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Leon Kennedy Things were bad at the Church safehouse.

Things were /really bad/.

Things were so bad that the refugees who'd come there seeking refuge were starting to seek refuge somewhere else. Leon and Claire had left a few days earlier, with Stadler's leave, taking a vehicle in the hopes of making their way out alone. Claire had stubbornly remained, wanting to help every last soul she could until the very last minute. Stadler was in no shape to travel.

This leaves our two heroines, Cecily and Hunni. Part of Team Redfield, aka the Band of Misfit Toys, Claire had asked them to make one last sweep around the area in search of supplies (probably- someone had, at any rate). A particular building was highlighted, an old apartment complex two blocks from the church. What the two women don't know is that outside, while they're scavenging within, an army of zombies is slowly starting to congregate in the streets around the safehouse, including the block they've been sent to investigate.
Cecily      Cecily might be better equipped for urban fighting, with some of the 'special' toys she'd modified herself and kept. The silenced, short-range PDW is certainly proof of that as she hugs a wall. Her bulletproof vest is dirty, the RDP uniform she hasn't had a chance to give a proper washing outside of dirty rainwater in -weeks- feeling a little more than uncomfortable. Still, with the announcements of an impending doom, just maybe they'd be able to survive just long enough for extraction.

     The woman purses her lips, clinging to her MP7, finger tapping the frame as a nervous tic as she watches, and waits, and goes wide eyed. She makes a quiet tapping noise on the nearest piece of furniture to get Hunni's attention, " a mover outside..." she rasps softly.
Hunni      Hunni's weapon wasn't exactly designed for tight corridors, but the semi-automatic Arbiter packed a punch. Currently, the weapon was slung across her front as she searched, trying to find whatever supplies could still be scrounged from the city. Everything had been picked clean where it could be, but with the outbreak so violent, not everyone had made it to their supplies.

     Her attention was focused on the search, but Cecily's warning earns a nod and she shifts a hand to the grip of her weapon.
Leon Kennedy When the two look out the window a little more closely, it will become immediately evident that there is not one, not two, not three, but at least a /hundred/ zombies roaming the streets. They seem mindless and aimless for now, content to drift around with no clear target in mind, but their presence certainly complicates things for our heroines.

Especially when one falls from the roof of the building and lands with a crash on the fire escape just outside the window they've been using to look out. Dozens of thoughtless heads turn toward the complex and start shuffling that way.
Cecily      There's so many of them. Cecily just stares, feeling her heart pounding in her throat, her mouth suddenly feeling so dry. Not just a handful of zombies, but dozens and more. She has no words, no anything.
     But when the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife and the sound of a pin dropping could be deafening, the crash of a body on a fire escape so near is enough to make Cecily just about jump. She nearly bites her tongue and starts to backpedal from the window. "...ah fuck..." she mumbles, trying her best to make no sudden, jerking movements outside of her initial surprise, to retreat from the window and if need be, make for the hallway of the apartment they're digging through, and perhaps the stairs beyond.
Hunni      "Time to go..." Hunni breathes, "nice and sneaky." It was almost incomprehendable how many of them were out there. Thinking about it too much would be a good way to dispair anyway. They didn't have the firepower to fight their way out of there, that much she knew. She moves slow, trying for stealth. Maybe the dead would see their own and not the pair of them in the dark...
Leon Kennedy Outside the window, poor Wreck-it Rooftop Ralph's twisted body struggles to right itself, despite being broken in half, useless legs jerking pointlessly as his rotting fingers scrabble for the windowsill. Somehow, the zombie manages to drag himself up high enough to smack his head against the storm window, the sound of his skull reverberating against the glass certain to only draw more attention their way.

These zombies may not be intelligent, but they have damn good hearing, and the ones still alive inside the complex have taken notice as well, gravitating towards the area Hunni and Cecily are in. Time to get out, ladies.

As they exit into the hallway, a trio of infected bodies block the way to the staircase. Mom, Dad, Aunt Cathy. Aunt Cathy's French tips are still shiny as she reaches her hands out toward them.
Cecily     So much for the easy escape route. Cecily frowns immediately, bringing her firearm up and backpedaling, settling the stock to her shoulder. "..we get upstairs, maybe we can get down the other side.." she says quickly, keeping her voice low as she pulls the trigger. The MP7 is damn quiet, a series of metallic clicks and expulsions of air. A quick burst, rounds stitching up along one zed's neck and head, the bullets rattling around inside of that rotted skull and sending the animated corpse to the ground.
Hunni Hunni 's sniper rifle is dropped, falling neatly on its sling as she draws her Samurai Edge in one smooth movement. So far she doesn't fire, her gun would announce their presence, but it's ready if they find themselves stuck. Up it is, Hunni grits her teeth. "We can block stairs and buy some time, but I haven't learned to fly Cecily..." she murmers while they begin their escape away from the tide.
Leon Kennedy The swarm outside was not quite between them and the church, but it soon could be if they lolly-gag inside the apartment building for too long trying to decide what to do. In all honesty, no one expected them to find /that much/ to scavenge there in the first place, but there was so little left in the area that the chance for anything was worth taking.
Aunt Cathy goes down, MP7 rounds jostling around in her brain. It's not as loud as, say, a gunshot, but there's still some noise. Hunni's judgment may be sound in holding her fire, but at the same time, there's already been plenty of noise and they are losing time. Mom and Dad are still there, in their Sunday best, and this is when a further zombie comes tumbling down the stairs, bowling into them from behind. Based on the sudden groaning coming from that direction, there are more about to descend from the floor above.
Cecily     "Well, no..." Cecily seems like she's trying to come up with a response as she takes another step back, keeping the stock resting against her shoulder, eyes down the irons. "..upstairs is out.. m-maybe a window... if they're all.. going for the noise.." she looks around, over her shoulder, for another apartment that's across the hall from the one they'd just departed from. She taps the side of the gun again before pulling the trigger once again to at least slow down the trio stumbling towards them.
Hunni Hunni nods her head, moving with Cecily and covering her. She'll let the 'fox' fire for now, wishing she'd managed to secure a suppressor for her own weapon as she follows. "Makes sense, they should be drawn to that side and noise. We need to get back to the others fast. Nothing we find here will matter if we die on the way back." With that grim thought in her head, the asian sniper moves with purpose, gun held in front of her.
Leon Kennedy Cecily's gunshots are mostly soaked up by dear old Dad, there, but while she doesn't bring all three of them down, it has the unexpected effect of sending him crumpling to the floor. In the process, Mom gets tangled up on his overalls, her heel catching in the strap, and the tumbler who heralded trouble from above is on a gimpy leg and just plain trips over the body. If they're quick, they've got an opening to make it to the stairs, heading down.
Cecily     Cecily's sweep of rounds isn't as effective as she'd hoped, but she'd been moving and the lurching zeds had been erratic. "...there's our opening..." she says in a half breath, inhaling the next quickly and turning around. She expects Hunni to follow, of course, lowering her gun and heading towards the stairs down to the floor below. Hopefully they can get to the other side and out a window at the end away from the horde, and that the thudding of the bodies outside and the -snap-snap-snap- of her gunfire is enough of a lure to their 'previous' position.
Hunni Hunni moves to follow, but she blinks as she hears something, something that makes her pale. "Cecily, the church. Someone shooting, a lot..." she speaks while they carve their path out of the apartment building. "It's going to bring a lot of them in. The others...they might be in trouble..." She holds her gun tighter, frowning deeper.
Leon Kennedy The path down to the ground floor is thankfully clear, and the ladies have a straight shot at their goal, an apartment where they can slip out onto the street without using the front door. This is good, because the front door is glass. A large glass pane, through which are visible the pressed bodies of at least a dozen zombies, probably more. Some of them are starting to beat their heads against the glass.

Better hurry.
Cecily     Cecily feels her blood run cold at the words meeting her ears, her body moving on autopilot for a moment as she processes this information. "...the survivors... the others... the civilians..." she goes wide-eyed for a moment. "...if they're opening fire already there must be more over there than there are over here. Do we go back? Can we go back? Maybe.. get high enough to open fire from the flanks?"

    She rattles off ideas, hoping Hunni backs her up on one, or another, or gives a better suggestion. But as she talks she's moving, staring momentarily at the zombies through the glass doors before slinging her gun to her side and hauling ass for the nearest clear window that isn't boarded or heavily barred. Seems luck is on their side and outside she tries to hustle.
Hunni      It's a tough choice, but one they have to make. There's safety in numbers but they didn't pick their duties or even their line of work to be safe. "We'll set up, draw them off and give cover. We'll have to hope someone picks us up or be ready to run." A pause in her words and she moves to follow her partner. "Whatever happens? I love you..." she adds, although that last might have been so quiet it was missed.
Leon Kennedy It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when the words 'defensible position' are spoken, but damned if there isn't a park right close to the church with a lot of open space and a giant, wooden castle-style playground construct for kids to climb on, complete with little plastic telescope mounts in the sniper- er, observation tower. One of them's even got the telescope broken out already. The zombies, in their mad dash for the church, are either already past it or still behind Cecily and Hunni, giving them the chance of a lifetime to seize the high ground at minimum risk to themselves.
Cecily     Cecily gets to the street pausing suddenly, looking back over her shoulder. She meets Hunni's eyes, giving her a smile that's sad and heartfelt all at once. "I love you too, Hunori. I'll save two for us, if it comes down to it.." she says quietly, taking a long, slow breath, as if it's the last breath she'll ever take before looking around and towards the sound of gunfire. It's still eerily quiet in their immediate surroundings, and she spots the playground.

    A wild look of desperation and momentary insanity comes to her features and with a laugh, she ruins the moment. "...hey... love..." she says quietly, securing her PDW and sliding the custom MG36 from her back. "...the ground is lava."
Hunni      Hunni, she can't help but smile. Her sniper rifle comes up, braced on the cross-bar of the playground. She doesn't give her own speech however, instead she exhales a breath, takes aim and lets her rifle and her deadly skill do the talking for her.
Leon Kennedy From within the church, there's a hail of bullets on the encroaching horde, but it's fairly obvious that it's too little, too late. There are hundreds of zombies descending on the barricades. Hundreds on hundreds. The sound from the refuge is so great that the majority of the walkers shamble right past Hunni and Cecily's outpost, although a few do get a little too curious for their own good and earn themselves a bullet in the head for their trouble.

A new sound washes over the scene, however. The sound of helicopter blades beating the air. Before long, a trio of choppers comes sailing in, two attack helicopters and a transport. The attack choppers unload on the flanks, blasting significant holes in the horde, and beating them back long enough for survivors to begin boarding the transport.

It's hard to see unless you're looking through a scope, but there appears to be some holdup loading the transport. And not nearly enough seats for everyone inside.

Worse than that, one of the attack choppers decides to pull a stupid stunt and a second later it's crashed in a cloud of smoke and a spray of zombie guts. It's not looking good.
Cecily     "You know..." Cecily says quietly, or at least, just loud enough to be heard over the thunderbolt-like -BLAM!- of Hunni's expertly aimed Arbiter shots as she sets the bipod on her MG and takes up a position on the hood of one of the slides. " least...I get to scratch 'have a last stand in a park playground' off of my bucket list..." she states, trying to find some dark humor in the grim situation. At the absolute least she can help thin out a few stragglers from joining the horde, or attract more to them to ease the situation at the church just that much more.

    How much more? If Hunni's sniper shots are like thunderbolts, then the chatter of the LMG in short, controlled bursts is the storm that comes along with them. She takes enough time to aim before sending rounds down into the park proper from her playground perch, brass starting to accumulate and tumble down the metal slide at her feet. There's a pause in her fire when the three helicopters show up, and again does that feeling of anxiety bring an adrenaline rush that makes her stomach sick. Three helicopters. And only one transport. There were at least a hundred and more survivors in that church. They're not going to fit on a single Blackhawk.

    She lets the barrel cool for a moment before grim determination and hope alights on her face. "Come on... they're sending more, right?" she asks, trying to disguise the doubt in her voice. "...they're just there for that girl they tried to get out in the first run.." she says with a hint of bitterness slipping through, trailing off after tearing a zombie in half from crotch to shoulder with a well-placed burst. She can feel the heat of the helicopter coming down and exploding, though it might just be trauma from the incident in the last park, and the last extraction. She looks around, hoping she doesn't see Nemesis again, but her breath quickens as she swallows the bile rising in her throat, assured at least by the presence of the other woman so close to her.
Hunni      "It's certainly a little more intense then days playing make believe." Hunni actually murmers between shots. Each shot is a headshot, claiming at least one or more zombies. Bullets roar and blood sprays, but as that helicoptor crashes similar despair threatens to claim the sniper's mind. She reaches out, her free hand giving her partner a squeeze before she reloads and continues firing. The scope goes on to the chopper now, trying to find the hold-up.

     "Either way, we have to make as much noise and take as many as we can." A pause, she gives a wry grin between bucks of her rifle. "Next time, you can move to Japan instead."
Leon Kennedy Once everyone who's getting on the Blackhawk is on the Blackhawk, the Blackhawk takes off. The remaining escort chopper remains, continuing to spit from its minigun into the horde, trying to keep them back from the remaining defenders at the church.

Cecily is right. There are more choppers on the way. Not enough, still, but more.

On the radio, a pilot calls to the control tower. "Control, you're not gonna believe this, but I got a pair out here in the playground tryin' to storm the castle," he remarks, pulling back on the yoke. "I'm goin' in for 'em."
Cecily     Cecily's machine gun runs dry, the chunky extended magazine signalling its last gasp with a heart-dropping 'clack'. It gives the woman a chance to look back at Hunni when she's given a squeeze, and reach for her, doing much the same. "I'd love to. That vacation was the best time of my life. I'm glad I could bring you with me... I'm just sorry we have to start making plans for our next life, instead of plans for the next holiday..." she still can't help but laugh, though, letting the LMG fall on its strap, taking a moment to remove the silencer from her PDW.

    If it's noise they want, it's noise they'll have. Snap shots and controlled bursts from the mighty little machine gun, Cecily's trigger discipline almost matching Hunni's, even if her accuracy isn't anywhere near as good. Armor-piercing rounds hammer through flesh and bone, sending a body falling here, another sprawling there, focusing her efforts on close defense of their castle. "...does this mean I'm your princess, then?" she quips, lowering her firearm when that second one, too, becomes empty, gazing to the sky when one of the other rescue choppers seems to be coming for them in the park.
Hunni      "No," Hunni murmers as her rifle finally clicks dry and she draws her pistol, firing each bullet with that same deadly precision and then reaching out to take her wife's hand with her own empty one. "You're my queen!"

     The choppers are coming? It's a prayer answered. She can't help but smile as she squeezes that hand once more and lets go to reload. "And our story isn't over."
Cecily     Cecily laughs, the momentary silence, at least, of their own gunfire. The groans of zombies, the scattered shots of the overwhelmed defenders and Delta Force team that came in with Chris Redfield, and the din of incoming helicopters are not nearly as loud. "Queen?" she asks, but smiles, giving that hand a squeeze as she secures that PDW at her hip with her other. "Then you're my knight?" she asks, reaching into her pocket, pulling out a plastic baggie that's got another baggie inside. And within that double layer of protection, that white fox beanie is pristine, untouched, kept sealed so the white fleece didn't get marred by dirt or blood. "Queen fox, then," she says softly, giving one more squeeze before sliding that christmas present from 3 months ago back into her pocket, then drawing her last weapon.

    It's not a RCPD issued pistol, but a beat-up but servicable handgun with a cracked Umbrella logo on the grip. With renewed determination at Hunni's last sentence, she takes aim at clearing their potential LZ, the UBCS handgun issuing rapid barks in snap shots and bursts, showing what the scavenged piece is capable of, and that it isn't just a grim souveneir.
Hunni      "Queen fox and her loyal Hunni-knight. Sounds like a fairy tale worth telling to me!" It's words spoken, fond and smiled between the roar of bullets and the sea of brass on their 'castle'. She can see it now, the chopper coming in. So close! If they could hold out a little longer... "Be ready to run!"
Cecily     Cecily empties the pistol's magazine, reaching into her pocket for the last one, the last rounds she's got on her. She has a knife, too, but she never was one for close quarters, at least without a shotgun. "A fairy tale... and dammit, love, you're getting the girl at the end of this one...!" She makes for the edge of the castle, bringing the handgun to bear on the handful of zombies trying to crawl up the pile tangled in the chain rigging on the helicopter side. A handful of loud reports and she beckons to Hunni. "Come on, then! It'll touch down in a moment."

    And she's down, one hand on the monkey bars, the other gripping her pilfered pistol, boots hitting the sand. She spares a glance behind her, making sure Hunni is on her way, then feels gravity shift. A dead man's hand grabs at her foot, and with a yelp and wide eyes, she's tripped by a zed that wasn't quite dead. It had dropped from her gunfire, but there's enough life in it left to not only claw at her leg, but take a bite out of it. Her scream of pain is covered only by the burst from her handgun into the man's face, the slide locking back as she'd spent the last rounds she had. "..a-ah... d-damn it.. said I'd save two for us.." she laughs, pulling herself away from the now -actually- dead man in the sand.

    The field is quiet in her immediate area, and she could make it even at a crawl, but the look on her face is one of pain from many sources and defeat.
Leon Kennedy Once the two women are on the chopper, it lifts off again, heading over toward the church to pick up a few more survivors. "Congratulations," the pilot calls over the intercom, "You've just been rescued. Next stop is sunny Denver." And just like that, with the whirling of helicopter blades, the nightmare is over.

For now.
Hunni      Hunni was down, rolling in the sand and coming up to fight when she heard that scream from her partner. She turns, eyes wide at the bloody clawing mark before they narrow and her pistol comes up. Seven shots, all perfect headshots, end the lives of seven 'dead' around them before she stoops, hooking her shoulder under Cecily's own and dragging her to her feet with a gun. "Till death do us part Cecily, you don't get to clock out till I say so!" she yells, voice a little harsher then it should be as she fires the last few rounds from her pistol and holsters it before turning her rifle, using the sling to balance it as she -drags- the other woman into following, regardless of if she wants to or not.

     Was she risking a lot, dragging a probably infected woman up onto the chopper? She was risking the entire world, but what was that world for her if she left the other woman to get eaten on that playground?

     The pilot hadn't noticed, or at least he wasn't trying to stop them getting on, so Hunni continued blasting away with her weapon, ripping apart the zombies that weren't headshot.
Cecily      Cecily's in pain, and it's not just physical pain. She'd gotten this far, done so much, only to be done in by a rotting corpse she hadn't managed to finish off. She's out of ammunition, and buries her face in Hunni's shoulder as she pulls herself up to her good leg. "J-just... save a round for me in case I start getting bitey.." she murmurs, her laugh one of hysteria, "...or toss me off the side... just promise to keep living for us, love." She shakes her head and bites her lip, hissing in pain as her leg gets some weight on it when she's hauled towards the helicopter.

    "At least take my badge and hang it where we first met..." she says quietly, then shuts her eyes for a moment and her expression goes from soft, to harder. "...doesn't hurt so much anymore... Mnnhng. I hope these bastards enjoyed their last meal."
Hunni      "We're getting out of here together, or not at all." Hunni grunts as she half-hauls, half-throws the wounded 'fox' onto the chopper and bangs the hull, signalling for them to take off. Shots ring, brass falls as the asian officer fights like a woman possessed to keep the undead back until finally the chopper is in the air and she sinks down, slamming the doors shut.

     If the 'thing' that hit the other choppers comes after them? At least they won't feel a thing.

     She checks her pistol. Had she saved a round or merely clicked the slide back into place? No way Cecily would know unless she counted. Wrapping her arms around the wounded woman she closes her eyes, braving any possible infection to kiss her love's lips. "We're out of there...just like we said Cecily...we made it out."
Cecily     "Thank you..." Cecily says softly, then makes a surprised, if pained noise as she helps haul her ass into the helicopter. She makes more of a thud than a fleshy thump when she hits the deck of the aircraft thanks to her light machine gun. Even if it's out of rounds, it's still special to her. Not as special as the woman who's risking everything for her. And risking everything for a kiss.

    "Mmhh..." she makes a soft noise, a whimper of once again mixed emotions. The kiss is broken with a gasp and her arms hug tight around Hunni's shoulders, clinging on to her for dear life, wanting her face to be the last thing she sees, burning it into her mind just along with that voice. They made it out. " bad does it look..?" she asks, whispering just loud enough over the sound of the helicopter's rotors.

    Of course, the woman's pant leg is shredded from zombie fingernails and it's soaked with blood. Should Hunni tug the cloth up, since the 'fox' isn't going to look, the wound looks... far, far better than it should. The lacerations and bite mark look like they've been healing for a week as opposed to minutes, and there's no sign of any necrotic flesh associated with the virus.
Hunni      Hunni doesn't want to look, not really. To look would make it real...but she does. Opening those eyes she looks down at the leg and tugs the pants leg back, only to recoil with a soft gasp. One might fear it looks terrible until the asian looks up at the woman's face.

     "'s're not infected..."
Cecily     Cecily winces when she hears the gasp, feeling tears start to well up again. She bites her lip, but the words make her start. "...huh?" she asks, eyes opening quickly. She stares at Hunni, looking at her face, then slowly lets her eyes drift down to her leg. It's healing. Far quicker than it has any right to. For what was a deep bite wound, there's no blood trickling out, and if the two women stare at it for long enough, it looks like it's growing smaller, bit by bit.

    "No... how?" she asks, sounding bewildered, confused, and maybe a little scared. She hugs onto Hunni tighter and those tears flow freely anyway.
Hunni      How? Why? Hunni hasn't got those answers. Instead, she just has her own tears, her own look of complete suprise before. Those chocolate-colored eyes are red with sorrow turned confused joy. She doesn't know why, doesn't understand how Cecily could be healing like that, but...

     "I don't care."

     With that, Hunori Izumiya hugs her wife to her chest and for the first time since the outbreak...cries tears of happiness.
Cecily     Hunni's words make Cecily nod, just burying her face in the woman's chest, still clinging to her tightly. The pilot, of course, couldn't know what just happened. Any assumptions as to why the crying could probably be chalked up to their relief at getting out of there alive. No deeper meaning than simple happiness. Questions will come later, though answers may not. At the least they still have a future.

    "Thank you..." the 'fox' says once more, grateful for Hunni being by her side through all of this, and not giving up on her even during their brief, albeit very real scare.