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Emma It's a nice morning. With fluffy white clouds, and a blue backdrop behind it. The sun is shining down, and the air is warm. A nice start to the day in Paris! And, it's busy too. Many people are tourists, and the typical chatter of tourists is in the air. People with cameras, in groups, you name it, that's happening. There are also locals, going about their business. Again, fairly normal.

Emma is here, she has found a little green spot with some trees. There is, luckily, no classes for her today. But being a med student, there is always work to be done. So under a tree she sits, leaning against the bark, ankles crossed, with a book in hand. That red hair is left down, to naturally flow around her. At her side is Shaemus, her ever faithful pet. He's happily chewing on a bone, while his master studies from one of her books.
James Scott James Scott has been in Paris for a while. Months now actually. But he hasn't been in contact with any of the Raccoon survivors he escaped with. So catching sight of that red hair freezes him for a moment. After a moment of debating if he should actually go over or not, he decides he should.

"Well hey there doc. How's it going?" The teen asks of Emma, stopping and leaning against the tree she's sitting under. He's the same in a lot of ways, but different in others. That long hairs of his has been cut off, and his style has changed. Gone are the plaids and frayed jeans, replaced instead with boots and cargo pants, similar to the style he adopted out of necessity before the rescue mission. His eyes are still covered by dark sunglasses though.
Caio Caio Has just arrived in Paris, about one hour ago. He was sent from the U.S. to Paris as, according to his superiors "A way to increase your worldly experience and to help our operations there." And so he went. After leaving the airport, the young Brasilian started to make his way through the city to his designated location, only to realize that he had, as always, arrived too early. So he did the next best thing that came to his mind: He bought himself some breakfast and went to sitdown at a nearby green area, a sandwich and some juice in his hands. From a distance, he saw a red-haired girl intently reading a book. As a young man starts to talk to her, he averts his gaze, continuing to enjoy his breakfast and waiting for his appointment.
Chase Dalton Flight time from the States to Paris: eight hours, give or take. Price of one in-flight meal: too damn much, and thus skipped. Price of a small cup of ice cream from a local shop: just right. Chase makes his way out of the shop, and into the plaza proper, nibbling away at the confection. He speaks the local lingo well enough; some of the more intricate words he might initially stumble over. Those in the FBC would probably be able to peg him right away. Military/ex-/former-military, same. He takes a nice deep breath of the air, taking it all in. Life is good.
Markus Berger Markus has been in Paris for quite a while now as well, since due to a certain someone he had found a new job, which allready resulted in certain people earning a lot of money, and a particularly fancy place to live in. Fortunately for him he has more than a bit time off today to be able to do some sightseeing. The fact that he does in fact spot Emma and another far less expected face is full coincidence though... and more than enough reason to approach them quite visibly. "Well, well... Look who we have here."
Caio Caio continues to eat his sandwich for a few more moments, noticing a man entering with his ice cream. He blinks,part of him recognising the man from somewhere. He puts his juice aside, his hand lifting to give Chase a cheerful wave. His other senses are alert as the brasilian is still paying full atention to what goes on around him.
Emma The book Emma is reading is about some medical stuff - like, organs, diseases, etc. And for her, it's fascinating. So when James comes up it takes a second for her to realize who is there. Slowly those grey-green eyes lift, and stare at the teen. "James!" Says the redhead, in total surprise. "Yer - yer lookin' well, aren't ya." Her Scottish accent thick, yet kind. The book is closed. "How'ya doin'?" Shaemus looks up from his bone, and woofs as if in greeting. He does the same to Markus when he shows up. "'ello Markus." Greets the redhead, now pushing up to stand and move some red hair from her freckled face. While standing, the two other men are spotted past their little group, they are given a quick glance. Shaemus, has spotted one of his best friends. A bird. And that's about it, he's up and hopping towards it. It's rather odd to see such a massive creature hopping around like an excited puppy, hoping to befriend a bird who would rather fly away. His master sighs a little, and goes to call out to her pet in Gaelic, which makes him stop barking and hopping around and just sit, wagging his tail looking at the bird in the tree.
James Scott "You are too. It's been a while, what've you been up to?" James offers Emma a kind smile, before his gaze moves over to Markus. "I see the good doctor is here too. Looks like you got tired of getting pushed around." His smile is dangerous, though that's probably a result of the monster living inside of him.

"I noticed Tricell released a new skin cream. Archene ever come clean about if that's what he stole or not?" His arms fold over his chest in a casual manner. "I suppose it doesn't really matter though. All of that's behind us now." The teen's head tilts slightly, causing his shirt to adjust enough to show off the 'Cut Here' tattoo at the base of his throat.
Caio Caio perks up as he hears the word Tricel. He ajusts himself on his bench, trying to hear more of the converssation, taking note of the 3 or 4 people that are forming the nearby group. He raises his sandwich to his molt, casually taking another bite..
Markus Berger "Hey Emma." Thats about all the reaction Emma gets since seeing James simply makes Markus smirk, which is quite a difference to his old habit of being unsettled by him or anything he even remotely considered threatening. "Quite right, James. I consider myself capable of pushing back rather well nowadays... especially since some things will never be behind me. As for what Archene did..." The doctor just shrugs a bit while he keeps smirking. "So, how have you been?"
Emma "Oh, ya'know, studyin'. I got accepted ta med school here." No way to hide how happy she sounds about that, and why she has medical books with her. "Luckily today was a - a day off from classes, but gotta test comin' up, so, gotta study." But the Scottish lass is pretty bright, likely it won't take much for her. Spotting that tattoo there is a frown, and she shakes her head to James. "Yer tattoo there, when did ya get that?" The talk about Archene and such, doesn't get a reply from here, only a look between James and Markus, because, well, these things the woman isn't all to aware of. Also, she isn't about to discuss such things in public herself. "Markus ya - ya have been trainin' hard. But after all we went through in Racoon." And the topic is dropped there, who was to revisit that hell-hole of an experience.

Meanwhile, Shaemus, being his normal friendly self goes about exploring. And where he goes is towards the two men, the one with ice cream, and the one with the sandwich. His master spots this, and with her light dancer like steps, goes to follow, her freckled cheeks turning red. "Ah - ah, sorry. He's friendly, really!" This is said to the two men, though there is a slightly embarrassed look as her dog wags his tail at him. "Shaemus come - come on now ya silly thing, leave tha people be."
Caio Caio was listening to the other group's converssation, a frown coming to his face as he hears "Racoon.". Its obvious the place still brings bad thoughts to his head. Despit this a smile appears on his lips as he sees first the dog and then his owner (he thinks) approaching. "Hey there, big boy." His voice is calm and soft as he reaches out with a hand to pet the large dog's head. "I believe you want a bit of my sandwich?" He asks the large dog. To Emma, he smiles warmly. "Thats ok, I really like animals."
James Scott "Well enough. Been training myself, work for a security group. Corporate job, lots of benefits." James doesn't outright say Umbrella, but given the look on his face it's implied. Posturing at it's best. However Emma gets a slight nod, "Good to see you'll be a doctor after all." He brings a finger up to trace the lines and words at his throat, "Few months ago. Have others if you'd like to see them some time. Could visit my penthouse." And then Shaemus is wandering off with Emma following, so he pushes off the tree and follows after them.
Silent Night Archene walks as icognito as any man that is nearly 7 feet, but with more grace than you'd expect from the same. He is wearing a fine suit, though it is still a bit on the hot side for it to be the most comfortable thing to be wearing out there. His now, relatively long hair, is as it should be. To be precise, it is just falling on his shoulder.

Seeing the man walking through the cities of Paris wasn't all that uncommon, surely, at least, Emma and Markus would have seen him a few times on it. (Besides the fact they all live in the same Chateau.) But seeing him in business clothes would be a rare event even for them.

Right now, however, Archene is just coming out of a local ice cream shop given the local temperatures and the suit. He notices a certain familiar dog going towards an unfamilar man. He eats some of his vanilla ice cream cone as he watches briefly, just when he hears a rather familiar voice. He glances at its source, unsurprisingly finding Emma, with slightly more surprise, Markus, and with considerably surprise, James. He had many questions for the later, For now, he enjoys his ice cream and waves rather lightly towards Emma then Markus and James. A faint smile appearing on his face.
Chase Dalton One minute Chase is calmly nibbling away at his ice cream, the next a black furry missile of doom is bounding toward him. He reacts instinctively, hopping up on a nearby bench, sitting on the back-rest, and peering down at the mutt. "That's a big dog you have there," he comments to Emma, assuming she's the one calling the shots for the dog. "What's his name?" He glances to Caio, and then back to Emma.
Emma Emma would of given James a look, and chuckled a little. "Ya know, James, I think it's best if it's left to tha imagination. Yet, ya have a penthouse?" She spots Archene, and returns the wave to him. Then to the two unfamiliar men, she gives a shy if not sweet smile, which is her nature. Shaemus, who seems to be taken well with his approach at least by Ciao, wags his tail in regards to food, and begins to hop around. "He has a - a bottomless stomach." Explains the redhead, looking from him to Chase, giving a small smile. "Shaemus." Is the answer, a good Scottish name from a Scottish lass.
Markus Berger Markus doesn't miss the implication, although it doesn't cause his smirk to falter in the least... at most it gains a bit of an edge. "Sounds good. You are tough enough for security, thats for sure." With that said he too quickly follows after Emma and the furry ball of ethusiasm that is Shaemus, barely acknowledging Archenes approach with a slight nod in his direction.
Caio Caio smiles at Shaemus. "Very well, Shaemus. There you go." He carefully cuts his sandwich in two, depositing half of it infront of the larger dog, petting it gently on the head. To Ema, he calmly asks. "Whats your name?" His tone is friendly and easy. Despit that, he's still paying atention to the other two men's converssation.
James Scott "It's temporary work. Just long enough to figure some things out." James offers aside to Markus, lowering his voice to make it harder to eavesdrop. His attention is stolen by Archene though and he lifts a hand to offer a slight wave.

"Always shutting me down. You're a real heartbreaker." He gives a fake sigh before shooting Emma a wink. Then his gaze shifts back to the two agents, his glasses shifting down so he could get a better look at them. Oddly enough his eyes are purple, probably blue contacts over red eyes.
Rachel Foley A black BMW pulls up outside of the little park/grassy area? where everyone is gathered, the blonde haired woman inside on a cell phone chatting animatedly even as she switched the vehicle off. Opening the door and stepping out of the right-driver side of the car one leg after the other, she switched off the phone and slipped it into a little clutch purse.
Markus Berger The confirmation of what James is actually up to is enough to make Markus smile actually falter and his voice to drop a bit. "Understood. Good luck with that." With that said his attention is on Archene instead. After all, seeing that guy in a business suit isn't particularly common. Not even after nearly half a year.
Silent Night "Hello there, Emma, Markus," Archene smiels at one and the other as he makes his way towards James, "And James, didn't think I'd see you so soon. How's France treating you? Been trying to find you for a while." He seems to look at the young man from head to feet and back.
Emma Shaemus eagerly eats the sandwich, and woofs, as if saying thank you. Emma chuckles some, looking to Ciao. "Ahh, Em - Emma." She says, with a shy smiles. "Yours?" Giving an amused look to James, spotting his purple eyes a glance and nod is given to Archene, and then the BMW rolls up and for a second that's watched to.
Caio Caio continues to pet the dog. "My name is Caio. Its a pleazure to meet you, Emma!" He says happilly, taking notice of Rachel's arrival.
James Scott "I've been around. Try my best to keep a low profile. It's good to see you though Archene, hear France has been treating you very well." James slips his glasses off and hooks them onto the collar of his shirt. "Surprised to see that the entire gang's here. You all sell your souls to the same corporation for a little tuition and luxury?" Which may be just a little hypocritical.
Silent Night Archene chuckles quietly at James first comment, looking at James eyes, noticing the lenses. It seems that people finally noticed that in the XXI century there were good lenses, "Glad you've been able to lie low, and glad that France has been treating me as well as it has. Archene smiles lightly at James' second comment, "Nah, they are fine. I paid in full for everyone, don't worry." He smiles, "But I always thought that it is better to get things paid before I got them, makes me worry less." He looks at James a bit more seroiously, in a far quieter tone, nearly for just the man, "I have some things I'd like to discuss with you sometime. I may have found things you didn't know."
Emma "Nice ta meet ya," Emma says to Ciao, and then hears some bells from a church ring. It's makes her realize something. "Oh, no!" Turning back to the tree she was at, the books are grabbed, about three, and she turns to face the others. "I'm - I'm sorry ta leave so quick, I got a group study session on Aceruloplasminemia, it's our project. Have ta outline the organs it hits and the mutation on chromosome 3q. Along with how it catalyzes, treatments and tha like." And there she goes, being all med student. But at least the lass seems excited. What a nerd! "It - it was nice ta meet you, Ciao." He gets another shy smile, and the others are given a glance to. "I'll - I'll see ya all later maybe, likely another late night'o studyin'." Because those are constant. Calling Shaemus to follow, and giving a way, the woman is off, in a hurry.
Caio Caio returns Emma's smile. "Well, I sertainly hope to see you again." He looks at his watch, blinking. "Time sertainly flies." He murmurs to himself. He picks up his juice and smile at all the other people, giving them a happy wave and quietly starting to leave, his mind going to other matters, like what new things he'll experience in this new city.
Markus Berger Markus briefly nods towards Emma and gives a little wave before he focuses his attention back on Archene and James, his tone still a bit quieter. "Mind telling me as well? I haven't been particularly successfull in learning about anything interesting myself. Been busy. You know, selling my soul one paycheck at a time. Better working conditions though."
James Scott "Right now I don't know a whole lot. Bits and pieces about families I haven't met, science I'm not familiar with, that sort of stuff." James replies. When Emma starts to head out he offers wave, "Stay safe out there." With her gone he brings his arms back up to cross them, exhaling through his nose. "But, I'm a captain. Shouldn't be too hard to continue my investigation."
Silent Night "I'd have no problem with that Markus," Archene nods at him before smiling towards Emma waving, "Take care," with a soft smile on his face before looking at the two in front of him with a more serious face, "Just six months and captain, I hope that you are getting more than you are giving them." He pauses briefly, "I'd prefer my Chateau or somewhere else we can be sure is safe from needless devices."
James Scott "I know some people." James responds with a slight shrug. So what he's even more of a monster now, they don't need to know that. "I'd offer my place, but I'm sure it's bugged." His arms uncross and he produces a pack of cigarettes, popping one between his lips and lighting up.
Silent Night Archene nods at James and says, "I see, that is good." He nods, not caring if there is more to it, "If you don't mind then, at my Chateau on a later date. There are good places to talk on it." He looks at the cigarettes and sighs, with a light grin on his face, "If you keep taking those, you might end up dead." He chuckles lightly before smoothly taking a mobile from his pocket, which he checks before putting it back into the pocket, "Just everyone confirming that my next meeting will be happening." He sighs, "See Markus, I do work as well." He smiles.
Markus Berger "Of course you do. Knowing you though your job involves putting your nose where it doesn't belong by default. Oh well, at least I'm going on vacation soon." Markus grins and shrugs. "So... I believe I'll be seeing you all later. And before I forget it Arch... we got to spar sometime. Got to make sure we both are up to par." With that said the Doctor nods once more towards the both with a smile and proceeds to slowly leave to god knows where. After all, Paris is big.
James Scott James Scott nods slightly. "I'll be there. And I think a cigarette is the least of my concern." He taps out a salute to Markus, casually checking his watch as well. "Anyway, I've got to get to work. So I'll see you around." It's his turn to leave now, smirking to himself as he heads off.
Silent Night "First thing after your vacation," Archene smiles at him, giving the doctor a light wave before looking at James, "It is, but I still got to worry about my unkillable friend." Archene chuckles giving a pat on James shoulder, "Take care, see you around. Have my meeting to go." He let out a sigh before he set out for it. It was closeby already, otherwise it was unlikely that he'd have been by foot, of course.