Umbrella Surveillance System
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Licker The stockpiles in most of the city have started dwendling over the course of the quarentine, but there are still a few places where people left stockpiled large quantities of useful items that never really got used. Maybe a prepper had been stocking his bombshelter for years, but died before he ever made it to the shelter, the exact details of why or where Benny is when he comes upon the treasure trove is moot.

What ''is'' important is that he comes upon a rather robust supply of canned food lining the walls of a cellar. Days worth, actually. So much that he would b ehard pressed to get it all out in a single trip unless he went back for a vehicle.

It's when he returns that things get problematic. Out front of the house are rows motorcycles that were most certainly not there when he left.
Benny Benny mutters a silent doh under his breath when he spots the motorcyles that are now parked in front of the treasure trove of canned goods that are inside that house. He grips his MP7, checks to ensure that the magazine is seated properly and that he has a round in the chamber and makes sure the safety is off. This could get ugly really fast if he's not careful and smart about this.

Benny decides the best course of action is trying to be stealthy and moves a bit closer to the house, where he can find concealment by a tree or bush and just watch as well as listen to assess what this group is about.
Licker There's four bikes out front and from the sound inside the house they aren't here to do cleaning. A good look in one of the windows reveals four big men in biker leathers wearing the ''Loco Diablos'' cut turning over furniture looking for valuables, but it is abundantly clear that they've found the food. Several cans have already been opened and the two of the men are eating canned peaches with their dirty bare fingers.

At least one of them is armed too. A pump action shotgun slung over his shoulder as he tears open a cabinet and dumps the contents out onto the floor noisely. They don't seem overly concerned by making noise, which means they don't know zombies are out or they don't care.

Neither option is any good.
Benny When the odds are against you, sometimes fleeing is the better part of valour but in this case, the spoils of scavening when resources are low and zombies are trying to chew your face off, sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind.

Benny, has a plan! He takes out his knife, drawing it very slowly and when the coast is clear he will sneak over to the motorbikes and cut the throttle cables of three of the four bikes. The last bike, he will leave the cable intact in case he needs to jump on it if this plan goes horribly awry.
Licker The goings on inside the house continue to go on except one of the bikers steps outside for a smoke. Standing on the porch with his cigarette clutched between two big fingers and his shotgun laid up against the railing.
Benny Benny see's an opportunity here, the lone biker with the shotgun has foolishly let a bad habit, make him put down his guard. He tries to channel his inner solid snake, creeping ever so quietly towards the biker's back so that he can subdue him quietly with his martial arts.

A sneak attack from behind, will most certainly take the man out he would assume, if he does manaage to get behind him. Benny will use a knife hand chop to the biker's carotid artery at the side of his neck, then follow up with a rear naked choke hold lowering the man gently to the ground once he's unconcsious.
Licker The biker is enjoying his cigarette while leaning forward watching the street through the grey haze of the smoke. Blissfully unaware that Benny is making his way around the back of him to snap a hand in against his neck.

It's clear he got a good licking too, but he doesn't go down quite like Benny hoped and squares off against the other man with a frown. "The fuck did you come from?"
Benny Benny didn't quite channel his inner-solid snake like he had hoped. Guess, playing Metal Gear Solid and actually pulling off Solid Snakes, moves are a lot more difficult in real life than using a joystick.

Benny, thankfully is a gifted martial artist though so when his knife hand chop to the biker's neck, didn't work, he quickly took a guarded stance, raising both hands up. He has a combat knife in one hand but doesn't want to kill the man, just knock him out. He's still a Police Officer even though his city has fallen into Chaos. So, rather than giving in to the brutal reality of survival, which leads to the dark side he would prefer to be more like Batman.

Benny's hands are fast as lightning, he reacts quicker than the biker once they square off and he launches an explosive hip powered straight punch to the biker's face, aiming to break the man's nose if possible and he quickly follows up with a left round house kick to the side of the head. The force of such a combo would normally end most fights and he's fortunate that all his years of Kungfu training have come in handy.

Once the biker is knocked out, he quickly positions himself to the side of the front door so that if a biker comes through he's going to block it so he only has to engaged one at a time. That's the theory anyways.
Licker The commotion on the porch draws the attention of one of the bikers who was sorting through the desk near the doorway and he steps outt o investigate with a little frown: clutching fast to his baseball bat as he comes out to see his brother in arms laying flat on his face snoring off an asswhoopin. "What the fuck..." Said from just inside, rushing past Benny's poition towards his downed comrade.
Benny One down and that means one less Biker to deal with if they suddenly all come charging out at him. He never knew in a milliion years he would be fighting Bikers in an abandoned house for canned food, but hey he can never say that his life as a Cop is boring.

"Stop! RPD Police! You are under arrest for...uh looting and theft of the food that I found!" Well, it may not stand up in court but he's still got Police habits. "Drop the bat or I'll be forced to...ahh fuck it."

The martial arts cop, quickly moves and steps in front of the Bat Biker because he doesn't want him getting the shotgun laying on the porch that easily. He's going to have to go through him if he wants that shotgun and Benny isn't going to make it easy for him. Seeing as the man is holding a bat, he expertly waves his combat knife in a twisting arc then thrust the blade into the arm that is holding the bat, hoping to cause enough pain or injury so that he will drop the weapon. He then lets go of his MP7, which is on a strap and draws his extendable stun baton, snapping it open so that he's got two weapons now. One that cuts and the other that he can use to break bones or knock people out with.
Licker "Aint no law left in 'Coon City.." The biker snarls and swings that bat at Benny's head after taking a pretty vicious cut across the arm. Blood oozes out along his tats, spraying as he swings all over the porch, but Benny is too agile and loops out of the way of the swing... if just barely. "Back the fuck off, this house is ours."
Benny "No law? And let you criminal prey on the weak while they are even more vulnerable. Not a chance, now put down your bat and stop resisting." Benny doesn't like being told to F-off, especially from a biker and he's had more than a few run-in's with these types in the seven years he has been an RPD officer. Now that he's S.T.A.R.S. he would figure that they would give him a little bit more respect, but I guess they didn't figure one lone Cop, even a S.T.A.R.S. could be much of a threat. Too bad for them they might have underestimated him.

Benny, doesn't want to kill the man and was hoping that his knife attack would have wounded the biker enough to make him drop his weapon but c'est la vie as they say. Instead he moves to the Biker's blind side, then whips the extendable stun baton, hitting the biker in the arm again. He's hoping to break a few bones in the process and then follows up with a backhand strike using the baton to hit him in the shoulder area. "I said, your under arrest!"
Licker "Soons zombies showed up, all bets were off..." The biker swings again, feeble now, and it would have missed even if Benny weren't quick on his feet. He's rewarded with the crunk of an arm bent impossibly upwards and his knee buckling dangerously backwards. The baton down on his shoulder knocks him out, but he'll probably bleed to death or get eaten by zombies in the end.

That's the new reality of Raccoon City.

Now Benny has a difficult decision to make: Does he save the bikers and risk losing the resources or leave them to fate and take home the treasure? He can hear the other two bikers making a break for it. One saw the kung fu Cop taking down their boss and calls for his partner to head out the back with two bags full of the canned food.

So now it's just the officer, his ''arrests'', and the resources. Oh and the approaching sound of moaning zombies shambling towards the house. There's a lot of them.
Benny "Shit!" Benny exclaims when he realizes the dilema he is in. But he quickly decides that going hungry isn't worth losing his soul. He can almost hear the voice of Obi-wan Kenobi, telling him that selfishness, greed those lead to the dark side. So he quickly, grabs a hold of one biker, drags him into the house and then goes back to get the second biker, dragging him into the house. He quickly shuts the door, locks it and tries to find a table or couch to push against it.

Benny, then attends to the second Biker, who's arm is bleeding from his knife attack and quickly takes out a tourniquet from his cargo pants pocket to tie off above the injury to slow down the blood loss. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be used against you in court and if you want a lawyer, well too fucking bad there isn't really any lawyers around to take your call." He mutters to himself and works as fast as possible. He then goes to the bathroom, grabs some towels and wraps it around the injured arm. He puts both bikers in the recovery position and then runs to the back door to check if any zombies are in the backyard.