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Emma It's a cloudy day, the type of cloudy day that one would stay inside, normally. With a good book, or watching a movie. The air being so warm, and a little humid, speaks of the oncoming rain. For now those heavy dark masses of grey hover above, threatening to pour at any moment. It's not exactly comfortable, this humidity, but given that life now isn't in general, there is little difference. With the landscape so cold and hard, with buildings destroyed, marks of blood from fallen people here and there, trashcans pushed over and the every constant threat of zombies, the city just seems like a wasteland. Where one could come to find their final days (and for many that was the case).

Behind an old restaurant the staff parking lost is void of life, only beaten vehicles. Behind it are a pair of warehouses, and the alley stretches down the length each way to meet up with main roads. This are the only access points in and out, unless one went through the building. Remains are here, some body parts even, trash cans are spilled over, even spray painted signs for help on the walls. The quiet is near deafening.
Silent Night On top of a relatively tall building, there was a man in combat armor lying on the ground aiming the Arbiter over the alley. It was a good sniping position, and the best part is that he could even move to the other part of the roof to be able to shoot towards the front of the restaurant. Given that there may be an ambush, it wasn't wise to have all of them to go together in any case. Having at least one sniper ready would certainly be helpful in case there was an attempt to take Emma as a hostage. After all, this should be the right place. If nothing goes wrong, they all should be back at the base tonight, happily eating granola bars and soon, leaving this city.
James Scott The quiet was near deafening, until whistling cuts through it. Maybe you recognize the tune fro Twisted Nerve, maybe from Kill Bill, but it's obvious that nobody should be doing that here. Unless you're James Scott and playing distraction.

The teen saunters on towards the building like he owns it, shield in one hand and an Umbrella pistol in the other. He's dressed for combat, armor strapped down, hair tied back, and cargo pants tucked into a pair of boots he nabbed from his house shortly after Emma was taken.
Benny Benny is waiting behind one of the beaten vehicles in the parking lot of the restaurant. His MP7 is out and ready, as he hides behind the cover he's provided and waits for James to make contact with the people who have taken Emma. They found out about Emma's location not too long ago and had to draw up a rescue plan quickly. Time is of the essence.

Benny hasn't slept much, searching for Emma every day since she was taken. Shaemus has been very depressed, sleeping lots and not playing like he usually does. He misses Emma dearly and the rest of the team has been doing all they can to find her. So this is the big break they were looking for. They didn't even go through her things when she was gone, because that would be rude unless it contained some clue of what happened to her.

Benny looks over to where Archene is likely perched, giving the man a nod and then goes back to watching James to see if his distraction works.
Emma There isn't much that happens. It's.. oddly quiet, even from the warehouse. But it's a large building, and it may be hard to hear what is going on within. That gloomy sky adds a tension to the air, anything could happen.. then something does..

A sudden ruckus from a dumpster is heard, that whistle did draw the attention of something. And that something is a woman who stands up in it. She is a zombie, and given the look on her face it seems she was tossed in there.
James Scott James Scott shifts his attention to the dumpster. 'A corpse.' he notes mentally, continuing his stroll towards the warehouse. "They're probably all dead." Anybody watching him would likely assume he was talking to himself, rather than speaking to a hidden ally. "Maybe they left me some goodies." Without looking he raises that pistol and lets off a single shot, which slams right next to the zombie's head. That was bound to draw some attention.
Benny Benny blinks, when the zombie pops out of the dumpster and recognizes it as one of his teenage students from his martial arts class. He stares at it stunned, "No...not Melissa...please gawd..." But then James pulls out his pistol and shoots at her.

The asian cop's expression says it all, he's deeply saddened to see his student turn into one of the undead and tears stream down his face, as he rises from his hiding spot to walks over to the dumpster as he draws his combat knife. "I'm....sorry...I couldn't save you..." In this moment, he forgets about staying concealed, overcome by grief for the fate of his student and is about to end her undead existance but he hesitates.

Then suddenly a second zombie pops out of the dumpster, a taller woman with very bloody clothing and she resembles the first zombie slightly in appearance but looks older. She is wearing the same clothes as that mother that was with the group of survivors that took Emma. Benny, jumps back and drops his knife and seems frozen to the spot.
Emma The shot James lets out just serves to anger them. And it also draws more attention. From the other side of the alley two figures can be seen. Zombies. But they move slow as they begin their walk this way. The other zombie, the teen, is nabbed by Benny, but there isn't anything but hunger from the young zombie because he knew nothing else. And the pregnant one, with a more hungry desire reaches out with a moan, not able to make it over the dumpster given her stomach. The groan is a sickening sound, the eyes both lifeless and hungry.

At the side of the warehouse, there is a creek as a door opens, a guy stepping out to see what's going on. Believed the area was secure when he spots the men out there, his face pales some. "Aw shit!" He calls back into the building. "They found us Ricky!" The door is slammed shut, but there is an echo from a broken window. "Finish the job and get out of here, zombies are coming!"
James Scott "Idiot!" James hisses, clearly not concerned with if or how Benny might have known the infected. He raises his gun, but the door then there's talking. "Oh no you fucking don't." The teen's eyes glow brightly and he breaks into a sprint towards the warehouse. "Fuck 'em Benny, this is the right place!" As he moves the pistol is slipped into a holster at his side and he draws the bat hanging from his back.
Benny Archene Night was watching everything through his lucky binoculars and then quickly switches to the scope of his sniper rifle, the Arbiter as James approached the building.

Seeing that Benny was in trouble after dropping his knife, the Secret Tricell sleeper agent, steadies his breath, has the cross hairs on the first zombie's head and in between heart beats he squeezes the trigger. The undead Melissa's head explodes, showering Benny with some of the gore and he then sets his sights on the second zombie, Melissa's mom. A second later, a second shot rings out and both undead zombies are put to rest.

Benny is stunned when both zombies he knew in life were now resting in pieces in death. "Shit." The sound of gunfire from Archene's sniper rifle, James hollering and the cries from inside the building snap him out of his frozen state.

The asian quickly wipes his face, grabs his dropped knife and runs towards James to back him up. He raises his MP7 and points it towards the door and if they start firing at them, he's going to return fire back because he's still a cop.
Emma The scene within the warehouse is a disaster. There are some dead zombies, laying on the ground. But mostly, there are some bodies. Human bodies. Laid upon the floor. It looks like a firefight had been going on here, maybe between two rival groups. The other is dead, and only two remain of the original. The one guy who had ran out to see what was going on, and Ricky. Who had a gun pointed at Emma. At this point, the scene unfolds thusly:

Emma standing in a different attire, make shifted together yet oddly still works. Her red hair is down, and the curls are slightly messy. "You threw her to the fucking zombies you asshole! Why so -you- could live?! You let a pregnant woman die! And her kids!" There is anger in every inch of her tone, which echoes because of the size of the place. She is bruised up, a black eye here, a bruise on her cheek, cuts and bruises on legs, and a gash on her shoulder, with a mixture of dried and fresh blood. It seems like the girl took a good beating. Ricky doesn't look in the best of shape either. But the guy announcing the arrival of the other guys makes him look away, and in that moment the Scottish lass reaches down and grabs a rod and goes to swing it at the man who took her. It hits him in the back, but not enough to knock him down. He reaches around, and grabs her by the neck. "Terrance, get your gun and kill them!" He commands his buddy, who pulls out a gun and awaits the arrival of the others.
James Scott The door cacks open, but there's a flash before Terrance can fire. The man falls to his knees then slumps over, an Umbrella issued knife sticking buried in his eye socket. Enter James, who simply strolls in and retrieves his blade. "I don't think you understand just how badly you've fucked up."

         The teen looks up, his slitted infected eyes glowing brightly. "I'm sorry if you were under the impression holding my friend hostage would save you." That cold gaze falls onto Emma now, and upon taking in her state something changes in him. The tension in his form fades, and he's suddenly calm. "Fight me." The knife gets slipped away, as well as his bat, the zombies outside forgotten. "Right now, fight me."
Benny Benny pops in behind James, moving to the side quickly checking the corners of the room like he's trained to do before pointing his gun towards Ricky. "Stop! Police! Drop your weapon!" he yells out in a authoritative voice, a habit that he's been using for the last seven years while he's been a cop and glances towards Emma, seeing her condition and closes one eye as he lines up a shot on Ricky in case the man tries to shoot him first. "Drop your weapon, let Emma go and nobody else needs to get hurt."

He blinks when James, drops his weapon and challenges Ricky to a fist fight but he doesn't lower his weapon on Ricky. "Don't hurt her." He wants to try to calm James down but right now this is a hostage situation.
Emma The knife hits true. Right in Terrance's eye. Dropping him to the floor in a puddle of his own blood. To the pair, he might look familiar, for different reasons. For Benny, because Terrance is a known criminal, a pawn in a drug lords gang. His tattoos and face are hard to miss. For James, a rival gang guy, always up in the business of others to harass them and threaten them away.

Ricky may also look familiar, another man, in a similar position to Terrance, but with a heavier, crueller reputation. He is older, with a hard face, deep lines and empty eyes. These guys are known to be some of the worst, dangerous and cruellest types, and hardest to pinpoint.

When Ricky looked away briefly at the intrusion of the two and the dead body of his buddy, Emma had grabbed a pipe and swung it at him seeing a second to maybe get away. But not nearly hard enough. The guy grunts with anger and annoyance, snaps out a hand, grabs her by the neck and throws her to the ground with the stomach turning crack of her head marking her arrival there. It knocks her out briefly, her body momentarily limp until the feeling of cold metal from a gun is against her head. "Good for nothing wanna-be doctor, you've always been useless." He snaps at her, as she thrashes about under his grip that's slowly killing her now. The sound of those combat boots smacking on the floor, hands trying to pull his arm away, her brushed legs/thighs revealed, showing signs of abuses from the past. There is little she can do, other then fade into the pain into her head and lack of oxygen, eyes beginning the fading process. Ricky, looks up to Benny and James, but seems to focus on the cop. "What ya going to do, twerp? Shoot me? She'd die before that. See, it's a lovely little knot we're in. I let her go, you kill me I don't you kill me. And this bitch here, well she could be left for meat for the zombies instead." He presses the gun to her head. "So why don't you two either fuck off or join the fun, hm? Maybe it'll give us all time to escape."
James Scott "Ricky." James' grin is cruel. "What's the matter, don't remember me? Little James. After all those drugs I moved. The people I've killed. You're dead regardless." He takes a few steps forward, grin widening. "Besides, you shot me in the fucking ear."

         Something is wrong, just like during the operation there are distortions in his flesh, like little leeches scurrying underneath the skin. "You shoot her and I'll fuck you with Lucille. Literally. Your men are dead, we have a sniper outside, and we attracted some zombies. You're fucked. Now fight me, you piece of fucking shit."
Benny Benny drops his MP7 to the ground and holds his hands up. "Okay, okay don't hurt her." he won't take the risk of Emma getting killed by this scumbag and doesn't take his eyes off Ricky in case this is a double cross. He's got other weapons other than a gun he could use if this ends badly. "Shoot me, I don't care. Just let her go." He hopes that if he does shoot him, his armor will take the brunt of it and James will take the opportunity to attack Ricky in order to save Emma. He's not really looking at James to notice that something is happening to him.
Emma Ricky doesn't notice James begin the process of whatever he is doing. He has looked back down to Emma, who managed a weak slap in the guys face. There is a cruel sort of laugh. "Such a shame for such a pretty thing to go to waste, but it's live or die, right guys?" Looking back up and focusing on James eyes narrow. "Yeah I recall you. I should have had you killed when I had the chance, pity can be such a bitch." Then his eyes move to Benny, who drops the gun. "Huh, didn't expect that. Stupid aren't you?" There is a wicket laugh, and the door behind them can be heard opening then slamming shut, there is a creepy groan that comes into the room. Something got in. Ricky shifts from atop of Emma, keeping that tight hand on her throat and gun to her head, pulling her to sit up. It's only brief that her eyes catch the two, they are so close to being lifeless, her head limps forward, the blood from the bullet wound drips down from her shoulder. "What do I get for fighting you, James? More knowledge that I will forever be better then you at everything I do? You're as dumb as the cop over there." His eyes look past them a second, he heard the door. So he moves to stand, keeping the lass in his deadly grip, her head wobbling with borderline unconsciousness. The groaning sound nears, it's one zombie, one lone zombie that some how got in. Seems he intends to let the two guys be the target and Emma be his shield, while he slowly backs away.
James Scott "It sure can. Why I let you live." James actually laughs, seems he couldn't give a fuck less about any potential danger. "You really are as stupid as I thought you were." The teen pulls an elastic from his wrist and uses it to tie his hair back up.

         Ricky can't be blamed for not noticing that James didn't latch that pistol, or that him stepping forward was a ploy to get a better view. Blink and you'd miss James draw his weapon, putting a bullet straight through the drug lord's ankle, and another in through the wrist holding the gun. "Take care of the zombie, Benny."
Benny Benny see's James go for his pistol, then shoot Ricky in the ankle and takes out his combat knife as the deafing boom from the gun echos inside the room. He moves with cat-like speed, stabbing the two zombies that have come through the door and forces his mind to shut out who they might have been before they have turned. Emma's life was at stake here and he doesn't have time to mourn for the past, he can do that later and he will but not now. "James, get that piece of shit off of Emma!" he shouts as he kills the last zombie with his deadly moving blade and then throws the knife towards Ricky, aiming for the man's torso which will force him to hopefully release his hold on Emma or drop his weapon or both if he's lucky.
Emma The zombies go down without a fight, Archene would have had a busy time with a few outside, shooting them down as they came. Within, the shot hits Ricky in the ankle, the guy screams, in anger grips harder onto Emma as if for support, the gun hand is shot at too, the gun dropped. And it's Benny's knife throw that releases the girl, her limp seemingly lifeless body crumbles to the ground, in a heap, at the gang-guys feet. Ricky staggers some, wounded, but not willing to give up. If James wanted a fight, he's gonna get it. The guy swings at him, in a final attempt to win at something.
James Scott James Scott grabs the fist, simultaneously shooting Ricky directly in the kneecap. He'd done playing. "Make sure Emma's alright." Suddenly he slams his head forward, bringing the top of his head down onto the other man's nose. The gun is holstered and a hand dissappears into his pocket, producing a rather nasty looking knuckle duster. "I always fucking hated you." the teen growls, slamming his fist into Ricky's jaw.
Benny Benny rushes over to check on Emma, since James has Ricky under control pretty well. He knows first aid and does a quick assessment of her, moving her into the recovery position. "Emma...speak to me. Are you okay?" He checks her airway for breathing, then grabs her wrist feeling for a pulse after making sure that she isn't bleeding or has any other serious injuries as James is fighting with Ricky. He doesn't want to move Emma in case she may have a spinal injury.
Emma Ricky is punched in the jaw, and yells in angered pain. But he won't give up, just yet. His nose is bleeding too. In a last ditch attempt, he goes to brawl James to the ground to get the upper hand. As for Emma, well, she has a bleeding bullet wound in her shoulder, the heart beat wouldn't be felt, her head was smacked and swollen, bruises are on her face, legs, one developed on her neck from the strangling. To the untrained eye, the redhead could appear dead..given that she seems totally unresponsive.
James Scott James Scott falls back, using Ricky's momentum to kick him against the wall. He gives him a moment to push to his knees before sprinting towards him. What happens next could have came out of an action movie, the teen springs up and kicks off the wall, using the extra momentum to crack his steel-toed boot into the beaten man's temple.
Benny Benny takes his time assessing Emma's injuries and determines that he needs to deal with the bleeding first. He quickly reaches into his cargo pants pocket, removing a small medical kit, opens it, cleans the area around the bullet wound first by wiping away any blood, sprays it with some antiseptic spray, then grabs some gauze to stick into the bullet wound so that it will slow down the bleeding to aid in clotting. He then gets out a large enough band aid patch to put over the wound. With the bleeding at least taken care of, he checks her breathing once again. He glances up to see that James is still fighting with Ricky, but has the upper hand and continues to aid Emma.
Emma Ricky gets the kick good and hard, and tumbles to the ground. He is losing a lot of blood now, and due to that, has grown weaker by the second. He struggles to get up. "You should be dead, James. You know that," He spits out some blood. "Meek shall inherent the earth damn right."

As for Emma, she seems lifeless. Even with the wound taken care of. Until a minute or so later, she shifts, and starts to cough, hard and raspy. Seems she didn't die after all..
James Scott "I already did." James confides in Ricky, malice swimming behind his infected eyes. At least until he hears Emma, then he lets out a heavy sigh of relief. "If it's any consolation, I have to live with the fact that I didn't kill you before all this, and you lived to hurt my friend. She stood by me when I died, then took me in after I came back. And you fucking hurt her." his voice is a deadly whisper, those words meant only for Ricky.

         He doesn't give the man a chance to respond, drawing his fist back and slamming it into Ricky's throat, crushing his windpipe. With that taken care of he heads back over to where Benny and Emma are, crouching next to the woman. "Hey there." he greets her, dropping to a knee and reaching out to cup her cheek. "I'm sorry we couldn't find you sooner."
Benny Benny glances up to see James deal with final killing blow to Ricky, flinching a bit as the man gets his windpipe crushed but it isn't like the man didn't deserve it. He turns his focus back to Emma, as James comes over to cup Emma's check telling her that he's sorry. He nods, "Emma...thank goodness your...okay." He doesn't want to say alive because he doesn't want to alarm her most likey and it is obvious she's alive. "We were so worried about you. All of us." He looks towards James, then back to Emma and adds. "You were bleeding. I did what I could to bandage you up. Your safe for now with us, but we shouldn't stay here much longer. There could be more of Ricky's men around and the zombies. Archene is outside covering us with his rifle. Can you walk?" He lets James stay with Emma, while he goes to pick up his dropped MP7 and puts the strap over his shoulder.
Emma Ricky is dead, and that's the end of that story. Emma is slowly coming around, her head is throbbing, along with her shoulder. Neck hurts, body hurts. It's a blur while eyes adjust to what's going on. Slowly she moves to her back, looking to James, and then Benny. There is a moan in reply. "I - I'm.. okay?" She mutters, looking to Benny through narrowed eyes, trying to focus. Then he is gone, because for some reason nothing makes sense. A hand reaches out to James, to grab his arm, reality is settling in now, and she needs to get up. "Hi." Mutters the redhead. "Can - can we go home, now.."
James Scott "Yeah." James replies with a gentle smile. "Take it slow though." he brushes his thumb across her cheek then moves to help her rise. His attention shifts back over to Ricky's corpse, nostril's flaring for a moment. "This should have never happened."

'Don't worry, I'll get stronger. Nothing like this will ever happen again.' he thinks, laying all the blame onto his own shoulders.
Emma Emma grins a touch to James, putting a hand on his shoulder so she can balance to stand. "Life is -- is.." Well doesn she need to say it? The pain in her head makes her stomach turn, and suddenly she throws up on James feet.
Benny Benny stepped away for a few moments to scout the area and let Archene know they were alright. He steps through the door, motioning for Emma and James to follow him. "We are clear. Looks like people Ricky's people have either fled or they were out and not expecting us." He gives Emma a relieved smile, seeing that she's at least conscious enough to respond. "We gotta go now before we run into any more surprises." He watches to see if James needs help with getting Emma balanced enough to walk.
James Scott James Scott reaches up to move Emma's hair out of the way, not seeming to mind the vomit on his boots. Once she's finished he reaches down to scoop her up, despite the exertion of the evening causing old woulds to open. "You're in no shape to walk. We'll get you back safe, don't worry."
Emma Emma's head is swimming. luckily she got vomit out. When James picks her up she passes out again. The group from there would magically get back to base safely.