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James Scott

James still isn't too comfortable going out in public again, but regardless he's found himself on a shopping trip. He's starting to look like a bit like he did before the outbreak, sporting a pair of khaki colored jeans and Dwarves t-shirt covered by a light jacket. "Getting about tired of all these people."
Ashley Graham Retail therapy: It's a thing, look it up. Ashley Graham, the soon-to-be former first daughter of the soon to be former President of the United States, is taking her retail therapy very seriously. She exits one of the higher-end clothing shops just now, looking much as she did before the outbreak as well. She wears hunter green shorts, underneath which are black tights that tuck into grey ankle booties. She also wears a chiffon cream blouse, tucked into the shorts. Her hair is twisted to the side in a widefishtail braid, and while she doesn't wear much makeup she does have a bright red lipstick on. With a purse on her shoulder and a bag in each hand, the kinda-famous survivor makes her way into the street.

She's only kinda famous in that, by now, news pundits have picked up that POTUS' daughter was in Raccoon City for the majority of the outbreak. But she's not appeared publicly, and given no interviews. So it's a known fact she was there, but she herself might not be recognized unless someone's into watching the news and the inauguration.
Wimp Lo     Relatively unaffected by the outbreak, Wimp Lo is still on holdover. America was not a country he thought he would have to visit. The weather is clear enough so he's just in his rather stereotypical robes, green suit held up over his right shoulder while he subtly advertises selling it at a great discount.. should anyone really feel like buying a designer suit at a discount from a foreigner, even! Otherwise, he's just idly ambling on and exploring the area.
Emma Emma had taken the stroll out with James. There has been a need to get out, and also get some toys for her dog Shaemus. Maybe some clothes. Begin the rebuild. This redheaded lass is walking along side him, sipping a to go cup of tea. Her steps are light and graceful, her long red hair swaying around her. "Yer -- yer gonna need ta get use ta this, James." For a second she stops and looks at a shop, at some of the clothes and then presses on. There is a fading bruise on one eye, one around her neck and one on her jaw. No lie, this Scottish lass looks a little tired and worn. "Where do - do ya think tha pet store is?" Looking to him she asks in her soft, sweet, yet fairly thick Scottish accent.
Yoko Suzuki Yoko has never been one for retail therapy personally, so instead of being out here to use shopping as a way of therapy, she's merely here because she feels like she needs to get out for awhile and explore the general area. Her usual jacket and shirt have been replaced with a generic grey sweatshirt, but other than that she still looks like her typical self. The only other thing missing is her backpack, which she's chosen to leave in her hotel room for now. She seems a bit uneasy, but that's just because of what she's been through. She's still getting accustomed to real life again, and she's been having flashbacks too.

Sighing to herself, Yoko stops to look at the directory, her finger running over the map before she finds what she's looking for. "There's the computer store, and it's near the food court too." A slight smile forms on her face as she sees the variety of options. "Maybe I'll go get something to eat after I check out the computer store."
Ashley Graham Ashley squints from her place in front of one of the nicer stores. That red hair, she knows that red hair. She only met Emma once, in passing, in a crazy day in the hospital when Ashley's friend Candice was there for an allergy to alcohol or something. Ashley never learned her name, but who could miss that hair?

"Excuse me!" she calls out, lifting a bag in Emma's general direction. Quickly Ashley makes her way down the steps toward the bruised woman and the unknown man. "Excuse me!" she calls out again, closing the distance between herself and the pair.

"Excuse me," she says at last when she approaches them. "but you worked with Doctor Berger, is that correct?"
James Scott James Scott starts to say something, a snarky reply no doubt, but stops, his attention turning to Ashley as she approaches. "Yeah, we evacuated with him." From behind his shades he lets his gaze drop, he's definitely seen the woman before. "Wait, I know you. You were taking political science, right?" Maybe she'd seen him around the campus, he /was/ at all the hot parties and friends with all the hot people.
Emma When you surivie something like Racoon City, with a group of people, you get to know them. When James goes to start on snark, eyes are fixed on him. They say 'You really going to get snarky with me?'. It's the way a sister looks to a brother, to best desrible it. Before Emma can give a response suddenly someone is calling out to her. Why her of all people? Looking this way and that big grey eyes settle on Ashley. The face rings a bell, but it's only faintly. Something about a sick friend. Shyly the redhead nods. "Aye I -- I do." There is another look at James. In doing so eyes pass over the familar form of Lo, and the unfamilar one of Yoko, who is looking at the directory, which is a good idea. "As James said, we left with him. Were ya needin' something?" This is asked when she looks at Ashley again.
Wimp Lo     Wimp Lo scritches at his chin. When someone makes a loud explicitation and flapping and squawking erupts, Lo complains. "Sparky, I tell you no hassle the locals, and that the sprinkle on floor is not food." a quick duck and grab pulls the lead on the white/brown plumed rooster's harness and reigns the bird back to Lo's side. "Walk with Lo, talk with Lo." he pauses a moment.
    "Scooby and gang are here, emo boy and shaggy-girl not want suit but good people is Lo's intuition. Think other girl will want suit?" he rambles on, getting a reply from Sparky in the form of a pluck to his shin. "Fine, we go say hi. Silly bird." putting on a warm smile and walking over to Emma and James and company with a wave of his leash-holding hand. "Hello, it's the cool kids again!"
Yoko Suzuki Meanwhile, Yoko just so happens to be heading in the general direction where Emma, James, and Ashley are meeting up right now. She isn't really looking forwards though, instead with her hands in her pockets and looking down at the ground as she walks. She has her head raised just enough to see the legs of other people, but isn't really paying much attention otherwise. It's not until she gets close enough to hear the talking that she looks up. At first, she thinks about saying hello to those she might know, but something keeps her from speaking up, so she simply stands by idly, almost like there's something else on her mind.
James Scott "I bumped into you between classes, think we might've went to a few of the same parties." James offers Ashley, gaze shifting out over the crowd. Catching sight of Lo approaching, a look crosses his face, one that says 'great, this asshole again' without him actually having to.

But, then he sees Yoko too. "Hey, Yoko. Haven't seen you since that rally." Wasn't exactly a great day for him, but he offers a pleasant smile and nod regardless. Apparently being a college student increases your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Emma Her hand comes out to shake Ashely's. Emma's hand is delicate, soft, but she has the perfecr grip. "Aye, we -- we did. He is fine, yer wantin' ta get in touch? We.. can let him know." There is a kind smile, around the bruises. When Lo arrives he gets a small smile and nod, but steps up to look closer to the bird. "Oy, lovely." Always the animal lover! She looks to James briefly, pats his arm and then looks at Yoko. "Yo -- you okay, there?" She asks gently to the woman, that shy, sweet manner of her ever present.
Ashley Graham "Oh, I'd appreciate that," Ashley says with an audible sigh of relief at Emma's words. "If you might just tell him that Ashley sends her warmest regards? Thank you, really." And then she turns as she hears people being addressed behind her. There's two people, two strangers. And a rooster.

"Jesus," Ashley swears under her breath, taking a half-step back from the rooster. They have claws, or feet, or whatever. Sharp bits. And a beak! Beaks are sharp too. Maybe not quite the animal lover that Emma is.
Wimp Lo     Lo and Sparky, mostly sparky, conjure up a bit of noise and fluttering. Lo bends down to pick the cock up and rest him underarm, "Sparky wanted a walk, and I wanted to see if anyone wanted to buy suit here for reasonable price." he says with a warm smile near the group, not quite inserting himself or interjecting further. Sparky seems to have wary eyes on Emma after that comment of hers!
Yoko Suzuki Yoko looks up, and takes notice of James Marcus. Almost immediately, her neutral look turns into a scowl again. She starts to open her mouth as if she wants to say something to James, but then her mouth closes, and she looks away, still scowling. Apparently, the memories of what happened with her roommate and James are still fresh in her mind, and she's still distrusting of him. That is, until she remembers what went down in Raccoon City, and the scowl turns into a look of uneasiness and sadness. She looks up and nods to James. "Y-yes, it... has been a while, hasn't it?" She forces out, before looking to Emma. She tries to smile but she just can't.

"I'm... it's nothing, really..." Yoko tries to sound pleasant, but the way she's talking indicates there's definitely something on her mind and she's not saying anything about it.
James Scott "It'll all work out in the end." James reaches up to adjust some of his recently bleached hair, only to end up knocking those glasses from his face. The cheap plastic hits the ground and skids some, one of the lenses popping out. "Dammit!" the teen hisses, squeezing his eyes shut immediately. "Ah, can somebody hand me those, please?"
Emma Emma looks to the rooster a moment. Many a mornings she was woken up by one. She stands back up - having knelt down, as to respect the animals space and looks to Yoko, frowning a touch. "Yer -- yer free ta talk, miss. With no judgment." The smile is so kind, but true too. "Aye I -- I can." Replying to Ashley finally there is a jump when James looses his glasses. Agile also, her hand snatches them up and goes to hand them off to him. "Here ya go. Got'em."
Ashley Graham "Jesus, are you alright?" Ashley asks of James when the glasses go off and he seems to need them in order to, well, do anything. She looks concerned, but Emma seems to have it well in hand. So the blonde turns back to the rest of the group, smiling politely and warmly to Yoko, some of the concern remaining there. But she doesn't know the other girl, so she doesn't really speak up on it, just now. Emma seems to have that covered to.

But Lo and the rooster? That it seems does require a verbal response from the girl. And she just grins, a wide, amused, and happy grin. Civilzation and all of its oddities! It's wonderful to be back.

"I'm afraid I don't wear terribly many suites, sir," she tells Lo, apologetically. "But if I did I'm sure you'd make some of the best."
Wimp Lo     Lo gives Sparky a reassuring pat, "It's okay miss Emma, Sparky has a very deep issue with women. Never help Lo with a single date, even when ask!" he explains, "Don't even like Lo's sisters, before move from Szechuan, they even help nurse him when Lo rescue- still don't like them. Sparky lucky bird." then his eyes turn to Ashley.
    "I give you good price on this suit, maybe gift for some lucky person." he offers with an excited chime and wink to Ashley. James' glasses are snagged before Lo has time to react or get Sparky on the case, so only a passing look had been given- he can't break his stride now! Though he does have something to say should this peddling not be successful.
Yoko Suzuki Looking to Emma, Yoko nods a little. "Thank you, miss, I appreciate the offer." She sighs again. "Honestly, it's nothing personal, I'm just... well... it's a lot of things at once." Perhaps if Emma and Yoko knew they were survivors of Raccoon City, they might understand better.
James Scott James Scott takes the sunglasses with a slight nod, "Thanks." Not noticing the missing lense he opens his eyes back up, revealing to Yoko and Ashley a crimson eye with a slitted pupil, which they may recognize as belonging to the undead that claimed Raccoon City. The color drains from his face and he moves to quickly snatch up that wayward lens.
Emma Emma frowns, and looks to the rooster. "Poor thing." She says to Lo, feeling for the animal. Looking up at the attempt at suit selling she smirks a bit, looking over to Ashley as she regards the animal and chuckles a little. Her attention then turns to Yoko. Emma has a fading black eye, bruise on her jaw and a fading bruise ring around her net. Even if she doesn't know Yoko is another suviror, those grey-green eyes are full of sympathy. If allowed, a hand would touch her arm, in a gesture of quiet, calming support. It's matched with a small smile, until James who is suddenly pale. Having seen the eye - though used to it, there is a quick sharp inward breath. Unsure on how they will take it. "Oy look! I think that's ah -- um, Bruce Willis!" A random name comes to mind, as she points towards a shop down the way, trying to distract.
Ashley Graham Ashley might have some retort about the suit. Something sweet, but funny, and witty, in a perfect world.

But who can pay attention to a suit when there's a hundred thousand flashbacks here, all of the sudden? She stares, her lovely blue eyes wide at the sight of one of James' own.

She doesn't run, or scream, or even turn and shout "BRUCE WILLIS WHERE?!" Rather she just stares, wide-eyed, at James for a few moments. Her usually pale face is even more pale, now.

"Jesus," she whispers.
Wimp Lo     Sparky seems more uneasy now, squawking, "Sparky, quiet. We know Jesus is listening already." he looks around with mild confusion, then shrugs. He'd already seen James' eyeglow, and just assumes he's got contacts on. "If Emma is okay with them, I'm sure they good girls, not going to make you into soup." the sentiment has the bird settle more comfortably in Lo's underarm hold. "Maybe later, give you some duck and sesame rice. Be good today, give you good homemade dinner." still consoling the bird, though the mood seems to have shifted away and Lo can't quite grasp why.
Yoko Suzuki As soon as Yoko gets a glimpse of James's eye, she blinks and does a double-take. She looks to the others and then hears the name Bruce Willis. Yoko glances briefly, then shakes her head, before looking to Emma. "Uh... I don't think so..." She whispers loudly before starting to move away from James.
James Scott "I'm not one of them." James says quietly, popping the lens into place. "I got infected before the outbreak, I'm not contagious. Otherwise Emma and Markus would be dead." He takes a few steps back, rubbing at the base of his neck. "I should've stayed in my room today."
Emma Emma frowns and goes to stand beside James, looking to the others. "James wa -- was unfortunate ta, ta get a strain that doesn't mutate inta one'of.. them." It's left to assume they know what she means. "Caused some disfigurement, aye. But, he has been tested, watched. If he were dangerous he'd not be here." Words are level, and calm. Said with knowledge and understanding. She looks to James and pats his arm. "It's-- it's okay. Ya need ta live too."
Ashley Graham "No, I imagine he wouldn't," Ashley agrees, still looking at James with awe all over her features. She looks to Emma, then back to the man. "Everyone had to be checked before they were released, we all know that. So you wouldn't be out here if you hadn't been cleared," she says again, this time with more conviction, more confidence.

"Who am I to question what brilliant doctors and scientists have deemed to be safe?" Which is funny considering they just had an entire town wiped off the map due to work by scientists and doctors. But Ashley doesn't seem to see the problem with that. Nope, none at all. She's not smiling, everything's not hunky dory. But she's not glaring at James either. So maybe it's okay?
Wimp Lo     Lo chimes in, "Well, nobody is hurting anybody, we should all find some ice cream and talk about what we're planning on! Like Lo, he plan to sell suit and get flight back home. Air here too clean, make Lo and Sparky immune systems go haywire, too many air symptom, bad for health." he admits.
Yoko Suzuki "Infected before the outbreak?" Yoko asks, now scowling a little again. "You mean to tell me that all this time, you've been like one of them?" She seems very concerned and suspicious. "Is there something you're not telling us?" She holds her hands on her hips.
James Scott "I ran into the animals outside the city, there was an accident. Chad's car was wrecked, we got hit by a semi, and it got hit by a van. There were eight of us out there, only Chad and I survived, Beth was one of the ones that didn't make it. Not too long after that I was bitten by another infected dog outside Jack's bar." James clenches his fists, now even more unhappy about being here. But he didn't explain anything to Yoko the first time. "I got hit by a car and died, but the school announced that. Whatever changed my eyes brought me back, but it didn't turn me into one of them. I got lucky. That answer your questions, or do you still hate me?"
Emma "James." Emma says, trying to be that calming anchor right now. "Stop'n breath, okay?" There is worry, and a brief frown that betrays that. Looking to the others a hand runs through her long red hair. "James is -- is unfortunate, that he got a strain. But he be no danger ta anyone. Markus'n I have examined an' tested him." Eyes move betweem Yoko and Ashley, still doing her best to be the calm, level anchor. Finally her eyes settle on Lo. "Yer right, ice cream sounds good." Topped with scotch would be even better.
Ashley Graham "The bar," Ashley says mostly to herself, musing quietly. There's some recognition there, she somehow knows something about that. But it's not important to bring it up here now, so she doesn't.

"Assuming the CDC or military doctors that brought us all out cleared you, then there's nothing else to say as far as I'm concerned." She looks around at the group and then back to Emma.

"I'm afraid I can't join you, but do please pass my name along to Doctor Berger. I was very worried for him." Then a slight smile, not quite as warm and friendly as before given the cloud over things, is passed around to each member of the group. "Please excuse me, and have a good evening."
Yoko Suzuki Sighing a little, Yoko shrugs her shoulders. "Look, I'm sorry, but I really should be getting back to my place." She nods a little before turning and walking away. Apparently, her trip to the computer store will have to wait...
Wimp Lo     Sparky and Lo give a chuff. "Customers gone, no sell suit." he looks to Emma and James. "Ice cream, yes? Should be fun." he offers with a returning smile, the bird squawking. "Duck and rice after."
James Scott "I think I'll be leaving." James says quietly. His sunglasses start to glow once more, but this time it's clearly not from anger. "You coming, Emma? I understand if you have more you want to do."
Emma The trio are standing in the mall, after a tense moment. Wimp Lo is here with a.. rooster. Emma and James are talking with him. The redhead seems a touch on edge looking between the two. "Ice cr --" About to take up Lo's offer so they could all get past the previous tension she turns when James asks about leaving, and sees his eyes glowing. "Ah I -- I am sorry, Lo. I think we may need ta go."
Silent Night By pure chance, and in no way any orthodox or unorthodox method of position acquiring, Archene has been walking through the mall. He has been mostly sight seeing and having a look at a number of places, despite buying nothing. Now, however, he is not far from the trio. Though as soon as he noticed them, he began walking their way. His usual smile and shades on his face while rather plain jeans and white t-shirt covers his body. As he gets within earshot, he speaks loud enough for them to hear, "James. Emma." He glances at Wimp Lo, before continuing, "Also sight seeing around here?" Clearly, he hadn't heard anything from before, or noticed James glowing eyes.
Wimp Lo     With James and Emma trying to slip free, Lo turns to the newcomer and.. would offer a wave, but hands full of cock and suit. "Hello, stranger! Would you like to buy suit? Good quality, genuine ballistic weave, sell to you for cheap!" he exclaims, Sparky(the rooster) squawks, "See, even cock say good deal!"
James Scott "Was. Up until I knocked my glasses off my face. Was going to get out of here." James does offer Archene a slight nod though. "All these people are making me unbomfortable." Which is probably a good way to get shot if any Crips happen to be up in the are from 7 mile. "/Real/ unbomfortable." he repeats, cutting an unseen gaze towards the suit and sparky.
Emma Archenes arrival only gets a brief notice, and any reply to James is delayed because.. Wimp Lo, said something to make her laugh. Really laugh. Not that almost fake/forced type, but finally a real, true, spirited laugh. She laughs so hard tears need to be wiped from her eyes. It's a nice change of pace from her as of late down mood. Finally, she may be improving.
Silent Night Archene looks at Lo, then at the suit then at his cock, before turning back to James... He frowns a bit at what he hears before he looks again at Lo, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested on it. Green doesn't match me too well." He looks back to James before saying, "Then should get going, try to... Not get too worked up." He smiles lightly at him... before he lets out what can be only considered a happy sigh as he hears Emma's laugh. It was good to see that the girl's mood was improving.
James Scott James' nose turns slightly and he reaches into his jacket, though he stops just short of grabbing the pistol holstered there when he realizes that he isn't in Raccoon City anymore. "Yeah, that just may be a good idea." That glow is back, but it's definitely from anger this time. "Suppose I'll see you around."
Wimp Lo     Lo turns to Emma with some confusion, head tilted. "Did girl break? Sparky, you have new weapon not tell Lo about?" the bird just turns to stare at Lo with one beady eye and chuff. Cmon, seriously? Then Lo sighs, "Well, worth try, brother put suit on Lo, now Lo try to sell because it get his bosses at home upset Lo have fancier suit than them." he murmurs, "Anyway, girl and sunglasses here just stood Lo up for ice cream." he nods to Archene, "You want go instead? Sparky tired of just with Lo all time, needs to socialize."
Emma It takes a few minutes for Emma to come down from her laughing. Using the palm of her hand she wipes some tears from her eyes and sighs, in a way that suggests it was good to laugh. "Hi -- hi Archene." He finally gets a greeting. Ice cream becomes the topic that draws her in. "Ice -- ice cream sounds good." She turns to James. "Ya could use some, too. Cool down'n relax?"
Silent Night "Hello, hello, Emma." Archene smiles at her before letting out a sigh, "I think that may not really be the best of the ideas, you know how James is, he needs a bit of space and peace to relax. I wouldn't think that, it would be too appropriate for him to go somewhere like that given the company." He smiles softly at her before looking at Lo, "It is not a good time for ice cream, I'm more inclined to eat chicken heart or something else warm." He smiles warmly at Sparky and Lo.
James Scott "Or a nice helping of fried chicken gizzards." James tacks onto Archene's statement. Though Emma gets a slight nod, even if he doesn't look too happy. "Just have to remember we can't shoot people out in the street. Shame, really. Feel naked without my bat."
Wimp Lo     Lo nods to the aforementioned mentions of not-icecream. "Lo agree, get some of that fried chicken place, with the Colonel guy. Sparky love that place." he says with a nod, Sparky gives a bob of his head. "Have to give bird good mix of protein and grain, or they get lame. Sparky's good plumage not just from breeding, Lo give him lots of duck and chicken so he can be best cock he can be."
Benny Benny has been rather busy of late, right after they landed in Denver he was driven to the hospital to get treatment for his collapsed lung and he had to stay there for a few nights while they monitored him.

He's suffering from a bit of cabin fever, so he decided to sign himself out and go for a walk. He got a few text message from his Raccoon City survivor team mates and decided to go meet with them at the Denver Pavillions.

As he walks by all the people, who are just shopping or going to work he glances at everyone curiously almost cautiously as he avoids getting too close to people. He's dressed like a normal person today, leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Benny's been so on edge since being trapped in Raccoon City, he's still in surival mode, probably tempted to run towards one of the garbage bins to rifle through it for scavenged goods.

As he gets closer to one of the stores, where his friends said they would be he speeds up a bit, his gait almost going to a jog and he stops just outside the circle where everyone is standing. "Hey everybody. Archene, James and Emma." He then kneels down and gives Shaeumus a good rubbing behind his ears. "Sorry, I'm late. I got lost, never been to Denver before. How is everyone doing?" He glances up towards Wimp Lo, giving the man a faint but polite smile and then blinks when he see's Sparky, the rooster. "Oh, hi. I'm Benny by the way. I don't think we've met?" He gives Shaeumus a few more pats on the head, then stands and extends a hand towards the stranger in greeting.
Emma "Aye.." Emma says to Archene, not about chicken innards but more about James. She rubs at the bruise around her neck. "James ya -- ya sure yer okay?" Her head whips around, eyes fix on Lo. Then go to Sparky. Then back to him. "Yer -- yer sayin' yer.. rooster.. likes fried chicken?" This strikes her as a form of cannibalism. Still not as strange as zombies. A hand whips up to her mouth, there is a desperate attempt to stifle laughter. It's nearly to much and it's hard to hide. There are a few gasps as she tries to keep steady but again the rolling laughter emerges. Hugging herself a little she shakes her head. Nope. This can't be happening. When Benny arrives she turns to give him a smile. There is still that bruised black eye, bruised jaw and bruise around her neck. Unable to speek a hand lifts, as if in attempt to say sorry. Luckily a fountain is near by, because she needs to sit!
Silent Night "Oh, hello Benny, being able to walk around fine and all now?" Archene asks Benny as he notices the man arriving, clearly in a warmer mood than just priveiously, "It is alright, I'm alright. Mostly healed up, just can't do too many physical activities. Hope you are enjoying hte city though." He smiles, as if nothing like nothing wrong had ever happened.

Archene seems to be able to mention and explain how roosters usually eat chicken, but just shakes his head as he hears Emma laughing again. Maybe it has really been good to her to walk around and about like this.
James Scott "Chickens like meat, they'll peck each other to death and eat whatever's left." James probably wouldn't have said anything if he were in a better mood. He does offer Benny, "Don't get too close, him acting like an idiot is an act. He'll probably steal your wallet. Know how us criminals are."
Wimp Lo     Lo pauses, confused, "Sparky, you do something to girl. I onto you now." he says while eyeing his cock warily. Then, Benny makes an appearance, seems to be on good terms with Shaemus and the gang. He gives a little cough and makes a quick inquiry, a little bit of a test in cantonese. "<You know scooby and the gang here? I'll let up if you do. Was having a little fun with the whole 'That guy in rush hour with the suit'.>" though the only english words were Scooby and Rush hour, and the cartoonish accent isn't present for that, but he does reply to James' aside on chickenabalism with, "It true, bigger cock bully smaller one until make dinner. Sparky big guy, good luck. Hang with Lo and reap benefits." he says with a nod, waiting to see Benny's response as well.
Benny "I'm doing better, doctor says I should make a full recovery but yeah I can't really train or work out until I've healed up some more. Thanks for asking Archene. You look none the worse for wear? Wow, have to refer me to the hospital that you went too." Benny replies to Archene with a slight grin and quirks an eyebrow slighlty at James comments about Lo. "I think I've come quite late into this conversation...because I'm not sure what you guys are all talking about? Roosters eating fried chickens?"

Benny then listens to Lo as he speaks cantonese to him, luckily his parents grew up speaking it to him and he's fairly fluent. Benny speaks Cantonese to Lo "<You speak Cantonese very well. Scooby? Oh, referring to Shaemus. Yes, these are my friends. And thank you for dropping the act. I wouldn't want there to be any misunderstandings.>"

He then glances towards Emma, noticing that she's still bruised up but at least he heard her laughing which is a good sign. "How are you feeling, Emma?" He then looks towards Achene, James and Emma saying, "Oh we were speaking Cantonese. He's going to drop his act now. Guess he just thought it was funny, trying to act like that guy from the Rush Hour movies. Jackie Chan's partner."
Emma It takes a couple minutes for Emma to stop lauging. Using the palm of her hand she wipes away the tears and shakes her head, sighing. Shaemus seems to hover around Benny, woofing happily. She stands up slowly and brushes the hair from her face. "Un -- unreal." Seems the laugh was needed. It kind of makes up for those awful looking burises. "I'm.. hungry." Which is something she hasn't done since they arrived, which was eat. Nodding to Lo, the redhead turns to regard Benny. "Okay." There is a small shrug, then a frown. "You okay? Yer healin' up okay?"
Silent Night Archene chuckles a bit at Benny's words, "It is just what corporate doctors can get me. The price is too much for me to suggest anyone to go to them, but at least, the company paid for my expenses." He chuckles quietly before smiling at Benny, "But I'm glad there is also no problem on your side."

As he hears about the...playfulness of Lo, "Oh, I see." He looks at Lo, through his shades for a few moments almost appraisingly before smiling.

As he hears Shaemus woofing by Benny, he sighs telling him, Shaemus, "You didn't even react like that to me, I even tried finding you tasty things when I went out." He reaches a hand to pet the dog.
James Scott "Of course I had to take German rather than Cantonese." James may secretly be an old man, because somehow he just seems like he's getting angrier, had a bate of it if you will. "Would have been nice if we didn't have to deal with it in the first place. It's hard to believe anybody is actually that stupid." He pauses to think, "Well, if they are they deserve to have their asses beat and jewelery stolen."
Wimp Lo     Lo shakes his head, "No, like that clothes stall guy that clothed jackie chan's partner, after the whole stripped and dumped on highway bit." he mentions, his accent having dissolved completely. Atleast, it sounds american more than chinese. "I really am trying to sell this suit though, some cheap stuff. Starched in places you'd think was ceramic, lots of inside pockets. Think it's either cashmere or silk. Average Joe wouldn't know the difference or care really." he grunts, cracking his neck. "Really though, the offer for ice cream was real, heck, we can just make it a night out if nobody objects. Sparky really does need to socialize more, cock gets restless without mixed company. Doesn't know how good he's got it." he nods to Emma. "Reckon if everyone and the dog are fine around you he should warm up in time." glancing this way and that. "Though if I'm playing it real." he lets Sparky down to the ground and carefully rolls up the suit, handing the hangar off to Sparky, whom bites at the hook with suit resting on his back. "Sparky bring this back to the room and come back. If we aren't here, then we're at that creamery. Got some duck and sesame rice waiting for you as part of dinner." with that, Sparky kergahs and clucks off quickly.
    "Good bird, smart. Still not too bright though."
Benny Benny pays attention to Shaemus again as he whoofs near him, reaching over to pat and rub between the friendly Newfoundlander's ears. "That's a good boy, Shaemus." he says to whom Lo referred to as Scooby.

"I'm doing fine, Emma. It will take more than a few hundred rounds of a minigun from a mutant undead freak to ruin my day." He winces a bit as he rubs his chest with the palm of his hand and then puts on his big boy face, hiding the pain he's feeling. He probably shouldn't have jogged that short distance to get here, since the doctor told him not to do any strenuous physical activity for a while. "I'm glad to hear you laugh though. Oh, if your hungry we should go grab a bite to eat. I'm tired of hospital food to be honest."

Benny, then turns to Archene, "Oh, the corporation covered your medical bills and got you a swanky private clinic? Oh wait, do you work for Tricell? That was the logo on the helicopter that picked us up right?" He then smirks a bit when Archene sighs as Shaemus pays more attention to him rather than the tall secret agent man. "Oh, don't take it too personal Archene. He'll warm up to you in no time, he's so friendly and stuff." He glances to James, noticing that he seems a bit irritated, which is the general mood that he seems to be in most of the time since he's met the man. "Calm down James. No harm done right?"

He nods to Lo and then blinks, "Oh, I had forgotten about that scene from the movie. My mistake then. Well, that is a generous offer of the ice cream but I'm not sure stores or restaurants will let you carry a...uh, rooster in...oh it understands you and follows directions?" He stares at Sparky as it bites the hangar, clucking and then walks away. "Don't see that everyday..."
Emma Emma glances to James. "We're safe 'ere." She says, gently with a smile, and looks to Shaemus. He looks up and around then turns to woof at Archene. Wagging his tail. Those grey-green eyes turn to Lo, and study him a momemt. "Have.. have ya tried a pawn shop at all? Yer maybe gonna have luck there? I hope people'r fine around me. I -- I'd make a poor doctor otherwise." Then she regards Benny. The pained look isn't lost on her, frowning more she goes to take his arm, blushing a little while directing him to hit. "Yer -- yer needin' rest, doctors orders. Ya don't wanna get on my bad side, right? Can eat when yet rested." Then she looks up as the rooster walks away. Her jaw drops. "Oy, that's-- wow. If ours birds did that on tha acreage dad'n never of turned them inta dinner." Even Shaemus stops a second to watch, totally confused.
James Scott James Scott goes to open his mouth, but instead ends up grinding his teeth, glaring at Benny. The light behind his shades glows so intense that he could be mistaken for an animatronic. He simply turns and stalks away, not saying where he's going.
Wimp Lo     Lo nods to Benny, "Well, then they can contest my emotional-support-animal prescription and get sued." he says with a smirk. "Sparky helps with the flashbacks, pecks when I start going weird." then he glances to Emma, "Pawn shop won't buy a suit with mismatched tags, I'd get less than the ten bucks I gave my asshat brother for it. Unlike me, he makes a living peddling like one of those cartoony guys and trying to appeal to the hysteria of the area." he mentions. "Don't think he'd mess with an actual survivor, but still. If I can turn a hundred-ten bucks on this, I'm golden to pay for the misfortune on this trip. Also, my sisters trained Sparky, only way they coaxed him into letting them nurse him. Every time I ask them, they give ME the whole 'ancient chinese secret' line." then James starts leaving like that.
    "Emma, don't go after him unless you're sure you can calm him down. Or he might end up resentful of it for a while, and you'll eventually wind up victimizing yourself by constantly following in the wake of every mood he swings into." a nod, "Speaking from experience." it actually isn't -too- long before Sparky returns triumphantly and Lo bends at his knees to hold the bird in his arms and stand. "Someone's getting extra duck."
Benny Benny lets Emma grab his arm to guide him to sit down, his own cheeks flushing a bit now as she fusses over him about his injury. "Oh, I'm fine, really Emma. Just forgot for a second that i had to take it easy." Silly doctors and stuff always trying to make him relax or slow down. He shakes his head gently being stubborn and refuses to sit down to prove to Emma that he is fine.

He blinks, when James glares at him and gets a tad uncomfortable when those glowy red eyes of his starts lighting up behind his sunglasses. "James...I meant no offence. Just didn't want any trouble starting is all. We've survived a terrible tragedy and I for one am thankful to be alive." He looks towards Archene for support on this, "I didn't get a chance to thank you for the ride out of there I don't think. I owe ya. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, that I'm unemployed but hopefully we can all stay in touch." He looks towards James as he stalks away in anger. "You too James." He calls out to the moody man with the shades.

He turns his attention to Wimp Lo, quirking an eyebrow slightly at the fellow Asian's explaination of his family and how his sister trained Sparky. But then gets a bit offended when he talks about James, offering advice to Emma without even knowing what their little group has gone through. How could he really? They survived a zombie apocalpyse together. "Hey, you don't know what he's going through or what any of us have gone through. So keep your opinions to yourself, until you you've gotten to know us okay?" He points to James. "That guy risked his life for us."

Benny, then shakes his head as Sparky returns and walks after James. "Hey, James...wait up. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to piss you off. Let's talk about this, over some food."
James Scott James Scott lifts a finger when Benny walks over to where he, though it quickly turns back into a clenched fist. "You don't even see it." His tone is dark and low, much like it was before he killed Ricky. "Maybe when you do we can talk. But I doubt it." With that he keeps walking, not looking back at the group.
Emma " He's-- he's hurtin'." Emma says to Lo with a frown about James. The bit about the therapy is curious. But that isn't something to press now. She says something in Gaelic as Benny stands, rolling her eyes some. Going forward when James flairs up she'd go to step between the two. If someone gets hurt, it'll be her - that's the hope. "Ya both take it -- it easy." She says gently. But James is walking away. "See what?" She asks, but doesn't seem to think he'll reply.
Silent Night "Yeah, they tend to pay for most things I need. I even got a Chateau now." Archene smiles, "But yes, Tricell Cosmetics. With all those skin and hair products." He smiles brightly, almost as if proud of his job! He chuckles at Benny's words on Shamus, smiling rahter happily as the dog woofs at him as well, like someone who just acomplished their mission, "Hope he does, he is a really nice one. And it is good to see him more energetic now." He smiles softly before looking at James' back as he leaves, frowning slightly.

"James," He just sighs giving Benny a pat on the shoulder as he goes James' way, and quietly telling him, "Thanks for that, I have to be going for now, but I hope James stays well. He went through a lot, we all did." He sighs, "Let him know I also hope he feels well soon. I have to be going my way for now, have to speak with a few contacts in the city. Hope to talk with you later before we leave the hotel." He gives Benny a nod before turning to Emma and giving her half a smile, "Hope, all goes well here. I have to go for now."

"James! Don't let things like this trouble you too much. You have better things to turn emotions like this towards. We are on your side." Whom he meant by we, was obvious enough. He just sighs before speaking to the group, "I have to get going for now. I hope the rest of today is more plesant than it has been." With that the man with shades, went off and away.
Benny Benny gives Archene a small wave as he heads out, not meaning to be rude but he's pre-occupied with trying to mend fences with James. He blinks, when James gives him the finger and shrugs his shoulders, looking quite perplexed. "See...see what? I have no clue what you are talking about?" He steps back when Emma steps in between them and just throws up his hands. "I try, I really do but I...I've lost my appetite and I really should get back to the hospital. Sorry for jamming on you like this guys. I'll catch up with you another time then." He gives Shaemus another scritch behind his ears, patting the dog's head before shoving his hands into his lather jacket pocket, giving Wimp Lo a polite nod as he passes him and heads off back towards the hospital.
Wimp Lo     Lo gives a dismissive wave to Benny's reply. "I'm sure you have feelings for your friend, but sometimes, a man must have some time to settle his own thoughts and find his way." he smiles at Emma, "I mean no offense- but I've just seen too many girls with good intentions find themself clinging to guys who give signals they need space and aren't prepared for the future's reply when it comes." then people're scattering and Lo waves as it's appropriate, "Maybe later we'll talk and get something to eat, Benny. When you're up for it in the future, we can share stories." he adds, then turns to the last one still present in Emma. "I have a good idea on how you feel about things Emma, four sisters at one point.. maybe I'll tell the story of my oldest one some time." a little rub of his chin.
    "Just remember, you can be the greatest help to or of anyone, but the moment you are compromised, you won't be able to help anyone. Don't become too soft as not to recognize the strength in others and let yourself go astray. Yin is fair and soothing, but her darkness doesn't just cloud what others perceive." giving a polite bow to Emma.
    "Me and Sparky are going for dinner. I did promise extra duck, afterall. Come with us if you want, but don't make a choice you'll fret over."