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Isabel It's been a difficult night: Isabel and Laura had gotten into a large house to look for supplies, and found not only slim pickings, but a locked room that held an elderly zombie! Though the zombie is no longer a threat, the threat removal process involved a fall down a flight of stairs for Laura. Lacking the means to escape the house with Laura's ankle injured, Isabel had helped her friend upstairs, just in case more zombies should enter the house.
There turns out to be another bedroom a couple doors down, fortunately empty of further undead. Isabel sighs in relief, pushing the door further open. "This'll do. Let's get you lying down," she says, nodding towards the bed.
Laura It's not every day one stumbles down a set of stairs with an upset retiree trying to bite and claw their face off. It also wasn't every day that Laura, otherwise slick and agile smashed her foot. Her arm slung over Isabel's shoulder, one firmly grabbed onto the handrail, she climbed up, and was lead towards one of the upstairs bedrooms. The hobbling was slow, with her biting down on her teeth, before she rolled down onto the bed. "Ow--", she cried out, that cry turning to a hiss as she tried to keep from making too much noise, rolling down onto the bed on her back, the throbbing on her ankle feeling much worse than before. "Thanks, Isabel.", she added softly, albeit the prospect of being immobile was haunting her-- the neighbourhood wasn't very safe after all.
Isabel "Sorry..." Isabel whimpers, hearing the pain in Laura's voice. "Can you get your shoes off? Hosiery too, if you can? I'm going to see if I can find something to wrap this up with, for support. I've got a first aid kit, but this is going to take more material than I've got bandages."
She turns for the closet, opening it carefully. She's had pretty much enough of surprises for one night. "Yes..." she murmurs, seeing clothes hanging inside. At least the situation isn't beyond hope. She begins leafing through, looking for something tearable.
Laura "No rest for the fallen, huh?", Laura laughed softly as she propped herself up to sit slowly, wiggling her way up trying to find a way to get up without having to move her foot too much. It was a careful pull to get that strap from her foot, wrapped around her ankle as it was. It was several cries and whimpes after that flat slipped off her foot, the pain throbbing more firmly. The stocking was a fairly easily pulled off, ending up rolled over her shoe on the floor. That left her foot bared, and she slipped the other shoe off as well for comfort. "Think there's something wrong with the brand of your jeans.", she laughed softly, "They need to do their seams better, /Blue/", she laughed softly, letting herself slump down onto a pillow behind her back.
Isabel Isabel, still digging through the closet, winces in sympathy as she listens to Laura's struggles. She does find a couple pairs of exercise leggings, not easily torn but stretchy enough to wrap an ankle with. She tosses them onto the bed and keeps looking.
Laura's comment makes her blush. "Oh, crap... what's wrong with my jeans /now/?" she asks, unable to see the problem even when she looks over her shoulder.
Laura Laura Herron bit to her teeth as she tried to move her foot, but no luck, it just hurt too much. Better just wait and see what her friend could makeshift for her. "Think you kicked that thing a bit too hard, and the seam on the back.. well..", she stuck her tongue out. "Guess that color suits you, too.", she giggled softly, trying to shoot a glance out the window aftewards. Couldn't see to the streets from there. "See anyhing out there?", she asked quickly, the racket of their fight earlier keeping her worried.
Isabel "Um, thanks? Nice to know I've got good taste, even if I have to add more pants to the scavenging list," Isabel says, shaking her head. "But first, your ankle. I think I have enough to wrap it. I'm going to see if there's some ice downstairs, and ziploc bags."
Right after she looks out the window. She slips over for a peek, lifting a slat of the venetian blinds. "I'm seeing some outside. They look pretty aimless. If they heard that shot, I don't think they know where it came from. But I still think we'd better hurry." She hurries for the door. "Be right back!"
Laura Laura laughed, "Maybe a different brand.", she grinned, glancing at Isabel moving to the window. That sounded good, for now atleast. She nodded, "Yeah, probably not the best place to loiter.. Lot of those things around. And there wasn't too much to eat in the kitchen.", she nodded, "Be careful!", she called in afterwards as the figure slipped through the door.
Isabel "After this is over, I'm probably going to cargo pants," Isabel replies wryly. "I've never heard of /them/ splitting like this." And out the door she goes.
She's back within a few minutes, carrying a ziploc bag of ice and water and a pair of scissors she's managed to scrounge up. She also has a sandwich she put together with some of the stuff from the 'fridge. "Back. It's still clear downstairs, thank goodness." At least /something/ is going right!
Setting the makeshift ice pack on the bed by Laura's ankle and the sandwich within her reach, she picks up one pair of leggings and begins cutting the legs off. "Can you sit up? I'm sorry to ask it, but I'll need you to hold this in place while I wrap."
Laura "They do come with good pockets for scavenging, too.", Laura agreed with a chuckle. "But knowing your luck when it comes to pants-- Mm, not sure it'll be entirely safe." Laura shuffled while Isable was away, slipping her pistol onto the bed by her side, removing that from pressing against her back. "Ooh, and you got food!", she exclaimed happily, "It's not /all/ bad, then.", she smiled, nodding as the icepack was set by her foot. "Yeah, I can.", she replied, pushing herself up to sit again, softly hissing as the move had her ankle move a some. "What do I need to do?", she asked, holding herself up sitting with her hands behind her back on the bed.
Isabel "If it helps, lay on your side," Isabel suggests, setting down the legs and picking up the seat area of the leggings. "I can relocate. What I need you to do is to take hold of this and keep it in place. I'll have my hands full wrapping." She slips the pack into the cut-off seat and folds the seat around the bag, to keep a little fabric between Laura's ankle and the cold plastic of the ziploc. Then she presses it against her friend's ankle, as gently as she can. "This'll at least help the pain, and support the ankle so you can move."
Laura "Think I can handle it.", Laura nodded, grabbing onto the leggings, gritting her teeth together, in anticipation. The ice came first, yanking a short hiss from her lips. It started to soon show it's effect, dulling that pain slowly. Her hands squeezed into the leggings, holding them steady around her ankle, biting to her teeth again. "Okay-- Let's get this done.", she murmured, nodding quickly.
Isabel Isabel nodnods quickly, and picks up the first cut-off leg. She carefully begins wrapping. "This'll probably hurt at first. I've got to get it tight enough to support your ankle," she says, stretching the material and winding it tightly around the heel and bottom of Laura's foot and up around the ankle itself.
Laura Laura's eyes squeeze shut, a sharp quick gasp of air pulled in through her nose, that ankle not enjoying the sensation at all, sending a spike of pain through her leg. She does keep from crying out too loud, the ice helping a good deal in the process. "Ain't feelin' a thing," she murmured, letting off a soft laugh as even she didn't believe that for a second.
Isabel "Sorry..." Isabel whispers, wincing in sympathy. She doesn't like to think how this must feel from Laura's end. She holds the first leg in place and tucks the loose end into the previous wrappings farther down. Picking up the next leg, she wraps it over the previous one to stabilize and add a little more support. "Almost done, promise..."
Laura Laura Herron nods quickly, her ankle held in place by the legging. Another deep breath as the second leg was picked up again wrapping around her ankle. "It's okay-", she murmured, her hands holding her leg and the the rest still, her ankle soon firmly held in place under the pressure. "So where'd you learn all this stuff?", she asked quickly.
Isabel "My Dad was a Marine, a combat lifesaver. He taught me a lot, and I picked up some in school and 4H," Isabel replies, tying the last leg into place with a grunt. "Done! I wouldn't try to stand on it just yet. Rest some first, and maybe get that sandwich down. By the looks of the outside, we're safe enough for the moment."
She sits down on the edge of the bed and unlaces her hiking boots, pulling them off and setting them aside. "Long enough for me to find some new pants, I think..."
Laura Laura Herron nods, "Ah, that's useful!", she smiled, trying to give her foot a wiggle. Not a magic cure-all, certainly, but it wasn't as painful as before. "Thanks.", she smiled happy, reaching for a sandwhich, grabbing a bite off it. "I probably should take some courses, if I managed to limp out of the city some day.", she chuckled, her eyes moving along the closets. "I guess there'd be something here to help with that. Maybe those cargo pants!"
Isabel "Whoever lived here, they didn't take /everything/ when they left," Isabel agrees, stifling giggles as she slides off the double layer of black legwarmers that have been doing duty as anti-bite armor, setting them aside. "And some of it looks close to my size." Pulling her house keys and a key ring flashlight out of her pockets, along with a pocket utility tool, she sets them with the legwarmers and pulls off her belt, then begins unbuttoning her jeans. "At least they'd beat running around in my underwear!"
Laura "Yeah, atleast left their grandma behind.", Laura snorts. "..Really wish they didn't, tho", she added quickly. She tosses the bed against the headboard, sliding back a little to sit up with some support, leaning back, carefully hissing as her leg dragged along her. "A lot of does, I'm sure. Everything won't scrape your legs when going around.", she smiled. "..guess I should try that, since it turns out I'm not as nimble as I think I am."
Isabel "Talk about unwanted relatives..." Isabel shakes her head. "It really must've been horrible for her, the last few days beforehand. I saw that editorial in the last Raccoon City paper every published. I mean, wow..." She swallows. "It was just our bad luck she was in this house. But she was way beyond luck."
She wriggles out of the jeans, tossing them to the floor. Standing and stretching, she turns back to Laura with a grin, straightening her lavender panties. "Try what?"
Laura "Probably would've been nicer to just.. let her go. I don't want to be.. one of those things.", she pondered out loud, her attention turning towards the doorway, and imagining the stairs beyond. She shook her head, her attention to Isabel, whom now had depants'd herself. "Proper pants.", she chuckled. "I just prefer wearing stuff that keeps me mobile that doesn't get restricting.", she smiled. "So what'd you find to tear for next time?"
Isabel "So far, I've found four options. Two are more jeans, but they do look to be quality stuff," Isabel says, stepping over to the closet to look inside again. "The third was some slacks, but I don't think those'd hold up well to what's out there. Pity, they're nice slacks. The fourth... more exercise spandex. I've never looked good in exercise pants, but on the plus side they won't tear. Thoughts?"
Laura "Mmmh, good thing about jeans is that they are pretty sturdy, I guess.", Laura thinks, "Harder to grab onto spandex, and it'll keep you flexible.", she adds, smiling. "Slacks are kinda out, yeah.", she chuckles, nodding. "They are kinda inbetween, I guess.", she watches over the girl dig through the closet. "But if you have the space in your bag, why not grab a few alternatives, too. Backup for the next time!"
Isabel "I'd had that thought earlier, but it'd slipped my mind since. Thanks for the reminder!" Isabel pulls out three hangers and their contents, laying them on the bed. "I have enough room for the useful stuff, and a little besides."
Pulling one pair of jeans from the hanger, she shakes them out and begins pulling them on. "Want to rest an hour or two, then try to make our way out? I don't think you'll be climbing over any fences yet, so we'll have to chance a gate instead."
Laura "Guess the spandex packs in tightly atleast as a backup for running about in your panties.", Laura stuck her tongue out, looking at the pile of clothes on the bed, and at her friend. "Well, those are nice looking jeans, atleast. Maybe try not to rip them the next day.", she grinned. She glanced out the window, and nodded softly. "I guess that'd be a good idea... See if the foot starts to hold together a bit better after a bit of a rest.", she nodded.
Isabel "Hey, I look good in my panties!" Isabel ripostes, giggling. "Not that I think the shamblers are in any position to appreciate that. So pants it is, and with the spandex as a backup for my next little boo-boo... if there is one. I'm hoping for not."
She buttons up the new jeans and sits down to pull her other things back on. "Maybe the street'll clear up some before we go. The shamblers never seem to stop moving, really. Hopefully that means they'll go away, or at least out of our way. We can hope."