Umbrella Surveillance System
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James Scott

         James has sat himself down in a corner of the lounge where smoking is accepted with a hand rolled cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Despite the dark shades on his face, it's obvious he hasn't slept much. The teen just looks tired, but at least most of his visible bruises have faded.
Emma Feeling the need for a drink, Emma had come to the lounge and got herself a scotch, neat. It's held in her delicate hand, and sipped at slowly after paying at the bar. Looking into the drink she frowns a little and then looks up, sighing some. Moving from her spot, those light easy steps bring her up to James. The look of concern is plain on her face. Putting the cup down, the redhead slides into the seat. 'I - I hope ya don't mind be sittin' here." He's given a small, if not managed smile. "Ya look tired, James. What's goin' on?"
James Scott "Of course not, you're always welcome to sit with me." James offers a warm smile, sitting upright a bit more. "I just haven't been able to sleep, but after all that, who can?" He sparks up that cigarette, blowing the smoke upwards and away from Emma. "How about you?"
Emma It's not that Emma isn't listening to James, she is, but those eyes are fixed on the stage that's on the other side of the room. Lifting her glass of scotch, she takes a sip and then puts it back down. The smoke in the area doesn't seem to bother her, to much. When James lets some out her eyes go to him. One eye with a bruise still, and the one around her neck is still there. Like him, she looks tired, but doesn't have the sunglasses to cover it. "I'd - I'd say smokin' will kill ya, but, well.." Does she need to say it? It's an attempt at humor she hopes doesn't fail. "I'm fine." Is all he gets for a reply, looking away again. Something about her is still a bit detached, it can be felt.
James Scott James reaches over to give Emma's shoulder a brief squeeze. "You don't have to lie. You're about as fine as I am. But I didn't get a Chateau for selling off Umbrella research, all I got was dead friends and family." He takes another drag from the cigarette, and there's a new smell mingled in, probably a bit of hash burning.
Emma James gets a small smile at the squeeze of her shoulder, but seems to avoid any verbal response to 'doing as well as he is'. A hand moves to her neck, those delicate fingers rubbing at the bruise a little. It's an subconscious move, perhaps speaking more than any words could say. "It - it seemed like that, didn' it? Archene getting' that place, for what may be Umbrella info." Her hand renews it's grip on the tumbler, the scotch within rolled around gently. No drink is taken, due to deep contemplation. "I'm sorry ya got all that dead family, James. I know it ain't easy. But ya got friends here, too after all. That's somethin' ta look up ta."
Markus Berger Searching for some quiet corner somewhere with few people that is not his own room Markus trudged into the lounge followed by him seeing some familiar faces of in a corner not a few moments later. Namely Emma and James who he approaches while the look on face still looks like he is stuck a bit in the past... and tired. "Hey, you two..."
James Scott "I don't really care that they died. Might be wrong of me, but she wasn't a mother." James sighs quietly. "But what else could it have been?" the subject is changed, "I'm sure Tricell wanted that cream Umbrella was selling."

And then Markus appears, "Yo. How's it going?" A brief pause, "This may be a bit random, but have you heard of a Doctor James Marcus?"
Emma "I'm sorry." Emma says to James, she can't get her head around someone not having a mother. Or loving parents. Though, she has seen it before, it's still something she has a hard time getting. Why parents wouldn't care, confuses her. "Someone once told me, ya make yer own family. So - so, pick yer family, that ya want." As if in to toast, her scotch is lifted and then sipped at. It's smooth, and wonderful. And also calming. "Dunno if.. we can trust any big corporations anymore anyway."

To Markus, she nods, and gives a small, tired smile. Her bruises are still there. The one on her eye, around her neck, on her jaw. "'ello Markus, please join us." Then when the question of the doctor comes up, she sits forward a little, curious about this.
Markus Berger The doctor just briefly nods towards the two before he sits down on a chair nearby and pretty much just sinks into the seat. Definitely tired. "Well, one after another then. Firstly, about the cream. Likely, since Regenerist was some pretty new stuff. And now to actually answer your question... I have never heard that name before. Umbrella?"
James Scott James Scott sits back with a sigh, "So you knew about Nemesis and have been in the hive, but don't know anything about the man who helped form the company and worked with the progenitor virus? Guess I'll really have to go all the way to France to find anything out." He takes another drag from his cigarette, thinking quietly now.
Emma "The cream?" Emma asks, rubbing her head a little. There is so much she doesn't know, so much to find out. The hand rubbing her head moves to run through her wavy red hair, and the rests on the table, fingers drumming on the table thoughtfully. Again eyes move to the stage, contemplating. "Seems France is tha place ta be, maybe. James what did ya mean when ya said yer father did all this? Ya -- ya said that, right?" Eyes fix on Markus after that. "How much did ya know, exactly?"
Markus Berger Markus just holds up his hands in a half-hearted placating gesture towards James and Emma both. "I was kinda too busy hiding things in preparation for what ultimately happened and trying not to get Umbrella to just shoot me to actually get much done in terms of figuring out anything about Umbrella and neither did I care all too much after Arklay. Not that I care particularly much anymore right now either for the next few months. At the very least." With that said he looks at Emma and shrugs. "A whole load of not much. The virus research and bioweapon creation I stumbled over in the Arklay facility, the whole mess that was Nemesis and that they were experimenting with the T-Virus in the hospital as well. The later two being things I only figured out when the Outbreak started and I was trapped in the hospital until Archene got me out. Had the good fortune to steal some data from a Umbrella researcher called Doctor Isaacs."
James Scott "Not the outbreak, laid the groundwork for it. From what I'm gathering it all has to do with a progenitor virus, which has something to do with a Stairway of the Sun, whatever the fuck that is. I haven't figured out what he was talking about yet." James explains to Emma. "I think Wesker and Birkin had something to do with the zombies, I don't think that's what it was going to be for originally."
Emma A hand comes up, to rub the bridge of her nose. Emma never gave much thought to conspiracy theorists, but at this point, maybe some of those people had something right. The more this lass learns, the more it seems that the veil covers so many more dark and sinister secrets of the world around them, and that disheartening realization can be seen within her big grey eyes. "Well, shit." And to that, her scotch is drank, because what else can she do? It's like being a pawn in a game. Looking to the bar, she sighs some, the tiredness showing on her. "So, we got a lot'a people, and things ta find - find out then?" Eyes move between those two, there is a frown. "Anyone else startin' ta - ta feel like, a little fish in a big sea tangled in a net?" This may be the first time she actually expressed any sort of feeling to since she was found.
Markus Berger The doctor himself just throws up his hands in resignation and soundlessly curses the fact that he gave up drinking quite a while ago. This might be a perfect moment to start again, but no. Especially since there are names he doesn't want to talk about. "Well, I've been feeling like I'm carrying a target on my back for a good long while. So yes, we all are very, very small fry in the whole matter which is why I'm gonna head back to Europe. Need a new job, home and a gurantee that Umbrella won't just come over for a visit. Probably will try to dig up anything about them I can find afterwards. If there is ever going to be an afterwards."
James Scott "Europe is where they're counting on us going." James informs Markus. "I'll be there. Archene will be there. If Emma goes home she'll be there. I don't think this is going to hurt Umbrella's end game too much. If anything we'll see another outbreak somewhere else before too long."