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Kitten The situation in Raccoon City had gotten worse and worse with no end in sight, anyone who had intended to weather the storm was already dead for their foolishness or was going to be in for a rude awakening when the Government dealt with the problem of Raccoon City.

In spite of the terrible conditions, thanks to Claire Redfield; there was communication and that's how one of the military choppers had reached Buck on his S.T.A.R.S. radio; something him and William Caldwell could remember but others like Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield had troubles with!

Word had been given an extraction would be provided to Buck and any survivors who could make it to the old Chinese Movie Theatre, no time had been given though.

Just that it would be sometime tonight

As darkness settled over the city, the activity of the dead rose. Elza may had arrived earlier, finding no other survivors present but Buck, Mia, Nick, William, Isabel (Not here), & Lillian (Not here).

There were truly few left in the city.
Buck Rogers "Huh, the government came after all," Buck commented, tossing up and down a small, ornate key. "Lucky us." He'd heard the many announcements through the city of the evacuations and total destruction of the city coming in a few days, and realized waiting it out was not an option-- they needed to go, and go now. So gathering his supplies and his pals, Buck Rogers had directed them all to that Chinese theater, opting to go hours before night fall to guarantee they were there regardless of inconveniences. Any side plans have been put aside; curiosity and bloodthirst must take a backseat to not being slaughtered in the bombing of Raccoon City. "Alright! Everyone, get your asses in gear. You need a piss break, take it now, cuz we're not stopping til we're out of this hellhole."
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan has packed up what supplies she has left into a backpacka nd has her shotgun out, checked cleaned as well as she cna do it and it's ready. The mechanic is looking on edge to be sure. She checks her shotun and seems to be ready. "Already done my business, if we don't We'll hate our selves for what's left of our lives. If I was in the Goverment there'd come a point where they'd need to contain the outbreak no matter the cost, right? This isn't a Romero movie where the Goverment doesn't know it's head from it's ass."

SHe notes and she's otherwise quiet now as she cradles her shotgun waiting and ready.
Prestige William Caldwell "Jesus...So it is true. They're bombing anyone left if they don't get out now, eh?" William asks of Buck. "At least we're not stuck here, thank god for that." he had his supplies and his gear all equipped on him in various fashion, he looked like and felt like shit but at least he was soon to get out of this hell hole. "We all ready to go? No time to do some after hours pickups i'm afraid. it's now or never." he checks over his ammunition in his M92F and after being sure he has a full mag returns it to the gun, readying himself in case any deadders may come to them.
Elza Walker EARLIER:

"What do I do? Where do I go?"

These were the words going through the mind of Elza Walker. Once she'd been a motorcycle racer going to college at Raccoon University. Now she'd been fighting for her life in what had turned into a total nightmare thanks to the Umbrella Corporation. Her motorcycle was ruined in an accident (poor thing,) and she'd been struggling to find a safe place to hide out. Unfortunately, no matter where she went, she was always quick to find that the zombies were attracted to fresh food, and while Elza managed to survive by the skin of her teeth, those around her did not. She was relieved she didn't have any loved ones in Raccoon, nor did she ever have any pets to speak of either, as odds are they would never have made it out alive either.

Eventually, she found her way to the Chinese Movie Theatre, which she'd seen but never visited before. Of course, being in here wasn't about seeing a film, as she was living a horror flick for real, albeit with real death. She was here because she was trying to find shelter, and she was relieved to find a few other survivors as well. She'd passed the past few days telling them stories about her racing career and cracking the occasional joke, but it was getting difficult to stay optimistic after all this time. But things apparently had changed for the better, as Buck had heard there was a chopper coming, and Elza was elated... for a few moments. She knew it still had to get there and pick them up.


Walking in with the others, Elza nods to Buck. "That's what I just did. Mom always told me to go before I left the house!" She chuckles a little, but then her smile turns into a frown as she remembers what she heard about the place being destroyed, and now is not the time to try to lighten the mood. "So it's finally come to this. Honestly, I'm not surprised. I just hope we can clear the area before they destroy all of Raccoon City. I hope they get here soon..."

As she fiddles with her racing jumpsuit, she looks down and sighs as the memory of her favorite motorcycle meeting an untimely demise flashes through her head. She remembers at one point, she was taking a rest from avoiding zombies and came upon the remains of her motorcycle. Feeling sorry for it, she actually had found a tarp nearby and covered it, almost like a real body. "Rest in peace, old buddy," She'd said before running off.]
Nick Fox "I'm a bit surprised." Nick says, as he checks his handgun, "I figured by now they'd have lobbed a couple of nukes our way and told the rest of the world that there was a terrible accident or something." He slots the magazine back into the weapon and racks it, "Well I suppose we should get the hell out of here, 'cause I don't wanna stay any longer than I have to. Plus I don't wanna be turned into nuclear ash if we can avoid it.

Nick is, frankly, really shocked he is still alive at this point. He figured something would have gotten him by now...But they're not out of the woods yet, he thinks. Don't want to jinx it.
Kitten There was still no word from the extraction chopper, if they were really truly coming but there was little time to ponder that now. Tin can alarms that had been setup as the only form of defense really began to jingle and alert the group of you that the undead had breached the 'base' at multiple points.

Outside of the movie theatre were what were likely thousands of undead, drawn to one of the few remaining sources of not only food or perhaps, one of the only vectors left to spread the infection via. It was a mystery that greater minds would likely never solve in their own lifetimes.

If the chopper did come, it was likely they would go for the roof.

Within the hallways, multiple undead were already streaming in; all at once and suddenly without any other warning except those tin cans.
Buck Rogers The sounds that alert Buck to the undead's entry are clear as day. It was inevitable, if those things had any ability to track or any drive to hunt, that as time went on truly massive groups would come. "We need to get to the roof," the armored giant commands. "We'll hold there until it comes-- and if it doesn't, fuck it, we're not coming back down the same way." The gathered group's swarmed on all sides with an almost impossible haste, hallways swarming, windows smashed, and even, in some interior cases, walls being busted through. The sheer weight of bodies, of thousands of virus-fed corpses and horrors pushing and pushing, is enough to topple buildings. It's like a wrecking ball when they hit, and the ground shakes beneath them. "Get to the stairway!" They can see it at the end of the hall, off to the side-- revving up his chainsaw, Buck's in motion, trusting the people behind him to kill enough that he doesn't get jumped from behind.
Prestige William Caldwell The tin cans being rattled is a sign of imminent death, that or looters, and Caldwell was sure as hell it wasn't looters. "Oh fuck...We need to move. NOW." he raises his M92F and proceeds to begin covering Bucks 6 O' Clock. Making sure nothing gets the jump on him while Buck clears the way with his chainsaw. "Fuck, we gotta move NOW." he yells. Beginning to pop shots at any infected that come too close. He grits his teeth as one of them gets too close and grabs hold of him, driving his knife into its skull and ripping it out, the knife already coated in gore but this being a newer fresher coating. The sheer number of undead was a clear sign that they'd be overrun if they didn't get to safety on a chopper ASAP.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan says "We'll need to try to slow em down and make for the roof and what they need to do and it's time to get moving there were more coming and she opens up, with the shotgun, these things are not people anymore. Blam, blacm she shigts and she starts to move aiming to pick off the zombies she can as she moves she doesn't kow when they are going to have time to reload she may have to use her shotgun as a club...
Elza Walker When those tin cans rattle, Elza knows what it means. "Looks like we've got company!" She says as she starts for the stairway, then pauses to draw her Browning HP pistol. "If anyone gets too close, they'll learn why you don't mess with one of the best of the best!" She says. When the zombies make their entrance, Elza shakes her head. "Sorry, but this is the end of the show for you!" She says as she fires a few rounds at the head of the nearest zombie. "There'll be no sequel for you!"
Nick Fox "Well I guess we better move!" Nick is up to his feet in a flash, weapon firing at one of the encroching invaders. He's not going to stop, not when he's this close to making it out of here alive. No way would he allow himself to be put down by these monsters.

"Mia, Elza, come on! Mia, use your shotgun to clear out big groups of them, so we've got a path to the roof!"
Kitten Buck's radio buzzes to life, "This is the US Army to the Police Officer that was contacted before about an extraction. If you're still alive, please respond and provide us with a clear signal for extraction. We're less than 15 minutes out."

The stairwell is not overly crowded with undead yet, making it an easy path to clear but the hallways leading to it, and from all directions behind the group of you were filling with undead bodies that were seeking only one thing; to kill you all.

On the ceilings, Buck could see familiar sinewy shapes of muscle and flesh moving rapidly towards the group: Lickers.
Buck Rogers Shoulderchecking a grasping zombie, driving it back against the doorway it stumbled out of, Buck reaches down for his radio. The pinned cannibalistic thing groans and claws at his arm until a well-aimed bullet from a teammate gives the chipped paint a brainy second layer. He tugs it off his belt, hits transmit, and growls into it as he moves-- "This is Corporal Buck Rogers, STARS. I'm here with a small team of survivors. We've been swarmed-- we're heading to the roof for evac, pick up the pace." The radio's shoved into a pocket as he makes his way toward the sparsely-populated stairs. "Move it, people! No time! Hit the roof, don't fall behind!" The familiar sight of the lickers makes his chest ache, the stitches on the as-of-yet not healed wounds itching again. Without a doubt, he'll be bloodied before this is over. "Fuck-- move, out of the halls! Watch for the tongues!"
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues moving forward with Buck, slamming his fist into a zombies face before popping a shot into it's head. He looks up to the ceiling and yells "What the FUCK are those things?" he raises his gun towards them and begins to fire shots of at their heads, disgusted and terrified of them at the same time. He books it towards the staircase, continuing to pop shots off as he moves towards the second floor of the theater, grunting as a zombie grabs hold of him and is promptly gutted like a fish, it's head gains a new hole straight through the eyeball and Caldwell holds the staircase until his colleagues can join him "We gotta move people!" he continues firing off rounds at the zombies, not stopping until hes sure he's carved a semi path out of them.
Elza Walker Elza finds that she's a fairly decent shot, but there are more zombies coming fast. "Let's go! Go! Go!" Elza exclaims as if speaking automatically. She knows that they need to get to the top of the building fast, before they become zombie chow. Then Elza spots that strange being, almost like it's inside-out or something, and almost immediately her eyes widen like saucers, and any thoughts about her being a lady at all have just gone out the window with what she says next.

"What the fiery flying FUCK is THAT son of a bitch?!" She exclaims, her terror and anxiety getting the best of her as she blurts out language she never thought she could use before. Even when she was on the race track, she never got that mad. She just got up and kept racing. But show her a freak like that and watch her swear! "Let's get the hell outta here now!" She yells, firing another couple of rounds at some nearby zombies. "We can do this!"
Nick Fox Nick wheels around and cuts off a zombie's hand with the Arkansas Toothpick before he sheaths it back where it belongs. It was quick and to the point, as he fires another round into the same zombie a moment later.

"I'd rather be at Disney World." He mutters to himself. That's the first thing he's doing as soon as he gets out of this hellscape. He just made up his mind, right here in the midts of all this chaos and carnage. He's going to Disney World.

"It doesn't matter what it is, shoot it!" He yells out at the others, opening up with two burst fire shots at the creature from the Samurai Edge, letting all six rounds rain down on it with practiced precision. He has no intention of dying here. He has to go ride it's a small world.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan is going to ahve to keep moving with Buck and eveyrone else. She makes use of the inside corridors as they go using the shotgun to clear out more than one zombe in a go but she runs dry and has to reload her wepaon it's slow goingbut then something else... comes she stares in abject horror. Something born out of the depths of nightmare a creature God has nothing to do with a preversion of the human form a Licker.


SHe tries to get a clear shot and open fire on the Licker even as she keeps moving. "BACK TO HELL!" She's not even thinking about what she's saying she's more acting at this point with people she bsarely knows yet she does trust them, if one doesn't get out? No one's likely too.
Kitten The rag-tag group is doing their best to escape, but it's just not enough in the face of so many undead. Little did they know, they were one of only a handful of remaining groups of survivors that had been found.

As each group of survivors was taken out of the city, the dead had less to focus their attention on.


William Caldwell was grabbed by the tongue of a Licker and it wrapped around his throat, pulling him towards the ceiling and towards it's gaping maw where the top of Will's skull became little more than a feast of brains for the Licker.

Elza was swarmed by a group of zombies who began to rip her intestines out even as the young girl screamed, Nick and Mia unable to do anything as the undead overwhelmed them.

Mia tripped and when Nick went to help her, they were both swarmed; the dead taking them so fully they did not even have time to scream as hungry teeth and claws began to rip them apart.

Elza Walker Suddenly, Elza found herself being swarmed by a massive amount of zombies. She had no idea where they came from, but they were coming from seemingly everywhere, and suddenly, she fell to the ground, pinned by the undead horde. One of them went for her stomach, attempting to rip out her intestines, while another sank its teeth into her throat. The former sounds rather painful, but fortunately, the latter bites partially through her spine, causing her to lose sensations of pain. She attempts to cry out, but it's cut off by a gurgling noise. Another bite to her throat causes her to black out and lose consciousness...

It appears this is the end of Elza Walker! Black flagged before she had a chance to show her stuff on the track!
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is caught by a licker, slowly being inhaled into it's mouth by the disgusting creature, he screams and yells, even tries stabbing the thing but to no avail. Caldwell is slowly bitten again and again, his brain becoming a feast for the undead creatures as his final words cry out... "" and then silence, blackness for the tall officer.
Nick Fox "Shit, Will!" Nick tries to get a shot off on the Licker, but his gun is knocked away. He moves to grab it, twisting around to pick the weapon up, but it's too late for Will, Elza gets overwhelmed. Nick picks up the weapon and empties the magazine, and then throws the gun at the last zombie standing before they overwhelm him. He goes down punching and cursing.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan tripped nd thingds were going badly she's being swamed she tries to fight she keeps srtruggling as they rip her apar but there's nothing Mia can do agians so many, she's down and likely bledding out at this point, or worse infected...
Buck Rogers There's a sudden swelling of violence as, quite unexpectedly, a whole lot of otherwise competent people die in a bloody mess-- a mess that catches Buck Rogers thoroughly off guard as he works his way up the stairwell to help everyone reach the roof. A mass of them cover Elza -- and to be fair, Buck didn't really know her at all, but anyone with a human heart left in them would beb othered by the sight of a young girl being torn apart. "Shit," he growls, turning and looking toward her, to see if there's some way to help.. only to see her stomach ripped into, and her intestines spilled. Then there's William's skull-crushing bites, each wet, pulping sound as his brain splatters sinking Buck's stomach. Then there's Nick, and Mia, and far-off across the country, his parents probably collapsed of simultaneous massive heart attacks, because that's the sort of day this is. "Motherfucker," he screams, furious, at the undead, the lickers, God Himself-- anything and everything. And then he's trying to keep moving up.
Kitten Would Buck even escape? At least Lillian and Isabel had made it to the roof..

...then Buck snaps back to reality as an all too surreal vision of what this could become was shown to him by his own mind.

He would have to prevent such a thing from occurring, these people were depending on him on this day.

As the undead approached, he was the only thing stopping them from getting to his all too alive team mates.

Mia, Nick, Elza, & William. All of them still alive and unharmed for the moment.

The sound of a helicopter could be heard approaching, they were so close..
Elza Walker Elza continues to run towards the exit, not letting anything hold her back. "We're almost there, I can feel it!" She's so determined, almost like a racer trying to take first place in the final stretch. But anything can happen in that final stretch. Because as Elza gets closer, she suddenly trips and falls to the ground. Unfortunately, she hits her head on the ground, and she's out like a light. Hopefully, someone can pick her up and carry her to the helicopter. Otherwise, she's zombie chow!
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues firing his pistol down at the group of zombies, swearing and cursing under his breath as Elza goes down and out "Someone pick her up! We don't have time for this, let's go!" he clears a path down at the staircase for his allies to get to with his pistol and eventually the fatal *CLICK* *CLICK* of an empty mag is heard. He yells "Fuck! Cover me!" and quickly begins to reload his gun, trying to quickly get a new magazine in there before he becomes Licker food.
Mia Artisan Mia Artisan looks at Buck for a moment and tilts her head for a at buck "Buck let's go! Before we end up torn into little gibs!"
F she fires off several more shots.

"We need to signal them and get the hell out of here!" She pauses for a moment Then moves to give William covering fire as he moves. "GO!"
Buck Rogers Buck blinks and shakes his head. There's a moment where one version of reality and another bleed into each other, and he's filled with a terrible confusion-- like waking from a dream, with the cobwebs of slumber still stretched around inside your skull and drying out your brain, he's at a complete loss. He stumbles as he moves up the staircase, having slaughtered something cruel that now collapsed in a headless, bisected pool at his feet and slid down the stairs, not even realizing he's done it. "The fuck--" He looks around, blinks again, another shake of his head, and then the rest of them are actually moving past him, still talking, still alive. Oh, sweet Jesus, is he infected after all? Are these fever dreams? Doesn't matter-- some things should just remain fucked-up thoughts in your head.

"Grab the girl, go, I'll hold them off!" He wades toward Elza, chainsaw roaring back to life from when it idled a moment before, as zombies flood down halls and pour through doorways, and as the lickers crawl like some fuckin' creeps out of a Japanese horror movie along walls and ceilings, leaving their only exit up. "Take her and get the fuck on that helicopter, I'll be right behind you!"
Nick Fox Like the damn hero that he is, Nick swoops in to grab Elza, hoisting her up over his shoulders and carrying her upwards. He wasn't about to leave her, not when they were this close to the finish line, "C'mon man, just think of the Dole Whip. You've got this!"
Kitten As the group of you make it on the roof you can see the chopper approaching even as the dead fill the stairwells, the military Blackhawk setting down on the roof as a group of soldiers deployed from it to provide covering fire for the group of you.

Buck feels something wrap around his leg as another Licker bursts through the doorway only to be peppered with assault rifle fire, a soldier yelling, "Come on! Hurry up!"

The moment everyone is onboard the helicopter it takes off to leave Raccoon City behind.
Nick Fox Nick leans out of the helicopter, giving the entire city the finger for several miles. Then he gets back inside and straps himself down, deciding to try to get some sleep on the ride to wherever they're going. It's been rough, but he made it.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is in the chopper and proceeds to pass the FUCK out. He's had a long couple of weeks and he deserves to rest. As does the rest of his crew, yo.
Buck Rogers On the helicopter, taking up more of a seat than any one person has a right to, Buck's turned his chainsaw off and left it on the floor, breathing heavily. He can feel it under his armor-- he's bleeding again, the stress of moving and fighting having torn open the stitches, and beneath the reinforced plate carrier and bullet-resistant weaves, his chest looks like a fat baby that just discovered ketchup is wonderful. "Well," he grunts. "Toldja we'd make it."