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Leon Kennedy After the evacuation from Raccoon City, most had been taken to Denver, Colorado for some good old-fashioned 'we screwed up, have fun figuring your life out' courtesy of the US Government. After taking the night to sleep the sleep of the dead (not quite), Leon woke up around five in the morning, still too tweaked out by the experience to get a full night of rest.
Denver is a nice city. The virus didn't touch it. Everything here is normal. The people here are normal. No one is walking around trying to eat each other. No one is trying to shoot each other. No one is trying to scrounge from the dumpster.
Leon Kennedy, former officer of the former RPD, is sat at a table by himself in Taste of Haiti, staring at a plate of jerk chicken, one of the tags still clinging to his new clothes. Outside, the sun is shining. It's a beautiful spring day.
Hunni Hunni was truely just greatful for a few of the little things. A warm shower, a comfy bed, a little music and a cooked meal...and not having to worry about being eaten by a swarm of undead in every waking moment of the day. After what seemed like an eternity she was out of her combat gear and dressed like a regular person.

     Even so, her handgun rested in a holster at the small of her back beneath her jacket as she stepped into the restaurant. She'd never tried Haitan food, but now seems like a good enough time to start.
Isabel Denver, Colorado. Isabel Welsh had almost forgotten what being in a normal city feels like. She's been here less than a day, but she had to get out of that hotel for an hour or so. It's nice, sure, and the appointments are sumptuous, but it just doesn't feel that welcoming to a girl from rural Mumford, Colorado.
And speaking of home, there was that call from her parents about shameful internet videos... she's kept her uPhone turned off since then. Dealing with her Aunt Lyndsay's death is hard enough as it is.
She's just stepping into Taste Of Haiti now, following the good smells. In her pale gray hoodie and faded denims, the former showing signs of its newness, she doesn't exactly stand out from the crowd.
But she sees someone who does almost immediately. Leon Kennedy, former RCPD officer and fellow survivor. She blushes at the memory of their last run-in. But still, he could relate to what she's gone through, and vice versa.
And she could certainly use some relating. She edges around the black-haired woman in the jacket, moving in the direction of the officer.
Leon Kennedy Leon's had a rough go of it the last few days, they all have. The officer looks a bit shell-shocked based on the way he's just staring at a full plate of food despite the fact that his stomach has just audibly rumbled. He hasn't registered or recognized Isabel yet either, too focused on all the little voices running through his mind. What could have been done differently, been done better, helped more people, left less behind, saved that person, just... all of it. All of it.
Cecily      Cecily isn't in too long after Isabel steps past Hunni. The woman has certainly gone from the dusty, dingy, bloody RPD uniform and vest to a simple tank top and pants over her boots. She's even wearing the cute, surprisingly pristine white fox-eared beanie her wife had gotten her over the last Christmas. Her face doesn't match the cheerfulness of her cap, of course.

    But her epression is soon hidden, buried in Hunni's back as she wraps her arms around the woman from behind, hugging her around the waist, "We're blocking the door, love..." she says quietly, "...let's get a seat and look the menu over?"
Hunni      "It's still weird," Hunni murmers, managing not to flinch when the arms come around her if only for the voice and the scent. Even so, she moves to find a table, eyes closed for a moment before they reopen and spot the sight of Leon, another survivor and fellow officer even if he hadn't spotted them.

     "We're in a cushy hotel room, eating good feels like only hours ago we were raiding and sneaking through streets."
Isabel Isabel, glancing back as she hears the two young women speaking behind her, offers a faint smile as she observes their obvious closeness. Her attention returns to Leon almost immediately, though. She manages a smile, even if her knees aren't as steady as she'd like. "Officer Kennedy..? You look like you feel about as out-of-place as I do," she says, arriving at his table.
Leon Kennedy Leon glances up when he hears his name, or rather his title, finally pulling his attention away from the plate of spicy, but cold, chicken in front of him. "Hm?" The face looks familiar, but he can't quite place it without the grime, impending doom, and powder blue athletic briefs. "Uh, can I help- yeah. Yeah, this is... this is a weird moment for me," the young man admits, dropping his eyes back to the plate and realizing it's gone stone cold. A small frown at that.
Cecily      "Leon... thank you," Cecily says softly to the man in passing, giving him a gentle smile. The new officer she never really got a chance to meet properly, everything went to hell after he'd arrived. The man who'd covered her and Claire as she used her mechanical knowledge to help bring communication back to Raccoon City, which might've helped more people escape that might not've had the chance. That smile she gives him is a genuine one.

    But her attention is mainly on Hunni, moving at her side, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze before taking a seat across from her. "..yeah.. how.. how long has it been? I don't think I've been able to sleep since we landed.." she murmurs to her mate.
Hunni Hunni nods, they'd find a table but she was in no great hurry to order. She'd probably palm that off on her companion. Instead, the asian woman rests her elbows on the table surface, exhaling a breath. "After sleeping in the corner of a safehouse, cushy sheets and matresses are weird."
Isabel Isabel's smile widens a touch as the civil-service instincts almost come to the fore right then. "It's okay. I wasn't sure I shouldn't be helping you, honestly. We all had a rough time, but you look like yours was rougher than most." She nods deeply. "I'm Isabel Welsh... from the church? I brought in a big pack of supplies, one day." Having had a good (though tranquilized) night's sleep, her first shower and shampoo in days upon days, and with her pants fastened securely, she does look rather different than she did at the church that day.
Her eyes follow his to the chicken. "Do you mind if I join you? I could order some more chicken, if you promise you'll do more than stare at it," she says, her tone holding only a touch of teasing and a great deal more sympathy.
She glances up, smiling again at the two young women as they pass. "Friends of yours?" she asks simply.
Yoko Suzuki Someone comes in, and it's someone who might look familiar. A fairly short young Japanese-American girl, her hair short and her skin fair. It's none other than Yoko Suzuki, whom the others will most likely recognize (or at least some of them anyway.) Ever since the whole evacuation went down, Yoko's just not quite been herself. From passing out during the evacuation and then reawakening as they were landing, and only then did she cry for the first time in a long time. It was then that Claire's brother, Chris, showed up to help her. His gentle demeanor yet strong will helped calm her down somewhat. But getting used to being in Denver isn't that easy.

Spotting those she recognizes, she tries to force a smile, but it is genuinely forced as she walks over to join them. "Hello there," She says, her voice clearly indicating she's putting on a fairly good poker face. "I was just checking out the area and I... well, I guess I stopped by and found you."
Leon Kennedy "We work- worked, together." Leon explains briefly, since he's since learned that the RPD is over and done. What on account of the city being totally lost to zombies and all that. He spreads his hands a little, indicating the openness of the table. "No one else here to stop you," he answers her question with a small, tired, sad smile. "Take a seat. I'll get some fresh chicken out. I thought I wanted wings when I left the hotel, but I've never had Haitian." Why the hell he thinks some random place in Colorado is the place to start is anyone's guess, but why not.
"You're welcome," the officer calls belatedly after Cecily. He's still catching up to things like 'being normal', after all. Curious eyes turn towards Yoko as she announces her arrival, and he offers her some more of that sad small smile, raising his hand in greeting.
Cecily      " chance at sleep was almost falling asleep in the bathtub..." Cecily murmurs, cracking a smile. She almost laughs, even, " were afraid I'd gone and drowned when you came in and woke me up... at least the water wasn't that high up... just needed a soak.." she sighs, finding something to smile about. She sits up slowly, reaching for Hunni's hand even as she looks up towards the menu. She doesn't have much to add to Leon and Isabel's conversation, but she can overhear it being so close, at least.
Hunni      "Wasn't going to have you drowning after everything else we'd been through," Hunni murmers quietly, shaking her head but managing her own smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. She grips Cecily's hand, tight enough that it couldn't go unnoticed while looking back towards Leon, his companion and the new arrival all in turn. "Seems strange to think we're not all there anymore."
Isabel "You all must be pretty close, after... /everything/," Isabel replies, a bit lamely, as she slides into a seat across from Leon. "I know you all with RCPD were stretched thin, between taking care of all those people and trying to keep them safe and fed, both. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'm grateful for it." She leans a little closer to Cecily and Hunni. "Thank you both for all you did for us back in RC."
Yoko's entrance draws a faint smile. She doesn't know the girl, but that's no reason to be unfriendly. "Hello!"
Yoko Suzuki Yoko does nod a little, smiling a little at Leon, but otherwise not saying much else. She takes a seat with the others, speaking only to order a cup of tea from the waitress when she comes over, before sighing as she puts her hands in front of her and looks downward. For a moment, she says nothing more, as if she's lost in thought. Then she looks up. "Some of you might not know who I am. I am Yoko Suzuki, I was a college student in Raccoon City... until all THIS started to happen." She closes her eyes and lowers her head again. "When this did happen, though, I began to have strange flashbacks. But they were so brief, I couldn't understand what their significance was. Yet I figured they were connected."

Yoko opens her eyes again and sighs as she looks upward. "I'm hoping, now that I'm free of that nightmare, I can try to figure out what's really going on and why they're occurring."
Leon Kennedy "I mean, I was only on the job a few days before everything... you know. Before it all went downhill." That's a slight understatement. "I'm not sure what their names are," Leon admits to Isabel, lowering his voice and his head, blocking his mouth with a hand so they don't hear him. "It was only a few days. Really." Then he straightens up again as Yoko tells her story, nodding as the college student falls quiet again. "Well, good luck to you," he remarks, not unkindly, looking over the back of his booth at the other three (did she sit with them? Wherever she ended up). "I hope you find the answers you're looking for. We're all looking for answers, I think, to some extent."
Cecily      "Yeah..." Cecily murmurs herself, gripping that hand tight. She purses her lips, focusing her attention on the menu now. She blinks as the woman leans in, and her gaze shifts down to Isabel. "We.. did what we could.. with what we had.. I wish we could have done more.." she says quietly, exhaling a slow breath, then shaking her head. "Mmm..? What's she going on about?" she asks, looking to Yoko for a moment, then back to the others.
Hunni      Eventually they would place an order, after all Hunni -was- hungry after everything. It was just strange not to be living off rations and loot. She gives a small murmer of agreement with her fox-hat companion, nodding at Isabel's thanks but not really having an answer for it.

     Then Yoko speaks up and Leon gives his comment. Answers? Truthfully, Hunni -still- wasn't sure what had caused the dead to rise and attack the living. Such a concept had seemed impossible to her.
Isabel "Oh, wow... I didn't know /that/," Isabel confesses, with a glance at Cecily and Hunni. "That must've been... I can't even imagine it. I mean, just getting a new job and suddenly, everything's upside down and sideways and backwards at the same time. I'm sorry, it must've been really overwhelming."
She frowns thoughtfully at Yoko, a bit lost as to what prompted the confession or what it's about. The one thing that's evident is that the girl /really/ needs to get this out in the open. "I'm Isabel, Yoko. It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you do find out what your visions are about, and what might be causing them. Do... do you think it's related to what happened in Raccoon City?"
Yoko Suzuki Yoko gives a slight nod to Isabel, then begins to sip her tea. "I must find out what these visions are about... I must... survive them..." She rubs at her temples a little, as if getting a slight headache. "It's almost like they're... They're..." Yoko suddenly grasps the side of her head and squeezes her eyes shut. "No... not again! No!" She begins to breathe quickly, hyperventilating. "It's... it's..." She continues to do this for a few moments, breathing faster and faster and faster...

And then she suddenly collapses against the back of the booth, almost like she's fainted. But then she blinks her eyes and comes to again. She begins to take some deep breaths, albeit quickly, to get the air back into her lungs. After a few breaths, she looks to the others. "I'm OK, don't worry. I just had another flashback."

Yoko frowns a little. "Only, this time it was more vivid. It was definitely something to do with Raccoon City! Something about... Umbrella..."
Leon Kennedy "Yeah," Leon replies as Yoko goes into some sort of little fit, blinking with consternation. This is not typical behavior. "Umbrella was behind all of it. That evil corporation, with their twisted experiments. When it comes out, their stocks are going through the floor, even if the government /doesn't/ sanction them." If he had his way? You better believe they would. "Which they /should./"

A member of the waitstaff has noticed the odd occurrences over in their little corner, and she comes over to check on everyone. "Is everything going alright over here?" The little nametag on her blouse says "Cynthia."
Cecily      "I think I'd rather not talk about it... I don't know what I'm going to do from here or where I'm going to go..." Cecily sighs. "It's nice being put up in a hotel.. but... what are we going to do now?" Cecily looks to the others, frowning at the information being tossed around. "And Umbrella is... was... huge... they can't just have been in Raccoon City with... whatever they were doing..." she trails off when Yoko goes blank for a moment, staring at her.

    " they serve alcohol here? I think I'd like a drink... or at the least some tea.." she murmurs, not even sure what she'd ordered. It was something that said chicken.
Hunni      "Agreed," Hunni speaks, clearer then she had all day. "If we're going to find 'normal' it'll be one step forward at a time." Cynthia's approach is a good distraction from Leon's words. The sniper had been so focused on the threats in front of her and keeping others alive she hadn't had time to investigate. She had nothing but the word of others for where the blame should be placed.

     "Alcohol sounds like an excellent idea."
Isabel "I hope you're right, Leon. It'd be less than they deserve for killing an entire city," Isabel says, softly but with no less feeling for that. She glances to Yoko. "And it sounds like it didn't stop there..."
The sudden arrival of a waitress reminds her of their rather public location. "Hmm? Oh, um... it's okay, ma'am. Our friend just had a momentary dizzy spell. But she'll be fine... won't you, Yoko?" She just has to pray that the other girl takes the hint.
Yoko Suzuki "Yes, I'll be OK." Yoko says, smiling a little. "I just need to relax a little." She sips her tea, then frowns a little. "Hold that thought..." She proceeds to add a packet of sweetener, then sips it again. This time she smiles again. "That's better. I'm sure I'll be fine."
Leon Kennedy "We have a full drink menu there," Cynthia answers, indicating the small folded almost brochure-like cardstock standing tall on each table depicting various brightly-colored beverages as well as the more mundane options like beer. "My favorite is the Banana Baileys Bomber," she adds politely, with a wide smile, "but all our drinks are pretty tasty. Can I start you off with something to drink before I bring out the entrees then?"

"I'm okay with water," Leon puts in, and indeed he's got a glass on the table before him already, to go with his cold chicken. "But if you could just have them nuke this for me-" the word choice catches in his mouth. "-uh. Just, um. Please could you ask the kitchen to heat it up again for me." The young officer blinks a few times, turning his eyes toward the table and nudging the plate quietly towards the server.

"Sure, sweetie," she answers, without the slightest flicker of concern, scooping the dish up. "And everyone else?"
Cecily      "One of those, yes, please," Cecily sits up, enthusiastic. She hastily points at Cynthia. "Banana Baileys Bomber, please, dear..." she reaches into her pocket, fumbling with her wallet and pulling out her ID. The fox-beanie'd woman doesn't look too old, really. "...and a water on the side, please..." she then adds after thinking for a moment, sighing quietly before rubbing her face with her free hand. "Maybe if I drink enough I can get to sleep tonight."
Hunni      "Make it two," Hunni comments. Watching Cecily fumble with her wallet just makes the asian woman blink a little in thought. As mundane as it is, they'll have to change their addresses and such on so much paperwork. Where in the world would they start?

     Exhaling her frustrations in a breath she leans back in her chair. "As long as we can walk."
Isabel Isabel sighs silently in relief as Yoko becomes absorbed in her very sweetened tea. "Um... just a small helping of the jerk chicken for me, please, and water's fine," she says to Cynthia, her smile a little plasticky. But it's honestly the best she can do. Her thoughts are mostly full of Umbrella and what happened in Raccoon City. It sounds like everyone else is the same way, if they're not looking towards the future. She just can't look past what to drink with dinner yet. And somehow anything stronger than water sounds wrong at this moment of sober reflection.
Besides, college student or not, she's technically underage.
Leon's sudden hesitation on that word, and his gaze suddenly dropping to the table, remind her that she's not the only one suffering. Her shyness momentarily forgotten, she reaches over, gently clasping the officer's hand and squeezing it in a silent offer of support.
Leon Kennedy "Alright, great!" Cynthia chirps, scribing down everyone's orders in her little wait-staff notepad. She's fairly beaming at them, the little ringlets of her hair bouncing as she nods excitedly. "I'll get these orders in for you all right away, and it should be just a few minutes until your drinks are out, okay?" With a smile, she hurries off towards the kitchen.

"At least the service is good," Leon mentions to Isabel, flinching a little as she takes his hand. He wasn't expecting it, but he doesn't jerk away either. Jerk. Jerk chicken.
Cecily      "Walk... ride... I'm sure we can get a cab..." Cecily murmurs softly, looking between Isabel and Leon now. She nods to the only male in the group. "Good service is good. Smiles are good..." she says with a nod, lips curving up slightly in her own little faint smile. "Do you think she knows...? I mean.. we were just talking about.." she says quietly, "..RC.. What do you even say to someone that's been through what we have? From an outside perspective....?" she slumps in her chair, too, reaching for Hunni's hand so she can hug it to her chest.
Hunni Hunni just shrugs her shoulders at that, but she lets her hand be taken closer while she looks at Isabel and Leon. "I was there and I don't know what to say myself..." She shakes her ehad, closing her eyes once more as she waits for her drink. "One day at a time I guess?"
Isabel Isabel nods soberly to Cecily and Hunni. "I've been making videos since before we were brought out. I thought before that it was to tell people what really happened, what we went through. I still think that, but... now I wonder if it isn't just to save myself going through a face-to-face conversation about it with someone who wasn't there. I don't know how I'd explain it at all. I mean, most people freak if their power, or their internet, or their phone service goes out for more than an hour or so. How do you tell about something like this in a way that they can relate to?"
She glances down at Leon's hand, having felt that flinch. "I can move it... if you'd rather not be touched?"
Leon Kennedy "No, it's just, um." Leon reclaims his hand, pulling it back and wiping his own sweat off on his pantsleg. "It's really not that, I just... I don't feel very well." That might be a lame finish, but he really sounds and looks like it's true. "I'm gonna go. It's good to see you all," he adds, with a sort of pensive stare that might have been supposed to be a smile or something. And just like that, Leon's off, leaving a few bills on the table as he gets up to cover his check.

Cynthia just misses him on the way back to the table with two fresh servings of jerk chicken and a tray of drinks. "Where'd the handsome young gentleman get to?" she asks, with a concerned but friendly look between them, but then she spots the cash on the table. "Well, anyway. You ladies are in for a real treat with this," she assures Hunni and Cecily, sliding two funky-shaped glasses onto their table, and serving up a jerk chicken with water for Isabel. "I'll be back later to check on you all." Scooping up the cash, she's headed back to the kitchen.
Cecily      "Take care, Leon," Cecily says quietly, then looks to address Hunni and Isabel. She's still hugging Hunni's hand to her chest, as if trying to assure herself it's there, it's real, and they're... safe. She exhales a sigh, "Yes, one day at a time... but .. I don't want to just.. sit around.. stuck with my memories.. what can we even do for work? What do we put on a resume...? What do we tell people about our former employer? Oh, no, we didn't get quit or get fired..." she mumbles to herself, her internal monologue on whatever came after staying her own.

     When the food and drinks arrive, she finally releases Hunni's arm, reluctantly so, so the other woman can eat.
Isabel "Oh... I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon, Leon," Isabel says hastily, blinking in confusions as he slips away. She glances at her just-abandoned hand, slowly drawing it back. Cynthia arrives just then. "Um... he wasn't feeling well. He might be back," she adds, without much hope of it being true. "Thank you."
She looks back to Cecily and Hunni, shaking her head. "Sometimes I just have this feeling that I really suck at being a person," she murmurs. Shaking herself out of that, she tries to focus on the subject at hand. "I'm not even sure how to start looking for a job after this. I don't think many employers consider breaking and entering, or survival cooking, or fortification as marketable skills."
Cecily      "There's... got to be something for us... someplace.." Cecily says quietly, shaking her head. "I just... feel like I want to just hide away. But.. I know I can't..." she pulls her drink closer, taking a long draw of it. She glances at her meal, eventually picking up a fork. "A real meal though... I can't starve myself, after all. Already did that enough.." she pulls the plate closer and starts to poke at it with her utensil.
Isabel "I know the feeling," Isabel says softly, looking at what should be a delicious, if small, meal. "I don't want to just stay in a closet for the rest of my life, but it's... it was so hard to step out the door of the hotel room. And I knew there was nothing bad there..."
She shakes her head, sighing. "I'm sorry, I should go, too. Or I'll get us all stuck in a rut of self-pity. Please excuse me." She steps up to the counter for a couple of takeout cartons. It'd be a crime to waste food after what all of them have been through recently.