Umbrella Surveillance System
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Claire Redfield Claire is picking through the rubble where the wall crumbled on most of the remaining supplies, searching for whatever she can salvage. Her bag sits near one of the empty pews with her beanie laid atop it, but she still has on her gun... that's becoming common place; always stay armed.

She picks up a crushed can of peaches and frowns a little as she turns it over in her hand.
Leon Kennedy Leon comes wandering in from outside, having heard (probably from Ashley) about the collapse. His eyes are rimmed in red from lack of sleep, his hair still stylish but heavy with the natural greases your head produces since there's not much lying around in the way of hygiene materials to spare. The man's lips press into a thin line as he notices Claire picking through the rubble. "Damn. I was hoping it wasn't this bad."
Claire Redfield Claire glances up at someone approaching, then goes back to picking through the rubble when she sees it's Leon, "Me too." She admits with a little frown, tossing the can so she can dust off her hands on her pants legs. "Just glad everyone's okay, could have been a lot worse."
Leon Kennedy Leon sighs, through his nose so that he can keep frowning, lips pressed together. "...I'm not staying here much longer. There's not much left we can do for people with what we have here. We've picked the area near the church clean and we're out. We can't wait to get more National Guard help any more. It's not coming."
Claire Redfield "I know." Claire says, still looking at the damage to their supply situation which was grime before the wall caved in. They had truly done everything they possibly could for the people that remained behind in the city short of going door to door to give them a ride out of town. "Where will you go?"
Leon Kennedy "First? Back to my place. I have a few supplies there, and I left my squad car behind the building. Should be enough gas hidden to get us to the quarantine line." Leon runs his fingers through his hair, pushing his bangs back out of his face. "I had MREs and stuff. My apartment's probably been looted, though. All that's left there, if anything," and it's an 'if,' "is the stuff I buried under the landscaping in the courtyard by the gardenia patch."
Claire Redfield "Take some of the supplies incase you're wrong." Claire says with a nod to what they have left, "There's still some stuff I hid at my brother's house too, if you can make that far." She glances over at Leon, "What about after that? They've blocked off all the roads out except whatever goes up in the mountains. I don't think you'll find anything up there but more problems."
Leon Kennedy "I don't know," Leon admits, "but we can't stay here." Staying here was always a stretch as far as 'good ideas' are concerned, and frankly it's only from a desire to help that he's agreed to stay this long. Now they don't even have enough to help people with. "Maybe we can park and slip through the barricade, or something." Or drop Ashley's last name.
Claire Redfield "Easier to move unseen with just two people." Claire agrees. Not like she hasn't considered it herself; slip out and take her chances alone. With a little sigh, Claire makes her way over to the pew where here her bag is set and drops down on the wooden seat with her arms laid across her legs. "Should have let me get on that train."
Leon Kennedy "I'm sorry." The cop comes over to the pew, dropping himself down next to her to stare ahead. "I thought we could... I don't know. I thought we could do /something./" They have helped, a little. But there's not much anyone could have done once things reached critical mass.
Claire Redfield They've done a lot more than a little. There's no telling how many people they saved by starting up that news station or how many survivors survived long enough to get to an extraction because of the supplies they gave out. "Well..." Claire says with her fingers laced against her knees, "I'll have to figure out how to get these people out of here without a golden ticket.." She muses a thought out loud, "There's still so many people."
Leon Kennedy "I have no idea how the hell they're screening people for evac." Leon frowns some more, glancing over at the girl next to him. They're too young to have these issues, but that hasn't stopped destiny from thrusting them upon them. "We're /in this/ thing and we don't know what it looks like. Unless they've got some science we don't know about, stuck in here, but you'd think it'd be on the radio." Short-wave frequencies can be broadcast around the world, if the government wanted the people inside to know something, they could tell them. "I don't know how they know who to let out and who gets shoved back in."
Claire Redfield "I've tried to broadcast the message nationally and found the singal blocked." Claire says matter of factly, "They definitely don't want people to know what happened here." Frowning a little, she looks to Leon and shrugs. "Maybe they know exactly what to look for and are using this as a way to spread it? I can't figure out why they would deliberately do that, but I'm starting to think there's no logic behind it at all anyways."
Leon Kennedy "They're jamming us?" That's concerning, but not that surprising. It sucks for them, but it makes sense. Leon nods slowly, processing the information. "It's probably just a PR nightmare for the government, letting all this happen. But they could just let Umbrella take the blame, everyone hates corporations." It's never that simple, though. "...I don't know. I just know we need to get out of here. I promised Ashley I would get her out of here. I owe you too. It's my fault you're stuck in here in the first place."
Claire Redfield "No it isn't." Claire shakes her head, "You couldn't make me do anything I didn't want to do." She had been prepping for this for months before they even met, "Get Ashley out, I'll figure a way for myself and the others." She reasons with a little frown and a glance at the pane glass windows of the church. "Might get them to one of the last extractions before everything goes boom... I don't know."
Leon Kennedy "Goes boom?" Leon raises an eyebrow, glancing over at the younger woman, gray-green eyes curious and concerned. "You mean that metaphorically...?"
Claire Redfield "No." Claire looks over at Leon, "They're going to firebomb the city at the end of the week." She informs him with a little frown and a glance up at the clock, "Gives us a few days to figure shit out, at least. So that's nice of them."
Leon Kennedy "What the /hell,/" Leon breathes, eyes slowly widening to maximum wideness, one hand reaching out to grasp the back of the pew in front of them, knuckles turning white in short order. He blinks in shock a few times, remembering to breathe again. "They're bombing it? The whole city?" Blinking, he gradually leans back against the pew, staring ahead, and then cradling his face in his hands, pushing his fingers back through his hair and bringing them around to prop up his chin. "...shit."
Claire Redfield "That part I don't disagree with." Claire admits, "There's no other solution to the numbers of infected other than burning it out.." She looks to Leon, the obvious concern apparent on her face, specifically in her eyes, "Wish more people could get out before then, but there's going to be a lot of people still here."
Leon Kennedy "I mean... it makes /sense/ but... Jesus, Claire, the innocent people." A week is not a lot of notice, especially with the limited communication most folks have, even with the radios they've been distributing and their big-ass radio tower project. There's only so many people they could reach with those before they ran out. "We're talking 9/11 on our own citizens." It's bad. It's national emergency bad. And it sounds like it's being covered up.