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Jill Valentine Jill had called ahead to come see Barry about the log she had left with him, having taken some time to think on the matter. Since she had never bought a car in her time in Raccoon City she had walked all the way to Barry's from her downtown apartment.

Feeling refreshed by the walk she knocked on the door with a smile at the ready for Kathy; mostly so the other woman wouldn't think anything was wrong by her visiting so many times in a row.
Barry Burton     Having called ahead of time was probably the right move, as the Burtons remain to be keeping themselves busy these days. There is no response from Jill's knock and the house appears to be empty. Perhaps the Burtons were out?

    That appears to be the case. However, Jill doesn't appear to have to wait long, as vehicle rounds the corner and pulls into the driveway in front of the house.

    The Burton family departs from the vehicle: Barry, Kathy, and Polly alike. As each depart, Barry smiles at Jill from afar, offering her a wave as Polly runs past her father, darting directly towards Jill as she calls out her name, "JILL!", obviously the most excited for the young lady's arrival out of the three, then leaps towards her as she reaches the top of the small porch!

    Barry and Kathy smile as Polly runs towards Jill. Barry turns to Kathy, mentioning briefly about acquiring the groceries before giving her a sweet kiss upon the lips and heading to the back of the truck.
    Meanwhile, Kathy smiles returning the gesture before heading off up towards the porch herself. Seeing Polly's reaction towards, Kathy chuckles for a moment and crosses her arms to watch the exchange, "Seems someone didn't get enough of you earlier this week I imagine.", then proceeds up the porch to unlock the door, "Second time in one week, huh? We must be blessed."
Jill Valentine Jill's hand reached into her pocket at the lack of a reply as her mind immediately started to consider the possibilities at a lack of an answer. Of course she was carrying her lockpicks but the car pulling up in the driveway caused her to release her hand on the little set of tools inside of her jacket.

"POLLY!" Jill cried back just as enthusiastically grabbing the leaping girl in a hug as she watched the semi-public display of affection between the loving husband and wife with a grin. Setting Polly down after a moment she asked, "You're looking prettier and prettier every time I see you. How's school been? Any cute boys around your Daddy is going to have to scare off with his beard and gun collection?"
Barry Burton     Polly embraces Jill with a huge hug, strongly squeezing her with as much love as she can muster! Soon, the pair break their embrace and meet face-to-face once more, the young girl appearing to be the happiest girl in the world. She truly adored Jill, who has always been a positive role model in her life. So beautiful, so skilled, and always willing to play with her without question. She appears embarrassed by Jill's words, a light shade of pink emitting around her cheeks as she shies away,, "Awww...", murmuring lightly, "Thank you, Jill."

    The young girl continues to shy away, lightly rubbing her face due to Jill's comment then shakes her head, "No.. no cute boys just yet but school is good. I've been learning a lot since then so.", then she trails on for a while longer.
    Jill's comment slightly catches Kathy off guard, causing her to wince lightly and look away. Jill, nor anyone had learned about what happened back then and hopefully, no one will. She emits a light sigh as she unlocks the door, glancing back towards the two and attempting to fake a smile, "Alright, Polly. That's enough. Head on up stairs and get ready for dinner."
    Polly looks to her mother and smiles, "Ok, mommy!" before returning to Jill, "I hope you'll be staying with us too, Jill! Please join us!", then runs into the house, throwing her backpack on the ground before heading up stairs!
    Kathy sighs at her rambunctious little girl and shrugs her shoulders in defeat, "What am I going to do with her?", then looks to Jill, motioning her in, "Come on in, Jill. Barry will be with us in a minute."

Speaking of Barry, The muscle man of the Burtons finishes up his little strength venture, getting all the bags in one go! No more turns for him because he's a MAN! and a man doesn't make two trips!
Jill Valentine Jill watched the sudden shift in mood, as subtle as it was wondering exactly what she had said and what Polly had meant by she was learning a lot since then? She tried to push the concerns out of her mind given the bigger issues around Raccoon City and the loss of so many friends so fast.

Unlike Barry and even Chris she had never seen actual combat prior to S.T.A.R.S. and losing a teammate? That had been unthinkable.

"She's got spirit, just don't let her run free too much and you won't end up with a younger me on your hands." Giving Kathy a brief hug she asked, "So what's for dinner?" Barry could wait for now, she was sure the big man couldn't get too far anyways.
Barry Burton     Kathy smiles, even managing a slight snicker at her comment, "I'll appreciate the advice and will take it to heart.", joining in the embrace for a moment before parting with the young S.T.A.R.S officer into her home, "We're thinking chicken marsala tonight. Should be long enough to give you and Barry the time you need I think. Will you be joining us?"
    Barry comes into the kitchen a moment later, grunting lightly with the multiple bags in his hands, "I hope so. After all, I may be a big man.", then sets them upon the ground before resting a hand upon his fellow officer's shoulder, "but a good home cooked meal could probably do you some good, given your eating record as of late.", jesting with a lightly joking tone and a wink.
    Barry grins as he leaves the room, heading to close the front door. Kathy purses her lips, folding her arms and rolling her eyes at the gestures of her husband. Doesn't he know when to quit?
    Kathy returns to Jill and smiles, "Be a doll and help me with these will you? Then he's all yours.", motioning towards the groceries for a second and picking up a pair of bags herself.
Jill Valentine Jill looked delighted at the idea of chicken marsala, anything was better than takeout or bar food at this point, "Sounds better than anything I've eaten since the last time I stayed for dinner. I wouldn't want to disappoint Polly either."

Jill looked up at the big man with a smile before leaning down to pick up the groceries as asked, "Were you a big man before or after Kathy started cooking for you? I've always wondered about that Barry.."

Following Kathy into the kitchen she set the groceries down where directed, doing her best to hide any subtle feelings that she might be imposing on the household by popping in again so soon.
Barry Burton     "Hey! That's a sensitive subject!", Barry bellows from out in the main room as he closes the front door.

    Kathy's look os disgust turns a smirk at her husband's reply and then returns to Jill, "He always was a big man, just between us.", following with a wink of her own.
    "Still, I am glad you have been coming over, Jill. Its been too quiet in this house as of late.", Kathy continues, putting the ingredients for their upcoming meal up on the counter, "For Polly especially. I think she misses her sister while she has been away for the semester. So close yet so far away, you know?"
    Kathy finishes up and approaches Jill, resting her hand on her shoulder "So its nice to have someone she enjoy over, for her sake and ours." then she motions towards the living room, "I'll finish up here, however and will call you when dinner's ready. He's all yours again."
    Kathy takes a glance out towards her husband and then returns to Jill, a stern yet joking look upon her face as she wags her finger, "Now don't be getting too comfortable with him. I want him back later, you hear me?", jesting as she comments.
    Meanwhile, Barry begins wandering towards the downstairs waiting for the ladies to wrap up in the kitchen.
Jill Valentine Jill suppressed a laugh especially when Kathy winked at her, doing her BEST not to think about the implication presented by that statement, "I'm sure Moira will come around, it's probably just a phase you know. She's trying to be one of the cool kids and do her own thing, rebelling against mom and dad. It's normal."

"Thanks Kathy, you're the best." Jill reached up to pat the other woman's hand before heading off towards the big guy himself to talk about the serious business that had been constantly on her mind; like an itch she just couldn't scratch.
Barry Burton     Barry's arms are folded across his chest as Jill makes her way from the kitchen to him. He quirks a brow as she approaches, "Seems you two enjoyed your girl talk and shared a moment, huh?"

    The pair descend into the basement and return to where their previous conversation was held. Barry takes a moment to unlock the room and then proceeds inside, motioning for Jill to take a seat as he inquires, "So, it has been a minute. Did you decide on something?", closing the door behind his fellow officer as she enters.
Jill Valentine "Something like that, maybe even a little insight into how a big goofball like you scored a wonderful lady like Kathy." Jill couldn't help but grin as she took her jacket off laying it on the back of the chair before sitting down, "I did, but I want to know what you think we should do first?"
Barry Burton     Barry wanders over to the chair at his desk and takes a seat. Jill's question causes him to pause for awhile, a multitude of thoughts rolling through his mind as he carefully considers what to say next. He glances up at Jill for a moment before breaking his silence, "Well. I haven't touched the book since you gave it to me, staying true to my word that it would be safe until you decided what you wanted to do. Given what we spoke about before, however, I think there is some vital content that could be enough to catch the eyes of those upstairs but I feel there is a lot of room for doubt here. Now know I am no expert in this and it is a start, Jill but especially considering who you are considering pointing the finger at, I feel you're going to need more than this to even get something past the front door. That's my thoughts on the matter."
Jill Valentine Jill wanted to tell Barry she had impulsively written a letter to the FBI trying to get some Federal help in the matter, but she wasn't sure if she should. Instead she decided to think it over for the moment, there was far too much thinking for her to do though, "The Captain might know what to do, but I'm worried he won't be happy I took evidence and didn't report it to him. He might be pissed, because I should have taken it to him. Chris would have known what to do."
Barry Burton     Barry continues to listen to Jill while she speaks and nods, "I could see that. The Captain is a stern man and doesn't like to be kept out the loop. Given this circumstance, however, it might not be a bad idea to bring it to his attention."
    "Look this information isn't easy to sort, Jill though I distinctly feel your heart is in the right place here. Don't doubt that for a second. I still don't feel we have enough to with anything concrete regarding this but I also don't think given the way I know you are, its probably not best to let it go."

Barry obviously has had the opportunity to work with Captain Wesker for sometime now and the burly man's familiarity with The Captain is showing.

    "The way I see it. We have two options: One, we can do it together. I'll be willing to back you up and I'll leave it to you to discuss with the captain or Two,, let me take the information to The Captain on your behalf. I can set the record straight and work this for you."
Jill Valentine "It's probably best if you take it to the Captain, so door number two. He will probably understand if it comes from you." Jill replied with a resigned look, "Thanks for all the help Barry, I knew I could count on you. With Chris gone, there's really nobody else I can trust in the city."

Shifting a bit uncomfortably in her seat, she suggested, "You ever talk to Chris' little sister much? I figured someone should tell her about Chris, in person. You were one of his best friends, maybe you should."
Barry Burton     Barry nods, continuing to listen as Jill convey's her confidence in him. The words are warming yet maybe a little disheartening to the man for some reason but he does his best to put his best foot forward for his friend. The burly man leans forward and takes Jill's hand into his, keeping his gaze locked with hers as he replies, "Consider it done, Jill. I'll make sure it pans out for us. However, I need you to do me a favor, ok?"

    With that, Barry frees one of his hands and makes it lightly into a fist, very lightly nudging Jill's check with it while offering a reassuring smile, "Have more confidence in yourself, Jill. I know this situation is unique but I also know how capable you are, even if your actions as of late haven't been.", obviously referring to some of the lesser stellar incidents he's witnessed as the officer comes to work.
    Barry flicks her in the forehead for a moment, trying to snap Jill out of her resigned state, his eyes linking with her's once again, "I'll say it again in another way, trust in yourself. Just as much as you do Chris or I, ok?"
    Following his little pep-talk, Barry moves on to the next topic: Claire. It is a name the burly man hasn't heard in awhile but does seem to perk up with. He's had the opportunity to meet Claire on more than a few occasions though he considers the matter regarding Chris' disappearance with a grain of salt. Biting his lip gently, Barry looks down for a moment, pondering the matter himself. He glances back up at Jill then continues, "Claire and I know each other and you are right that I am pretty close with the ol' boy. Though you two are partners, hasn't he had the opportunity of introducing you to Claire yet?"
Jill Valentine "Thank you Barry." Jill replied with a weak smile given the circumstances, shoulders straightening a little as Barry began to detail his favor he wanted, "I'm trying Barry, I really am. I'm just losing my mind over what's going on. I don't know what else to do, I've never had to deal with any real loss except my dad going to jail." And never getting out.

"I've only really met her in passing when she stopped by to get some of her things from Chris' house, just a quick introduction and she was gone." Jill shrugged at the last bit, not holding it against the girl anymore then she would have Moira who she had rarely spoken to but met.

"I just need some time, to straighten things out in my head. Maybe dinner here tonight will do me good." Jill's smile brightened a little at the thought not looking so forced and downtrodden, "Sorry for putting you through so much trouble Barry."
Barry Burton     "No argument there, kiddo. It's been quite the intense past few weeks for everyone and we've all begun to feel it, especially with regards to Chris. So take some solace that you are not alone there."

I wish

    Barry scratches his head gently, obviously a tad overwhelmed by what to think himself, "I don't know what to say to that, Jill. I can't say we had much discussion about that but if its one thing Barry Burton does know is that "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"."

I wish I could ...

    Barry reaches up and puts his hand once again on Jill's shoulder, "We'll get through this. One way or another. As far as Claire goes, Maybe we both could go meet with her to tell her about the situation. It might be best, after all."

I want too but I can't.

    "Don't mention it. Its part of my duty as a father to watch out for my kids, after all. All Fifty of you.", mentions Barry as he cracks a smile, "Now, Dinner is something is an idea I can get behind. I imagine Ka--..."

    "Barry! Jill! Dinner will be ready shortly! Start wrapping up down there!"

    Barry glances over at the doorway and hears Kathy from afar, "Coming, dear. We're wrapping up now.", then he turns to Jill, "I think that's our cue. Shall we?", then he motions to the door.

                Forgive me.
Jill Valentine "We'll get through it Barry, together. You've been like the father I never had the past two years." Jill said as she stood up from the chair to give the big man a hug, "You're also the toughest guy I know, so as long as you don't go disappearing on us next I'll be able to hold it together."

"We'll figure out how to handle Claire together, I'm sure of it." Jill was dreading the inevitable situation, seeing the police show up with bad news was never easy even if you knew those police officers.

The call of Kathy shuts down any further talk and she begins to head towards the door, "God that smells good, you might have to consider going without seconds because I'm asking Kathy for lunch tomorrow."