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Emma It's a lovely day. One of those refreshing sort of days. Where after a night of rain the clouds are parting, the sun is coming out, and the air is getting warm. It's a nice change of pace, from cold, broken down buildings and deadly creatures. Here there life, and normalcy. Yesterday, well.. Emma didn't really like what happened in the end. Her issues came popping up in the worst of ways, at least in her mind. And now that a night has been given to recover, she feels like -crap-. So Archene would of gotten a message to meet her here, and that she'd treat him for breakfast. While waiting, the redhead is sitting at a table by a window, with a cup of tea and reading her Harry Potter book while waiting.
Silent Night Any day is a good change of pace from an apocalyptical city when you are already outside of it. Regardless, Archene did get the message and replied that he would be getting there, 'on time'. In regards to their last meeting he felt that he maybe have used the wrong words to say the least. On time, Archene arrives at the Waffle House, a wonderful place to have a breakfast. He was wearing his usual jeans and some salmon t-shirt as he came in, waving lightly at Emma before saying, "Hello, Emma," with a soft smile on his face. He just stands by the table in the end though.
Emma Emma looks up from her book as Archene comes. There is a small smile, and the bookmark is put back in its place. It's then put on the table, and a motion to the chair across from her is given to him. It's an offer to sit and join her. "I'm --- I'm glad ya could make it." Her tone is a little sheepish, from yesterday. "Hungry? Whatever yer - yer wantin', it's on me."
Silent Night Archene smiles lightly at Emma's offer before sitting down in fron of her, "You know that I'd try to make it no matter what," He chuckles quietly before smiling softly, "Thank you for the invitation." He looks at her for a moment, "You, don't have to pay for it." He smiles a hand coming to scratch the back of his head, "But yes, I'm hungry." He lets out a soft sigh, "Sorry for my words yesterday, I didn't mean to be so... harsh. I admit I may have mispoken or misunderstood certain things, so sorry." He lets out a sigh.
Emma "I wanna." Emma gently protests about paying. "It's tha - tha least I can do, ya know. After yesterday." It seems she is holding herself accountable more than anything. The waitress comes and goes to take orders, the lass ordering herself some pancakes and bacon, and more hot water for her tea. Looking back to Archene, her cheeks go a little red. "No, yer - yer fine, really. I get what ya were tryin'ta say'n all, I do. It was more that, I just.. yes, it was nice ta be asked out, but I'm tired of feelin' used, ya know? I guess feelin's I didn' think I had, I had, and it brought them all up. I spent tha night cryin' ta my ma, and wanna get ya breakfast ta say sorry." There she stops, leaving some thought unsaid.
Silent Night ARchene smiles softly at her... resolution and nods at her, "It is alright, then I'll be getting the same as you, but with some orange juice." He nods at her, glancing at the waitress to see if she got the order right. He looks at Emma smiling as he hears her words, nodding back at her, "I, hope you are feeling better now. And if you ever want to talk about anything, or just let feelings out, can always talk to me." He smiles softly, "But you don't have to say sorry about yesterday, was partly my fault for not seeing exactly how you felt. But really, remember what I said when you asked if I fell like a pawn? Don't let yourself fell like a pawn anymore, take control of things yourself, become the best self you could ever be, or anything that may help." He sighs softly.
Emma The waitress seems to of, and then walks off to go and place the orders. Emma is regarding Archene thoughtfully now, looking at him, but with a smile. Shyly she looks down, a hand idly running over the pages of her Harry Potter book. "I took it out on ya though, and I - I know I can talk ta ya 'bout anythin', it was -my- issue though, and I didn' wanna make anyone feel.. hurt. You are right, though." Now those grey-green eyes look back up at him. "I am takin' control, after that night of cryin' ta my ma, I decided ta seek out some therapy, someone who knows how ta.. ta handle what I've been through. Properly. We're family, I know, but.. if I wanna be who I useta be, and the person I can become, I need.. serious help. I'm barely sleepin' from nightmares'n all. I think this is gonna be the right course of action."
Silent Night Archene smiles softly at her words, his smiling brightening as he hears her. She was certainly taking a very good course of action, "Thank you for taking care of yourself from now on, I worry, you know. I'm sure everyone does... and not talking about your issues don't make them not exist." After a brief sigh, he nods and looking back at her eyes, "I'm sure you will be able to do it, you are strong Emma." He smiles.
Emma "Tha way I see it," Emma says, but stops as their food arrives. It's as they ordered. Smiling in thanks to the waitress before she is gone . So, the lass continues. "I won't be able ta be a good doctor, nor person, if I let it sink in me an' destroy me, ya know. So, therapy it is. I don't like bein' like this." Another pause, her cheeks go red as she begins to dig into her food. "Was nica ta be asked out, though. Even if it was ta be used."
Silent Night Archene thanks the waitress as she comes with the food before nodding at Emma, "Before helping others you should be well yourself, of course, Emma," He smiles softly at her before saying, "Don't worry about that, I wasn't kidding when I said you were beautiful, once your are all well, I'm sure you will find no shortage of guys to ask you out." He chuckles, "At least, that's how college was when I was younger." He grins before he begins to dig into his food.
Emma "That's my thinkin', really." Emma nods, and takes a bite of her pancake, then following it with a sip of tea. "Takin' care of myself'n all. I can't help people if I'm not helpin' myself." There is a small shrug, and then at his compliment her cheeks go red. Looking down to her food, some pancake is cut. "Thanks. But that - that wasn' why I was upset, though. It was feelin' used, again. I'm not ta worried about bein' asked out, either. I guess ya could say I'm awfully picky." She grins to herself a little. "I was asked out a lot in school, aye, but I dunno.. no rush is there? What 'bout you, dun see ya with anyone. Why's that?"
Silent Night Archene smiles and nods at Emma, drinking some orange juice in the process before saying, "I'm sure you were," he chuckles quietly, "But you are right, you are right, no need to rsuh." He smiles lightly as he is asked about himself, "I gamble a bit too much with my life at times, it wouldn't be healthy for anyeone with me. Plus, I may also be picky." He chuckles quietly before smiling.
Emma "Ya, I guess." Emma replies to Archene, taking a few bites of her food again. The pancakes -are- delicous here. Maybe even rival ber fathers. "Ya - ya think it's worth it at all? Knowin' what we know, after what we've seen. Ta even try for a future like that? It could happen again, even on a global scale. I've been askin' myself that all night too."
Silent Night "It is because we've seen how bad things can be, that we should try to make the future a better placea. Even if ends up a bit average like it is today. We will know it is far better than what it could have become." Archene sighs, "I don't want to make this world some kind of utopia, just a good world, better than ours as it is hopefully, but certainly, not some post apocalyptic world like what we experienced." He shakes his head slightly before he continues to eat his food.
Emma "There never is guarantee." Says Emma with a slightly sad sigh. "I guess that's - that's somethin' ta discuss with my future therapist. Ya seem so.. well adjusted, how?"
Silent Night "I'm sure they will be very helpful in regards to that," Archene smiles light before saying, "As for me... well, I think life is just a tad bit duller to me, maybe it was because I was expecting things as bad as this. Maybe had to do with the treatment I got from the company before I went undercover." He sighs a bit exaperated before shrugging after this moment of sincerety, "I don't really know. Things just never went worst than I'd expect them to be and I did my best for them to go as well as they could. So no worries to have."
Emma "Sorta feel.. small. Insignificant. Like a pawn. But luckily ya were there, and Markus, prepared. We'd not of made it otherwise."
Silent Night "You weren't insignificant. Having a real doctor in hour group was vital, specially in the early days." He smiles softly, "You mattered, and you still matter to us."
Emma "Oh I know that." Emma says quick, then bites from her fork and then has some bacon, enjoying breakfast. Once that's swallowed she sips her tea. "I -- I mean, many knew more, ya know? Knowledge is power'n all, as they say. I had really none. Sorta -- sorta makes ya feel like big things are afoot and ya don't know. Which, clearly is true."
Silent Night "Many," Archene half-smiles, "Most people didn't know much, but don't worry. The least I can say is that I will let you know things I find out." He smiles lightly,