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Chris Redfield It has been several days since Chris got the call from Zima and had to leave the Hospital to go on a mission to rescue the President's daughter and his sister, Claire. Since then, the mood has been sombre, people are still in shock of the news of the bombing of Raccoon City and trying to come to grips with whether this viral outbreak is real or just some hoax.

The medical care that Jill Valentine has received has been top notch. Chris made sure that whatever favors he could cash in, would go towards getting his partner the best medical care and WilPharma was more than happy to oblige since she is one of the few people to actually survive being infected, not turn and was successfully vaccinated with an experimental vaccine.

Doctor Smith walks into Jill's room, smiling and holding a cilpboard. The doctor is a middle aged man, with glasses and parted dark hair and is wearing the typical white smock, a collared shirt, khaki pants with black dress shoes. "You have a clean bill of health, Ms. Valentine. There is no trace of the virus at all and we are pleased you have allowed us to analyze the antibodies from your blood in the hopes we can conduct more research to develop a more stable vaccine. Your recovery has been much quicker than anyone would have thought, a miracle really considering what happened. I'm sure that you will be happy to know you are cleared to leave." The doctor then pushes his glasses up from his nose and quickly adds, "I hope you don't mind if we call you in the future? To get some blood samples every once in a while? But also please do check in with me in about a month, I want to make sure that everything is still fine." He writes something on his clipboard as he awaits your reply.
Jill Valentine While Jill had felt weak after the ordeal, within a week or so she had started feeling back to her old self. Being stuck in a hospital wasn't something she enjoyed in the least and when she had gotten word she was being released with a clean bill of health she was ecstatic.

When the Doctor walked in she was slipping into her boots, back in the same clothes Chris had rescued her in since she had nothing else really. At least the nurses had cleaned them for her, no noticeable bloodstains of any kind!

"I'm thrilled Doctor, but if I don't have to see any of you again anytime soon? I'll be even more thrilled." Jill replied with a smirk, "I've had enough hospitals and blood samples taken to last me the rest of my life. I'll check in if I can though." She had no intentions of sticking around Denver.
Chris Redfield Doctor Smith nods and replies with a small smile. "Yes, I do hear that quite often and I don't blame you. Thanks and I wish you well." As the Doctor scribbles a few more things down on his clipboard, there is a soft knock at the door and some shuffling of feet can be heard.

Chris Redfield pokes his head into the room. "Oh, Hi. Sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" He's dressed in the same casual manner as when he was here last, except he's wearing a green collared shirt instead of a white one. Chris looks between the Doctor and Jill, as she's putting her boots on and there is a faint semblance of a smile on his face when he see's that Jill is looking a lot healthier than when he last saw her.

"Oh, I can come back later if you are having a private conversation? Just wanted to say hi to Valentine." He says in a slightly teasing tone with a smirk now. "But if she doesn't want a ride from this place and wants to stay longer, that is fine too." He's can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.
Jill Valentine Jill smiled just a little at the Doctor as Chris entered, head shaking at the question, "Nothing at all. I was about to try and call you, not that I know your number anymore." Standing up from the bed she nodded to the Doctor, "Good luck Doctor Smith, take care."

Giving Chris an affectionate hug, she replied with a grin, "Chris Redfield, I want to stay here even less than I want to go back to Raccoon City." Releasing the taller man from the hug after a few moments she said, "Glad to see you. Jerk."
Chris Redfield Doctor Smith nods to Jill and Chris, "Very well then. I'll leave you two be and I have other patients to see. If you'll excuse me." The Doctor watches Chris get hugged by Jill with a bit of an impassive expression but the little smile he shows probably reveals what he's really thinking - Damn you lucky bastard! Then the doc walks out of the room, leaving the two of you alone.

Chris seems a bit surprised by the affectionate hug, but hugs his partner back with equal masculine force. Thankfully he showered just before he came over to the hospital, so he doesn't smell like a football gym locker or worse after missions or work outs. "Glad to see you up and about. You ready to go?" He grins when you call him a jerk. "Ouch, well I probably deserved that. So what are your plans right now? I have a briefing to attend at 1500 hours with Zima. I was kinda hoping that you would attend with me? It's about some new task force that the UN is thinking of forming. After what happened in Raccoon City, I'm pretty sure that it's going to happen and to be honest they don't just want our input, they want us to join up."

He turns to close the door, then reaches behind his back to his concealed pistol holster, pulling out the Samurai Edge you gave him before he left. "Oh, this belongs to you. I wanted to give it back." He offers the gun to you, it has been cleaned and it is fully loaded with the safety on.
Jill Valentine Jill turned around, nodding to the Doctor as he passed and retrieved her backpack, slipping on her trademark shoulder holster as well with a handgun already inside of it; likely returned by the military or someone not long ago.

"I'd be glad to go, I'm anxious to do something, anything. Umbrella, needs to pay and once the wheels of justice start to turn, they don't stop Chris." She wouldn't rest until the Umbrella Corporation had paid for everything it had done.

Waving off the offer of the pistol she smiled, "It wasn't really mine to begin with. Besides, that rookie Benny swiped your pistol when they found it in the woods. It kept me alive when I needed it though, and I think you could use the luck a little more than I could."

The doctors had emphasized over and over how lucky she was to be alive.. anyone at her stage of infection had died; vaccine or not.
Chris Redfield Chris listens with pride as his partner speaks about seeking justice against Umbrella and making them pay for everything they did. In that moment, he truly understands what has kept the bond between them so strong and why she's the best damn partner he's ever had. "Don't worry, that's exactly what I plan to do and I think with the both of us helping to form this new team, we are going to be able to do start to uncover the truth about them."

Chris suddenly goes quiet, he turns to look towards the window of the room staring out at something and then turns back to you with a pensive expression, but then his hands clench into fists as his eyes narrow slightly, "They are going to pay for what they did to Raccoon City and I owe it to...Joseph, Forest, Ed and everyone else those bastards have taken from us." his tone angry for a moment but then softens again, when you tell him to keep the Samurai Edge pistol.

"Oh, hey what? A rookie has my gun?" Redfield shakes his head a bit and unclenches his fists now, the moment of anger has passed for now and he adds, "Benny? Isn't he that martial arts expert that used to work in patrol? Well, I hope that if he made it out alive and it helped him, then he deserves to keep it." He nods and tucks the Samurai Edge back into the concealed holster behind his back. "Thanks. It is twice lucky now because it helped get me get Claire back and the President's daughter." He has a lot of faith for Jill, so it is only fitting that the gun had his back out there, like she was always with him in spirit and watching out for her partner.

He watches as you put on the rest of your gear and gives you a pat on the shoulder with his hand in you let him. "Glad to have you back, partner. Want to go grab something to eat before our meeting? I know this great hot dog place not to far from the hotel that I'm staying at, which makes dawgs almost as good as back home."

Being from New York, Chris has always had an affinity for hot dogs and is always complaining he can never find a good one anywhere that compares to home.
Jill Valentine Jill place her hand over Chris' hand in the gun and helped him guide it back to the holster he had pulled it from with a smile, "Maybe you can use it to put a bullet in the head of whoever is behind all of this when we find them." She wouldn't admit it out-loud, but a jail cell was too good for those responsible for all those lost lives.

"Something to eat sounds great though." Backpack slid over her shoulder with the last belongings she had in the world she followed Chris out of the hospital asking curiously, "So where is back home anyways?"
Chris Redfield Chris is a bit surprised when you put your hand over his to guide the gun back into his holster, but he doesn't flinch or pull away at all. Why would he, it isn't everyday that Jill Valentine, the star of S.T.A.R.S. lets a man get this close to her without it having an affect.

"Yeah, if it comes down to that I won't hesitate if they don't give me any other choice." He thinks it is getting hot or something, because sweat starts to bead on his brow a bit and when Jill brings up food, he's glad for the change of subject. Thank you hawt dawgs!

"Great. Lets get going then." He makes sure that his jacket is covering his holster and knife sheath, not wanting to cause a panic in the hospital. Then does one more visual sweep of the room, making sure that Jill hasn't forgotten anything and nods. "Oh, I thought I mentioned to you that I'm from New York."

Redfield, then acts like a gentleman rather than an ass and opens the door for you.
Jill Valentine Jill stepped out the door with a smile, arms wrapped around her chest a little protectively as she walked through the hospital; the discomfort she felt after having spent so much time in this place already clearly effecting her.

"Probably mentioned it to one of your hussies back in Raccoon City..." Jill teased, "At least you don't have to call any of them back." As she walked through the hospital, growing mostly silent as she walked around.

Could it start again here? When she saw a man being moved into emergency with a cut she almost froze in her place but kept control of herself, doing her best not to show her nervousness at the entire situation.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine walking through the halls of the hospital does seem to draw some attention, but other than a few stares and people whispering about them it isn't like the paparazzi are taking their photos or anything. Just too, rather noticeable people who happen to be partners in a former elite unit and the gossip was that Jill was one of the survivors or Raccoon City. Nurses and doctors due talk a lot and word spreads fast.

"Hussies? That is harsh, Jill." Chris knows she is teasing but the harsh reality is that Raccoon City is gone, his home for the last two years is nothing but a smoldering crater or at least inhabitable for quite some time. He forces a small smile, trying to take his mind from the past to the present.

Redfield see's Jill freeze and gently puts an arm around her shoulder, giving you a gentle squeeze which is surprising for a guy with his build. "Hey, it's okay. Your safe now." He leads you out of the hospital, into the parking lot and remotely unlocks the door to a Honda Civic, which is a rental vehicle and completely not Chris's style but hey it is economical on gas and it was a good rate.
Jill Valentine "I know, it's just every time I close my eyes.." Jill said as she headed towards the car, feeling immensely more comfortable at Chris' reassuring touch. She couldn't explain the terror she had felt during those days.

There were the men who had helped her in the city, members of Umbrella's own UBCS who had been abandoned to die by their employer. She wondered to herself if they were all dead or they had made it out alive.

Just like most of her fellow S.T.A.R.S. she assumed them to be dead.

She was probably going to punch Barry when she found out he was alive, probably hug him; somewhere in that order.

"How's Claire holding up?" Jill changed the subject, trying to think of anything but her own experiences in that nightmare.
Chris Redfield Chris starts the car, then pulls it out of the parking lot onto the street. "Your going to be fine. I've seen you in worst situations where most people would have given up, but not you. Even if the situation seemed impossible to win, you would find a way and you saved our bacon a ton of times during missions." He keeps his eyes on the road, glancing towards you on occassion.

He turns down the music volume, which was on pretty high when the car first started up. Some rock channel, Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones is playing.

"Claire? She's doing fine. She's a tough cookie, scares even me sometimes how stubborn she is but I guess that is a family trait or somethihng." He is silent for a few moments, as if he's really listening to the words of the song that he's turned the volume down to a more reasonable level. "I don't know what I would have done if...well, I'm glad that you are both okay." He leaves it at that, but his knuckles tighten on the steering wheel slightly and within fifteen minutes, he pulls over to a parking stall on the side of the street. There is a sign on a restaurant not to far from where you parked that says Dog Haus.
Jill Valentine "Yeah, criminals and search and rescue of lost hikers aren't exactly what I'd qualify as worse situations Chris, but thanks for the vote of confidence.." Jill replied with a sigh as she looked out the window.

Jill lets the silence hang in the air for some time, not saying anything for almost the entire trip before addressing the elephant in the room, "Chris. You don't know what you would have done, but I had to deal with thinking you were dead. You don't want to know what that's like."
Chris Redfield Chris was about to reach over and open his driver's side door but decides to sit back down in the car seat when you bring up his supposed death.

He turns his head slowly to look at you, his usual stoic face mask is dropped and he sighs softly. "Jill, I had my reasons. I know it wasn't fair to you, or Barry, Claire and everyone else." He leans his head back against the headrest and stares out the front windshield for a moment.

"I lost my whole team in the Arklay Moutains. It was supposed to be relatively routine, but it went SNAFU in a blink of an eye. The avalanche hit, I was trying to dig people out of their vehicles, my friends...and then the dogs attacked. I barely escaped and had to leave them behind...that was my decision, my /fault/ and I have to live with that. The evidence I found, pointing to Umbrella. That was the only thing I had left, the only thing that kept me going to make their sacrifice count." He turns to look at you once more, his jaw tightening as he reaches out a hand to touch your shoulder.

"I'm sorry Jill. I didn't want to hurt you or Claire but I had to go dark. I didn't want to risk anyone else's life." He then lowers his eyes and stares back out the front windshield. "I didn't intend to be away so long, I had to go to Europe and then, well I'll tell you the rest of the story soon. But I want to hear what happened with you?" His voice is soft, which isn't something you would be used too.
Jill Valentine "You could have sent word." Jill shot back at Chris' entire explanation, "A signal, a message, a sign. SOMETHING CHRIS!" Her elevated as her true emotions at the entire matter began to shine through, "The Captain wouldn't officially declare you dead, but we all thought it. We saw what happened to Bravo Team."

Looking away from Chris, she stared out the window for what seemed like an eternity, doing her very best not to cry or show too much weakness, "We're supposed to be partners Chris, and when I needed you, you were gone."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't flinch, not an iota when Jill lashes out at him for making everyone believe he was dead. He's always been calm under fire, some say it's almost uncanny how emotionless he is during high stress and other's well they might think he's just cold.

"I couldn't compromoise the mission. Of all the people I know, I thought you would understand." Perhaps he has played out how this was exact situation was going to end up, had prepared for it, made contingency plans depending on how you would react and that is just how Chris is wired.

He leaves his hand on your shoulder for just a moment, giving it a gentle squeeze and then releases it after you turn to stare out the window. "I've already said sorry. I don't know what more I can say. But I don't blame you for being angry. If you want I can just drive you back to the hotel, but I'm really hungry and I am going to get a hawt dawg now. If you want one, let me know." He opens the door of the car, steps out and waits for your response.
Jill Valentine Jill knew precisely how Chris was, at least she thought she knew how he was and who he was before the Raccoon City Incident; now she wasn't so sure. Even then, she still knew how these arguments usually ended.

"Whatever. I'm hungry to." Jill replied with arms crossed over her chest before sighing and opening the door and stepping out of the car, "These better be the best damn hot dogs in the world like you said. If not, you're in even more trouble."
Chris Redfield "They are really good. Trust me." Chris replies with a small grin and nod as he shuts the driver's side door. He presses the remote keyfob to lock the doors of the vehicle when Jill exits and he walks into the Dog Haus restaurant, being a gentleman this time holding the door open for Jill. He hopes she doesn't kick him in the shins or elbow him in the gut, sometimes chivalry irks her he seems to recall.

"Either way, I'm buying and it is the least I can do for all the shit I caused." He says with a slight sarcastic tone but at least he isn't being all super stoic after the little incident in the car that just happened moments ago. One of the Redfield family traits he shares with his sister is /stubborn defiance/ or some might call it thickheadedness.

Chris walks up to the line starts here counter, then looks up at the menu and studies it. "What would you like to order sir?" The male employee asks as who is standing behind the counter, with a white apron uniform and the nametag that says Ron.

Chris looks at Ron, giving him a nod. "Hi. I'll have the Litle Leaguer." He then glances back to Jill and then towards Ron again, "I'm buying whatever she's ordering as well. Oh and can I have a side of fries as well as a root beer with mine." Ron nods and then looks over at Jill, which prompts the man to give her a big smile. "Hi. What you you like? Please ask me any questions about the menu." Ron is just a teenager so he hasn't quite mastered the tactful don't stare at the hot looking girl skills yet.
Jill Valentine Jill nodded and grinned back at Chris, not able to stay mad at him for long; the anger of him tricking her, far outweighed the relief that he was alive and the gratitude for saving her. Stepping into the open door she rolled her eyes and teased, "What a gentleman."

When she's asked for her order she looks over the menu and replies, "I'll have a Cowboy, so I can save a horse." She couldn't help but laugh just a little at her own play on words.

Poor teenage clerk, "A coke to, no ice, with three straws."
Chris Redfield Ron, rings in Chris's order but then his jaw kinda drops a bit when Jill gives her order. "Ahh, one Cowboy...hold the horse and coke with....three straws?" The teenager doesn't stand a chance. Poor kid, even Chris feels sorry for him.

Shaking his head, he shoots Jill a look and tsks. "Nice work, Valentine. Now ya got him all flustered. She just wants a Cowboy and a coke. How much for the two orders?" He steps in front of Jill to block his view of her from the raging hormonal teenager. Chris pulls out his wallet and pays for both meals.

"Oh, she was joking. Hah, yeah good one." He then turns to look at the other male teenager who is making the hot dogs, mouthing "Wow, she's so hot!" and that solicits a big grin from the employee working in the kitchen.

Chris slides the change into the tip jar, grabs two trays and sets them down on the counter. "I can't take you anywhere, can I?"
Jill Valentine "What can I say Chris, I'm a troublemaker."

When they got the order and began eating, Jill smiled, the biggest smile she had ever smiled in her life, "Chris? I'm glad to have you back. I don't know what I would have done without you...."


Six Months Later - Paris, France

"....the French sure suck at making hot dogs. What is this thing, made from pate??" Jill asked with a look of disgust as she sat with Chris outside a small cafe in Paris.

A file folder sat between the pair of them, recently delivered by Zima Kimbale.

Information on a sighting of the bioterrorist Alice, the one responsible for The Raccoon City Incident had been found. She was spotted in Moscow and it was believed she intended to meet with local terrorists who intended to conduct an attack similar to Raccoon City.

"Looks like we're headed to Russia. You don't happen to speak Russian, do you?" Jill smiled at her partner in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, taking another bite of her hot dog.
Chris Redfield Chris sighs, tossing the Paris made hot dog down on his plate with disdain after one bite. "I can't believe I let you talk me into coming here." He shakes his head and crosses his arms over his chest, his muscles somewhat bulging out of the white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up that looks one size too small for him. "This is just great, first I shrink my shirts in the messed up dryer and now I can't even find one decent hotdog in this wonderfully beautiful historic city."

Redfield's stomach rumbles, he gets grumpy if he doesn't get his protein after a work out and not being able to find a good American type meal hasn't helped matters. He picks up the file folder, taking a good look at the picture one more time.

"Nope, not a lick." He puts money down on the table, paying the bill, tucking the file folder into his backpack and stands. "I've got my go bag in the trunk so I'm ready to go to the airport whenever you are. My turn to drive." He snatches the keys off the table and tosses his jacket over his shoulder. "Lets go partner. Call Zima, tell him we are enroute and ask him to get us a contact that speaks some English this time so we don't have to end up buying our gear off the black market." He starts walking towards the car with a deliberate gait and he's got that stoic look on his face. "We got some work to do."