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Ashley Graham A keen eye may have noticed that Ashley and Leon were not around nearly as much as usual, yesterday. It's not quite known where they were, but at least by the time the next day rolls around, they both appear well-rested. Ashley will be doubly so, for unknown to most she slept the day away in the closet and the night away on a pew, wrapped in an afghan made by someone's beloved grandmother, no doubt. It suites the purpose, and even this morning, as the sun rises toward it's zenith in the sky, she's only now just waking up.

She's got her hair in a loose braid this morning, so as to keep it from tangling in the night. She wears the oversized man's button-down, but she's draped her leggings on the pew beside her to dry after washing them the night before. It's perfectly modest; she's still wearing the blanket. Slowly, at last, the girl sits up. She's pale save for a slight flush to her cheeks, but she seems alert and engaged, if somewhat groggy. She yawns, stretching her arms up above her head and letting her tongue curl in her mouth like a kitten. All else aside, the woman clearly slept hard.
Trixie Trixie steps out of a back room of the chapel, still wearing the clothes from the day before; a close-fitting black tee, faded jeans that are a bit too big in the waist, and a pair of strappy hiking sandals. Her customary pistol is tucked into a shoulder holster, and a slingpack is casually tossed over one shoulder.

Spying Ashley stretching and yawning, she smiles warmly, moving to her side and bending down to bring one pair of blue eyes level with another. "Welcome back, sleepyhead," she says gently, her tone softly teasing. "Sleep well?"
Ashley Graham Ashley doesn't start or seem surprised by the presence of someone beside her. At least, not until she opens her eyes. "Oh, Trixie," she says, and then smiles softly to the other woman. "Good morning," she adds, pleasantly. She looks around to see the state of the place.

"I suppose I must've been very tired," she notes. "So tired that it all finally caught up with me." She swings her legs until she's seated at the pew, making sure to carry the blanket with her. Then she plucks up her leggings to begin putting them on beneath the afghan. "Is there any news?" Any rescue? Anything at all?
Trixie Trixie smirks briefly at Ashley's modesty. "We all are. I'm glad you got to catch up a little sleep. Wish I could join you," she says, rubbing her dark-ringed eyes. "Wish even more that I had some good news. I've been trying to catch the Major to talk over trying to evacuate the people here, while we can all still move and protect ourselves a little, but he never seems to be around when I'm not on post. It's so frustrating..."
Ashley Graham Ashley wriggles beneath the blanket, arching her back to lift her tush off the pew until finally she is, indeed and in fact, modest. "Leon's said the same thing," she confides to the other woman. "That we'll be leaving soon." She looks up, apologetically to Trixie, and then folds the blanket quickly in her arms before offering it over. "Here," she offers gently. "Feel free to get some sleep now, you can have my pew. Probably still warm," she chuckles.
Trixie Trixie accepts the blanket gratefully, leaning closer to lightly kiss Ashley's cheek. "Thank you. You're always so thoughtful. And I hope Leon is right. This many people is bound to attract serious attention from the infected sooner or later, and you'll probably be safer away from here. But I'll totally miss the both of you. Doubt I'll be the only one, either."
Leon Kennedy "Right about what?" That's Leon, emerging from... somewhere. His hair is still perfect, somehow, despite the sleep he's rubbing from his eyes. Apparently he's taken advantage of his day off standing guard to get some hardcore sleep in. He glances between the two of them, both thankfully clothed, his eyes lingering on Ashley for a beat longer before looking back to Trixie.
Ashley Graham That was unexpected, but Ashley looks up and smiles at the other woman. It's a sad smile, but a smile none the less. She looks as though she's about to say something; her mouth even opens. But then Leon's there and she's turning to look over her shoulder at him. She meets his gaze and gives him a little smile and a nod -- perhaps a greeting. "Trixie thinks it's best if we leave, too," she confesses to Leon once he's close enough that their voices won't carry. No need to start a panic. Ashley looks back to the other woman. "Could you come with us?" Ashley asks with a touch of hope in her tone.
Trixie Ashley's smile is met by a questioning look from Trixie and, in spite of her best intentions, her eyes lock with the blonde's as she hangs on the words forming on Ashley's lips.

And then Leon enters, and whatever Ashley had been about to say is cut off. Trixie feels herself blushing as she looks over at the handsome young policeman. "Um, yeah... I'm just not sure how much longer we can hold this place, and such a large group of people in one place is bound to bring a lot of infected around sooner or later," she explains. "It's totally not because I wish you'd go, 'cause I'm going to miss you two something awful. You've been so much help to us." And also for reasons, but she doesn't go into those.

Trixie blinks, still blushing a little, looking almost achingly hopeful for a moment. "I... I don't think I could. Much as I want to. They need me here..." she replies at last, bowing her head slowly. "Anyway, I think Leon would do better protecting one girl instead of two."
Leon Kennedy "You can come if you want," Leon replies, shrugging. He's still waking up, and one extra person isn't that much different than two. It's not like they're inviting the whole refugee horde to come along with them. That'd be a different story entirely. "I think you can handle yourself, from what I've seen. Stadler certainly thought so."

Curious eyes wander towards Ashley. "How're you feeling? Is there much for breakfast?"
Ashley Graham Ashley nods to Leon, and gives him a reassuring smile. "Alright," she assures him, when he asks how she's feeling. "I slept a lot, it seems. The whole morning away." The latter part is spoken apologetically. Ashley, as most have seen, doesn't like to be useless even if the things she can do aren't terribly important.

She turns back to Trixie. "Well, please think about it at least. I don't know when we even can leave," she notes, looking back up curiously at Leon. "But I imagine it will be soon." Given Leon's zeal for getting on the road.
Trixie Trixie bites her lip, to hide a tremble there, and nods slowly. "I will. Think about it, I mean," she replies softly. "It's kind of a tough choice... duty to my friends versus duty to the uniform. If it weren't for that uniform, I'd go with you in a heartbeat." She unclasps her shoulder holster and shrugs out of it, then wraps the blanket around her body under her arms and sits on the pew Ashley had so recently vacated to unstrap her sandals. "Who knew brand-new sergeant's stripes could be so heavy?"
Leon Kennedy "I know how you feel," Leon answers, but he's notably not been wearing his uniform lately, just his old bulletproof vest with the RPD on it. "Sometimes, they're kind of the same thing, though."

Ashley gets a fond smile. "Good. You needed rest." Her omission brings a sort of glum submission to his expression, however. "No breakfast, then?"
Ashley Graham Does that fond smile from Leon make Ashley blush? Maybe, but maybe not, since she's been a touch flush since she woke up. "Oh!" Ashley says, moving to rise. Her feet are bare, but she doesn't seem to mind. "Breakfast," she reminds herself, walking out from the pew and past Leon toward where the supplies are kept orderly by yours truly. Her feet make soft smacking sounds on the hard floor of the church. She starts to dig through to see what there might be, but judging how far she has to dig almost immediately, it's not looking good.

"There's no use in lighting yourself on fire to keep others warm," the blonde says, more softly, while she works to the pair. She glances back at them once. "I just mean that you need to do what you can, but there comes a time when self-sacrifice doesn't help anyone." Yeah Leon. She turns back to the pile. "Of course, I can say that because I am surrounded by armed people. I know a lot of others don't have that luxury." It's a moral dilemma.
Trixie "Yeah... technically, I /would/ be doing both if I went with you. But there is also the chance that they'd consider me a deserter if I left, and that scares me," Trixie confesses softly, slipping her feet free of her sandals and moving to rewrap the blanket over herself from the neck down, to hide herself while she removes her jeans. "Sure, I could live with being shot as a deserter. Well, maybe not /live/ live, but... okay, totally the worst possible wording. I'll try again. The loss of face I could handle. It's just... I think Dad would have /words/ waiting for me on the other side."
Leon Kennedy "Technically, nobody has the resources left to care about things like deserters right now," Leon points out, wandering over to Ashley to help pick through the (admittedly sparse) pile of breakfast options or the lack thereof. "There's not even an RPD left to desert from." But the comment about her dad puts him into a pensive silence.
Ashley Graham "Your dad would still like to have words with you rather than not is all I mean. Though with the National Guard you might be one of the first to get evacced, once they're ready." Ashley notes. She looks over at Leon as he approaches, but then goes back to digging in the pile.

"I'm not finding anything here," she admits. "Do you want to keep looking? There's some surplus we've stashed away in one of the rectory rooms for a rainy day. I'll go and check that," she recommends. With that, the girl stands up straight and turns to head in that direction, bare feet still slapping against the hard floor.
Trixie Trixie bows her head as she ponders their points. "Maybe not, but there /is/ a Guard. And I think Major Stadler is unlikely to take it well if I leave. Still... maybe he'd give me his permission. It's worth a shot, I suppose," she murmurs at last, lifting her backside and most of her body for several seconds, before toeing off the jeans and carefully raising them with one foot to set on the pew beside her. This shows off most of one long, bare leg, and takes some careful management of the afghan to avoid showing off a lot more, but in the end she manages not to make the whole thing too scandalous. "I'd help you look, but I'm a little short on pants right now... sorry?"
Leon Kennedy Luckily for Trixie, Leon isn't really looking. He's too busy sorting through the pile of supplies looking for another bag of pretzel rounds or something. "There's got to be /some/thing," he's muttering, but he's listened to the woman's concerns as well, and he replies as he sorts through. "You weren't Guard when you showed up, were you?"
Trixie "I've been Guard for just over a year now," Trixie replies sadly. "Until /this/ happened, I didn't regret it. But it did, and wearing that uniform keeps me chained here better than any real chain could."
Leon Kennedy "Oh, okay. So just the sergeant bit is new." Leon nods as he continues to sort through. There are no pretzel rounds to be found. None. Zilch. Nada. "...there's no breakfast here. Jimmy Dean has failed me." Damn you, Jimmy Dean. How dare you make things so delicious with MSG and trans fat. The officer glances back over his shoulder, noticing the pants draped over the top of the pew. "You weren't kidding about the pants thing."
Trixie "Not a bit," Trixie affirms, snuggling deeper into the afghan, chin sunk down on her breastbone, a little lump of snuggly gloom crowned with a red ponytail. "If it helps, maybe I can get Jimmy Dean here at gunpoint."
Leon Kennedy Leon chuckles to himself, putting his hands on his hips. He's lost weight, since this started. Goodbye, sweet gainz. At least he's looking lean, or that's what he tells himself when he looks in the janky bathroom mirrors in this old church. "That /would/ help," he admits, looking around for a place to sit and choosing the floor next to the wall. There we go. No burned calories on the floor, or less, anyway.
Ashley Graham There's the sound of flat flesh slapping on hard floor, and that heralds Ashley's return. She comes in, looking left and right for the man who sent her on this Very Important Mission. At last, she finds him on the floor. "What are you doing down there?" she asks him, more amused than anything. She has a bit of an apologetic smile on her features. Why? When she approaches him, she offers him a Kashi dark chocolate and coconut granola bar. "We're really low on things," she says, apologetically. "But this has almonds, so that protein should carry you a bit," she adds, helpfully. Look at that silver lining!
Trixie "One more reason we need to catch an evac bird out of here," Trixie observes from her pew, shifting her legs up onto the seat, with care to keep the afghan over them, more or less successfully. "In another week we'll be too weak from hunger to stand. Assuming thirst or the groaners don't get us first." She pouts apologetically. "Sorry to be such a ray of sour sunshine..."
Leon Kennedy "Almonds are mostly fat," Leon points out, but he's not turning it down. Fat is some good eatin', and he takes the bar and tears the wrapper open, splitting it in half and holding a chunk back out to Ashley. "But I think you're probably safe eating them, too." Thoughtful eyes turn towards the back of Trixie's pew. "She's right. We need to get out of here. Back to my place, then try to make a break for the perimeter."
Ashley Graham Ashley hesitates only a moment before taking her half from Leon, as it's clear both of them hadn't eaten breakfast since Ashley just woke up and Leon was asking for it. Then she gives Leon a wry, playful look. "No time like the end of the world for a girl to watch her figure," she teases to him. Her tone does turn to more serious things, though. "How do we get out of here? We don't have a vehicle, like you said. Should we just walk?" Ashley holds her piece of granola bar, but she doesn't take a bit yet, rather looking thoughtfully toward the pew where Trixie's pants hang.

"Trixie, did you eat? I can find you something if you hadn't. I'm sorry, I wasn't really thinking straight while I was back there digging," she says, and she does sound thoroughly embarrassed.
Trixie "You /could/ walk, at least to the perimeter and a few blocks beyond. After that, it'll get a lot riskier, especially closer to the hospital. And wherever that evac helo went down. The rumormill said it was crawling with groaners," Trixie suggests softly. "And I'm okay, sweetie. Probably shouldn't eat in bed anyway. But thank you all the same."
Leon Kennedy "If we could get to my apartment, my cruiser might still be there," Leon theorizes from the floor, munching on granola bar. Or nut bar, whatever it is. Close enough. "Unless someone's siphoned the gas out of it or set it on fire just because." Cop cars get that treatment sometimes. "The trick is just /getting there./ I have more food and other supplies buried behind the gardenias, too."
Ashley Graham Once Trixie indicates that she does not, in fact, want any of the bar, Ashley takes a bit as well. "So really we just need to rip the band-aid off and go," she says to the pair of them. "Unless the Major has a vehicle he won't particularly miss," she adds, looking to Trixie's pants. Then back to Leon.

"So why don't we just ... go? If we have to anyway. The sooner we go, the more likely we might be able to find a serviceable vehicle on the road, I should think." She bites again, having to sink her teeth into the bar and tear at it to get a piece apart. As daintily as she can, of course.
Trixie "He doesn't. If we take a vehicle, someone /will/ notice," Trixie offers helpfully, not to mention softly. "Unless maybe they think it was being taken for official reasons... which would have to be pretty important to be convincing." She glances over the back of the pew, following Ashley's gaze. "Those jeans must be /totally/ fascinating... maybe it's the faded designer label?" she asks softly, with an impish little smile. "Or the fact that the waist lets you read the brand name of my undergarments?" Ashley's prep school lingo seems to be rubbing off on her.
Leon Kennedy Leon is down on the floor and totally innocent, innocently munching on his food, the delicious dark chocolate and almond combo a good stand-in for something more satisfying, at least as hungry as he is. Is Ashley wondering if Leon undressed Trixie? Goodness. No. He didn't even look. He looks over now, though, when undergarments are being brought up in casual conversation. "...if you girls need to trade shopping secrets I can step out."
Ashley Graham "What?" Ashley asks Trixie, suddenly. She's rather surprised to find that she's suddenly in a conversation about undergarments! "No!" She looks to Leon and laughs. "It's just when you're laying down on the pew, it's all I can see to tell me where you are. I can't see you, so at least I know I'm talking in the correct general direction?" She looks down to Leon, and then back in Trixie's direction but not to the pants.

She looks at Leon again and then moves to settle beside him, sighing once she's on her butt as though it's something of a relief. Perhaps not fully better, then, though she's careful to guard that where Trixie can see. "I think Leon's got the right idea. Standing gets you into trouble."
Trixie "I'm teasing you, sweetie," Trixie adds gently. "I do that sometimes if I like you. Don't take it seriously. And don't think you have to leave the room, Leon. Same reasons." She sinks down lower on the pew. "Gawd... I must be more worn out than I thought. If I get quiet, it means I've finally done the smart thing... which is to shut up and go to sleep while I have the chance. See you both in a few hours, and hopefully not less." With that, she falls silent.
Leon Kennedy "She's obviously teasing," Leon teasingly chides Ashley as she sits down next to him, still holding the last little bit of his half of the nut bar. He's turning it over and over in his fingers but he can't quite bring himself to eat it. Finally, he shoves it over toward the girl next to him, muttering "Here."
Ashley Graham "Oh," Ashley says, and she might blush if she weren't still a little flush from earlier. Seated beside Leon now, she looks over at him. "It wasn't /that/ obvious," she weakly defends, keeping her voice down so that Trixie can get some sleep. Her eyes turn back toward the other woman thoughtfully, but her thoughts are quickly broken by Leon and his granola almond bar.

"What?" she asks, surprised by his offer. It makes her chuckle. "No, Leon. Eat that. You were howling for breakfast not twenty minutes ago. I've got mine here, I'll be fine," she assures him, thinking that his desire to eat is tied to his worry for her. To prove her point, she takes another bite.
Leon Kennedy Grudgingly, Leon sticks the last bit of the almond bar into his mouth, and chews it up, taking a little longer than might be strictly necessary to savor the flavor of chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate. Who knows how long it will be before he gets some of that again. "...I've been meaning to ask you about something," he mentions, looking off towards one of the stained glass windows in the main auditorium.
Ashley Graham "That sounds ominous," Ashley says, as good-natured as she can be in the apocalypse. Her bright blue eyes are turned on him, watching him chew, watching him not make eye contact. Ominous indeed.

Still, there's no reason to fear questions or words, so when she speaks it's calm and easygoing. "What is it?" she asks, taking another bite of her own food and chewing thoughtfully. Then the last bite.
Leon Kennedy Kicking out his leg to make pocket access easier, Leon digs the uPhone out of his jeans front pocket, turning it around in his fingers briefly and showing it to her, glancing back at her now. "I haven't been using this much because I figured that agent might try to call again," he explains, "and the battery is hard to keep charged with the way electricity is being rationed, but I was bored last night and I decided to try to figure out how to work it a little better."
Ashley Graham Ashley peers with interest as the uPhone comes out. Poor thing, she has no idea what he's actually intending to ask her about. "And?" she encourages, leaning into his space to look down at the phone, in case there's something there to show her. "I suppose it would be too much to hope that it has a working GPS locator and a direct line into SEAL Team 6," she says, with only a touch of hope that maybe it'll be some good news like that which he'll share with her. With nothing to look at on the screen, she sits back and looks at the man seated beside her patiently.
Leon Kennedy "Well, I think it /does/ have GPS, if they switched it on," Leon remarks, glancing down at the black device now that she mentions it and he can't help but spitting out this little factoid before he gets back to his main point, looking back at her. "But, anyway, I was fiddling around with it and I found a video on here that I didn't make." He stops to give her a pointed look, wondering how long it's going to take before she realizes what it is that he's talking about.
Ashley Graham "Oh." Well now she gets it. And she looks sheepish. She sits back against the wall and looks down, then she smiles and makes a soft 'hmmm' of a chuckle. "I didn't mean for you to see that," she says, which is probably pretty obvious. She doesn't seem mad that he saw it, either. Just embarrassed, apparently. "I mean, I assume you watched it." Safe assumption.

She draws her knees up to her chest and drapes her arms over then in a self-hug. "So?" she asks then, not looking at him either for now. "What did you want to ask about it?" The video itself is pretty self-explanatory.
Leon Kennedy "Yeah, I watched it," Leon confirms, pursing his lips briefly as he watches her turn her face away from him and wrap her arms around her legs. "And I just wanted to say... thank you." That might not be what she was expecting, or maybe it was. "My mom- she, uh. It would mean a lot to her, if we don't... you know, if we don't make it out." It's his turn to look away, ducking his head a little and scratching at the nape of his neck. "And we're /going/ to make it out, but... thank you." The last pair of years or so have been hard on Mrs. Kennedy, it's true, and any consolation, no matter how small, would be precious as pearls to her if the worst should befall them.
Ashley Graham So now they both sit there, awkward in their feelings. Both staring away from each other. For Ashley's part, she does seem a touch surprised by his words, having been steeling herself for some sort of argument or disagreement. When it doesn't come, her shoulders soften and relax a bit.

And of course, etiquette gets the best of her. "You're very welcome," she says, softly but with lots of emotion behind it. "I hope it went through. For both their sakes." Her father and his mother, she means. She looks over at him, glancing curiously just to see how he's doing. Then she looks forward again. "It's all so unfair to them." Nevermind the two kids trapped in hell, or in particular the one kid who seems to be leading everyone else through hell currently. Won't someone think of the parents.
Leon Kennedy "My mom has been through a lot lately," Leon mentions, pulling his own legs up and resting his chin on his knee. "My dad, he-" the young man swallows, turning his eyes down and away, trying to keep his emotions in check, "he died a few months before I graduated from the Academy. Drunk driver." His fingers run around and around the edge of the uPhone, gaze averted. "He was going through a green light, she turned left on a yield." Another swallow, and his teeth sink in to the insides of his cheeks. "And now all this going on. It's not fair to her." His eyes are firmly turned away, head twisted to one side just slightly so she might not see the glass of his eyes.
Ashley Graham "Jesus," Ashley breathes her swear of choice. At Leon's story, she turns to look at him, her own eyes wide and desperately sad at his tale. But he likely doesn't want her staring at him, so she doesn't and turns her eyes forward once more. At least, for a moment.

Then she moves, sliding to close the distance between them and stretching her legs out in front of her. Her toenails are navy with flecks of maroon in the paint when they catch the light. She slides to him and reaches to put an arm around him to rub his back in circular, soothing motions. Hopefully soothing motions, anyway. "We'll take care of each other," she says, assuredly. Because Ashley's useful at something, didn't you know. "And they'll bring us out, and it will be every dream in the world come true for her. Just think about that moment, how happy she'll be in that moment. How happy you'll make her."
Leon Kennedy It's moments like these that the strong, capable man who saved her from the subway station, the failed evacuation, the post office and MIKE, reverts into the young, vulnerable man just barely old enough to drink. It's easy to forget how young he is when he's running bravely through the streets shooting heads off of zeds, but he's only been a cop for maybe a month before this all began. This particular moment has him a little too overwhelmed to trust his voice, so he just sits there quietly, letting Ashley rub his back, the heathered green fabric thin under her fingers.
Ashley Graham And Ashley won't fight it, won't disturb his quiet. Sometimes the best thing two people who trust each other can do is sit quietly together. So that's what they do. Ashley's hand will continue the circular motions on his back, moving across the back of his shoulders down across the middle of his spine and back up. Slow, rhythmic, steady.

Because really, what do you say? That it will be alright? It probably won't. That they'll survive? Nah, probably not. That their parents will find the strength to go on and live out their lives in relative peace? Pretty big nope there.

So she just rubs.