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Emma It's a lovely day. Hard to beat it's perfection. The sun shines through the restaurant windows, It's warm and nice outside. Some tables are sat by open windows, so one can feel the warm breeze and the sun on them. There is the normal chatter in the air, the clink of silverware and plates, and the smell of food. Emma is one of the patrons, sitting at a table by the open window. All she really has is a cup of tea. On the table is a a stethoscope, which she is staring at.
Silent Night Archene calmly got into the restaurant. He was almost whole 5 minutes late, but he got to the restaurant. It doesn't take too long for him to find himself besides Emma's table, "I'm sorry for the wait. Had to take a call before getting here that took longer than expected." He did ask her to come around to talk to her about opportunities for her future after all. He sits on the chair to the opposite side of Emma before asking, "Did you ask for something to eat yet?"
Emma The teacup is lifted and sipped at. In a way, it reminds her of home. Scotland, that is far, far away. Looking up to Archene she smiles a little. "Do -- don't ya worry." She doesn't mind that he was running late. There are menus on the table, and a shake of her head, taking one and handing it to him. "I'm nat to hungry, I'll nibble on -- on somethin'. Ya go ahead'n eat."
Silent Night Archene smiles back at her before accepting the menu and taking a brief look at it, "No need for that, just a drink for now should be good enough for now." Didn't take long for him to just choose an juice from it and order it from a waiter. He closes the menu before setting it down in front of him, "We didn't manage to talk much earlier, but basically, I was wondering if you have plans to continue your studies." He smiles softly at her.
Emma Emma doesn't order any food. A delicate hand picks up her stethoscope, it sways a little. His question is what she has been asking herself, every day. After seeing all that hell, and tortue. A hand comes to that light bruise on her neck. In an uninhibited moment of honesty she answers. "I don't know."
Silent Night Archene lets out a soft sigh at the answer, "Do you still remember why you began studying?" He smiles lightly at her, hoping that she does. At the same time, it didn't take long for his juice to arrive. Juice which he takes a sip from as he looks at Emma.
Emma "My -- my ma, is a pediatrician." Emma begins, raising her cup of tea for another sip. "I like kids, ya - ya see. Always wanted'a big family like mine. Family be everythin'." With the cup put down she is silent again. There is something unsaid.
James Scott Sometimes late is better than never. James walks in a looks around, passing over Emma and Archene at first, but upon spotting them he quietly pads over. He's dressed similar to how he was the other day, jeans and a light jacket over a t-shirt. Except his glasses are missing.

The only real difference is that blood is splattered onto his undershirt, his right eye is swollen shit, and bruises decorate his face. Not quite so beautiful right now. "Hey, sorry I'm late. Cool if I join you?"
Silent Night Archene smiles softly at her and nods. He isn't there to pry deeper into her past, he is just trying to give her a brighter future if he can manage. Even a simple yes would have been enough for him. "I see," he smiles softly and nods at her, "I'm sure that you will manage to get one." He pauses for a moment, looking at Emma, almost as if debating whether or not to say something before his smile gets softer, "Well, you see, family isn't something only from blood relations. I was an orp-"

Though he isn't interrupted per se, he still stops what he is saying to look towards James with light smile... which nearly becomes a frown as he begins to wonder what events might have transpired last night for him to end up as he did, "Take a seat, and order something nice for yourself." He rubs his forehead a bit before taking some sugar... to pour into his juice. 1 part of sugar to 7 of juice. He proceeds to drink it, with a rather light smile.
Emma Emma may put something together, or at least guess what he was saying. Her eyes are fixed on Archene for a moment. Then she looks down and frowns. Knowing how lucky she was to had the life she had.. well, those eyes move out the window they sit by, feeling the fresh air and sun is somewhat uplifiting. To James she looks, and stares at him. Seeing the blood there is a bit of a sigh. "Sit'n eat." Does she ask? Perhaps after. Then her attention turns to Archene. "Why - why do ya ask?"
James Scott James Scott looks around quietly, then down at his hands. "Actually.. Sorry I interrupted." Those hands are stuffed down into his pockets and he turns around to leave, stepping back out as quietly and suddenly as he entered.
Silent Night Archene sighs as he sees James walking off... he rubs his forehead a bit more before taking a deep breath looking back at Emma, a soft smile surfacing at her question, "It is only that in Tricell, the company that got us out of that hellhole, I can manage to make a few suggestions here and there." He smiles, this time quite warmly, "And it came to my attention that I could suggest someone to a rather prestigious French university. While their offer just includes studies free of charge, my Chateau will always have a free suites for you and everyone from our little group." He smiles softly, "I know what you may be thinking of asking, but yes, the showers will have hot water." He half-grins at his attempt of a joke. While it may (or may not) surprise some, Archene is, in fact, capable of making jokes. Their quality is something only the listeners can judge however.
Emma "Ah, shit." Emma murmurs, sighing a little more. Sure, she wants to help James, but maybe he needs time. Looking back to Archene, slowly those grey-green eyes widen. Is he saying what she thinks he is? There is silence, it's quite an offer. "I -- wow." She whispers some, stunned and unsure what to say until she laughs a little and rubs the back of her neck. "That's- that's.. wow."
Silent Night Archene chuckles quite happily at the reactions, "I'm glad you think it is that impressive of an offer." He smiles, "It is the least I can do. Besides, you are more than talented enough and with studies at a good place, I'm sure you can make lives better out there." He smiles quite warmly, "It isn't like you have to answer now though it would make things easier for me if I knew before I left for France." He chuckles quietly before drinking some of his juice.
Emma "Ya - ya, know. That's an amazin' offer." She says smiling a little. "I'll think on that, though. Maybe it is my -- my path. Who else from tha group'll be there."
Silent Night "In Paris, I can't be sure about Benny, but I hope to be able to lend him a hand in any case." Archene hmms, "Markus and Rick should be there if all goes well. Both whom will be welcome to stay around. As for James, I am unsure." He sighs briefly, "And of course, I will be there, my office will be around there. And though travelling around may sound fun, it is never too fun to work away from office." He smiles warmly.
Emma Emma laughs softly. "So, livin' with a bunch'a men?" She asks, smirking a little and sipping her tea quickly after. "I'll-- I'll need ta think 'bout it. Considerin' goin' home too. Don't ya feel like.. a pawn? Like we're waitin' for tha ball ta drop again?"
Silent Night Archene chuckles and says, "Living with a bunch of men, again. But this time while having hot water, a pool, a lake and horses." He snickers before drinking what was left of his juice, "Sincerely though," He looks a little more seriously, "Not really. I wouldn't let myself be just a pawn. Though I have a boss to give me orders which I want to help around." He sighs quietly, "Though answering your question, I'll be looking out from now on, to be sure that if something like before were to happen around us, I'd be sure no one would get hurt in our way out. If possible, to prevent it from even happening. Lightning won't be striking the same tree." He smiles.
Emma "I guess I've done that before." Emma says, never really thinking of it as living, but more surviving. When he mentions horses her eyes widen. "Ya'll have horses?" Way to play into the animal lover in her! Sitting back a little she sighs. "How do -- do ya plan ta stop it? Ya can't, we can't. Will ya preparin' for tha worst?"
Silent Night Archene smiles at her and chuckles, "Who with a house as humble as mine wouldn't have horses." He snickers, "I'm not sure about that part, but my employer is generous, I'm sure it'd would probably come with horses at least, it comes with a stable." He smiles lightly at her, "Sincerely, for now, I hope that it simply doesn't happen, and that we don't have to even begin to deal with something like that again. Paris is a place I'd consider safe enough for now at least," He smiles lightly, "I did prepare for worst last time, didn't I? And that was with me in a place where I had access to little to no information. Not a situation I'll allow to happen again needlessly. I'll be doing everything within my power to ensure that something like that doesn't happen around us."

"And Emma, if it is people beginning things and people ending it, why can't people prevent it? Both of us know that what happened back in Raccoon City wasn't any sort of divine wrath coming upon humanity, it was something that could have been stopped."
Emma There are some flows by the open window where they sit. She looks at them, and then to Archene. "Hu -- humble?" There is a touch of amusement in her tone. Grabbing at her tea again, with a spoon in the other hand she stirs it. It's an action of thought, as if something came to her. "Yer right, ya did prepare. Ya gonna build'a bunker then?" His question makes her pause, and look sad. "Prevent? How? Ya -- ya gotta think, most think it's scam, tha truth." Emma grabs the stethoscope again. "I treated so many, is there point ta - ta be a doctor feeling impendin' doom?"
Benny Benny got a message on his uPhone, that Archene and Emma were going to be at Chiili's, so he checked himself out from the hospital for a much needed break to the outside world to join them.

Opening the door slowly, the asian pokes his head in like he's on a scavenging run and when the coast is clear he slides in with his back against the wall. A waitress gives him a funny look as well as a few customers who were looking in his direction. "May, I help you sir?" A latino waitress says to him with a raised eyebrow and a curious look.

Benny blinks, his cheeks flush a bit and he takes a few steps forward replying with a sheepish grin, "Oh uh just meeting a few friends here." He glances around and spots Archene with Emma sitting at table. "Yes, there they are. Thanks." He walks over to the table and gives the two of you a small wave. "Hi. Sorry, I'm late again. Took the bus, got lost and yeah I'm here now." He slides into an empty seat next to Emma.
Markus Berger Markus too got a message to meet Archene and Emma at Chili's, arriving only barely a moment after Benny and just as late. Mainly since it took him half an eternity to convince himself to stop brooding and leave his room in the hotel.

Heading through the door at a quick pace to make up for lost time the doctor quickly enters, ignoring pretty much anything including the funny looks he himself gets and looks for the others... whom he finds and approaches relatively quickly, settling down at the table on the next best free seat. "Sorry for being late. Took me longer to drag myself outta my room than I thought."
Silent Night "As humble as a Chateau can get," Archene chuckles briefly, "I am still unsure if a bunker will be better than just making a few modifications to ensure it is safe as a whole." Archene smiles softly, "As sad as it may be at times, we don't need to convince everyone that there is problem. Convincing only certain politicians and military officials should be enough. But to prevent anything, I need to find out about it before it happens at all. Which would take some effort."

As gives Benny a small wave with a smile, "Hello, hello, Benny. Being late is just a question of perspective." He chuckles a bit, "Though watches and mobiles usually enforce it pretty well. Hope you are getting used to the layout of the city though, won't be as hard moving around here once you do." He chuckles quietly before drinking his juice.

"Hello, Markus." He smiles as the table is mostly fully filled, "It's alright, I'm just glad to see you walking about."
Emma "Ya -- ya really think ya can do that ta the whole place?" Asks Emma, curiously looking at Archene. She's unsure if she should believe that or not. But if it wasn't for being prepared and ready the first time, survival would of been harder. "Tha trick is ta get them ta see, see what's afoot'n all. Effort how?" That curiousty makes her lean forward a little, anxious for the answer.

Then suddenly Benny is sitting beside her. Eyes widen, cheeks go a little red as the hand that was holding the stethoscope suddenly dives into the bag of chew toys she bought Shames. It's an attempt to hide it. A second later Markus is here too, and still she is silent a second. Going to clear her throat she smiles a little. "'ello Markus. By tha way, an Ashley Graham was lookin' for ya. To see if ya were alright." There is something mildly suggestive in her greeting, with a small smirk. Then to Benny she looks. "Yer good? They treatin' ya good there? I dun need'ta go in an scold -- scold anyone?" Just as quick as she says that, there is a inner-searching sort of look, and eyes move to the tea. Something like her own words shocking her.
Benny Benny gives Markus a polite nod of his head in greeting as he takes a seat at the table. "Hey Markus. The gang is all here...well most of us anyways. Uh, where's James?" He glances around the room but doesn't see the glasses wearing teenager with the sometimes red glowing eyes.

Turning his attention to Archene after he listens to his comments, "Well, sorta but not really used to taking public transit. Thankfully people have been pretty friendly here to help me with directions. Denver is a lot bigger than Racc...well it's a pretty big city, much like Vancouver. I love the mountains here, reminds me of my home in Canada and once the doctor's have cleared me I'm going to drive to Washington to visit my sister and then probably head back to Vancouver for a bit." He glances towards Emma and notices her putting the stethoscope away.

"Hey Em. Yes, I'm feeling better thanks." He blinks and shakes his head, "No, don't need to scold. I've been good." Benny then looks a bit awkward by Emma's look she is giving him, "What? Is there like some food on my face?" He looks for a napkin.
Markus Berger Markus just nods slightly and continues to look like he has been looking ever since arriving in Denver. Finished with the world, although the mention of Ashley does visibly ligthen his mood. "So, she managed to get out of Raccoon City. Thank god, I was worried. You all remember the important person I mentioned? Thats her, so hope you can guess which Graham she is related to." Glancing at everyone present he immideately sinks into his seat though barely a few split seconds afterwards, making him look about as tired as he still feels again. "So, how are you all doing?"
Silent Night Archene doesn't get a proper chance to answer before everyone appears but says, "I am still unsure, I will need to have a look at the place's blueprints before anything." He smiles, "As for effort, just a question of whom to talk, whom to tell things and what to give to those who need more than just the truth to move."

With such words spoken, he turns to Benny and says, "He left earlier, probably had a troubled night." Archene says with a sigh, "But yeah, Denver is quite a big place, but it is also easy enough to get hold of directions luckly, all you need is a good point of reference and helpful locals." He smiles.

"I can imagine, Markus." He smiles happily as he sees someone else with proper plans moving along, "I'm doing well enough. Company gave me a Chateau close enough to office in Paris." He smiles.
Emma Emma shakes her head to Bnny, about the food, and then looks to Markus. "She seemed worried. Daughter of tha -- tha old president." But that's all they get as a reply, leaving a void to other questions. Looking back to Archene a brow lifts, and there is a small nod. The redhead looks out the open window a second and then grabs the menu, opening up. "What - what ta eat.." Yup, going off topic to something generic now.
Benny Benny glances between Archene and Emma, not really knowing what the conversation about Blue Prints is really about but replies when the tall Tricell employee, mentions what happened to James. "Oh, okay then."

He blinks when Markus talks about Ashley Graham, recalling a conversation, which seems like a lifetime ago about someone important in the City that he thought might be a rock star. "Woah...president's daughter. Now I know why you wanted it on the down low. I'm sure they sent in like a dozen navy seals, commandos and CIA to get her to safety. Wait so she's looking for /you/, Markus?" He looks over at Emma when she tells Markus about Ashley with a slightly confused but impressed look.

"Damn, Markus what are you? Like some VIP or something?" He finds a napkin and wipes his face, not trusting that Emma is just joking with him. "There, did I get the food off then? Umm...chateau?" He looks towards Archene.
Markus Berger "I am just some random fool working on pills and vaccines who was one day forced at gunpoint to climb into a helicopter and head into a research facility overrun with zombies and US forces in equal measure. Afterwards things just got worse when the outbreak reached the city." Its not the entirety of what his situation originaly was, but its no lie at least. Not that he would be able to lie anyway with how busy he is with being visibly tired as he just looks half-heartedly at Benny.

"Emma and I meet her by random chance at the hospital when the Outbreak was on its way to reach the point we are all familiar with. Friend of her suffered from alcohol poisoning, we took care of her. About a day later I told her what I knew and asked her to both leave the city and contact anyone. Hope was that she would be able to leave before things got to the point it ultimately reached and get the government to intervene in the city asap. Didn't work, of course. Encountered again her some time later when she told me that Nemesis tore the soldiers and SEALs that were supposed to get her out to shreds." Having said that he abruptly and only briefly does some half-hearted strangling motions with his hands. "If all of Umbrella just had one neck..."
Silent Night "A French castle in France, or just Chateau." Archene chuckles quietly, "And your face is just fine, don't worry." He chuckles quietly specially as he notices Emma attempting to quickly change subject.

"Come on, Markus. No need to exagerate. There were more zombies than military in there, I'm sure of it." Archene listens to Markus' words but then sighs, "All we have to do is to cut them all, Markus, if it becomes a hydra, we just destroy the body."
Emma Emma smirks to Markus a little. "Yer fine." She adds to Benny and glances to Archene. Then her phone goes off. It was on the table. Picking up to see who is calling eyes widen, cheeks go a little red. Pushing the chair back and going there is a look to them all. "Uh, I a -- a need ta take this. I'll be right back." As its not to busy she finds a table a few away from them and sits to take the call.
Benny Benny just stares at Markus, listening intently to the man's story about Umbrella, the research faciility and meeting Ashley. "Shit, Markus. That" He quirks an eyebrow slightly as something dawns on him about his story, "Wait a second...did you say research facility? Where was that? And you knew about the zombies before the outbreak happened?"

The stunned asian then looks towards Archene and gives the man a quick nod, "Oh. Sounds pretty fancy." He wipes his mouth pretty clean so if anything he's gotten to it despite people telling him otherwise. He turns to give Emma a small wave as she leaves the table to take the phone call. "Okay."

Benny then looks between Markus and Archene. "Sounds like the two of you know a lot more than I do about what is going on. I know I'm not a cop anymore, but if you don't mind sharing with me what you guys have figured out that would be most appreciated." He's over his angry phase for now about finding out who is responsible, having had time to reflect on it during his many hours at the hospital to get it out of his system and folds his hands in front of him, forgetting about how hungry he is for the moment.
Markus Berger Markus just rolls his eyes at Archenes optimism. Or at least what he perceives as optimism. "So, who does the chopping and who holds the torch? I'd be up for a grill party with Umbrella being on the menu. Its not like I'll get a new job in my lifetime after this." With Archene having gotten some kind of response from him the doctor then looks towards Benny while talking a good deal more quietly. "Not much more than what I told you back in the city and just now. Umbrella researches viruses, bioweapons and bio organic weapons. Going by what we got to see off Nemesis thats creatures speficialy created as weapons. In the city were according to my knowledge two viruses active. The T-Virus and the R-Virus with the later being the worse of the two. You see, the R virus caused the cannibalistic infected that heralded everything going to hell while also being able to revive them as the usuall shambling zombies once killed insufficiently. Going by what I know it originaly was supposed to only be able to infect animals but it jumped over to humans anyway. The T-Virus meanwhile... Well, zombies." With there being not much more to be said than that Markus just slightly shrugs.
Silent Night "It wouldn't be hard for you to get a new job, it isn't like Umbrella owns the world Markus, you can always join the competition." Archene smiles in no way shape or form clearly hinting for him to join Tricell, "The how to deal with them isn't something I can answer right now. The more I look into it, the more information there is to be found. For now, I haven't found much conclusive information. At least, nothing to discuss over here." He sighs.
Emma Emma, being gone for a few minutes, finally returns. An apologetic smile is given, even if she is still red in the face some. To catch up, the menu is lifted and she listens to their conversation.
Benny Benny leans in, listening quite closely to what Markus is saying. Most of which is probably over his head, but he's a science fiction junkie so in truth it makes a lot of damn sense. "Those bastards...I hope they will pay for what they did." He slaps a closed fist into an open palm to emphasize his point, but isn't an angry gesture per say, more to get his point across in a dramatic fashion. He's a comic book geek, what did you expect and he extracted those said comics to boot. "Well, I'm not sure if I can do much about it from the unemployment line but I want to take some time to think about my future." He waves the waitress over, feeling his hunger returning and doesn't bother asking for a menu, "Whatever is the biggest dish you have. I'll take it. Thanks." The waitress gives him an incredulous look and nods. "Okay then. The mega super burrito with chilli fries it is."

Benny grins and nods. "Sounds awesome and uh...not to spicy please and I'll have a sprite or ginger ale. Thanks."
Markus Berger The doctor smirks slightly at Archenes definitely not existing hint, before raising a finger and pointing directly at him. "We will talk about that. As long as it gets me away from this continent and back in a lab I'm up to it. If I get to piss off Umbrella? Even better." After all, science is what he is good at to some degree. Not to mention that he has 'ideas'. "Anyway, I'll be heading back now. Oh, before I forget it Benny. I think you might end up finding enough possible jobs. The fallout of all this is likely to get a lot of people to search for folks with talent." With that said he gets back up, but lingers for just a bit longer at the table.
Silent Night Archene tilts his head as he looks at Emma, unsure if the girl is flustered or just attempting to hide something else as she sits down. He hmms briefly before smiling her way, "How did the call go, Emma?"

He turns to look at Markus before saying, "I'll be seeing what I can do about that with my boss then." He smiles as Markus stands up, "Take care on your way back, Markus." He smiles at him before he looks at Benny, "He is right though, you are a talented person. I mean, you got into STARS, survived the Outbreak, you have a rather rich curriculum already. Just hope you don't get to busy to talk with everyone once you get a job." He chuckles quietly.
Emma Emma looks up from the menu briefly and to Archene. "It -- It was tha Pope. Called ta congratulate me on survivin'. He asked me ta dinner we go next Tuesday." Sure she is kind, sweet, but even with that she manages to say that in the most deadpan of ways. Looking to the server she closes the menu. "Southern smokehouse burger, please. And.. some water."
Benny Benny waves to Markus as he gets up to leave. "See ya around Markus. Thanks for the info and the compliment." He gives Emma a welcoming smiles when she returns and then turns to Archene, "Oh wow, that is super nice of you to help out Markus with employment. Thanks again for the kind words of encouragement. I don't really think I did much more than anyone else in my situation would have to be honest. I was just trying to survive the best that I could with what I know just like all of you did." He seems a bit reluctant to give himself props for anything it seems, which is a bit odd for a man of his obvious skills to lack confidence or he's just super humble like that.

"I'm sure I'll be able to find something. Just right now...I don't know, I have a much finer appreciation for life I guess. My perspective has changed and I'm still trying to come to grips...with everything that happened." He goes silent for a few moments and then says in a soft voice. "I'm having trouble sleeping and having trouble....adjusting I guess. Even though it isn't like I did years of a tour of duty over seas in a war zone, I think I might have PTSD. I want to take a break for a bit, re evaluate things."
Markus Berger "Well, I'll see you all around then. If anyone is looking for me, I'll likely have myself locked in back in my room where I'll be seething." The last bit is said as deadpan as possible, which for him is quite deadpan. Might also just him being tired. "Anyway, goodbye." And with that said the doctor leaves again at a considerably slower pace than with which he arrived.
Silent Night "Send His Holiness my regards," Archene smiles softly and hmms glancing at the sever, "And a 3 chicken burritos for me." He smiles softly at the server before quietly listenning to Benny, with a rather serious look at his face. At the end of his words, Archene half-smiles, "Even if it was just for a short while, the suddeness and intensity is different. You had no support, you didn't expect for any of that to happen Benny. Sincerely, there were a lot of people your situation, in our situation, and sincerely, all of us here did pretty well. I'm sincerely glad to be able to look at you and say that you are still a good person. If it is hard for you to handle, there are professionals out there that can help you with that." He glances at Markus as he leaves and smiles, "Until next time, Markus."
Emma "Oh, I will." Emma says to Archene, glad he got her joke. "In fact, maybe ya -- ya can tag along." Looking to Markus he's given a wave. "I'll check up on ya later." Then she looks at Benny and frowns, going to pat his arm. "Ya did amazin', but if ya ever need ta talk.." The offer is always there, and her eyes look between the remaining two, a hand idly touching the bruise on her neck. "We all have each other, right? Family."
Benny Benny is appreciative of the arm pat by Emma, nodding to her and gives her a small smile. "Thanks. To the both of you for showing your support." He looks towards Archene. "I think that sounds like a good idea. I'll inquire about some services at the hospital then, they offered it to me earlier but I didn't think I needed it but maybe it will be better to talk to someone." The waitress brings his glass of soda, sprite and puts it in front of him. "Thanks miss." The waitress smiles at Benny, "Your welcome. Your meal should be right out in a momment." She looks over at Archene and Emma bring them their drinks. "Same with your's too." She then leaves to go tend to other customers.

Benny picks up his drink and raises it in a toast to the table, his two close friends by tragedy but friends nonetheless. "Here's too making it out and fortune for our futures." He takes a small sip afterwards and puts the glass down, lost in thought as he stares towards the window now.
Silent Night Archene smiles at Emma saying, "I'll be glad to go if I'm free." He chuckles briefly and lightly before nodding at her words to Benny. He then says, "In the least, that is what I consider all of you. Though what I was doing there was nothing short of my job, I came to consider all of you... Family." He smiles softly before taking his glass and raising it to toast with benny, "To making out and brighter futures." He smiles happily at the two before sipping his juice.
Emma Emma pats Benny's arm once more. "Yer gonna be fine, I know it, yer strong." Grabbing her water and taking a sip she goes to lift her glass quickly after to toast. But something Archene makes her smirk, and blush a tinge too. "Ta -- ta makin' out. May you enjoy tha - that Popes company."
Benny Benny blinks at Archene, then glances between Emma and the Tricell employee as he sets his glass down on the table. "Uh, yeah...well if you two want to do that go right ahead. I'll go sit over there and wait for my super mega burrito combo lunch." He smirks as he is saying this though and takes another small sip from his sprite. But just in case Archene isn't joking he scopes out an empty table where he can insert himself too in case the two of them want to lock lips.

Benny also reaches down with one hand to pat at his hookshot that he's holstered just in case he needs to make a hasty escape. Yeah, he's a paranoid be prepared for anything scout ninja now. Surviving Zombie apocalypses tend to do that to ya.

He blushes a bit at Emma's second arm pat though, just cause he's shy that way.
Silent Night "Don't forget that you'll be there too," Archene chuckles for a few moments before shaking his head. He smiles at them and says, "But she is right Benny, you are a strong one. But it is good that you accept help. That kind of thing is better to be dealt with when you have help from the beginning." He smiles softly before saying, "No, no, you can stay around." He drinks some more juice as he manages to successfully count 2/3s of the population of the table simultaneously blushing.
Benny Benny gets a phone call on his uPhone and blinks. "Oh, sorry it is my sister I gotta take this. If you'll excuse me." He then stands, listening to the voice on the other end as he walks out of the restaurant.
Emma Emma blinks. "I -- I meant tha Pope." She says, a little taken a back, but then chuckles a little. Giving Beny a quick wave as he goes she looks at Archene. "So, were.. ya an orphan? If I can ask that is."
Silent Night Archene chuckles quietly at Emma's reaction before giving benny a brief wave, "Alright, Benny." He looks at Emma, with a more serious look before nodding wordlessly. It takes him a few moments before continuing, "I was, don't know about any blood relatives. There was nothing on my records, but I was brought up well enough, managed to do well at school, then later in college. Just never got the chance to really be a part of a, well, real family." He sighs quietly before drinking some of his juice, "I was never that tightly knit with other orphanage people so." He scratches the back of his head before offering Emma a light smile.
Emma Emma gives Archene a sympathetic smile. "Yer a strong guy too." She says, kindly. "Ya know, family is what ya make of it. Maybe time was -- was waitin' for this, so yer family now, that which we've become, is tha - tha stronger more supportive family ya needed. And for that yer lucky."
Silent Night "And for finding a family like all of you, I'm really glad. So I really want to do my best for all of you," Archene smiles back softly, "Thank you for the support Emma, but really, don't forget you are a strong one as well, alright?" He smiles briefly after asking the question.
Emma " That's aw -- awfully kind of ya," Emma says and nods to the waitress who brings their food, offering a quiet thank you. Grabbing a knife she cuts her hamburger in half, to make it easier and cleaner to eat. "I guess yer -- yer sayin' then, be a doctor? Find strength ta do my dream?"
Silent Night Archene smiles softly at Emma, then gives a brief "Thank you," to the waitress as he recieves his 3 burritos. He takes one with a napkin and bites it, can't go against tradition at times, "But yes, what I was meaning to do is to help you find strength to be the doctor you dreamt to become, and give you the opportunity to get there." he smiles warmly at her.
Emma Emma takes a bite of her burger, it's a little messy, but she managres to eat it nice and neatly. "Ya know, th -- that was my papa on tha phone, not tha Pope. I couldn't stand ta hear him talk, about how proud he was of me. And here I am, thinkin' that I failed for questionin'." Elbow comes up to the table, her forehead goes into the palm of her hand. "Seems more people believe in me than I do myself right now."
Silent Night Archene smiles softly as she discloses the person she was talking to previously, "Who wouldn't be proud of you, Emma?" He reaches over the table give her a light pat on her shoulder, "Do you know why people believe in you to begin with? It is because you are an amazing person, and you went through circunstances that other people wouldn't be able to go through, at all. And still, here you are. You survived every single day of your life with success, and just counting the time I've known you, that is truly an incredible feat. So tell me, why, out of all people in the world, don't you believe in yourself?"
Emma Emma seems moved by what he has to say, and gives a thankful smile. But there is a reason and, finally she ventures to say it. "When -- when they took me, there was a prenant woman. That -- That Ricky guy, let her die. The baby was -" A pause, her head lowers, eyes are filled with water. "The baby died. I couldn' help'at all. I was helpless." The palm of her hand wipes away some tears. "It -- it hit me, I can't get it out of my head. I heard her scream, beg, ta not have her child killed.. and it still was."
Silent Night Archene sighs quietly before giving her a heartfelt smile, "Emma, no doctor in the world, no hero, no one can save everyone they come accross. If you were helpless to help once, then do your best. So if someday, there is someone in the same situation you will be able to help them. Or even prevent the situation to even happen to begin with." He smiles softly, "Because if you try and do your best, I'm sure you will be able to make a good difference in other lives."
Emma Turning her head away as the waitress brings some people by, Emma tries to hide the tears, which work until they are gone. Looking to Archene and grabbing a napkin to dry here face, there is a reluctant nod. "Yer -- yer right, I know that. It hurt. It was scary. Zombies, an' -- an' then ya got a guy tryin' ta kill ya after ya watch him kill innocents." Her water is drank in a way that she wishes it were scotch. "Umbrella sh -- should rot, for what they did." Not one to often hate, she feels that this is at leas something that deserves it.
Silent Night Archene smiles softly at her, "I can't say much about the whole situation while you were, kidnapped, but yes, Umbrella should and will pay." He finishes his first burrito, not really with the mindset to finish the other ones.
Emma Snatching up a fry, she eyes Benny's left over meal. "Should get -- get that to go." She says, then eats her fry and looks at Archene. "Ya think that.. Umbrella could - could ever be taken down? Ya got in before. But they got plenty'o fingers in many places, we do not."
Silent Night Archene nods at her before he goes to his second burrito. He smiles softly at her question, "As I spoke with Markus earlier, it may be something hard to do, but it isn't impossible. All we need is time, money and manpower to reach every one of their fingers." He smiles softly, "The how, isn't something for us to discuss in public." He smiles softly, just like he said to not worry about this or that, just like when he had everything covered.
Emma Eyes are still red from the brief cry, Emma dives into her fries, and finishes that bite off with some water. "I -- I guess we can discuss that in yer chateau." A smile is given to him, seems he got his answer to his offer there. But for Emma, there is a look of realization. "Oy, papa is gonna kill me." The slight turn of her lips suggests more amusememt than anything.
Silent Night Archene smiles warmly at her answer, "I'll be glad to see you there then, Emma." And he looked rather glad for the acceptation of the offer, "Why would he?" He chuckles a bit before going for his last burrito.
Emma "Oh. Livin' with'a bunch'o men they don't know." Emma points out, laughing a little. "Papa, an' my four older brothers are a good bit.. protective, ya see. They'll likely wanma come'n -- in visit, make sure I'm safe. Not - not taken advantage of."
Silent Night "Well, they can always visit, though I won't really have rooms for everyone, they are welcome to visit." Archene chuckles, "Or I could go meet them if they prefer, never been to Scotland before." He smiles.
Emma Her fries done, Emma, with slightly red eyes regards Archene and considers this. "See tha -- tha acreage?" Home, is a nice thought. A safe thought. "Maybe, I'd -- I'd like ta see home again. Ride horses on tha shore, sit on tha roof and just.. watch tha word." She laughs then. "Or listen ta papa chasin' tha chickens ta kill for dinner. I'll talk ta them. Maybe everyone should go, ta - ta get away."
Benny Benny walks back in, puts his phone into his pocket and sits down at the table. "Sorry about that. My sister was just really excited to talk to me and she wanted to know how I was, how I was feeling, that I'm okay, what are my plans, when can I come visit next and yeah." He is out of breath just talking about speaking about his sister but it is obvious that he cares a lot about his family.

He looks down at the giant plate of food in front of him, the super mega burrito combo and his eyes light up. "Woah, that is a lot of food." He glances between Archene and Emma, noticing that Emma's eyes are a bit red. "Oh, hey is uh everything okay?" He grabs his fork and knife, then starts eating almost ravenously but still is looking towards Emma with concern. Yeah, he's all heart and stomach this one. At least he's got his healthy appetite back.
Silent Night Archene hmms and smiles, "Going back home can be a wonderful feeling," and nods at her, "Maybe you should visit them for a while before going to France, I'm sure that it will be refreshing for you." He chuckles quietly.
Emma Emma is lost a moment, in the thought of home. The rolling hills, morning fog. There is a small smile. "Maybe a few days home would be good." Maybe that's the clearing she needs. Looking to Benny, giving a small smile at his return she is silent a second. "Ar -- Archene just offered me a place ta live, and free schoolin' ta become a doctor. I.. wasn't sure if I wanted ta be one anymore." A hand comes up to touch the bruise of Ricky's hands left around her throat. "I wasn' sure, after what.. happened when I was taken. Watchin' him kill, kill that mother and baby.." Now she looks away again, to her food. One can only guess what happened when she was taken. "I -was- reconsiderin' bein' a doctor." There is a smal shrug. "How's yer sister?"
Benny Benny scoops more food into his mouth, holding up his finger for a moment to signal that he will reply as soon as he's finishing chewing. "That is...great news, Emma. I'm so happy for you." He looks over to Sir Archene Night, the man who laughs in the face of Pretention and the second most interesting man in the world next to that guy who drinks Dos Equis. "That is very generous and thoughtful of you to do." Woah, must have been some heavy necking the two of them did when he was out taking that phone call, huh.$=

When Emma brings up Ricky and he see's her bruises, he stops eating for a moment. "That's in the past Emma. You have a bright future ahead of you. Friends that care about you and lots of people you are going to help because you faced adversity. I believe in you." No comic book quotes, no weird movie quotes just sincere honest genuine from the heart Bennyism. "My sister is good thanks. She's looking forward to seeing me and my parents are going to be in Seattle as well when I fly out. Family reunion."
Silent Night Archene nods at Emma's explanation, later adding, "And you are also welcome to stay on it, either for just visits or staying around on longer stays." He smiles softly as he hears his words to Emma, "Glad to hear you will be seeing your family soon." He smiles happily as he hears the news, "Hope you enjoy the meeting." He smiles before eating his burrito, because he still isn't as pretentious to be Sir Archene Night. He hasn't even been knighted in fact. Currently, he can just throw words about his humble home, his Chateau in Paris. The one with stables, indoor pools and a lake.
Emma Emma turns, and goes to hug Benny, with a good tight hugs, while he eats. "Th - thank ya." She says, his words meaning a lot. "Glad yer - yer seein' family to." When the hug is done she'd go to take a bite of her hamburger, while nodding to what future Sir Archene says.
Benny Did someone just turn up the heat or something, because Benny's face just lit up like Archene in Buckingham Palace. Fireworks baby! Yup, Benny's cheeks are flushed red as Emma pulls him into a tight hug. He drops his fork that had a big serving of super mega burrito on it but thankfully it hits the plate and not the floor. It's like he's holding his breath or something for the duration of the hug, his arms kinda flailing a bit all limp noodle and when he's finally released he kinda slumps over his chair a bit.
Silent Night Archene quietly eats his last normal sized burrito as he watches the two, a rather happy chuckle coming from him as he watches Benny becoming red. He, however, says nothing and eats his food quite happily, before drinking some juice. He shakes his head as he watches post-hug Benny, but can't wipe the smile from his own face even then.
Emma Emma, seeing Benny's reaction goes red herself. There is only a small clearing of her throat as she looks down shyly to her food and just, takes a bite of her burger not looking at either of them.
Benny Benny regains his composure and coughs, "I was uh choking on some food I think...yeah." He takes a long gulp from his sprite and then goes back to eating his food, looking down at his plate mostly but occassionally glancing at Archene and Emma. "So uh, how long are you guys going to be in Denver for? I still have to wait a bit at the hospital, for follow up appointments, see a specialist and things like that."
Silent Night Archene grins at Benny's excuse before saying, "I should be gone next week or afterwards, I haven't scheduled a flight yet at least." He then nods at Benny, "Hope all of that turns out well, I'll leave my number and address so you can keep in contact just in case." He smiles, his burrito finished already and his juice more than half drunk.
Emma Her cheeks are a little less red now, but still a little. That part of her hamburger is finished, the other half still there. "Ah -- I, I dunno. No plans yet ta go to far, I think I need a breath before another adventure." A quick look is given to Benny, then she looks to Archene. "I'll need - need ta get schoolin' setup an' stuff. Or is that done?"
Benny Benny is still flushed himself, but the super mega burrito refried bean sauce on his face is sorta covering it up. He doesn't bother to wipe it off with a napkin, using it like war paint to conceal what his face does not...which makes no sense whatsoever. "Yeah, that's cool Arche. I'll keep in touch for sure and let you know when I might be able to fly down to visit." He then turns his attention over to Emma.

"I've never been to Europe before so it will be like a vacation." Benny is nearly half way done his giant combo meal, scooping up the rice with burrito like it's nobody's business.
Silent Night "You should be contacted soon about the details, but mostly, just transfering records and such. Nothing that should be too troublesome." Archene smiles at Emma before telling Benny, "Thanks, I hope to see you there sometime. I did hear that new year in Paris is wonderful." He chuckles quietly, "So I hope I get to see you there soon," He nods as he watches the burrito that was doubtless for 2, maybe 3 people being ravaged by a single individual. Poor burrito.
Emma "I'm gonna ask my family ta see if they be willin' ta host us all. If yer interested." Emma says this to Benny without looking at him, she nods to Archene and then sips from her water nice cold water. "I'll wait ta hear then." Says the lass to the unknown but soon to be Knight. Looking over to Benny now, she smiles a little, grabs a napkin and goes to hand it to him. "Ya - ya got some food on yer face now."
Benny Benny blinks as Emma hands him a napkin, "Oh...uh thanks." He takes the napkin and kinda dabs at his face, missing most of it and then sets it down. Smooth, really smooth.

He looks over at Archene and nods, giving him a polite smile which looks kinda odd with refried bean on your cheeks. "Yeah, I heard Paris is a beautiful city. Can't wait to go see the Eifel tower, some museums and just walk the streets to take in the culture. My french is a little rusty, actually it sucks but I had to take it in school so I know a few words." Poor Burrito indeed, and it is nearly finished now as he seemingly inhales it with very little chewing no wonder he almost choked.
Silent Night Archene is all smiles at the two before saying, "At the more touristic places, I'm sure there are people who'd speak English. And I've heard," And he hears many things, "That there is a nice cafe there, I'm sure you two could enjoy some lunch there some day. Even has a nice view to the Tower." He chuckles quietly, his hands moving down to his pocket before he checks his mobile... he looks at the number briefly, the smile on his face fading for a moment before he looks at the two with a half a smile, "I have to take this one, it is work." With that he takes his mobile, an audible, "Sorry for the wait," being the only thing the people in the table can hear before he is already too far.
Emma Emma nods to Archene. "Th -- thanks again." She says, truly thankful. Looking back to Benny, she puts a hand up and tries not to giggle a little. It's hard. "No - ah, all, all over yer face." Moving her hand back she motions to her face where the food is, which seems to be everywhere. The other half of her burger is slid his way, silently offering it to the man with a black hole for a stomach.
Benny Benny gives Archene a small wave with his fork as the man leaves to take a phone call. Then he looks over at Emma, blinking. "Oh, I didn't get it all eh?" He puts his fork down, grabbing another napkin and then wipes his face properly. He looks down at the now fully covered refried bean on said napkin and stares at it. "Oh...that was a lot..." He grins sheepishly and shrugs. "Thanks. Can't take me anywhere I guess, especially after eating hospital food for a couple of days and look what I turn into when they let me loose." He looks at the half burger you slide over and blinks again. "Oh, you don't have to do that should take it out or something, have it for a snack." Mmmm...burger looks so delish though.
Emma " I've-- I've seen ya eat before. My cookin' went down nearly as fast, remember?" Emma seems amused. "Plus who can blame ya, all that awful food." She nods to the burger. "Go on, I ain't gonna eat it. It'll go bad in tha room before I get ta it. Now go on, finish it -- it up."
Benny It doesn't take much to convince Benny to eat food that nobody wants. He obviously doesn't like wasting it or he got infected with some sort of endless eating virus by a zombie stripper that he may or may not have encountered during scavenging. "Uh...if you really don't want it Emma. I guess I could finish it off for ya. Wouldn't want it to go to waste or anything." He slides the plate over beside his super mega burrito plate.

He takes one more glance towards you as if he's saying, you sure but then he picks up the burger and starts eating it. If you did want it back, well it's too late he's just finished it off in about four bites.
Emma Emma grins while watchib this. "Na ya have it Benny. It'll go bad, before I eat it. I'll forget it while readin' Harry Potter, like I did that pizza I ordered in tha other night."
Benny Benny has a fast metabolism alright, it is genetic and not as cool as say getting Knighted but it has it's usefulness. Burritos and Bugers beware! Also all you can eat buffets hate him.

The rather lean looking asian who just ate the largest combo plate they had and half a burger may be satiated for at least an hour. "So many beans...but yeah, way better than hospital food by a country mile. I don't even know what a country mile is, but right now that was the best meal I've had in ages. So anyone in for dessert?" He grabs his cup of spirte and takes a sip, looking at Emma then towards the door where Archene left to talk on the phone. He looks over at Archene's plate, wondering if he's going to finish that.
Silent Night Just as Benny is looking at the door, Archene comes through it with a mildly plain face, only letting out a sigh before he sees Benny and smiles, not really forced but still somewhat strained. Soon enough he is back at the table, glancing at his plate which has hlaf a burrito. Which he seems to push aside for now before he drinks his juice and finally addresses his friends, "Sorry for the wait, isn't like I'm getting a vocation right now, so had to take it. Nothing that should change plans though," he smiles at the two... he glances at Benny plate and Emma plate, pondering on what may have transpired just while he was out, he also looks at the owners of the plates, but that's only natural.