Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night The apartment building has been rather quiet this early in the morning even though there are some zombies here and there in the outside. By now, even those with an extra extra stock of food were already having shortages, after all, who would expect the Outbreak?

Archene Night was currently walking out of a vaccant apartment, probably his former one eating from what seems to be the last bag of chips he will be able to find in this world. He was wearing combat armor, and seemed to be limping somewhat with his left leg.
Richard Miller Richard Miller staggers through the front door with a groan of pain. Hopefully he DOESN'T look/sound like a zombo. There's dried blood caked around his head and he looks like he's in a bit of a stupor. He slams the door behind him and applies any locks that might be appropriate. He'll then slump against a wall and slide down just a bit, breathing quite hard. He looks in terrible shape.
Silent Night 'Ah, damn it.' Archene frowns slightly as he hears the door being opened, but sighs quietly as it is closed. He takes a breath, as pained as it may be. He quickly finishes his chips, carrying a small pack of other supplies along with himself as he goes downstairs, towards the lobby where someone had just come in.

Once he is there, he looks towards the human, a tad bit bloody on the head, but certainly human. He walks over to him, kneeling by their side. He takes a bottle of water from his bag before setting it besides the man, "Are you just hurt, or also in need of food? I have some water here, and some granola bars." Though he can recognize a possible concussion, given the situation, he could be talking to someone who hasn't eaten for a week even.
Richard Miller Richard Miller peers over at Archene, looking dazed. He tries to speak but it croaks out and is entirely illegible. He smiles weakly for just a moment and reaches for the water bottle. After removing the lid (or popping it up/open), he basically chugs the only thing. More rapidly than he should, but his salt levels are pretty low too. He wipes his mouth slowly, leaving a bit of blood on his sleeve. Making another attempt at speaking, he manages to get out, "T...thanks. I was dehydrated. W...what the fuck happened?.."
Silent Night Archene nods at his words, a smile appearing on his face, "Have this too," he takes a single granola bar out of his bag and hands it over to Richard, "I don't know what happened to you exactly, but you probably tripped or got hit by something. You were rather disoriented when you came in." He pauses briefly, for a breath... his face tensing slightly due to the pain before he continues, "I'm Archene Night, how should I call you?"
Richard Miller Richard Miller blinks once or twice, looking a little incredulous. He gently pushes the granola bar away, as he's still pretty nauseous, and swallows hard while trying to collect his thoughts. He finally speaks up again, "I didn't trip and fall. I was attacked. Attacked by...I... I don't..." He trails off there and looks in a daze once more. He seems to recover shortly after and nods to Archene's last question, "I'm Richard. D...don't call me Dick..." He smiles weakly at his own joke.
Silent Night Archene frowns slightly and nods, "I understand, good thing that you are alive." He forces a bit of a chuckle at the little joke, it is good to have a sense of humor as it is, "Don't worry, would Rick be fine?" He chuckles a bit before lying against the wall besides Richard, he takes a granola bar from his bag himself and begins eating it.
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods slowly, closing his eyes. "Yeah. Rick would be just fine. Could I call ya Arch? That seems like a cool" He seems to be drifting off a bit. That injury on his head looks like it might be fresher than it first appeared. A little more blood seems to be dripping down. It's pretty obvious that he has some head trauma.
Silent Night Archene chuckles a bit and nods, "Arch's fine with me, Rick." He looks at the blood and frowns, considerably, "We should get you to a doctor, though my group's real doctor is... missing, for now, our secondary one may be able to take care of that well enough. Or at least, he can apply something to mitigate the damage." He shrugs slightly as he finishes his granola bar, "I could try to get you to the church, but as it is, I have to leave this back at the base, and reapply some bandages." He sighs.
Richard Miller Richard Miller coughs a bit. He shakes his head for a moment and then fires up a reply. "I...I can take care of my wound I think. I just need a quiet place to handle it. I've got...some basics still with me. Do you think we're safe enough here? It's dirty but...beggars can't be choosers."
Silent Night "Let's go upstairs... if some of the more rabbid ones came from the outside due to someone carelessness, we'd be easy targets over here." He groaned quietly as he stood up before offering his right hand to Richrad, "But if you have the basic materials on yourself, I can be sure to keep it all safe for you." He taps the pistol on his waist with his left hand lightly.
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods slowly, reaching up to take the hand gratefully. He's a bit 'heavy' because he's a little weak but even just a bit of water seems to have revitalized him a bit. He smiles a bit at that one. "Glad to see that. I was only issued my side arm at work and only when we were in certain areas. I...dunno why we needed guns..." He seems to not have yet put one and one together.
Silent Night Archene shrugs, "Self-defense in case of emergency, probably." He sighs quietly as he leads the way upstairs, like any good samaritan would given that they found a doctor, specially a badly hurt good samaritan, "Lets go, I don't know how long you will be taking, but if I take too long, my teammates may come this way look for me."
Richard Miller Richard Miller blinks a few times, following after Archene. "I don't...understand. Self-defense from what? What does Umbrella Laboratories have to do with this insanity?" He's still pretty clueless. This all happened kind of fast for him. Things were pretty 'normal' for a while there, he thought...
Silent Night "Then you really don't know," Archene sighs quietly shaking his head, "There isn't much I can say, but you can blame them safely enough for all of this being possible." He unlocks the door to a room, it is a bit jammed for a reason or another, but the room inside is doing well enough. It is a rather diminute appartment but at least the bathroom is separated from the rest. It is also rather bleak, though there is some dust about and it feels like the room may have been only openned thrice in two weeks. At least, it lacks a dead body lying around or any kind of rotten smell. "I hope that here is good enough for yourself, at most I have some cotton strings and needles... in that drawer," he vaguely points to a drawer on the bedstand, besides the single bed.
Richard Miller Richard Miller glances around slowly, taking the apartment in. Well, in this situation, this is probably a pretty good place to be working from. He blinks a few times as Arch's words sink in. He turns slowly, "We can...blame Umbrella for all of this? How do you mean? That doesn't make any sense. They make pharmaceuticals and cosmetics..." He trails off there. The horror of this is sinking in little by little. He numbly wanders over to the bed and sinks down onto it, peering through the drawer in question.
Silent Night "Nothing that you should think about now," The drawer contained black cotton threads, and a needle as said, but it was was probably not for mending people, but rather leather, or something of the kind, "After you are safe and sound, we can talk more about this." He smiles as he leans against the side of the door, taking a deep breath, his eyes closing briefly before he lets out a sigh.
Richard Miller Richard Miller says nothing for just a second. He nods mutely and goes to work, first super heating the needle to minimize infection risk (Kind of funny to talk about that in retrospect) and then slowly threading it and some thread through his wound, gritting his teeth and visibly tearing up as the pain is probably pretty bad at this point. After wiping over the sealed would with an iodine pad, he places a larger waterproof bandage over it. He grumbles as he rummages around in his side pack, not finding the pills he wanted. Ah well, there is no treatment for the concussion itself, other than waiting it out. Pain pills and anti-emetics would have been NICE but...he's ok for now.
Silent Night After a while, Archene opens his eyes and looks towards Richard... stitching his own wounds. Sincerely, considering the little apocalipse everyone was going through, it was already expected for someone to simply work as effectively as Richard to survive, but seeing it in person, still gave the agent a smile, "We should be getting on our way, if you think you can walk for an hour, we can safely get to my safehouse, from there you can go to the church or other places if you want-" He lets out a rather hoarse coughing, with some blood? "Yeah," he wipes the blood against his leg, "From my safehouse, we may be able to get you somewhere better, though we are quite safe, and if you can do more than stitiching you will be far more than just welcome to stay with us."
Richard Miller Richard Miller offers a smile, nodding in sincere gratitude. "Thanks for everything Arch. I appreciate it. I dunno where I'm gonna go. I...feel like I should stay and help. I've never done anything like this before, though. As for more than stitching, honestly I'm still studying the..." He trails off as he notices Arch is coughing up some blood. He looks concerned, "Hey...are you ok? W..was that blood?"
Silent Night Archene smiles slightly, "Just a few bullets up in the wrong places, it isn't as bad as it could be..." He takes a bottle of water, half empty, and drinks the rest before tossing it aside, "I am alright, I just need some rest, and then finding a proper doctor to take care of the wounds... If you can only stitch things, don't worry," and smiles, "Not like we will turn down someone who can at least do that." He pauses for a moment, to breath, "We aren't humanitarian, but we try to be as good as people as we can there."
Richard Miller Richard Miller nods slowly. He doesn't look totally convinced but...currently he really couldn't get those bullets out and deal with the injury ANYWAY. He has no idea what's wrong with Arch currently, but he can tell it's severe. He doesn't push his luck. He brushes himself off a bit, "I think I'm going to be as good as can be expected. I'm ready to get the hell out of here whenever you are."
Silent Night Archene sighs in relief as the subject ends, and even manages to give the man a smile, "We should be going then, if you have anything to get from the building. Take it, but- be quick." He smiles briefly, closing his bag appropriatedly and waiting for Richard to leave the room so he can close it again, he doesn't know when he may return to it, but keeping it locked is always the best.

Archene then waited for Rick to get what he may before the two could make their way off through the least zombie-populated areas of the city back towards Archene's safehouse.