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Kitten It was less than 48 hours until Raccoon City was to be rendered uninhabitable; whatever that was supposed to mean. Many had believed that the city would be attacked by nuclear warheads or bombed or worse, but the Federal Government was offering the last chance for survivors to be extracted.

For many of the civilians, they were alive because of those in the city who had helped them; they would be dead otherwise.

The apartment complex where hundreds of survivors were holed up had become a situation out of nightmare as Helicopter after Helicopter came down on the roof along with the roof of a near-by building that people had to walk over a makeshift bridge to get to.

Ares, Trixie, and Michonne had been lucky enough to make it here and the US Military was fighting to make sure everyone who came was extracted.

From the roof where you were in line to be extracted, you could see thousands of the dead below. Word was they had broken through the bottom floor of the apartment building and casualties were high among the soldiers who were holding them back so the evacuation could be completed.

After Trixie, Michonne, and Ares are all checked out by a medic in a rather hurried fashion, the young woman says, "You're all cleared. Next chopper should be taking off shortly, god bless."

A pair of soldiers began waving them towards the large transport chopper that was being filled with survivors.
Michonne Michonne, with her pair of katanas, stands staring at the door they exited from onto the roof. There was a siren calm about her despite the obvious dangers they braved to get here and whatever darkness awaits them should those unfortunate soldiers not be up to task on keeping the dead at bay below them. She does not look as if she's fared well through all of this, subsiding on whatever trash she could find, a truly miserable experience that has hardened her well beyond her years.
Trixie Trixie, trying not to hyperventilate in the wake of a hasty medical exam that had her more nervous than anything else she's ever done in her life (including shooting hungry infected, and running for her life from same, and even the fall of the police station to the murderous civil servant mob), swiftly gets her clothes in order again and re-dons her armor. "Thank you," she murmurs to the medic, and moves past, offering a helping hand to the next clear person behind her. "Don't want to hold up the line," she says softly. Michonne gets a worried, sympathetic look.
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan might not have ever done /this/ before, but it wasn't his first time surviving an impossible situation. Despite having had his arm snapped back into place some time ago, he still came through ready for a fight. For what it was worth though, things were going surprisingly smoothly. "So, how're y'all holdin' up? Just a little bit further and we'll be outta this hellhole."
Kitten A power-bar was handed to Michonne by a friendly soldier who pulled it out of his vest, "Here you go Ma'am. You're going to be alright now." He said as he helped her onto the chopper, making sure Trixie, and Ares were both onboard safely.

This was America so nobody was batting an eye at the weaponry; the soldiers probably would have been disappointed if some of the survivors weren't armed to the teeth.

As everyone gets onboard the helicopter and it reaches capacity, a soldier bangs on the side of the cockpit window and gives a thumbs up to the pilots who announce to those inside, "We're preparing to take off."

The helicopter began to lift off from the top of the apartment building and on the other near-by building you could see another doing the same through the window. In the streets below, it was a tide of nothing but the dead.
Michonne Michonne flinches at the proximity of the solider and looks towards him like a startled animal.. It's been weeks of living somewhere in the wild and worst possible conditions, it is entirely possible that some of the civility has disappeared.. but not so much that she wont accept a power-bar. "Thank. you." Her voice sounds hoarse, different even to her own ears, but she hasn't spoken to anyone in nearly a month.

She eats that bar like it's the last thing she'll ever eat and does not look out the window at the sea of dead below them. She's seen far more of ''that'' than she'll ever be comfortable with.
Trixie Trixie can't help a faint smile as she watches the soldier pass over the ration bar to Michonne. Sometimes, she can't help but be proud of the uniform, and especially the people who wear it. She finishes with her straps just as the helo lifts off, getting a bird's-eye view of the dead milling below. "I'm okay," she replies softly to Ares, managing another faint smile. It's only skin-deep, and can't hide her shiver. Inside, she's probably not much less torn up than Michonne.
Ares Buchanan Ares Buchanan nods slightly. His attention is on the sea of the dead below, and he can't help but wonder if his cousin is down there somewhere among them, or if any of his regular customers made it out. "So, it's over? Like.. really over?"
Kitten "Yeah, it's really over." The soldier in the back of the chopper said as they flew away from Raccoon City with plenty of time to spare before it was cleansed of infection. The pilot then announced with a cheerful voice, "If you look out the right side of your window, you will see Uncle Sam sending in some air support for the men and women who just helped you all extract."

At the request of Trixie:

A pair of A-10 Fighter Tanks could be seen banking through the air to come down for a pass on the street outside the apartment building and buy some much needed relief for the soldiers who still had their hands full getting the last of the civilians out.

In the horizon, the sun was setting over the mountains as the helicopter transported you to a refugee camp outside Raccoon City before you would be taken to Denver more than likely.
Michonne Michonne quietly contemplates the events that have taken her from her previous life in Atlanta to here. How things might have been different; whether her daughters would be with her now. Thoughts of them turn her face into a network of lines, frowns, sorrowful turns of the eye. She doesn't see the incoming air tanks, nor does she feel inclined to try and see them. The reality is; she lots her entire life down there and nothing is going to restore that.
Trixie "I hope..." Trixie murmurs in response to Ares, giving him a nervously hopeful look. She's heard all about the chopper that got shot down on one evacuation, and the horrors that followed on its heels. But she leans a little closer to the door to watch as the Warthogs swoop in to cover the evacuation sites.

The river sweeps by under the racing Blackhawk, leaving the city behind. And Trixie falls apart.

"We're out..." she murmurs, blinking, watching the line of blue recede behind them as if she had never believed that it could really happen. "Oh, God..." She begins to cry in shuddering sobs, from pure animal relief and joy and fatigue, and too many other emotions to put a name to. "Oh, God, we're out! It's really over... we're out..." She hugs her elbows and looks out at the ground racing by under the aircraft, blurred by tears that just won't stop.
Ares Buchanan It seems everyone has their own way of coping with things. While it's all quite sad, it's also a huge relief. They'd surived. So in typical fashion Ares fishes his case out and produces a spliff. Laws be damned he leans back in his seat and lights the cigar up. "Hopefully this'll be the last we see ah any more fuckin' zombies."
Kitten As Trixie hollers emotionally, many of the other survivors in the chopper do the same. Even though the group of you had survived and escaped the nightmare of Raccoon City, there were still others trapped with the dead.

For now though you were all safe and sound with a bright future ahead of you..

Remember: Wesker always wear shades cause the future is bright.

P.S. This scene takes place about 48 hours before the city is nuked and not on the date run.