Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice It was late night and Archene and his group like everyone else had heard the news that Raccoon City was going to be 'purged' of the virus and everyone was to evacuate. There were few among the living left to evacuate, and unknown to his entire team: Archene had a way out all along.

After contacting his employer, the fabulous Lucia Excella Gionne; Archene was able to secure the promised transport out of the city after he had completed his mission.

Maybe one day he would share the details of how he had single-handedly infiltrated Umbrella Corporation's HQ in Raccoon City to steal the regenerist formula; maybe he would not.

Richard and Emma were no doubt on the roof preparing the teams gear and supplies for transport while the Chopper came but for Archene, James, Benny, and Markus; it was a fight to hold off against what seemed to be thousands of undead that were swarming their safehouse.

They had 20 more minutes until the chopper arrived and the base had already been breached, but their fortifications were helping them greatly.
Benny Although injured (though not nearly as badly as either James or Archene), Benny was determined not to let it a punctured lung dampen his spirits. These past few weeks after Raccoon City fell to an unatural disaster have hardened the young S.T.A.R.S. recruit light years beyond anything he could have imagined. Being a comic book geek and avid video game player, he's got a pretty healthy imagination.

Benny doesn't know anything about Archene's agenda, who he's secretly working for or that he may be a backstabbing, double crossing sleeper agent but what he does know, is that the man can be counted on in a fight, is a capable leader and let him stay at this safe house when he could have easily thrown him out.

The asian martial arts cop, is fully geared up in his S.T.A.R.S. uniform, with his MP7 gripped in his hands and taken up position behind an open door that is at the end of a hallway. If any zombies start pouring into the hallway, he's going to lay waste to them until he runs out of ammo, then he'll switch to his pistol or even just use his knife if things get really desparate. "Everyone get ready! Front door has been breached, there are mulitple contacts and we will hold this position as long as we can."
James Scott James Scott slides his father's journal into a messenger bag and takes up the shield next to his bed. "Alright, it's going to shit fast in here, hope you guys have a plan!" is shouted out into the safehouse as the teen rounds the corner to join the other members of his team.

He was injured, but most of those wounds look to be healing up, even the worst of it looks much better than it should. As always he's wielding Lucille and has that armor he looted strapped over him, but most of the S.T.A.R.S logos have been removed completely. "We don't have another way out of here?"
Markus Berger Doctor Berger fortunately was far better off than the others, mostly due to just having run away from any danger so far, which is not surprising considering that he developed some healthy paranoia... and cowardice. A good thing too since he once again is unprepared for the madness that is ensuing as the zombies decided to show up for a visit barely minutes before their way out shows up. In fact, he didn't get the chance to get anything else than his Desert Eagle and some ammo for it in terms of weapon and right about now is hiding a bit further behind Benny. Hopefully the zombies will just clog the hallway once they die. Maybe. "Considering how many zombies right now want a bite out of us? Not at all! We're stuck here and upwards is the way too go until we get picked up."
Silent Night Deep in his heart Archene thanked the one and only, the fabulous Lucia Excella Gionne, his employer, for the promise for the transport for his entire team. He had his pistol and enough ammo for anything that looked like they would go through the fortifications. He left the heavier weaponry for those who could use both of their arms well enough. And given the number of zombies, he was sure that they would be able to use it better than himself.

Archene was wearing his full combat armor, helmet and shades included, he had no plans of fighting without it in a situation like this. He also had no plans to reveal his methods, secret agents don't do such things. It was his duty to get the formula, and it was done. Therefore, he knew all he had to focus was on holding on until the chopper came. Hopefully, at the right time.

"How is everyone on ammo right now?" Archene asked with his team mates as he held his pistol. And of course, he was just by Benny. Though the cop only given him a mild impression in the early days of the Outbreak, after joining his team, the man did not disappoint. His courage to trek back to base to attempt to rescue his lost team mates despite the danger, his deligence in ensuring the base would be prepared for this very moment - he was nothing short of a wonderful team member.

"James, we just have to stand ground until the chopper comes, we rain fire on them, just be sure to swing your bat hard enough on them if they get close to you. Retreat if you think you can't hold on. Believe me, this is the best way I could think of." James was a nice kid also. Though at first he seemed like a late teen with some... problems, he had shown guts if not anything during his stay. Hopefully, he could channel his energies properly after they all left this place, safely.
Alice Several undead were torn apart by a nail-shotgun blast trap and more got stuck on some strategically placed spikes that were stopping their entry but they were just crawling and piling all over each other.

At least two or three Lickers had got into the base along with the tide of undead that had no doubt followed someone home from a scavenging run...

There was still 10 minutes until extraction and hundreds of dead already inside of the base. It was go time.
Benny Give no quarter and never let them see you sweat! Benny see's the first wave of zombies enter the hallway, their moans and that rotting dead person smell kinda gave it away. "Contact front!" He yells and then opens up with his MP7. He only has one ammo clip left for his primary weapon, so he takes his time to aim for the head at the zombies coming through in order to save ammo. He fires on semiautmatic, trying to make each shot county by aiming for the head. Undead corpses, start to pile up at the end of the hallway, which slows down the hoarde somewhat as they trip over their dead comrades. But when one of the Licker's starts coming through, crawling on the ceiling towards them he shouts, "Oh shit, the fucked up looking Gecko brain thing that french kisses your face off!"

Benny then switches his MP7 to burst mode, using extra ammo for concentrated firepower because he knows first hand how dangerous those things are. "Focus on the Licker! We can't let it get any closer or we are going to have to fall back or we'll be overrun! James, get ready to take out any zombies that get too close to us." He yells out between bursts and bullet casings are flying all over the place. He quickly ejects the empty mag, putting in his last one as a second Licker is starting to come through the door with a bunch of zombies who have made it past the body barricade.
James Scott "Oh fuck this shit." James hooks the bat onto his backpack and produces a Chicago typewriter. Slamming a drum into place he pushes up and levels it on the advancing horde. Gunpowder ignites sending lead slamming into the shambling frames of people who are already long dead.

         "More than one of those fuckers!" A leaping licker suddenly finds itself on the wrong end of a burst of bullets which bury themselves into it's horrifying hide. This clearly wasn't the first time he'd fired a gun, and judging from his ferocity, he was likely hoping it wouldn't be his last.
Silent Night "Don't forget the zombies either, I'll take care of the... Licker! If they come closer, shoot them. Don't stay still, those things are more agile than any of us. James, if it takes you like last time, just hit its tongue as hard as you can. Everyone, we can do this."

Waiting at the end of a hall, by a corner, Archene took out his M82 and pointed it towards the way Lickers should come in from. There wasn't anything like Nemesis, but still a bullet of these to the head of a Licker should be more than enough to do the job. Despite the throbbing pains on his chest, he focused his best to make the aim of every one of his shots hit one of them true. He had to, for the team.

With the Undead approaching, he switched to the pistol, and began firing as fast and as accurately as he could, sparing no ammo. They hadn't died until now, they wouldn't die.
Markus Berger Being positioned behind the others Markus doesn't even remotely decrease the fear that a certain Doctor is feeling right now as he hastily switches his Desert Eagle for a HK416 he kept nearby and starts shooting at the shambling zombies while leaving the Lickers to the others. After all, he can barely hit anything so getting enough lead into the air is his way of handling the Undead right now since SOMETHING has got to hit. That and slowly retreating backwards away from impending doom. "Sure as hell hope we get picked up soon. There aren't enough bullets in the entire city for all of these!"
Silent Night Archene knew it might come to this. He and Benny had professional arms training, Markus and James however... that was another story. While James could hit the targets, he wasted too many bullets to even put one down. Markus... the Doctor, he was a scientist, if he was using any less than an assault rifle right now, Archene was afraid he'd have been able to miss zombies.

As zombies approached, Archene's pace even increased. An zombie that somehow got past the hail of bullets, ready to come at Markus, begin shot down with a square shot in the head, "We can do this! Keep shooting, and fall back! We will NOT! DIE! TODAY!" His fingers didn't stop, and he kept raining bullets upon the incoming zombies.
Benny Benny turns his MP7 to full automatic mode as the zombies start to gain ground, more than halfway down the hallway now. He empties his entire clip and then switches to his pistol, drawing his custom Samurai Edge, firing away while simultaneously drawing his combat knife.

"I'm not giving up you zombie fuckers! You want some of this! Yeah, you want some too!" Benny seems to be almost in a trance, channeling his inner Private Hudson from Aliens. As he shoots a zombie in the head, he stabs another zombie through an eye socket. He moves with the an effortless grace, each move flowing into the other as he shoots and stabs, shoots, then stabs and when a Licker appears, he flicks his samurai edge to full auto, blasting it at close range and tries to dodge that lethal tongue because he don't want no french kiss on the first date!

"Fall back! I'll hold them off! Archene, get everyone back to the secondary zone!" Benny starts to wheeze, that collapsed lung has sapped his strength, his cardio isn't optimal right now but he wants to live, he wants to see that his teammates live! He's a cop and he took an oath to serve and protect!
Alice There doesn't seem to be any end to the undead, but the efforts of the team; particularly Archene and Benny are causing what can only be described as a temporary blockage of zombies that buys them some time to begin heading towards the roof.

That is until one of the walls comes bursting down and a massive undead with a sack over its head and a chainsaw begins rushing towards Archene. It also happened to be in the direct path of the stairs leading to the roof...

ETA Five Minutes Until Extraction!
James Scott

         James spins around as that wall comes down, slapping in a new drum. His nostrils flare and he aims down at the wannabe Buck's face. "Watch your heads." he warns rather cooly, before proceeding to unload.

         It's at this moment one of the infeted rushes James, only to catch a face full of riot shield. He turns to intercept the incoming undead, dropping one after the other while making a tactical retreat, at least until that drum runs dry too.
Alice Markus finds himself in trouble... there was 8 infected rushing towards him as the others are dealing with the massive chainsaw wielding undead. MAYBE IT HAD BEEN BUCK AND BUCK WAS DEAD!?

One of the infected dies to a trap, leaving Markus with 7 bullets, and 7 targets.
Silent Night As the wall is broken, Archene comes to a full stop taking out his Barrett M82A2. It takes but a moment for him to reload it. He knows this isn't made for short distances, sniper weapons aren't made for short distances. They are made for precision shots, against targets like this one likely the head.

Luckly, for Archene and his team, precision is something he can do even in a rush. Even when burdened. There is an enemy in between him and his goal, if using a anti-materiel sniper rifle in a small distance kills it. The anti-materiel sniper rifle will be used. He fires a pair shots aimed at its head as perfectly as he can. If it can survive something like that, he will have to wonder if it is like Nemesis.
"James, take care of the rear with your SMG, Markus don't get caught. Benny," He looks at the cop, "You know what to do." He proceeded to unload more bullets upon the giant, moving however necessary to make sure it doesn't attack any member of his team.
Markus Berger While the others were busy dealing with 'what the hell is that thing, oh god it has a chainsaw and came through the wall' Markus had a different problem in the form of several zombies getting way too close for comfort behind them... and an empty rifle. A problem that was fixed with several 50 cal. bullets from his Desert Eagle tearing into the zombies, which hopefully would at least slow them down, promptly followed by the doctor just shuffle away from danger in barely contained panic due to the fact that they have an endless horde behind them and a chainsaw wielding zombie in front of them.
Benny "Shit! Look out Archene!" Benny exclaims as the wall breaks down, but it isn't the Koolaid man that jumps through, yelling "Yeah!", it's some sort of Buck Rogers clone, with a sack on it's head instead of a face mask but still wielding a freaking chainsaw!
Benny, nods to Archene yes he knows what he has to do! He mutters a quick prayer to Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Ryu, Liu Kang and the Double Dragon brothers before unleashing his Kung Fury!

Channeling his innner Action Hero, he sets his Samurai Edge on full auto, then proceeds to empty the remaining rounds he has on that Sackhead, head sack or whatever that things is of the giant Undead monstoristy and then as Zombies near him, while he's trying to maneuver to the blind side of the creature, his knife becomes a blur as he slashes, thrusts, hacks like a ninja Assassin that he is.

Collapsed lung be damned! This was survival and he's going to give it every last ounce of strength he has left in order to get to da CHOPPER!
Alice The Wannabe Buck Zombie is taken down seemingly by everything thrown into it, and even Markus proves himself to be more than just a cowardly lion on this day. As the undead began to break through once more, the sounds of a helicopter could be heard on the roof!


Emma and Richard Miller will already be onboard, the first two loaded onto the bird.

Just as the group of you reach the roof and see the decidedly non-military chopper, but instead the kind that an Executive might use with the Tricell Logo on the side.

Why had Tricell come to rescue you? Archene had called in the extraction Did that mean, Archene worked for them?

There is little time to ponder that thought as a massive roar is heard from within the base and the Executioner (Buck Zombie) begins to rise to its feet once more and charges up the stairs towards the roof!
Silent Night It is a good thing these bullets were not wasted in vain. He smiles as the Executioner is finished. He runs forward as he the chopper, the happiness fading slightly as he sees the clearly seen TRICELL logo on it. There goes a considerable amount of effort that was place on not letting it be known that he worked for TRICELL, maybe he should have mentioned that on the brief rather secretive reports to his boss.

He doesn't have time to think of that as when he is checking to be sure if everyone is getting into the helicopter, he notices the Executioner, "ALL OF YOU! QUICK, JUST GET IN! THERE IS NO TIME." He stands by the helicopter, only waiting for the others to jump in before he goes along with them himself!
Markus Berger "ON MY WAY! ON MY WAY!" Markus doesn't have the time to judge Archene over who he apparently is really working for, especially considering his own supposed and current employers. Especially since getting onboard that helicopter and away from the approaching death by chainsaw is more important as he sprints towards the helicopterin an attempt to climb in.
James Scott "Why the fuck won't these things stay down?" James starts, turning around and raising his weapon, only to be bowled over by Markus on his way to the helicopter. "Oh fuck, not again!" He scoots back, popping off a few rounds to bring down advancing infected before popping back up onto his feet and trying to climb aboard.
Benny Benny waits until everyone else is on the Chopper first, cause he's just that kinda guy and helps the last person climb on board. He blinks, when he hears the roar and quickly jumps aboard the Choppah like his lung was on fire, which it certainly is in fact! "Get us outta here!" he cries out and then turns to give the Executioner the finger. "Esta la vista, baby!" He pulls out his MP7, loading the nearly empty clip that he had set aside for emergencies and fires off two controlled bursts aiming for Sackboy's head.

Benny did notice the Tricell logo on the chopper, but doesn't really want to look a gift horse in the mouth but he's going to store that in his memory bank for now. There will be time later to do some digging and ask some hard questions about all of this.
Alice The combined firepower of the three men seems to put the beast down for good this time. Benny's SMG shots providing the finishing blow as the head beneath the sack appeared to explode and the Executioner crumpled towards the ground; blood spurting upwards and causing the hood to fall off almost comically.

When onboard the chopper, it is the very condition of luxury and there are four armed men in the back; all dressed in military gear.

One of them begins to pour champagne and instructs Archene, "There are jets awaiting your friends at the airport to take them anywhere in the world they wish. Would you care for some champagne, Sir?"