Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine Moscow, Russia - Several days after Jill and Chris left Paris

It had been several days since Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine had departed Paris on one of the first major 'missions' for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance; acting on the first operable intelligence they had gotten since the group had founded.

The pair had come to Russia to help stop a black market weapons deal that was rumored to involve Bioweapons, and the bioterrorist responsible for the Raccoon City Incident; Alice Abernathy.

The new boogeyman that had replaced Osama Bin Laden.


From the moment they had arrived in Russia, the mission had gone south despite the full cooperation of the Russian Military who had contributed a Special Operations team to assist the BSAA; albeit grudgingly.

Only moments ago, Chris, Jill, and the Russian Special Operations team had crashed the black market deal in an old warehouse only to find themselves in the middle of a party that had started without them.

Alice was spotted fleeing through the back of the warehouse even as a handful of men and women in civilian clothing were engaged in combat with a group of black-clad commandos lead by a mysterious woman (Rain and the USS).

The battle was quickly joined by the Russian Special Forces and Jill, recognizing the USS Forces called out to Chris, "You get the girl! I'll handle the Umbrella thugs, go!" She didn't leave room for argument as she began to lay down suppressing fire with the squad of soldiers.

Chris had no room to argue with her as he went after Alice. (See RE3: The Fields ran Red)
Rain Ocampo Over the course of the last few months, Rain Ocampo has become a bulldog for the Umbrella higher echelon. Sent in to assess threats and respond to rogue agents of the turbulent company with her team of well armed, well trained commandos, Rain is a force of nature. Her armor is unmistakable, the armor plates designed in such a way that it resembles spider webs and the helmet set with multiple different ''eyes'' with a pronounced mandible, her image cuts an intimidating front.

Her deadly accuracy with her customized battle rifle not withstanding, she is a terrifying element on the battlefield.

The team has only just crashed the party and set to work systematically destroying anyone or anything that might link back to Umbrella. Specifically the ''civilians'', singled out with silent hand motions from the dark mistress of the team as they advance from shadowy cover upon an unsuspecting group.

A fine time for the BSAA to interject into the party mid-fireworks. Rain turns her battle rifle towards the fleeing Abernathy, but she disappears before she can get a shot.. so her weapon trains on a familiar voice from Raccoon City in the form of Jill Valentine.

"You shouldn't be here." She warns, ice in her tone and malice in her demeanor.
Jill Valentine During her time in Raccoon City, there were three things that had terrified Jill even more than the dead that had taken the city for their own. Those three things were Nemesis, Rain Ocampo, and dying alone as she was eaten by or turned into one of the infected. All three things had been a constant threat until she had escaped the city.

While she had not directly fought Rain in Raccoon City, she had seen her handiwork and been part of several 'groups' including Carlos Olivera's UBCS team who had come under attack from her and her own men.

Jill knew she should have opened fire as she turned and aimed her Samurai Edge towards that voice, the hard edge of it cutting through the gunfire as the USS and Russian Special Forces began fighting each other with the 'terrorists' dispatched in the crossfire.

"Why are you doing this?" Jill asked as her finger wavered nervously over the trigger. Shoot! Shoot! She screamed at herself, but instead she hesitated; that lingering terror from Raccoon City gripping her..
Rain Ocampo There are plenty of horror stories about Rain in Raccoon City. Entire survival groups killed, even rumors of canabalism, for what weight people play that sort of scuttlebutt, but those wild accusations aside... she remains a very dangerous woman. Even without her squad this group of Russians would have been picked apart and destroyed...

One such unfortunate even rushes her, thinking that her attention is turned on Jill and she will be an easy target. The battle rifle turns quickly, pivots on her heel, and fires a bullet right over his right shoulder. It was so clearly unintentional, though. She very much meant to kill him.

Maybe she's slipping?

The rifle stock comes around and snaps right in the base of the man's skull. He might not be out cold, but he's going to forget a birthday or two...

All eight eyes of Rain's helmet fix on Jill, "Orders. Leave or be collateral damage."
Jill Valentine Jill watches horrified as the Russian Special Forces operative is dispatched with ease by Rain, suddenly wishing that Chris was here to provide her with backup. She wasn't going to give in to fear though, she thought about her lost friends...

Those members of Bravo Team and the other squads who had been killed due to the evil machinations of the Umbrella Corporation, "We both know that isn't going to happen!"

Jill opened fire with her Samurai Edge, a single chambered round flying out towards Rain and impacting against the other woman's left arm before she dove for cover, "You're going to pay for what you did to those people in Raccoon City, Umbrella is going to pay!"

Another round was fired off towards the heavily armored Rain, but she saw it go wild and cursed her luck as she tried to center her shots.
Rain Ocampo Rain jumps into action a hair after Jill, but she does so with a ruthless and willful intention to cause harm. A bullet from Jill's pistol digs into the armor on her left arm, but it's only slightly more than a fleshwound as she turns around the side of a pillar and comes out the other end with her rifle aimmed not at the BSAA operative, but at the ceiling lights.

Suddenly the battlefield is bathed in darkness except for the muzzle flashes of Rain's commando team and the Russian ''civilians''. The shouting of a battlefield does very little to distract the disciplined and well trained killer, even less so once she's bathed in abysmal blackness.

The darkness is Rain's natural habitat, the many eyes of her helmet feeding her data in the Night vision glow of eyes as Jill tries to find some cover. Another shot rings out and it's only by the graces of Jill's fancy feet that she manages to duck behind cover so that she's showered in mortor and dust rather than the visceral spray of blood.

"You are grossly over estimating your abilities, Jill. I told you that one day it would come down to me and you... I told you then that when it did, I wouldn't hesitate to kill you."

"You should have listened."
Jill Valentine "Shit." Jill mutters under her breath as the lights are shot out, she didn't have a flashlight or any kind of nightvision gear. Using the muzzle flare of Rain's rifle to try and get a bead on her target, she switched the firing selector on her Samurai Edge over to automatic.

If she couldn't see Rain, she was going to put as many bullets in her general vicinity as possible. Silently she muttered a prayer to Gunsmithing genius Robert Kendo.

"It's not too late for you to stop this, you don't have to work for Umbrella Corporation! They don't own you!" Jill screamed out as she emptied her clip and ran towards another set of cover, a flipped over table that provided little protection.
Rain Ocampo The darkness is Rain's companion, her song bird. The muse by which she elegantly switches from corner to corner with a smooth grace of a dedicated and effective killer. On one side she flips the switch on the full auto designator of her battle rifle and starts firing concentrated bursts at Jill's hunkered down position. Scoring several hits with the full auto attack.

She sweeps the weapon down and around to the otherside fo the pillar, letting the concrete eat most of the ammunition fired at her, but for a few that plunk against her armored chest... The killer grunts, but unloads the rest of her clip at a fleeing Valentine, scoring even more deadly accurate hits on the woman as she moves to new cover.

The battle rifle is released on its tactical sling in favor of a shoulder straped M104 combat shotgun. The omenous, very unmistakable sound of a round be chambered is heard somewhere in the darkness.


"You were warned."
Jill Valentine This wasn't happening.

Jill felt multiple rounds tear through her armor like it was paper machete as the heavy caliber rounds of the battle rifle ripped into her chest. Several of the bullets were clean through, but others were messier affairs.

She screamed out in pain and began to run.

Only a maniac tried to remain fighting in these conditions. Jill may have been trained by Delta Force, but she had never seen combat.

She may have been a veteran of two years on S.T.A.R.S. where the greatest threats they dealt with were average criminals.

She was even a survivor of the nightmare of Raccoon City.

Unlike people like Chris and Rain though, she was not a combat veteran.

Jill ran as fast as her legs could take her, trying to rush towards the exit Chris had taken. Into her radio, she screamed, "Chris, Help!"
Rain Ocampo Rain looses a blast from the end of her shotgun that catches Jill full in the side as she tries to make a break for it. The woman is blown nearly out of her shoes and twists around like a rag doll when she hits the cold concrete.

The shotgun is hefted up and set against her shoulder as she approaches. Each foot fall like a hammer on broken glass while all around her the fire fight is coming to a stand still as the commandos finish off what remains of the russians. "Sir, all targets illiminated. Situation with the BSAA?" Asks Davis, one of the sole remaining original members of Rain's Zeus' Fury squad.

The answer is a little complicated.

Rain steps up beside the crumpled, bloody Valentine and turns her over with the barrel of her shotgun. It doesn't take a medic to see the woman is taking tiny, gasping, breathes. Even in the inhuman green glow of multiple spider eyes, "K.I.A." She lies.

Rain has never been very sentimental, but she'd met Jill once, back in Iraq. A woman trying to make it in delta force facing the same oppressive conditions as was Ocampo during a time when women were viewed ineffective for combat.

It is the ''only'' thing that saves her.

Rain reaches down and takes the radio from off Jill's belt and speaks quietly, not loud enough for her squad to hear and not into their command channel, "You have five minutes to get here and get her out. If I see either of you again, I will string you up and skin you alive." The radio is smashed in her hand and tossed down on Jill's twisted frame.

"Alpha Actually, this is Alpha One-one requesting immediate touch down at LZ for extraction." She says over command channel, waving a finger in the air for her squad to group up, gather the intel they were here for, finish off anyone still breathing, and get the fuck out of Russia.
Jill Valentine Jill didn't even know what hit her as she was caught in the back of her shoulder by the shotgun blast, unconsciousness hitting her before she impacted with the ground. In those moments, her life flash before her eyes.


On a near-by rooftop, Chris would hear the cry for help from his partner, followed by the deadly threat that had been issued by Rain Ocampo.


With the Russian Special Forces dead and all witnesses 'eliminated', Rain's extraction moved on and recovered her team and the virus sample before the Russian Military even had time to react.


For the conclusion of this story, and Chris' side of things, tune into the next Scene (RE3: The Fields ran Red)