Umbrella Surveillance System
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Sherry Birkin Immediately as Leon and Claire are parting ways, Claire gets a phone call from Sherry. It's been a little bit to say the least, perhaps their short-lived little romance having fizzled into a friendship after Sherry wasn't sure how to keep approaching it.
Claire Redfield Claire is sitting on her motorcycle when her phone starts buzzing in her pocket. She reaches up and presses the button on her headphones to connect the call, "This is Claire." Unable to see the caller id as she's about to pull off, Leon only now stepping out of the coffee shop as she received the impromptu Claire-signal.
Leon Kennedy The girls are doing their thing, and that's all fine. Leon is just going to go and get back in the squad car now to check in with dispatch. Cop things. Adult things. Leon things. Very responsible. He'll get involved for real soon enough.
Sherry Birkin "Claire. It's Sherry. I need your help. Something is wrong, two black trucks just pulled up in my driveway. Men with guns are knocking on the door." Sherry's voice sounded frantic, in the background Claire could hear the banging on the door.
Claire Redfield "Sherry?" Claire hadn't expected to hear from her, they hadn't spoke in quite a while afterall. Not that she blamed her, things escalated kind of quickly for them, but wait did she say- "Go upstairs and lock yourself in one of the bathrooms... I'll be right there." She says with an air of seriousness suddenly coming over her. Her eyes dart over towards Leon in his squad car and she kicks her motorcycle to life and kicks it in gear to pull up along side his window, "You want to see the shit I'm talking about? Follow me... one of my friends is in trouble and I'm going to need help." She doesn't stick around to explain, peeling her bike around in a half moon of burnt rubber and smoke and kicking off towards Elma Street.
Leon Kennedy By Sherry's description, that could just as easily be the cops as some random thugs there to haul her off and imprison her somewhere to be sexually assaulted- wait that could still be the cops. But there's Claire outside Leon's window. "I thought you-" And there she goes, tearing off the other direction. "-left already," he finishes lamely, turning the key and revving up his Dodge Char- no, still a Crown Vic. Realism bites. With a *da-dunk* when he runs up on the curb, Officer Kennedy gives chase, following behind the motorcycle.
Sherry Birkin "Alright." Sherry says as the phone goes dead, whether due to her hanging up or something mysterious and inevitably sinister. Claire notices the time as the phone call ends, 5:31. The meeting with Alice was in 29 minutes. There was no way she was going to make both. Did she choose friendship or the chance to expose Umbrella Corporation?
Claire Redfield Claire looks at the glowing digital front of her watch as she twists the throttle on her motorcycle and frowns a little at the obvious choices presented to her and the equally obvious pitfalls regardless of which she choses. Is she the kind of girl who would let a friend get taken by the black bag society and beaten for information that is, possibly, her fault or does she expose those individuals by ditching her friend and being just as bad?

The decision isn't even a difficult one to make. Frowning, she leans into a turn that'll take her closer to Elma Street. The truth doesn't matter if you're not there to help your friends when they need you. Maybe one day she'll grow out of the naive honor, but she's still young and stupid. "I'm coming Sherry, just hold on."
Leon Kennedy Behind in the squad car, Leon has no idea what sort of existential crisis Claire may or may not be going through up there, but we do know that he would choose to go after Sherry in a heartbeat, if he was involved in the decision-making process. The fact that he's tailing Claire seems to indicate he does buy her story after all, or at least enough to hear it out.
Sherry Birkin Lucky for Claire and Leon there isn't generally much traffic in Raccoon City, the city well-designed enough to prevent such overflows from existing even at peak hours; such systems had not accounted for a critical mass though, such as everyone taking to the highways in the city all at once.

About 15 minutes later they pull onto Elma street. Driving down the opposite end of the street was a black SUV about to turn down another street. Sherry's driveway was empty and the door was open.

They could follow the SUV or try to catch up to it, or go to the house. There was always the chance the SUV wasn't even the 'Black Trucks' Sherry had mentioned.
Claire Redfield Claire glanced after the SUVs, looking for the license plates as she passed them headed in the opposite direction and whips the motorcycle into the driveway, lets it fall once she's at a stop and runs inside with the big magnum fished out of her shoulder holster. It seems most likely that the armed assailants wouldn't just turn around and walk off if the door was open if they hadn't found Sherry, but then again, trailing a reformed Goth turned soccer mom to her kids game was just as unpleasant an idea.

"Sherry?! Sherry you here?!"
Leon Kennedy Leon doesn't know literally anything other than that this is apparently an example of 'that shit I told you about'. Nothing about black trucks, nothing about men with guns, and nothing about Sherry. He's just following Claire's bike, and that makes this whole process much more simple for him. There's no hard choices and no feelings of impending disaster, just being careful not to rearend that motorcycle. He pulls in the drive beside the bike, popping the door open and stepping quickly behind her, noticing that she's drawn her gun and pulling his as well. He doesn't know the name, but he's picking up on the gist of what's happening. As he wheels in through the door, he checks the corners, his service weapon leveled. "Who the hell is Sherry?" he hisses at Claire, not totally thrilled at being kept in the dark.
Sherry Birkin The house was quiet and it was clear that nobody was home. There were no signs of a forced entry, and no signs of a struggle of any kind except a single snowglobe that had been knocked over from a shelf leading upstairs.

A complete sweep of the house would reveal nobody hiding.

Sherry was gone without a trace, but it wouldn't be hard for Claire to speculate precisely who was behind all of this. Unfortunately for her, aside from an open door and a phone call there wasn't much she had as proof or evidence to show poor Leon.


"This is Bravo Team. We've recovered our VIP. Heading to out of city checkpoint." The driver of the SUV Reported as Sherry asked, "Where are you taking me?"

The driver remained calm and replied, "We work with your father Miss Birkin. He's asked us to relocate you somewhere safe until this is all over."

"But my friends, my classes.." Sherry trailed off as she stared ahead incredulous.

"All taken care of Miss Birkin. Don't worry, the Umbrella Corporation always takes care of its own."


Oswell Spencer set down the glass of wine at the dinner table when Patrick approached to give him the news, "Excellent. Everything is proceeding according to plan." With the families of key researchers under Umbrella 'Protection' it would make their cooperation far easier in the coming days.
Claire Redfield Claire is actually pretty tactical, Chris was pretty adament about her taking a few classes to that end, but in the face of real threat she doesn't do a very good job of faking it. She just boldly rushes up stairs calling out for Sherry, waving that big ass pistol around in a way that would almost certainly be considered dangerous to everyone in the house, including herself.

When they find nothing, she drops down on the couch and tries to calm herself down... "Okay..." She takes a deep breath, blows it out through her nostrils, and puts together the pieces she knows. "No forced entry..." Looking over towards the snowglobe laying beside the stairs, "Sherry must have knocked that over when she was going up..." Her eyes narrow slightly, fanning back in the direction the black van departed, "They weren't speeding away..."

Click, click, click, "Possibly her parents.. they both work for Umbrella..."

With a clear head and her snooping cap on, Claire slams the magnum into the big holster under her arm and returns to the second floor to dig for more clues. "I told her to go to one of the bathrooms..." Running her finger along the wood grain until she finds one that looks like it was forced open... then kneels down inside to look across the floor, scooping up a silver necklace from behind the toilet...
Leon Kennedy Leon wants to believe Claire, he really does. She's an attractive young lady and she seems like she has good intentions, but she's also a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist who just dragged him over to her place, which appears to be completely normal and undisturbed, and started yelling for Sherry, of whom he has no evidence of existence. While she's running upstairs, he's prowling through the downstairs, clearing the kitchen and the 'den' thing before Claire returns.
"Who's Sherry?" Leon repeats, having followed her upstairs to watch her snoop and have a look of his own. The necklace seems to be their smoking gun. "That necklace is hers? It's not yours?" He frowns, skeptical of this whole affair.
Claire Redfield Besides the door hanging wide open of course, but people in Raccoon City are probably as close as anyone will ever come to being born in a barn. "Sherry Berkins." She says back to Leon without looking away from the necklace coiled around her fingers, "She's my friend." She shoves it into her pocket and stands up from her inspecting crouch.

"Her parents are both geneologist with Umbrella.. I got a call from her just after I left the coffee shop that there were people in black vans at her door with guns.." She's squinting up at the walls, scrutinizing the corners as if she's looking for something. When she speaks again it's in a distracted voice, "We didn't get here fast enough. Which might be a good thing, honestly."

Not good enough that she's going to stop looking, mind. Just better than Sherry being in the city when whatever Claire thinks is going to happen... happens.

"Or maybe I'm just crazy.. I haven't ruled it out." She assures Leon, still searching the joints between ceiling and wall as she returns downstairs. "Come on... I know you have to have a security system..." Murmuring to herself, "Where are you..."
Leon Kennedy "Right," Leon answers reluctantly, deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt and nodding along with the story. "Maybe that is what happened. Completely legal, probably? Without better evidence it's hard to say." They're headed down the stairs and Claire is musing about security systems, looking high and low for cameras or secret passages or something. "They're always by the door or the staircase," he offers, slipping back into the kitchen to check the back door since they obviously didn't pass it on the way in. Then he comes right back. "Nope, nothing." Sighing, he runs his fingers through his hair, pushing it back out of his face. "Sorry, Claire. It looks like this is a mystery we're not going to solve." That's a bummer. "...I really ought to be getting back to the university. Dispatch won't like me being gone for so long." He starts to head for the door. "I still have your number, though," he reminds her, glancing over his shoulder. "Don't do anything stupid." And then he's crossing the porch, stepping down the stairs and climbing back into his patrol car, revving it up and getting ready to pull out of the drive.
Claire Redfield Claire stands in the living room frowning and only partially hears Leon explaining where to best look for security or advising her on her intelligent approach of this situation. She does look over towards him when he says he's returing to the campus, however and gives him a small nod. "I'll try not to." He promises.

She flips her wrist over to look at the digital face of her watch.. frowning regardless of what time she sees there and darts out of the house. "Fuck." Grumbling on her way to her layed over bike, which is a pain and a bitch to get righted... there's no way she's going to make that meeting now...