Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice <An hour before Raccoon City is 'cleansed' of infection.>

Laura Herron, Carlos Oliviera, and a few other civilians had banded together along with Alice who had never given her name to try and find a way out of Raccoon City.

They had all been contacted by an Umbrella Scientist who had wanted them to get his daughter out of the city, and together they had been able to accomplish the monumental task of not only finding her; but saving her from a very dangerous situation.

The group had followed the directions of their mysterious benefactor where he informed them that the last ride out of the city would be on the rooftop of the Umbrella Corporation building; waiting to evacuate a final team of Umbrella's trained killers.

Carlos, and the other survivors had taken the building entrance; while Alice had gone off on her own. Laura had been assigned to make her way across the rooftop of another building and scale the Umbrella Building using a hookshot the group had found on the corpse of a man who looked like a ninja.

Without even radios, there was no way to know how things were going; until the sound of gunfire erupted on top of the Umbrella Building.

There was only a fifty or so feet gap in between the buildings, piece of cake, right Laura?
Laura Luck certainly had been with Laura, having missed the earlier evac thanks to her tumble down the stairs few days prior. Even more luckily, her ankle was feeling much better as well. Not that it made her feel much better about the task at hand, the occasional gusts of wind and a bit of vertigo one might feel looking downwards. It was a crazy plan, but one that might just work, her hand gripping onto the highly unconventional gun.

There was no time to hesitate however, as the sounds of gunfire opened up, she had to move. The thing had only one shot, so she better make it count, taking a careful aim over the roof of the Umbrella building and pulling on the trigger.

With a hefty thunk, the grappling hook shot out, covering that gap easily, but would it be quite as easy for her... If the grapple even held on.
Alice As Laura swung across the gap, she could see the dead below her.

It was as if they knew where the last living beings in the city were and she could see the streets choked with them; all shambling towards the Umbrella Corporation building that stood in the center of the city.

Given the evacuations had stopped hours ago, it was likely this was the last remaining bastion of survivors or the living in the entire city.

More gunfire was heard above as well as an explosion and Laura found herself with at least five stories of the building she would have to traverse. The interior looked like a no-go, if the milled about undead she could see through the windows were any hint.


Meanwhile on the rooftop, Carlos Oliviera, Alice and the others were engaged in a life and death fight with the remaining Umbrella Security Service trying to secure the last ride out of Raccoon City.


To further complicate matters, Laura could see multiple agile humanoid figures climbing up the building. They were heading directly for her.
Laura The glass pane cracked and shattered as she impacted on the window feet first. The sound of the breaking glass, if not her impacting the window was sure to have the undead milling about that floor something to get very interested at. It really looked like they all were converging on the building, the undead dressed up in various overalls and clothes that certainly wouldn't match someone who worked at the downtown when they were alive. She kicked herself off the floor, pouncing to the side and starting to climb along the pane, clearing that first story just in time, the claws flailing inches from her feet.

Those few inches of gap were a slight comfort as she glanced down-- long way down. And that's when she spotted the things climbing along the walls. She did have her gun behind her back, and she might've even had a chance against a few. But that'd mean stopping, letting the others gain in on her. As if the swing didn't have the adrenaline pumping, she was in a hurry now. She had to get over to the group, even if by the sounds of it, they might've been busy even without /this/. She pulled herself upwards as fast as she could, trying to support most of her weight off the grapple to not tire herself out. No time to think what she might face on the roof itself, just /move/.
Alice The gunfire died down for a brief moment before resuming, sounding far wilder and uncontrolled than it had been before. Laura is able to climb up over the edge of the roof in time to see undead spilling out of the rooftop entrance in untold numbers.

The surviving Umbrella Security along with the survivors she was trying to escape with were in the middle of fighting not only the undead but each other, Alice, Carlos, and the others making their way towards the Helicopter.

Slicing off the heads of two zombies who were about to grab Laura as she climbed over, Alice offered her hand to her and said, "Come on, we've got to make a break for it. If the dead don't kill us, the missile strike will."

Laura could see Carlos and the others boarding the back of the Helicopter, the Lickers starting to emerge over the edge of the rooftop.

Not waiting to see if Laura was going to follow her, Alice began to run across the roof killing any zombies in her way in a path towards the Helicopter.
Laura The boots that met her eyes first reaching the top of the roof certainly didn't promise much good, not to mention the growls the things didn't. She didn't have the time to pull for her pistol to try and defend herself after she pulled herself up as the two had their heads sliced apart. Atleast the source of the slicing was Alice, and she grabbed that offered hand, gladly accepting the help.

"No need to tell me twice!", she called out, dashing in after the black-clad woman. Swarming undead and whizzing bullets in the air with the gunfight, but she had no time for that, the roar of the chopper blades getting louder and louder as the rotors picked up speed amidst all the carnage.
Alice Laura and Alice make it to the chopper as it is spinning up, boarding the ramp in time to watch the Lickers come over the ledges of the rooftop and descend upon the remaining Umbrella Security forces; none of them would be making it out of the city.

At this point though, it was questionable if the rag-tag group of survivors would either.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Carlos yelled in his Spanish accent as the chopper began to take off the moment Alice and Laura were on-board.

The boarding ramp began to close behind Laura and they began to fly away from Raccoon City, perhaps too late.

In the distance they could see seven missile contrails heading towards the city, still several kilometers away...
Laura It certainly was a small miracle or sheer luck that Laura made it to the ramp, she could hear several /somethings/ lash just by her middle, her legs and her throat, just narrowly missing her, ending up on the helicopter ramp, just to see the things that were missing her-- instead darting towards the Umbrella Security whom seemed much more easier targets to hit.

The roar of the rotors was comforing, especially as the roof and unceasing mayhem continued, the the creatures on the roof becoming smaller and smaller, while the bright star over the horizon kept getting brighter and brighter.

"They're really going to do it, aren't they..", she mumbled to herself, before turning her attention to the others in the chopper. Maybe it was for the best-- there was nothing left in that cursed city for anyone.
Alice Alice nodded to Laura, "The t-Virus is the most dangerous weapon ever created, if Umbrella isn't stopped, the whole world will become like Raccoon City." She strapped in the little girl they had rescued and moved up to the cockpit to check on Carlos.

It was too late though.

Carlos screamed out loudly, "Hold the fuck on!"

The missiles hit Raccoon City.

The blast wasn't nuclear, if it was; the electronics in the chopper would have been fried.


Everything happened in a blur as the chopper was tossed about the turbulence caused by whatever had been detonated in Raccoon City; the tail end of the blasts force crumpling the tail rotor and sending the Blackhawk in an out of control spin.




Warning Alarms flashing.


The helicopter crashed into the Arklay Mountains as control was finally lost.


Sometime later....

Laura awoke to the frantic sound of Carlos voice, as the radio still attached to his shoulder crackled to life and the sounds of helicopters could be heard approaching. He had the little girl over his shoulder.

Alice could be seen impaled with a piece of wreckage through her stomach, lifeless eyes staring forward.

Helping Laura up, he said in a worried tone, "There's nothing we can do, if Umbrella gets to us, they'll probably kill us."
Laura Laura shuddered at the thought. Entire world infected with that. "Wouldn't be much of the world left with that, either.", she nodded. Sad, but very true, she thought. She remained seated on the back, her attention turning to the front at the loud scream. Her arms wrapped around some cargo netting on the wall, before the whole chopter was tossed about, feeling like a tin can being kicked down the road. She must've hit her head, as the next thing she recalled was waking up. It was Carlos she noticed first, using the hand offered to pull her up, noticing the tragedy. "Crap--", she said, taking a step forward, but it was clear that it was far too long gone. "Yeah..", she added, muttering a wordless 'thank you' to the lifeless Alice. She probably was the only reason she got out of the city, and it was a shame to leave her like that, but there was no time for anything fancy like that. "Anything I can help with?", she asked, glancing about something to grab along.
Alice "Nothing we have time for right now." Carlos joked with a swarthy grin at Laura, his latino heat shining through even as they made their escape, "For now, let us be glad we have our lives and the little girl is safe."


As the pair of survivors escaped into the forest they could see the unmarked helicopter setting down near the wreckage as black-clad commandos got out.

Nobody had noticed them though.

Laura Herron had escaped.

No doubt, her adventures would take her far beyond Raccoon City, her experiences guiding her forward into the future.
Ashley Graham A kiss? Ashley blinks at him and then just shakes her head. "You're bold as brass," She repeats, something she had told him in those earlier days in Raccoon City. "And we'll see. You'll have to be more than just 'not a disappointment' you know. If I kissed men who'd done me good turns I'd never have my lips to myself. I only kiss the ones I like," she tells him, almost matter-of-factly. She can't quite keep a straight face, and she goes back to the cake, diving in for one last bite as they've almost destroyed the thing. "Although if our date is anything like today, it'll be the cheesiest affair I've ever been to." She's not complaining. Her tone indicates just how happy that thought makes her.
Ashley Graham Ashley nods, blushing only slightly when he makes a quip about desert. But she smiles through it, grins even. "Yes, very fortunate isn't it?" she says, rhetorically. Leon has likely dated women, before. He knows what we are and how we respond. "My father's secretary always told me that it didn't count if it was off someone else's plate," she tells him, grinning even wider.

She'll sit back in her seat to let the server clear, nodding when he says they should get her back. "And you?" she presses him. "Will you spend the night living life up on the town?"
Ashley Graham Ashley takes the offered hand and brings herself to her feet with Leon's weight as a ballast. She'll hold his hand for perhaps a half second longer than she probably should, but she will relquinish it and pull on her coat. It's a lovely trench, long enough to cover her skirt and outfit, which she buttons and belts at the waist.

"I don't want to say he's in better spirits about it than I am," Ashley confesses. "But he is fully confident that resigning is the right thing to do, and he's already looking for some other way he'll be able to serve, to try and set this right. I have the guilt of those who tried to save me, but I think he has the guilt of everyone, all those he didn't know."

A shadow crosses that pretty face at the thought of the man. She's quiet after that, waiting for Leon to lead her out.
Ashley Graham Ashley seems rather surprised at the next offering of the man's hand, but she gently slides her own small, smooth one into his. And she smiles at him, letting him lead her out by the hand and walk beside her, hand-in-hand, once they reach the street. The little gesture makes her very happy and she lets it show.

"We all could have done more," Ashley says by way of consolation. "I could have done more. But you're right, we didn't know what it would be or how bad it would be. How could we? Even if we had, it would be like the story of Cassandra all over again." How's your Classical Greek, Leon? "That story exists for a reason."
Ashley Graham "I did, yes," Ashley answers readily enough. But not too readily, or anything like that. Just an easy, honest answer. "Would you mind terribly coming up with me for one minute? It won't take any longer than that." She's kept her hand in his as long as it was available, and once they're back in the hotel he can see that she's flushed pink even from their simple, innocent walk.

If he agrees, Ashley will push the button for the top floor and lead him into the elevator where they can ride up to her room.
Ashley Graham Listen to the fantastic music of course! "Most hotels don't have one penthouse. There's plenty of rich people in the world who'd be upset if there was only one," Ashley informs the other man. Ah, what different lives they lead.

Indeed, when the door opens, the floor looks like any other, though the room doors may seem further spaced apart. Ashley leads him down to one, which looks just like the rest but is at the end of the hall. She swipes the key, but before she opesn the door, she looks to Leon.

"Let me just check," she says, apologetically, and sticks her head inside. "Father?" She calls. There's no answer after a few moments and Ashley, deeming it safe, pushes the door open for Leon to follow.

It's a nice room. A full living room, a bar, a kitchenette, a balcony, two bedrooms. One is closed, that must be Jack's. The other is open, and that's where Ashley leads him.
Ashley Graham Ashley will only answer once they're in her bedroom, which is tiny. She closes the door behind Leon, and steps around him to make it to the bed. Then around it. "Just something I wanted to give back to you." Ah, three guesses as to what this could be.

Ashley brings a suitcase brought by Secret Service full of things in her size from the suitcase holder by the window. With a ladylike grunt she tosses it on the bed so the cheap matress bounces. Nice hotel rooms are still just hotel rooms, after all. Unzip! And she's digging through her clothes. Mostly white button downs and black slacks, because that's what SS provides you in these situations.

Until she finds it. The Glock. Her hand wraps around the handle, fingers all away from the trigger, to pull it out from between two shirts. "This is yours," she reminds him, turning the handle in his direction and offering it over.
Ashley Graham "You're welcome," she says. "It's yours anyway. Although the security guy gave me quite a scolding about getting it re-registered now that it's no longer your service weapon," she tell him, though without much heart to it. In truth she doesn't give a flying fortress if he registers it or not. "I'm going to get my own," she tells him, puffing up slightly as if to seem tougher. "I'm going to get a conceal carry license and take some classes." It will make her feel safe, no doubt.

And then she smiles for him. "As you can see there's hardly room for you here by the floor anyway," she informs him. "So even if you did miss it, no luck here." Her smile forms into a teasing grin.
Ashley Graham Ashley grins at him in the bright light of her small room. "Well, stop sleeping on the floor /there/," she tells him teasingly, knowing he's been ending up there anyway because of the trauma. But she tries to keep it light and easygoing. "Lord above knows you deserve your own bed, now."

And now is that awkward moment. Is it goodbye for the night? Who can say. But Ashley does take a half-step forward. "If it's alright," she begins, and leans in to kiss his cheek in a fond but chaste gesture. "If we are going on a date tomorrow, I wanted to do that now. Before anything. I just can't express all you've done for me, Leon. I can't express what you've meant to me. I hope that just scratches the surface for conveying it all."
Ashley Graham "Then I'm glad too," Ashley says, with a very honest smile on her features. And then the quiet settles, that awkward moment. It's particularly awkward between two young people in a bedroom. Young, attractive, vivacious. There's no awkward activity, just the awkward sense of the situation. But Ashley just smiles.

"I'll get the door," she says, moving to step around him to indeed open the door if he'll step out of the way. It's a small room, remember. "Try and sleep as well as you can," she says as she reaches for it. "And tomorrow ... I'll see you tomorrow?" There's hope in her tone. Hope that he'll reaffirm everything they discussed earlier in the night.
Ashley Graham "Don't fuss too much about it," Ashley says with a smile, her hand on the doorknob ready to let him out so he can move, quietly, to the exit. Already they're sneaking around the current President of the United States. "Really, I'm not very difficult to please," she assures him, grinning a touch more now. It's an innocent grin, that if Leon has a gutter brain and took that comment to the gutter, it's clear she wouldn't follow.

"Have a good night," she says more quietly, ready to open the door for him when he's ready to turn and go.
Alice Alice runs into the cab with a motorcycle and shoots everyone inside. The End.