Umbrella Surveillance System
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Licker It's a little after the News Station and a little bit before the Water incident that we find Ashley and richard packing up supplies in the chruches Rectory. It's a calmer night, the streets are relatively quiet, and all seems right with the world despite the fact there's an apocalypse on.
Ashley Graham Ashley is sitting on her knees, fully dressed in her normal attire. A blood speckled button down, yoga pants, boots, and a Glock 19 tucked unto the back of her waistband. She has her platinum hair braided back in a tight french braid. She's sorting things into three boxes, though there's not much to sort, just now. "Leon and I will go to his apartment," she tells Rick with surprising composure and confidence. "The rest kind of depends on how you feel. Do you want to come with us, or do you want to wait for us to report back with what we find, if there's a better, safer place?" She looks over her shoulder at the Major.
Richard Stadler This was one of the nights when there were just single, well-spaced gunshots, indicating aimed fire at one or two zombies, and not the desperate panic of a survivor who let one get too close. He looks through the boxes themselves as they're sorted. "I'd be concerned about you going to his apartment. Kids like you." He shakes his head. "Seriously, go ahead, and report back here. If it's safe, we can use it as a back up location. Not a lot of safe places, these days." He notes, checking his pistol one more time. "Be a good time for it. It's quiet out there. Might actually get some sleep, for once."
Ashley Graham Ashley hears the sound of the pistol, and she looks over her shoulder again quickly at Rick. As if checking on him, or worried that he's going to do something silly. She looks at the gun, then to him again. "I'm a college student," Ashley says, slightly defensively. "And Leon's a cop." Because the day you graduate from cadet school is the day you're a man, or something. "He'll be glad to go, though," Ashley confides. "We'll take a few granola bars and a bottle of water, if that's alright."
Licker It's like the Emergency Room; the very second you mention how quiet it is, all hell breaks loose.

All at once it's like someone hurled a bolder at the side of the building for the way it shakes and sends up dust particles. The lights connected to the Generator Claire brought in start flickering and go out, then one entire section of the wall caves in right where the both of you are packing.

Roll Acrobatics or Dodge
Richard Stadler Of course things couldn't remain quiet for one night. Stadler paused at the shakes and cracking of the wall vibrates, lights flickering. "What the hell was-" He says, before all hell breaks loose.... Or, at least, more of it than usual. The wall comes down right on top of them, and it's a wonder Stadler, with that bullet still in his leg, manages to scramble and /jump/, skittering along the floor, sliding just outside the avalanche of rubber. Coughing from the dust. "What the /fuck/?" He says, reaching for his pistol.
Ashley Graham Ashley must have done tumbling as a child. When the lights flicker, she looks upward and around, trying to determine the source of things. So she sees the crack just before the ceiling caves in. Her response is to tuck and roll halfway across the room, ending up on her knees clear out of danger. "Major!" She calls out, nervously, peering through the dust and asbestos. "Major are you alright?!"
Licker There's a small blessing in that the wall that tumbled was one connected to another room of the Church and there's blessedly no huge breach in the interior... The flip side to that is: While Richard and Ashley have made it clear of the avalanche, the supplies they were packing did not...

It's a pretty bad round of luck, to be sure, but a good half the remaining supplies from the Supply Cache are now buried under tons of stone and mortor.
Richard Stadler :cough in the dust of the air, standing up, and holding a hand. "I'm fine. Nothing the worse for wear. And we didn't lose too much of the wall... we might be able to use some plywood for it..." He says, before looking at the crushes walls. "But I think we're going to be a bit more hungry before this is over."
Ashley Graham As the dust settles, Ashley can see Richard. And the supplies. The pile she was packing from is now gone. The new boxes remain, but they're fairly empty. She walks over to the pile and crouches, putting her hand in some leaking water from a crushed water bottle. She sighs. "We'll leave in the morning," she promises Rick. "And we won't take the granola bars." Because ... yeah.