down to all fours, wagging his tail mightily, almost knocking a person over and nuzzles up to Benny's hand trying to get some pats while squeezing in between Emma to get more attention.
James Scott James Scott watches for a second or two, though that carefree attitude he had is quickly replaced by something darker. Rather than wait around for the trio to return he tugs his jacket back on and slips into the crowd. His phone is flipped open and he brought up to his ear. "Understood, heading back now." is spoken quietly after a moment of listening.
Emma Emma is grinning, but blushes a little too. "It's a -- a great surprise!" She says happily. "Were ya gonna come ta tha chateau?" After a minute or so the hug is broken, Shaemus just had to weasle his way in with his own excitment. "Oy, ya mutt, calm down!" Like that'll work! "How long have ya been here?" A hand would tug on is arm. "Come on, I gotta table." Which has her open med student books on it. "I wanna hear how everythin' is goin'! An' James is -- is, no wait, he was here."
Benny "I'm glad, but I was kinda hoping to surprise you guys not the other way around." Benny replies with that signature sheepish grin of his, but his cheeks are still flushed from the hugging. He's never been one to be very comfortable with public displays of affection, whether it be family or friends or even dogs it seems. He reaches down to pick up his dropped mapbook and follows Emma to the table, giving Shaemus a good behind the ear rubbing. Shaemus is happily following along side of Benny, wagging his tail and looking very content. "Oh, James is here too? He left? Oh that is too bad, I wanted to say hi to him. Yes, the Chateau I was looking for it just now in fact but I don't see it on any map...must be new or something. Chateau de Night or something like, he even got it named after himself? He's really moving up in the world. So, how is Archene and Markus doing? I've missed you guys and the last six months have gone by like a blur."
Emma At the table, Emma sits in her chair, and begins to close her books. Who wants to see gory pictures of organs and diseases? Outside of her, that is. "Shaemus come on." Says the lass with an amused shake of her head. "I'm-- I'm still surprised!" He gets a smile. "We'd of tackled ya anyway, ya know." The last book is closed and they are stacked. "The last few months have gone y fast, we - we missed ya too. They are good, busy, we're all busy'n stuff. Tha chateau isn't on tha map, we'll head that way after? I can show ya arond some. Ya gonna stay with us? I can bribe with cookin'n bakin'."
Benny Benny sits down beside Emma, ruffling Shaemus behind the ears some more and removes his backpack, setting it down on the ground by his feet between both of your chairs so that it isn't easy to grab by thieves. Yeah, he's still got ex-cop habits. "I'm glad I got a little surprise in then." He smiles and nods. "Oh, well that explains why I can't find the place then." He blinks when you ask him about staying. "Oh, I actually already booked a hotel but I certainly want to visit. That is very generous of you and I know that Archene has offered in the past for any of us to stay there. I just didn't want to impose and I was trying to surprise you guys."
Emma Emma lifts her backpack, and puts her books in there. They are big textbooks. It's a wonder how she carries it all! Shaemus sits happily wagging his tail. "Archene'n Markus will be glad ta see it. Don't know where James lives." She turns a little, to face him. "You've not seen his place. Huge. More rooms than any can manage. Yer not goin'ta impose at all if I know Archene he'd be thrilled if ya did. Trust me on that. But it's up ta you, at tha end of tha day. You're always welcome there. Now, Bruce Wayne, what - what have ya been up to?" There is a smirk and nod to his shirt.
Benny "I can't wait to see them either, Em." Benny replies with sincerity and glances at Shaemus, unable to resist giving the dog one more good rub behind the ears. "I can only imagine what a place named after him would look like and I look forward to seeing it. Well, depending on how things turn out after our reunion I guess I might stay one night but we shall see." He grins when you call him Bruce Wayne and he replies. "Oh, well after I last saw you at the hospital, I caught a flight out the next night to go to Washington to visit my family. It was great to see them and we talked about a lot of stuff. Mostly about what to do next after losing our home. My dad, he uh got laid off from Umbrella but I wasn't really too sad about that considering what we know about them. I didn't really want to discuss it with him for obvious reasons and I feel a lot better if he can get a job with another company else where. My mom found a job at a school in Denver, so I'm going to stay close to them for a while to help them out."
Emma "Whatever ya wanna do." Emma says with a nod and smile, and listens as he talks, nodding and such. "So yer livin' in Denver? I - I kinda envy ya there, ya know. I liked Denver." For a second she looks around, and then her grey-green eyes settle back on Benny. "Yer lucky ta be near family, and I'm sure yer dad will find another job'n all. Umbrella can rot." Never did get over hating them. Her and Benny and sitting outside of Jack's Bistro talking. "Glad ta hear things are lookin' up. What ya got for work now?"
Caio Cince arriving at Paris, Caio has been buzy: He's been mostly in meetings and has already started his work, fortunately. This hasn't given him much time to do things like just relax. Today, fortunately is the exception to the rule. The young man sits at a stool, a chocolate icecream in hand. He releases a sigh, feeling happy about this short break from his duties to the FBC.
Benny A waitress walks over to Benny as he's talking to Emma, she's a pretty french girl, long brown hair, tanned skin, wearing a miniskirt with a black tank top and gives him a big smile. "Ah moiseur, welcome to Bistro. Would you like to order a beverage?" she overhead them speaking English so she tries to her best with a heavy french accent.

Benny blinks, looking over at the waitress and his cheeks flush a bit. "Oh, allo mademoiselle. Je'mapple Benny, commander des je voudrais de l'eau si vous plait." Benny's french is a bit broken but serviceable and the waitress smiles even more, nodding. "Of course." She then goes off and returns with a glass of water. "Sorry, that is really all I know. I'll look at the menu." She nods and smiles to Emma, asking her if she would like anything as well in her passable English.

Benny turns towards Emma, "Yeah, I got a job finally. I'm working in the IT department with the government. I have a little bit of a computer background, all that video game playing as well as computer building paid off I guess. So yeah, I'm pretty lucky and that is kinda why I'm here actually. The American embassy needs to get some updated software so they sent me, the new guy since I did so well with upgrading the system in Denver."
Emma Emma watches with a lifted brow. When it comes to her time to order, it's said in fluid french. Six months is plenty of time to learn, and she is rather bright. She looks to Benny, smirks, a little and listens as as he talks. Meanwhile, Shaemus spots Caio and turns to head his way, woofing in greeting. "Yer doin' that?" Asks his master to Benny, a little surprised, but understanding. "Sounds like a - a good job'n all, something not so chaotic." hearing Shaemus woof draws her attention. "Oy," Says the lass shaking her head. "Shaemus le -- leave Mister Caio be, he - he can't feed ya agaib! Ice cream isn't good for ya!" To the guy eating said ice cream, she waves to in greeting
Caio Caio blinks as he hears the large dog's barks. "Chaemus!" he says cheerfully as he sees the dog. A grin stretches his lips, a wave being given to Emma and Benny. He stands from his stool, moving slightly closer to Emma and her dog. "If you hadn't said anything, I'd have given him my ice cream, miss Emma." He teases lightly.
Benny Benny watches Shaemus go towards the man with the ice cream, seeing that Emma knows the man he doesn't get up to bring Shaemus back for fear that he'll eat the man's dessert without permission. He nods politely to Caio, then gives the man a small wave. "Hi. You know Shaemus I see? I'm Benny by the way." He then turns to Emma, "Yeah, it's a lot less stress, which what I really need right now and has some perks like travel." He smiles as he watches Shaeumus interacting wtih Ciao.
Emma "Yer - yer welcome ta feed him meat." Emma says to Caio with a laugh. "Ice cream makes him sick." And given the brief look on her face, that wasn't a fun experience. Looking to Benny she nods. "I'm glad, ya deserve somethin' calmin' after all that happened. And yer not missin' much here. Least with me. All I do is study'n sing ta - ta pay some rent."
Caio Caio smiles, approaching the dog and starting to pet his head. "Sorry big guy, no food for you this time." He finishes his ice cream, neatly keeping the wrapper until he can find a trash can. To Benny, he gives a smile. "How goes, Benny? I'm Caio." He introduces himself, moving a few steps closer to the pair.
Benny Benny drains his glass of water becuase he's real thirsty after having just gotten off a plane not too long ago. He stands from his seat when Ciao approaches and extends his right hand towards him for a handshake, "Nice to meet you Ciao. I just got into town from the States and here to visit some friends, Emma being one of them. Sorry, but we have to head out to meet some of the other's. I'm sure I'll see you around though. I'm going to be in town for a bit for work and I want to do some sightseeing. Take care." He gives Shaemus another ruffling behind the ears. "Good boy. Lets go see your new home, eh?" He then looks towards Emma and waits for her.
Caio Caio shakes Benny's hand, his handshake being soft. "The pleazure is all mine, Benny. I do hope to see you both again. I alsso have to be going. The fbc isn't done with sucking my soul yet." He grins, patting Chaemus's head one last time and smilling at Emma. "I hope to see you both around." He calmly starts to leave, slowly starting to walk away.
Emma Emma moves to stand, taking up that heavy backpack. Yay for school books! "Nice - nice ta see ya again mister Ciao, I'm sure we'll run inta'ya again. Or Shaemus will sniff ya out." Shaemus woofs up to Benny, wagging his tail. Giving Caio a wave, with that dancers grace she'd go to walk up beside Benny and nod for him to fallow. "Archene'n Markus will be delighted ta see ya. You might not recoginze Markus much.." She can be heard saying as they head off.