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Silent Night It is Denver's downtown area and a wonderful afternoon on it in fact. The temperature isn't bad, the sky is just cloudy enough for the sun to not blind the people enjoying the tourist attractions while at the same time, bright enough for pictures to be taken. There is even quite a good number of people in the streets, even for mid-April.

Among those tourists and visitors to the city, there is Archene Night is plain jeans and white t-shirt currently doing nothing beyond talking on his cellphone with someone, about something of unknown importance.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei has been enjoying the highlife. He has fresh coffee, clean clothes, washed hair and generally a sunny disposition! Throw in a pair of khakis and a short sleeved button shirt left unbuttoned over a gray t-shirt and you've got someone who would fit in well enough for the time being.

And here he was making his way down the street, sipping at his coffee then as he himself moves to mess with the pocket protector, and try and make sure the small notebook contained within isn't about to jostle free as he moves. He'll pause in his movements perhaps across the street from Night, taking his time, listening to the sounds of the cars.. the people.. telephone conversations.
Emma Emma has begun to perk up some too. Her black eye is nearly faded, along with the bruise from the strangling around her neck. The one on her jaw near gone. Sure, sleep brings nightmares but being able to walk down a street and not be a meal is nice. With her is Shaemus, her -massive- Newfoundler dog. He bounces about happily, while his master walks with that dancers grace at his side.
Ares Buchanan Ares is out, he'd lie to say for a stroll, but he was looking for work. The last bit of the cash in his bank account had gone to getting himself a new outfit, a suit. But for what it's worth, he looks a lot less like a criminal dressed up. That doesn't stop him from stopping between two buildings and lighting up a cigarette though.
Silent Night As Archene finishes his call he looks around, just a few blocks away from where he started it. Oh well, now he still had some time to distract himself. He looks down the street where he notices before anything a rather memorable newfoundlander then his owner. He waves their way as he begins walking over, giving the people about shouting would likely help nothing, so he'd wait to get there before wasting any air. (Not that he should go about shouting currently.)
PrestigeAndrei It is so lovley being out in Denver, and dear god this coffee is.. well to be honest he has had better, but he enjoys every sip of it. He'll shuffle slowly, his walking a bit stiff, but move to cross the street then, jaywalking across then to approach Archene then as he tilts his head to the side. He'll try not to call too much attention to himself at first, but its kind of hard not to when there is a man probably standing at most five feet away, drinking coffee with a big goofy grin on his face.. and never really looking away... of course then the man has to get off what would of been a very interesting conversation to listen in on no doubt!

Oh well, he'll just have to follow him and that damn dog to see what is going on. Cheerfully and still creepily drinking his coffee as he goes.
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan catches sight of Archene waving and heading his way, so naturally he turned to see who he could be waving at. He couldn't tell either of them from Adam, so he stays put, smoking his cigarette. None of his business.
Emma Emma stands out. It's that red hair, and the giant dog. The shy girl has the dog on a leash, mostly because if the dog saw a bird he'd be running. Her grey-green eyes spot Archene and his way, which is returned. Shaemus woofs the future Knights way, and his master let's go of the leash so he can greet Archene with wag of his tail. Her own gaze moves briefly past, to the men behind him. Is her team member being followed?
Silent Night Archene looks towards the other side of the street briefly, probably seeming to look at no one that - but given his shades and periferal vision he steals a glance from Andrei, before just looking towards Emma. He briefly notices her gaze going past him, yup she probably noticed that he is being followed. By who, is an entirely different question. Umbrella wouldn't have time to send someone over for him, right?

As he gets closer to Emma and Shamus, he gives them a smile, "Emma! It is good to see you around here, bringing Shamus for a walk." He repositions himself so he can see Andrei more clearly, a hand reaching down to pat Shamus rather happily.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is either the most confident tail in the business, or he is the worst, as he just smiles and lifts a hand in response to Archene lifting his hand, and moves to take a light sip of his coffee then, his eyes shifting to look over the label for a second, shifting that paper holder around then before he looks back up to Emma and Archene then as he offers simply. "Nice weather? Eh?" He'll offer rather plainly..

Then remain unmoving as he just stands there, smiling rather cheerfully all the while. His own vision will shift to take note of the dog, then Emma and lift his brow as he looks her over from afar and rather than seem.. well taken aback by Emma's state.. he just sputters and coughs.. and coughs. After a few seconds the reason for this is clear, he is trying to hide his laughter, before holds up a hand over his mouth and offers out muffled. "Fuck.. man, jeez."
Emma Racoon City can make the least skeptical person skeptical. Emma, never one to believe hype, has had a slight change of mind. Giving a smile to Archene there is a quick nod, a hand going to tuck some of that red hair behind her ear. "He -- he needed ta walk, poor guy'n'all, cooped up so." Her Scottish accent is clear as day, but her tone as a sweet kindness. "Yer -- yer well?"

Suddenly, the person behind Archene is..coughing and sputtering. Well, this budding doctor frowns and goes to head his way. With first aid training and all, if something is going on she can help. "Ya - ya okay, sir?" Asks the lass softly, in her shy sweet way, but with a hint of concern.
Ares Buchanan Ares shifts a bit further down, perhaps noting the pair's unease. He adjuts his coat slightly, doing his best to conceal the bulge of his shoulder holster. Rather than join the conversation at the moment he plucks the smoke from his mouth with black gloved fingers and flicks the ash from it.
Silent Night Archene smiles at her softly before saying, "As well as I can be, at least, everything is going as planned." He turns his head to look at the guy coughing... he tenses a bit, this guy was just a curious bystander or someone dangerous. Archene furrowed his brows as he walked over no more than a step behind Emma, looking at Andrei through his glasses.
PrestigeAndrei "Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine." Andrei responds as he waves off Emma's words as his lips twist into a visible smirk then, his head shaking then. "I just was suprised they'd let someone so short be a boxer. I saw you on the television I think right? Whad they call you, Mcshortins?" Andrei cracks as he takes another second to take a sip, and break up the pacing of his speech.

"So you two know eachother then?" Andrei inquires then as he looks to Archene, hand moving to rest over his chest. "You have me at such a disadvantage in comparison then. My name is Christian Spenstar, and it is an absolute pleasure to meet you both. Just.. out on a walk, and all that."
Emma Emma is, sort of speechless. That was not the reply she expected. A hand moves to her bruised eye, then slowly to the one on her neck. It -is- an amusing answer, there is even a soft, sweet laugh. "Funny." Says the redhead, shaking her head a little. "Actually I -- I was kidnapped'n near killed. Beat, strangled." There is a frown, and a shrug.

Ares is spotted briefly, but her attention turns to Archene then to this Christian fellow. "Friends nat -- nat allowed to walk?" A little confused, there is a shrug. "I'm - I'm Emma by tha way."
Ares Buchanan Ares' jaw actually goes slack at Andrei's response. His expression doesn't get any better when Emma explains what happened. "Holy shit, who the fuck goes right ta that?" he drawls, that cigarette tumbling to the ground forgotten. "That's some fuck shit right there."
Silent Night Archene sighs with a light facepalm, but doesn't even introduce himself. There are things you don't share with suspicious strangers, such as your past, your real name and your credit card, "Just friends walking by, Christian." He smiles rather plainly... but says nothing more.
PrestigeAndrei "Really? Kidnapped? Wow, looks like it was pretty fresh then." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he just continues to sip his coffee, looking rather natural even when confronted straight what seems to be the truth. "That must be why you are so familiar, I saw you in all the papers probably!" He'll hold up his free hand, and then wave it in a circular motion, slowly, clearly for dramatic effect. "Woman, rescued by police.. or was that.. no.. the papers have been talking about other things, huh, weird that. You must be some famous movie star." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he continues to to try and pace himself on the coffee, but then he runs out and pulls off the plastic lid and looks it over.

"Which means you must be real lucky there to be famous with a beautiful Denver socalite, or hollywood actress then. Right?" He'll offer that final question more to Ares then as an aside. "Don't worry, I'll keep your friendship secret, don't want no one getting caught in the tabloids, right?"
Emma Emma is sort of staring at 'Christian'. Slowly she turns on her heel, and looks at Archene in a truly confused fashion, then looks back to the guy. "I -- I'm sorry. Ya think I'm famous, a socialite, why?" Something could be going right over her head.
Ares Buchanan "I think he's fuckin' with you." Ares offers to Emma with a slight grunt. "But I couldn't be certain. Ifin it starts to bother you too much just holler." He takes a step back to lean against the wall again, producing a fresh cigarette and lighting back up.
Silent Night "I may be lucky, but simply for having a good person like her as my friend." Archene smiles at 'Christian' and rather calmly says, "Me, I am not as nice, so I'd be thankful if you started minding your business more than other people's, Christian." He smiles again him. In regards to Ares, Archene has more things to mind immediately than a bystander.
PrestigeAndrei "What? No! Come on! I'm not fucking with anyone, That would be rude and improper, especially in the middle of the street buddy!" Andrei responds as he casts a grin aside then to Ares as he offers a quick shake of his head. He'll listen Archenne then as he just holds the empty cup in is hand, listening as he then nods a bit more and finally states "Oh come on friend. I think she and I are having a real connection.. us too. It could be the start of something. I mean, I'm the finest provider of Caviar this side of the mississippi in the entire continental States. I've got the most amazing dishes that well intentioned, highclass people like yourself would die for!"
Emma Emma leans to the side a little, to look past 'Christian' to Ares. "Ah -- um, thank ya." She says, then looking to Archene and then back to the guy who says he is a chef too? "I'm-- I'm nat high class. I am a medstudent." Because that's all she really is. A hand rubs the back of her neck shyly while looking down to the ground.
Ares Buchanan When 'Christian' responds to Ares, the man's jaw clenches. There's a flash of movement followed by a cracking sound as the tips of his fingers leave indentions in the brick wall that he was leaning against. Perhaps that temper is why he smokes so much weed. "I understand you're prolly foolin' around an' all, but I'd be might appreciative if you didn't make me look like an ass in public."
PrestigeAndrei "Woaah, Wo-ho-ho-hoaaaah, How the fuck are your hands not broken?" Andrei seems to respond then as its hard to tell whether the man is terrified or taken to giggling again as his eyes widen as he looks aside to look over at Ares then as he speaks. "I wasn't making you look like an ass! Honest! You are doing a really good job of-seriously, doesn't that hurt?" Andrei responds as he just shifts to take a few steps back towards Emma and Archene then, glancing aside at the pair. "So uh, med school right? So uh, how long does a spider bite normally take to mend up there, professional doctor?" Andrei offers as he makes sure to put Archene.. or Emma's dog behind him and Ares.
Emma When Ares punches the wall Emma jumps in shocked, those silver-green eyes wide. "De -- depends on tha bite." She says to Christian, as different spiders have different results. Tentatively stepping forward, she regards Ares. "Ya -- ya okay? Need me ta look at it?"
Ares Buchanan "Ancient Chinese secret." Ares replies, dislodging his fingers and going back to smoking. He's not lying, truth be told he learned the technique from a VHS he found in Raccoon City that proceeded to burn itself up once he was finished.

"No ma'am, I'm fine. My fingertips were just harder than the brick, that's all." He explains, offering Emma a kind enough smile despite him just flipping out. "Besides, my arm's broke. Not gonna do anything that might fuck that up more." He lifts the arm that had been hanging at his side, letting his sleeve slip down just enough to show off a cast.
PrestigeAndrei "Like a dozen little ones. I walked into a spiders nest the other day, they got all up on my legs. It was like a horror movie. Quite scary that." Andrei responds as he looks beyond Emma towards Ares now as he appears quite curious then as he leans forwards. "That seems crazy, Ancient, and Chinese? Shaolin monk stuff eh? Kung-fu?"
Emma Emma slowly looks up to Archene, in a total loss for words. Shaking her head some she addresses Christians spider question. "Ya - ya know, depends on tha spider'n bites. One ta three weeks. If it's a lot with nat a symptom, yer good." Then she looks to Ares. "Ya sure? An' I dunno, if our resident kung fu man were around we -- we coulda asked him."
Ares Buchanan "It's a Shaolin animal style, Fu Jow Pai, or the Tiger Claw Style." Ares explains, motioning a bit with his hands as he speaks. "Worst thing I gotta worry about is it bruising up." That cigarette hits about the mid point and a new smell mingles it, there's weed in with that tobacco, likely the last little bit he had.
Silent Night Archene looks at Christian before asking, "If you got spider bites, shouldn't it be better for yourself, to have gotten to a hospital a long time ago already, instead of staying about?" Archene smiles, "You don't have to treat everyone who goes about the streets saying they got something, when they are a single bus=rode from the hospital."
PrestigeAndrei "Oh, I think I might of had symptoms. I had a lump in my throat. Legs felt weak. Its really weird, it is like I had those same sensations while I was walking down the street and saw your Med-student friend." Andrei offers then as he looks between Archene and Emma as he speaks still cheerfully. "Eh, if it was lethal, I'd already be dead! No need for a hospital visit now!" He'll again try and keep Archene and Emma's pup between him and Ares now as he continues, "Thats uh.. cool, sounds expensive."
Emma Emma frowns a little at Ares. "Uh, okay." Shaemus has made his way to his masters side, sitting with his tongue out watching the scene unfold. To Christians explination she shakes her head and sighs. "Yer -- yer soundin' allergic, or startin' an allergy. See a doctor, get - get an epipen or somethin'. If bit ya need ta -- ta get tended." That's followed with a nod to what Archene said.
Ares Buchanan "Sounds that way." Ares pushes off the wall and dips his head slighty. "Y'all take care now. Smoke breaks over, gotta get back out to job huntin'." He proceeds to hook his thumbs into his pockets and takes back off walking down the road.
Silent Night Archene looks at Ares before saying, "Good luck with that," he even sounds sincere as he says so in fact before he turns to Christian to say, "If you don't need to go to a hospital, no need to bother a medstudent trying to walk about with her dog, without looking for more reasons to continue the conversation with the maybe a boxer, then maybe an actress, and so forth." He smiles.
PrestigeAndrei "What? And miss the chance to learn her name? And yours?" Andrei continues to respond as he steps forward and grins braodly then. "I've been nothing but pleasent and freindly here, why do you have to be so cold buddy! Come on, we are all just people out for a walk! Who knows, maybe this is the start of something new and beautiful.. like a.. Air hostess in the 60's.. or a part-time model!" Andrei offers before looking over to Emma than. "Oh, I got over it, got cured, Miracle or sometin!"
Emma Shaemus woofs a bit, looking to his master and then Archene. But Emma doesn't seem to hear it. She notices Ares go, and for a second watches him go, all confused. Shaking her head eyes drift to Christan. Then widen. "Yer -- yer thinkin' I'm gonna be a model'er somethin'?" There is a look towards Archene, a look asking for answers.
Silent Night "Part-time model?" Archene looks at Emma for a model, "Don't put her down like that, she can surely be a full-time model if she had time for that." He nods at Emma, "Really though, if you wanted to make it to get money part-time, shouldn't be that bad photoshoots just take a few hours and if you don't mind them too much, it doesn't take too much energy from your studies" He turns to stare at Christian, through his shades that is, "That matter is besides the point," He smiles coldly at Christian, "It is just that I dislike suspicious people who needlessly follow me, specially of the kind who lie more than twice in a single friendly conversation."
PrestigeAndrei "Give me more credit than that, I lied at least Fourteen times, though most of my lies are just good natured fun." Andrei grins in response as his hand comes up o rub at at the back of his head, rubbing lightly, "Of course you on the other hand have provided nothing, and your wonderful companion.. well.." Andrei looks her over then before humming softly. "Listen, let us just back up, I said some things, she said some things.. you said nothing, Why don't we all take it back. Why don't you both tell me your names, eh?"
Benny Benny has another text on his uPhone from Emma, asking him if he is free to join her and Archene in Downtown Denver for some coffee. Since he doesn't need much of an excuse to get out of the hospital, he quickly got changed, signed himself out again and took the bus.

He's late as usual, which he actually hates but public transit is not the quickest route and he refuses to take cabs since he is trying to save money. Not to mention he got lost again, got off the wrong stop and had to walk several blocks to get here.

When he finally arrives, he looks a bit sheepish, then waves to both Archene and Emma. "Sorry, I'm late...again. How are you two doing?" He then gives Andrei and polite nod. "Oh, hi. I'm Benny."
Ares Buchanan "Damn I ain't in the country no more." Ares says to himself, stopping as yet another person moves up. "Usually we'd have already beat an ass." His gaze moves down to his hand which he clenches into a fist, there'd definitely be some bruising later. But he'd get the move down.
Emma Shaemus seems to notice Benny first, he turns, woofs happily and hops his way, wanting attention. "Yer - yer sayin' Im ugly?" Emma asks Christian, staring at him. Only a quick look is given to Benny, she is clearly distracted. "'ey, Benny." Because, when a girl feels like she was told she is ugly, that becomes focus.
Silent Night "I was just counting the ones with bad intentions." Archene smiles plainly, "If you tell me why do you want our names to begin with, I'm not about to give you my name or let my friend give you her real name," he turns to Benny and says, "Always late, always late." He chuckles quietly before saying, "I'd suggest you to get a cab, but the trasit here can be infernal."
PrestigeAndrei "haha! Benny! Friend! Well, these two and I were just talking about the weather and some employment opportunities but we haven't been properly introduced, sense it seems you know them, could you introduce me to your friends?" Andrei will then offer smiling slightly. "Oh by the way, my name is Christian Spenstar! Just gone done getting some coffee from some starbucks, maybe should think about getting some work done." He pauses for a second to look Benny over, moving a hand up to straighten his unbuttoned short sleeve shirt as he offers a nod.

"What? No, come on, I didn't say you were ugly! I think.." Be diplomatic now, "Listen how about I invite you out for dinner sometime soon, you give me your phone number and we'll go out sometime." A beat. "You are so attractive that I think that you.. are probably out of my league." Once more to Arachne then as he smirks, "Good ones, now which ones were the lies? I'm going with Good day, its actually been quite dreary out. Weathers been kind of terrible too."
Benny Benny glances between Emma and Archene, listening to their conversation with Christian who he has no clue who he is because he's never met him before, so why's he being so chummy chummy?

"Hi, Christian is it?" He then blinks at the man's fast talking charms. If it wasn't for the fact that he was a Police Officer for seven years and is used to being lied to, that he realizes that something just isn't right. He waits for Archene to finish talking, then nods. "I'm with him on this one." He also steps slightly in front of Emma, protectively so and crosses his arms.
Emma What, what just happened. Emma is -floored-. Her face flairs red, and really, it's hard to resist a smile. Being asked out on a date, an actual -date-. Well the lass can't remember when the last time was! Shyly she looks down, tucks some hair behind her ear as Benny is suddenly in the way. There she lifts a hand, grabs his arm and would go to tug him back, as if to say 'I can handle this'. Looking to Christan, still blushing there is a shuffle of her feet. "I -- ah," Yeah, she's a little speechless. "I'm flattered, ya know. Really. Been.. ages, but," Even though her cheeks are red, she frowns. "Ya sorta, lied, a few times. Right'a'way, an', well I -- I dunno if that's a good start ta anythin'. With a person ya just met who can't tell his real name'n all. But I'm very, very flattered!" Yes, she clearly is.
PrestigeAndrei "Eh? My name is totally.. Christian.. Spenstar! My Kuska helped my mother pick that name out of a book I'll have you know!" Andrei responds, though with the smile still on his face, its clear that his 'offense' is just played up for all intents and purposes. "But fair enough, or whatever.. you three can go about your odd little clique thing.. of a Med-student, and two highly suspicious folks. Not suspicious as in being suspicious, but you are a bit like that to be fair, but just generally suspecting people of tings as well."

Andrei will snort then before he moves to lift a hand then as he looks over at Emma. "Don't get into anymore trouble now, or kidnappings! THat might be a bit awkward!"
Silent Night "I wouldn't be here if I didn't have at least this little bit of healthy suspicion in me." Archene sighs, "I don't have words kinder than the ones I gave you until now," He nods at Benny's actions. And if Archene kept a list in a black book kept under his pillow, he would now have to add notes on Emma. He is also quite glad to see her as she was, not frowning and everything, but varied emotions are a good thing for people to have. He looks at Benny briefly, no extra notes for him. He is still the super good guy he always saw though actually his impression on him went up quite considerably since the first time he saw him. Nothing which matters, after all there is no black book anywhere.
Benny Benny feels Emma tugging at his arm, so he backs off, lowering his arms to a more neutral position by his sides but he's still wary of Christian since Archene doesn't seem to trust him. Weeks of scavenging, fortifying and combat against hordes of undead between this clique has developed an almost innate tactical sense amongst them. Apocalypses tend to do that to people. He blinks when Emma starts acting all flattered by getting asked out on a date by this stranger though, but he refrains from commenting for now. He just watches and listens, letting Sir Archene do all the talking, since he's much better at it than he is. He also takes this moment to give Shaemus several pats on the head, as well as behind the ear rubbing.
Emma "Th -- that, there." Emma says, when Christian skirts around the topics again. "Honesty means a lot ta me. But - but thank ya." She, still flattered and totally, and fully surprised- because she was asked out, gives the guy a sympathetic smile. Still she can't help but feel bad, and in the most uncool way possible, with being all flustered while stepping back a touch she while maybe going to make a break for it as to not see the guy upset.. trips over Shaemus' leg, and falls right on her backend. Red hair is a mess around her, her cheeks are red for another reason now to.
PrestigeAndrei "What? You a stock broker then? A Criminal? Only certain people go around in life being so freaked out by every little thing, you know?" Andrei chirps as he takes a few steps away to toss his coffee cup into the trash then before he turns to look back at the trio again, grinning wildly, though Emma's stumbling gets the man to snort and chuckle before he offers then simply. "I'll see you three.. around probably never, now don't die now!"
Silent Night Archene quickly offers Emma a hand and an arm, he'd have attempted to catch her before she fell, be he had his eyes on 'Christian'. "Are you alright Emma?" HE smiles briefly at her before answering Christian offhandedly, "Are you a reporter or a spy to pry so much into other people's business?" He only vaguely turns his head towards the man, before his eyes are back on Emma. It's not like she is a flower that will break from a fall, but it is only polite to offer a hand to a friend that fell.
Benny Benny is caught off guard when Emma trips over one of Shaemus's legs and even his cat-like reflexes aren't fast enough to catch her before she hits the ground. "Oh gosh, Emma are you okay?" Shaemus yelps, barking a little when Emma falls on the ground as if someone had pushed her and then goes to stand over Emma protectively as well, licking her hand as he watches for any threats.

Benny, see's that Archene is offering an arm to help her up and he does the same on the other side of her, while he turns to watch Christian walk away, quirking an eyebrow just slightly at the man's final words before departing. "I have a bad feeling about him..."
Emma With the guy wondering off, Emma takes a second to review all that happened. Her face may be red for a while. There is a quick pat on the head for Shaemus, and then a look to Archene and Benny. "Th -- thank ya." Says the lass, getting up with their help. "I - I feel kinda bad, ta be honest. Hope I didn' hurt his feelings." She looks the way he went, still a little flustered over it.
Silent Night Archene smiles softly at Emma as he helps her up, "You are welcome." He looks the way 'Christian' went before saying, "You shouldn't feel bad about him, he was a very suspicious guy. Tailed me for a while, and showed himself as soon as I saw you Emma." He furrows his brows, "I hope he is just someone of the harmless kind, like a reporter who knows we were from Raccoon city and wanted a story out of it." He sighs.
Benny Benny helps Emma get to her feet the same as Archene and looks in the direction Christian left with a furrorwed brow. "I'll keep my eye out for him just in case he's more than he seems, Archene." He gives Emma a small smile but also this slightly patronizing big brother look. "Don't feel bad for him Emma. I think he was just trying to butter you up to get information." He blinks, "Not that you aren't worthy of asking out...but you know what I mean. It just seems odd, that if Arch says he was following him and then appeared when you showed up. That's pretty suspicious."
Emma "Maybe ya - ya two are just to skeptical." She says, once standing. But likely, they are right and she knows it. She looks to Arch, and then to Benny. That's when there is a frown. Eyes move betweem them. "So ya think I -- I was gonna be used? Boy. For once in a long time I actually felt attractive." That frown deepens, it's hard to feel pretty after the hell they went through. That's when the leash ia grabbed. "Maybe I - I better head back ta my room, before I make'a fool of myself anymore."
Benny Insert foot in mouth, Benny boy. Yup, he's not exactly the most tactful being a rather shy, nice guy type who happens to see Emma as a second little sister. "Oh, uh...what? No, that isn't what I meant at all...I...we were just trying to look out for you." Benny says to Emma in a compassionate tone and looks to Archene for some support. He's much better with words than he is, so he better come up with some really good stuff here!

"Wait, you aren't making a fool of yourself...if you want to blame anyone, uh, blame me. I acted like an idiot." He rubs at his chest slightly, the punctured lung isn't fully healed and he's talking a lot right now as he's trying to convince Emma to stay.
Silent Night Archene sighs, "Emma, if someone is tailing you for an unknown period of time, please do assume that this completely person is up to no good. Assuming otherwise, may not be too good. A healthy amount of skepticism is helpful." He smiles lightly, "I wouldn't think that you would accept his offer, you aren't stupid enough to accept a date with a random stranger that just kept lying to you, who just randomly met on the street, after stalking one of your friends."

He sighs briefly, "You are attractive Emma, more than most out there, but it would be hard for me or any other guy in our little, family, to really show that to you given that really, an apocalypse or however people want to call what we've been through isn't the best time to declare undying love for you, or even attempt to approach you. Until just a while ago we were more worried to see whether or not you were alive more than anything." He sighs, "He like Benny said, blame him for being an idiot, you can blame me too, when you see James, Markus and Rick. Please do the same, because really, you are an attractive woman and I wouldn't think you would need other people to remind you about that."
Emma "Oh yer -- yer no idiot." Emma says to Benny, in a flabbergasted sort of way, unable to fathom why he would say that. "You --"

Then Archene speaks, and there is nothing but silence and a dropped jaw, with some redness to her cheeks. "Well.. thank ya." Yet, her tone is hesitant. "Ya - ya think I'm lookin' for -that-?! Ya do?!" She blinks, and shakes her head. "I -- I was beat, strangled, told I -- I was tha worst thing, day'n'day out." A pause, her hand is gripping onto Shaemus' leash pretty tightly. "I was used, and for a brief moment even if I was gonna say no, it was nice ta think I wasn' gonna be. Even if brief." She sighs, and steps back. "Nevermind, I'm tired, I think. Ya guys, don't worry okay?" A slightly forced smile is given to them. "Have a good day." And she'd turn to head off, towards some random place.
Benny Benny blinks and looks to Archene, then walks after Emma. "Emma, wait." He thought Archene's speech was pretty good but what Emma said in reply was upsetting to him and even though he knew that something horrible had probably happened while she was in captivity, he had no idea what she was going through because those kinds of experiences aren't something one can empathize with as easily as loss or grief. But then he stops, not sure if he should just let her have her space and sighs. "That didn't go over so well." he mutters.
Silent Night Archene sighs as he watches Emma go away, "What you are looking for is something only you'd know, Emma. Be well on your way." He sighs muttering quietly, "I'm not cut for this kind of thing nowadays anymore. He looks at Benny before saying, "Things, could have gone worst. She needs to let emotions out, she suffered worse than either of us, and I'm not seeing her sitting with some psychologist to get herself straight. I'll be having to tell her sorry later, this kind of thing was never my forte." He takes out his mobile, checking the time and a message, "And I should get going, have some things to sort out before I schedule my trip. Take care of yourself?" He looks at Benny for a few moments, almost as if waiting for an actual answer.