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Benny Benny was staying at the Saint Josephs Hospital in Denver, which is located off 19th Avenue and the health care there has been top notch as far as he is concerned. After they escpaed Raccoon City with Archene's help via the Tricell helicopter, he was admitted here as soon as he landed. The government would be covering the bill, since he just lost everything after they bombed his home.

X-rays showed he had suffered multiple gun shot wounds from a high calibre automatic weapon (damn you Nemesis minigun) and one of the bullets had punctured his lung. They needed to perform surgery to remove several bullet fragments after some of the rounds had broken apart because of the impact against his body armor. It wasn't major surgery and because he was in very good physical health to begin with, well except he had lost a bit of weight from having to ration food they said he would make a full recovery and be cleared to leave very shortly.

Benny was laying in bed in a two person in the non intensive care ward of the hospital, the other patient was watching tv with just a privacy curtain separating them and it was around 10 am now. Benny appears to be reading a graphic novel of some type, Batman Returns by Frank Millar to be exact.
Emma The day before Emma had her little moment, and from there she cried all night on the phone to her ma. Though it did bring clarity. Needed claritY. Coming to Benny's room, there would be a knock before entering, so he wouldn't be surprised. After a second she would entee, holding a box, and a bag on top of the box. "Be -- Benny?" Ventures the lass, giving him a shy smile. "Ba -- Batman? Good choice. Tha underdog of heros if ya ask me, yet one of the most powerful."
Benny Benny hears the knock, then Emma's voice and lowers the graphic novel, giving her a warm smile. "Oh, hey Emma. You should have told me you were coming to visit and I would have been properly dressed." He sits up in bed, setting the Frank Millar graphic novel down and seems a bit sheepish but then looks at you with a concerned expression. "Hey, about yesterday. I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have been so patronizing towards you and I know you can take care of yourself. Just a bit overprotective I guess, especialaly with what we went through back in Raccoon but I'm working on it. I've had a lot of time to reflect on things." He glances at the box and the bag but he seems genuinely sincere about feeling bad about what happened yesterday.
Emma "Oh.. please," Emma says about his attire. "My job is ta - ta examin people, ain't nothing I'm not used'ta, ya - ya know." The box is brought over to that tray-table, and put down. His apology is met with a small frown of all things. "Yer - yer in no place ta apologise, Benny. It's me that has ta. See, I -- I was flattered'n all, that he asked me out. But, it was realizin' that.. well, I was ta be used again. That hurt. Ricky -" A pause, it's hard to say. "He used me, ta help him. It triggered that. Ya two were tryin' ta help and I couldn' see that." She takes the box and hands it to him with a shy smile. "I wanted ta say sorry, I baked yer favorite donut. Honey cruller. I made a dozen, so maybe they'll last through tha day." Because she knows his appetite.
Benny "Oh...right, your going to be an amazing doctor someday soon once you get back to Med School." Benny nods and then glances at the graphic novel. "Yeah, batman is one of my favorite DC characters but I also like Spider-Man, he was more my hero when I was a kid. But I grew to apprecaite Batman since he's inspiring because he has no super powers, but still goes out there trying to protect people and his single greatest gift which is achievable is his willingness to do it, he never gives up because he believes in something higher than himself." Yes, he's an epic comic book nerd by the way he passionately talks about a fictional character.

When you bring up that you baked him home made honey crueller donuts, he is pleasantly surprised and sits up even straighter in the bed now. He's got a big smile and a little flushed cheeks by your gesture. "Oh, wow Emma you didn't have to do that. But thank you so very much! You remembered my favorite dessert. I miss Tim Hortons, it is a donut chain in Canada and honey cruellers were always my favorite." Yup, this martial arts master is like some big kid or something.

But then Benny blinks, when he realizes what you said about being sorry.

"Oh, Emma. You don't have to apologize to me. You've had to put up with all of us for nearly a month and that takes a lot of courage. What, Ricky did....well, that wasn't right and he paid for it. I know it will take time for you to heal. For all of us to, ever get a restful night's sleep with what we saw, what we experienced but I know you'll come out alright. Look at you. I'm the one laying in the hosptial bed and you are doing all this work, baking for me. So thank you again. I really appreciate it."
Emma "I'm part Canadian." Emma reminds him, grinning all the more and going a bit red herself. "I know what that is. An' I wanted ta, my way of sayin' sorry. Also." Then she reaches into the bag, pulls out a portable dvd player and 4-5-6 of Star wars. "An - and because yer hurt an' stubborn but maybe this'll convience ya ta stay in bed'n recover. Else, ya deal with me." Hard to tell if she is joking there. "What Ricky did -" Nope, more doesn't come out, she just.. can't go there. "Yer to kind Benny, it's all of you that made it possible ta get through." She grabs the comic and look at it. "I'm gonna see a therapist. I won't be good at anythin' unless I do. I need help and if I wanna future I gotta work on myself now." Looking up there is a nod. "I like batman. He only had his strength of person ta get him through. A strong mind, which tha body followed. He worked to be an equal on unevem ground, and if that doesn' represent a strength od true humanity I dunno what does."
Benny "Oh right I forgot your mom is from there." Benny replies and then blinks when you bring out a DVD player with the original star wars trilogy DVD's. "Emma. You are very sweet and thoughtful." He smiles warmly and nods when you mention you are going to get help. "I'm glad you are going to be talking to a counsellor and you have the fortitude to go through with it."

He looks at the Frank Millar graphic novel and then back to you. "Ah, you appreciate what Batman represents. I never took you for a fan of comics to be honest. You surprise me Emma."
Emma Emma just shrugs a little, giving him a smile. "Ya need ta - ta heal, and ya won't when yer outta that bed tryin' ta defend me from a flirt." There is a bit kof a laugh. "I'm glad too, I don't wanna live on edge every day." Still holding the comic she shrugs and looks down to the comic. "I can't say I know them like ya do Benny. But, I know Batman enough ta know, that it says every day people can do amazin' things'n not fear ta. Tha movies are pretty good too. Plus, buff guy in a tight suit." Okay maybe the last bit is a bit of a joke, with the way she smirks.
Benny "Oh, the dcotor said I should get a full discharge by tomorrow. They just want to keep me for observation this one more day and are waiting some test results to come back." Benny says with a relieved tone and it looks like he can't wait to get out of the hospital. "Why do you think I keep signing myself out on my own so I can hang out with you guys?" He opens the bag, takes out one honey crueller, bites into it and grins with his mouthful of donut. "Sooo good!" But he nearly spits out the donut at your last comment. " almost made me choke." He starts laughing and shakes his head. "So, yeah I've aleady booked my flight to Washington to go see my parents and my sister. I'll be gone for about a week at least, maybe longer to look for a job but we should keep in touch for sure. You, Archene, Markus and James are my friends and I hope to visit with you guys soon."
Emma "Oh. Well, guess ya got a dvd player'n movies now." Emma chuckles some and then laughs, in her sweet soft way as he nearly chokes. "Sorry, couldn' resist. Saw this nurse outside, if ya need mouth-ta-mouth, he was hoverin' at tha desk out there." Another joke! She's trying to be funny, it may not be working. Putting the book down, she nods a little. "Yeah, it's nice ta hang out, it really is." He's given a warm smile. "Just dun want ya hurt anymore, is all. Though, I best keep tha food stocked when you visit. An' make a tripple batch of those donuts." She smirks a little. "Shaemus.. misses ya to, ya know. I ca tell. It's nice yer meetin' up with yer family. It'll be good, Spend alotta time with them. And we will, email'n all. I use Skype with my family to. But when ya go, be safe, an' enjoy yerself. Ya deserve it."
Benny Benny grins, "You got me good and uh, no I'm fine..." he coughs and pounds on his chest lightly, "See. All healed up and it will take more than a honey crueller donut to defeat me." He winks, putting the box with the dvd player and star wars movies next to him on the bed. "Wait, what? You think I eat too much? I just survived on rations for nearly three weeks. It was the /longest/ three weeks of my life I might add...but thankfully we all made it, together." He then picks up the graphic novel, handing it over to you. "Here, you keep it. I've already read it about a dozen times anyways. My gift to you." It is a book from his collection that he risked his life, as well as other's lives to get so it is obviously very important to him. "Please tell Shaemus I miss him too and that I'll see him again soon. Oh and my flight doesn't leave until late so I'll make sure to drop by to see all of you before I leave."
Emma "I'll make sure ta feed ya well then." Emma says, "Aye we did make it together." When the book is handed over her cheeks go red, knowing what it meant to him. "Ya sure? Th -- thank you." Looking down to it, she -grins-. "I'll tell Shaemus, too. And ya bettee come'ta see us." Then her grey-green eyes look back to him. "I'll try ta have a few more donuts for yer trip."
Benny "Of course Ii'm sure!" Benny replies to you with a smile. "Your too kind, Emma and thanks again for dropping all these off for me. It was sweet of you to visit."

A nurse then walks in carrying a clipboard, "Oh Mr. Benjamen Chan. Hi, sorry to interrupt but we've just been informed that you are going to be moved to a private room for tonight since it is your last day here. So once your ready we can get that sorted out. Thank you." Benny blinks as he listens to what the nurse is telling him. "Oh, wow that is a surprise and thank you. I'm not going to complain about getting my own room for the night." He lowers his voice and points over to the other patient behind the privacy curtain. "So happy right now." The nurse smiles politely and waves in an orderly who is going to help move Benny's bed to the private room. "Huh, you are a good luck charm Emma and I'll see you tomorrow." They then proceed to wheel his bed out once they grab his personal belongings to put on the bed.

Little does Benny or Emma know, that a certain newly formed covert secret government agency is setting the table for him to be recruited that very night.