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Emma It's a dweary day today. Heavy clouds hover above Denver. It's nice to be in a city without zombies sure, but that doesn't mean the weight of reality isn't there. But people go on about their business, as per normal. For Emma, and like most survivors, life may never be quite the same. She has been rather reclusive, more silent, withdrawn than normal. And with keeping with herself the lass is seated at a table in the corner, with a cold plate of waffles and a cup of tea. In her hands in a book. Harry Potter actually. It's her wall, her distraction, from whatever is going on.
James Scott James Scott has surprisingly never been to Detroit, but he couldn't seem to enjoy it. Instead he's found himself in the Waffle House with his hair tied back and dressed in a simple Nirvana tee and faded jeans with shredded knees. He's got a book himself, the same worn journal he showed back up to the base with.

"Hey." he greets Emma with a tired nod, gaze shielded behind a pair of cheap sunglasses. "Mind if I sit down?"
Silent Night Archene also haven't been around the city, but at least, he had asked hotel staff a good place in the city for a good breakfast. This led him to come to the Waffle House. He is wearing jeans and some white t-shirt. He walks into the Waffle House with newspaper in hands, it is bad to not be up to date with the news, specially given the small apocalypse that recently happened. However, as he comes into the Waffle House, the notices James and Emma. He lets out a sigh, he had been worried about the later ever since they returned, the Outbreak and the kidnapping must have been too traumatic for the girl. With a light smile on his face, he approached her table and James, "Hello, hello," he glances at the cold waffles briefly before asking, "Would you mind if I had a breakfast with you?" He smiles again, more softly this time.
Lucia Excella Gionne While there were many important people in Denver in the city because of the Raccoon City incident and the fallout associated, Lucia was far less important at the current time and mostly there to meet personally with her favorite underling.

Hiring Archene Night had been the best decision of her life, he was her secret weapon. The weapon that was going to take her from Deputy Manager of Cosmetics to Vice President unless he had totally lied about completing his mission.

Outside of the waffle house in the no parking zone, a generic but expensive sports car pulled up. The kind someone rented while visiting a far-off city but still wanting to maintain some level of prestige.
Emma It's not that Emma has wanted to avoid her.. well, in a sense, in a way, they became a sort of family didn't they? A group, with that sort of bond people get through hell, anyway, she didn't really intended to just, not be there in any way shape or form. But that whole experience, capped off with the kidnapping. Something happened there. It's easily seen on her - and that's a physical mention too. There is a faded bruise around her neck, a sign of the strangulation, her eye, once black, is fading off with various ugly shades. Other bruises are fading too, and that bullet wound is healed. Still, the physical side doesn't seem as bad as the mental. Looking up from her book, eyes fix on James a moment. "Oh - ah, sure." Says the Scottish lass, gently, motioning with a hand to a chair. And then comes Archene, and slowly her eyes turn up to him as well. "Sur - sure." A nod, a hand sweeps some of that long red hair off her shoulder and she motions to another chair. That book, Harry Potter, is looked at and put down, with a bookmark in to mark her place. "You both are .. are well, aye?" Asks the lass gently, with a small smile to them both.
James Scott "Thank's." James says with a slight nod, taking one of the free chairs. "How're you holding up?" Rather than put his book away be flips it open to study something within it. "That's probably a stupid question." After squinting at the pages for a moment or two he produces a case from one of his pockets. The journal is raised to block out his face and those cheap shades are swapped for a simple pair of metal wireframe glasses.
Silent Night "I'm doing as well as I can," Archene seemed a bit, hurt though there was little to be seen in regards to scars or bruises on his body as it is. He sighs quietly before sitting down on the chair motioned, he places his newspaper on the table before looking at Emma for a few moments, "If you need anything, just let us know, alright?" No use in pressing things out of her, given how recently everything had just happened.
Emma Emma sort of sits there a second, looking at James, and then at Archene. There is a small frown, because she knows they know something is off, but admittance is hard, and often a redhead can be stubborn. This is one of her stubborn moments. "I - I am fine." Speaks the Scottish lass, in her sweet sort of way, Taking up her tea, and sipping at it, there is a small cringe. It's cold. Putting it back down and looking back up that gaze is fixed on James when he wears.. glasses. "When did you start ta wear those?" A little surprised, and then attention turns to Archene. "It's nice ta - ta be outta tha city, huh? Freein' really."
James Scott "Ah.. fifth grade? They were in my room, so I didn't get a chance to pick them up until after the outbreak had already happened." James explains, using a free hand to gesture since he's currently using that journal to hide his eyes. "It's a relief. Nice to be able to breathe."

"Oh, Archene. I'd been meaning to ask you, have you ever heard of a Doctor James Marcus?"
Silent Night "Fresh air, nice clothes, waffles." Archene smiles softly at the lass, "It is certainly nice to be about here, try to have some fun when you can." He looks at James, seeming to not take much note of the glasses, specially considering the eyes behind them, "Not from the top of my head, before if you need to, I can see if I can have a look into it." He hmms briefly before politely asking, "Why do you ask?"
Emma "Oh." Emma says to James, nodding a little. That's when a waitress shows up, pad in hand and with a pencil out ready to take orders. "I'd like some hot tea, please." Is her request. Eating hasn't been her thing to much, not since they got her back. Picking at pieces and small bites with the plate nearly left full, mostly. Idly a hand rubs her neck, a unconscious move. There is a small nod to Archene, about the having fun stuff. "I - I plan ta. I've been readin' over what tha city has ta offer, this place seems pretty fun, think I'll go explorin' sometime. With Shaemus, too. He'd like ta be out."
James Scott "Just a tea, sweet, please." James says to the waitress without looking up. He does shift where he's seated slightly, hrming at something or the other. Finally he lowers his voice, "From what I'm reading, he may have been responsible for all of this. Forming that corporation you worked for, getting the resources, all of it. He's also my father."
Lucia Excella Gionne Lucia stepped out of the sports car and made her way into the Waffle House, the model-esque woman looking very out of place in the humble establishment as her heels clicked against the tiles. Those sitting with Archene may have recognized her face from cosmetics commercials.

Stepping towards the table, she extended a gloved hand towards Archene and smiled, "It's good to see you again Mister Night." She didn't mouth the words due to the company, but she wanted to scream out, 'DO YOU HAVE IT?' referring of course; to the Regenerist data.

Her royal blue eyes didn't even pass over the other occupants of the table, only looking to Archene.
Silent Night "Matte tea, no suggar please. And waffles, please." Archene says briefly looking up to smile at the waitress before looking more seriously at James, his brows furrowing slightly, "I understand, Markus may have more information on this, but I will look more into it for you in any case. I'll let you know if I find out anything." He lets out a soft sigh, "Though I do need a day or two to rest my mind and body, and settle some business, I'll be sure to let you know what I find as soon as I can."

Rarely, Archene would be surprised, his group mates would know this. Even when a Licker would come out of nowhere, he would act as everything is going as expected. If Nemesis were to be gunning him, nothing out of the ordinary. An Executioner coming out of a wall, only another target! But as he heard the voice of Lucia Excella Gionne, even with his shades, it was possible to notice him freezing... even if only for a moment. He still turned towards her, standing up with an amicable smile on his face, "Miss Gionne, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon, but it is very good to see you." He smile remains still as he looks at her.
Emma The cold cup of tea was being put to the side, so it can be taken away when the hot one arrives. But, with sudden surprise it's..spilt, all, over, Archene. James surprised her, to her -core-. His father did what?! Jaw dropped, big silver eyes fix upon him for a second, the spilt drink not even realized! And with further distraction when the unknown woman suddenly appears. Eyes move to her, then Archene, and there is nothing but shocked silence from Emma.
James Scott "Woah, watch out there." James starts, moving the journal aside so he can wipe up the table. "You know, all of this reminds me of the time we spent in Jack's. You know that's where I met Nixie?" With the mess cleaned up he shifts his attention to Lucia, those infected red eyes taking her in, at least until he replaces his glasses with those supermarket shades once again.

         It's at that moment, he seems to have a sudden realization, his hands clenching into fists under the table. He was connecting the dots, the constable, the prime minister, the constable knew too much. The pervert's penis, the queen's scepter, the pervert was just a distraction. "I have a thought, Archene. I won't say anything now, but I hope I'm not right."
Lucia Excella Gionne "I pay you too much for you not to check your phone every waking and dreaming moment." Lucia smiled, a combination of wickedness and loveliness wrapped into one, "After all... I am the one who made your dreams come true."

Reaching into her cleave she removed a numerous times folded piece of paper and handed it in Archene's direction, "You once remarked that you wanted your own castle. Chateau de Night is now yours, it had some terribly passez French name prior, I think Night has a nice ring. Don't you?"

Of course, her other hand still remained open in the direction of Archene.
Silent Night "I am sorry for that, I must have missed the call, I've been recovering from some minor wounds." Archene smiles softly at her, as if there is nothing wrong at all.

Archene seems to be the least affect by the tea, as he manages to make his newspaper wet, and his pants as well, given that he was standing facing Lucia Excella Gionne. Luckly, a certain pocket in his pants was not touched by the tea at all, "Oh, yes, yes. I am glad that it could be arranged," and smiles his hand reaching into such pocket and taking out an USB, which he carefully puts on the extended hand as he shakes it, "Thank you for the Chateau," He lets go of the USB as he lets go of her hand, his other hand taking the paper, which is placed in the safe pocket the USB was taken from, "Hope you come by sometime." He smiles warmly at her.
Emma The tea! Emma goes -red-, but James is there, cleaning it before she can do anything. Her expression screams 'sorry', to them both, even if nobody is really regarding her. And to be honest, there is a strange mixture of confusion and curiosity. For a second eyes are fixed on Archene and that unknown woman, assessing. Then she looks towards James and blinks, going to kick him gently under the table with a 'you'll need to explain this later' sort of look.
James Scott James Scott nods slightly at Emma, his gaze soley on the other woman now. You don't need to see his eyes to know he's displeased. "Maybe you'd like me to tell her about the Progenitor virus while we're at it, or maybe a vial of my blood. Maybe they want a real live monster of their own." Of course he keeps his voice down, not wanting to cause a scene.

His eyes start to glow, at least until Emma kicks him. He seems to gather himself for the moment and gives her a slight nod.
Lucia Excella Gionne Lucia allowed herself a small smirk as she noticed the wet splotch on Archene's pants, "Not an unusual reaction to my presence."

The USB is slipped into Lucia's cleavage after she takes it from Archene, her eyebrows twitching ever so slightly at the escapades occurring at the little table. If she had considered joining the group prior to this display, all thoughts had been dashed away; kind of like James' hopes of getting laid ever since Biohazard.

"I'm sure I'll see enough of you at the Paris Office, that I won't be in any rush to socialize. I appreciate the offer though Mister Night, the sincerity is noted. Enjoy your 'Waffles'." Lucia turned on heel and began to walk towards the exit, never having so much as looked directly at James or Emma.
Emma What the hell is going on. Emma is left with more questions than answers. James is going off, Archene seems to be.. hiding something? Emma sits there, like the small simple figure to the side. Which isn't a bad spot to be in. Watching the strange woman leave briefly and then looking to the other two she jumps suddenly when her phone goes off. Startled and grabbing it the redhead stands. "Ex -- excuse me a second. Gotta take this." Moving from the table and going to sit at an empty one she quietly takes the phone call.
Silent Night Archene throughly, completely and absulutely ignore the first comment from Lucia. Even behind the shades, the eyes also did not follow her hands to her cleavege, again. "I understand, may we see each other in Paris Office when the time come then." His smile is ever calm, "Be well on your way, Miss Gionne." As she went off, he let out a sigh before getting some napkins to ensure that his seat was dry before sitting down on it.

He looks towards James, "No need for that, it isn't her business to deal with that kind of thing." He smiles, "She was the person who got us the helicopter, and what I gave her is unrelated to the Outbreak." He rubs his forehead before saying, "If they ever want anything from you, I'll be sure to organize things so that you can get a good deal out of it. She isn't that bad, just the kind of person who treats her allies well, her enemies badly and nothing to the rest."

As Emma stands up he looks at her and says, "It is alright, I'm not going anywhere." He smiles her way as she goes off, not too long after the waitress is back at their table placing some hot waffles and some brownish tea in front of Archene.
James Scott "Given that it's Tricell, I assume they wanted that cream that they were advertising before the outbreak." James says cooly, despite being absolutely livid. "But you should know something about us, we don't like to make our hand obvious. I'd be willing to put money on the fact that the information you just handed over was something sinister."

         "I'll just have to keep an eye on things when I get to France. Make sure that Tricell isn't going after the Ashford family, at least not until after I've gotten my answers." A grim smile creeps across the teen's face, his bloodlust showing for a moment. "You should know that if they send anybody to get in my way, I'll kill them."
Silent Night "Everything has potential to be used for evil, their ends are not in this case at least. Despite how she is, like I said, she isn't a bad person." Archene drinks his tea, "You will be going to France as well? After the Ashford family, hmm... come by my chateau, is something I'd love to say right now. But I do wonder why are you going after the Ashfords, I assume that this is related to your father." He sighs again shaking his head before saying, "James, you should know well that if they were to send someone your way, they would be ready for it. But relax, they aren't like Umbrella. And if what I have in mind comes to fruition, they won't become like Umbrella. Like you know, they have a lot of capital. It is just a question of getting it used in a way that will be better for the world." He smiles, "After all, Cosmetics are made to make people feel better about themselves, and smile."
James Scott "Cosmetics are to cultivate a poor body image and then profit from it. Looking at her was like looking into a mirror, she's not out to help anybody except for herself." James seems positive of that, finally taking a sip from his tea. He begins to rap his fingertips against the tabletop, thinking quietly.

         "While Wesker and Birkin wanted to steal my father's research, he was friends with the Ashford family. If I want to find out about him and where I come from, that'll be the best place to start. Though I'm a bit reluctant, I'd hate to show up and become an experiment." His shoulders rise in a brief shrug, almost of defeat. "There's nothing I can do about that though."
Silent Night "True enough, but sincerely, most people are simply sticking out for themselves." Archene sighs as he begins eating his waffle, quietly listening to James, rather seriously, "I understand. But you could always accept help from friends." He sighs, "Before we leave, I'll give you the address of my Chateau, if something happens to you and you have to run away, just drop by."

He sips some tea, "But you say that Wesker and Birkin wanted to steal your father's research?" He tilts his head slightly as if hoping for a more in-depth explanation.
James Scott "He thought as much. What he wrote down in his journal anyway." James explains, "I couldn't tell you for sure what they were after. But I haven't read the entire thing, seems like he wanted to protect some notes more than others." He does nod though, "Yeah, I appreciate it. I'll be sure to visit."
Silent Night "It is understandable, he seems like he was some kind of high echelon researcher." Archene hmms, "If you find out anything, let me know." He drinks some of his tea, before returning to his waffles, not wanting those to go cold, "Good luck on your side of things, I'll let you know if I find any information on your father. Hopefully, I will have some free time once I get to Paris." He sighs quietly.
James Scott James Scott nods, fishing his wallet out to put his portion of the bill on the table. "Well, I'm going back to the hotel. Last thing I need is for something to happen out here and people to see my eyes. May never be able to show them again with all the talk of Bioterorism. Even Fox is talking about it, and they're basically a fake news channel." He pushes up to his feet and gives a tired sigh before waving, "Alright, take care."