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Isabel Another late evening in Raccoon City. Another scavenging run for Isabel Welsh. But this time things are a little different: She's managed to rig up a foam and velcro mount for her uPhone so that it'll operate hands-free, attaching it to a tactical cap she scavenged from an Army surplus store. With this serving as a recorder, she's actually documenting her trips into the wasteland that is the new Raccoon City. Having paused to get a good shot of a group of undead shuffling along not too far from the houses she'd selected as a target for scavenging, she's now slipping into the gap between fences to make her way to the back of one of the houses.
What with store shelves being bare these days, it's coming down to breaking into deserted homes and apartments to keep herself and her friends and kin alive. It's probably a good thing her mother can't see her now...
She'd left a note for her friend Laura, mentioning the place and time for this trip and promising a share of the spoils. With everything that's been going on, she figures Laura's got to be getting at least as hungry as she is.
But for now, her attention is on the task at hand. Python in hand, finger resting on the under-mounted flashlight's button, she moves carefully ahead into the warren between fences.
Laura The place sure was crowded with the undead. Each day, there just seemed to be more and more of them, too, while a lot of them was getting shot each day as well. Diminishing supplies force people from the hideouts, only to fall victim to these things, only bolstering those numbers, one'd guess. Never the less, the crowd also meant that the pickings should be good, especially when she got company to watch over her back and a little vice versa. Laura moved quietly through the streets, pulling her self over the fence for better cover, looking at the building ahead. Her friend should be there somewhere, she thought, and started to move in, her eyes keen for anything out of the usual. It wasn't entirely safe there, either, few of the undead strewn about.
Isabel The house Isabel had picked out was a big one: White, two-storey, with a large, fenced-in yard and a Victorian-style lamppost out front. There didn't look to be any dogs in residence, alive or otherwise, but her scouting of the location had necessarily been limited: Everyone's a lot easier to see in the daytime, including herself, and she lacks night vision equipment. She's approaching that house now.
She has to holster her weapon and chin herself to peek over the wooden fence. No sign of danger just yet... is something moving in there?
Only one way to find out. She squats, jumps, and scrambles over the fence, dropping neatly to the other side. Her flashlight flicks on, flitting across the shape of... "Laura? Oh, wow, you gave me such a fright!"
Isabel sighs in relief, turning off the light. "It's good to see you. Did you have a hard time getting this far?" she asks, keeping her voice low.
Laura Laura's hand rises up to shield her eyes from the spotlight shone into her eyes as Isabel jumped the fence. "Yeah, it's me!", she replied, the climb not going unnoticed by her. The house was now behind her, and she glanced over it. It certainly looked fancy, but would it have much to help in the situation. Regardless, she glanced at Isabel, "Ah, no problem. It's pretty easy to slip through, as long as there's none of those.. creepier things.", she nodded, flashing a bit of a smile. "But if there's some good stuff, can't really turn down the opportunity, either."
Isabel "Creepier things?" Isabel has to ask, keeping her voice low. She's still a bit keyed up after climbing the fence. "Never mind, bad time to ask. We'd better find a way in. Go left, I'll go right?"
Laura Laura Herron nods, "The reason why I came by the church, to tell the Guard about that big ugly brute with guns.", she saids, her focus shifting to the house. Shouldn't waste time loitering about outside. "We could try the front door, I have my set of picks to try.", she saids, taking a few steps towards the door.", glancing side to side to see what all ther was around.
Isabel "I'd rather try any back doors or windows first," Isabel admits. "If we're around front, the fence won't hide us from the shamblers." She points out a glass door leading out onto the house's patio. "Can you get that open? I'd rather not break it. The noise would draw trouble."
Laura "Can always give it a shot.", Laura commented, nodding as she dug into her pockets, Laura grabs her lockpick case, and slips onto the patio, kneeling before the door. Nothing too fancy about the lock on it. She slips a pick in, followed by the second one, wiggle, jiggle. After a moment, the door clicks, "Ah, there we go.", she smiles, opening the door carefully. No need to shatter the glass, luckily enough.
Isabel Isabel watches, holding her breath as Laura clickety-clicks away... and sighs in relief as the taller woman opens the door. "I've /got/ to get you to teach me that," she whispers, giving her friend a quick little sidearmed hug. "It's just so useful."
She pauses to shine her weapon's light inside. Whoever lived her before didn't leave the lights on when they... well, when whatever happened to them happened, their choice or not. "It looks clear so far. Let's leave this open, in case we need out quick." Magnum leading the way, she slips quietly inside.
Laura "A bit of patience and nimble fingers, and it's not too bad. Just need to feel the tumblers lock in place.", Laura smiles. She follows in through the door after Isabel, holding on the door behind her. She carefully pulls it close, but not all the way in for the lock to click in. Should be easy to just nudge open if a hurry occurs. With that, she took a look around the surroundings. The side entrance apparently took them to the living room, and it was as posh from the inside as it was from the outside. "Hope their kitchen is as well stocked as their living room.", she comments.
Isabel "I hope it's just as easy to find," Isabel murmurs, finding a light switch and letting the overheads chase away the shadowy gloom. "We'd better try the upstairs, too, just in case they had guns. Even ammunition is getting hard to find these days."
One door, partially open, looks to lead to a hallway at one side. Another goes towards the back of the house. Dining room furniture is dimly seen within.
"Want to bet there's a kitchen attached to that?" Isabel whispers, grinning back at Laura as she slips over to the door. She's not about to go in without taking a quick peek, though.
Laura "Can't be too hard to find, it's not that big of a mansion after all.", Laura comments quietly, taking a few slows steps through the room. "Can always hope, I guess. A pile of guns and ammo, maybe an armored car.", she chuckled.

"Looks like a good guess. Probably should check it out first.", she ways, taking a moment to listen for any sounds. Seemed quiet, atleast, apart from a low rumble coming from the kitchen. Promising sign, maybe. She moved ahead, carefully making her way through each door way and corner. Not a soul, or soulless. Good. "Seems clear, atleast.."
Isabel "An armored car would be such a dream machine right now..." Isabel muses, covering Laura as she moves to check out the kitchen through the doorway. She fumbles at one side of the door after a quick peek, finding another light switch and making things a lot clearer inside the kitchen. "I don't see any trouble waiting for us... but what's that noise?"
Laura Laura Herron narrowed her eyes, trying to make any other noise as she walked through the kitchen, her palm sliding along a counter. "Hmm, something else other than the fridge?", she asked, her hand reaching behind her back, trying to focus on other noises, now standing totally still.
Isabel Isabel blinks, and looks towards the appliance in question. After a long moment of listening, she shakes her head and giggles sheepishly. "That's one noisy fridge! I guess we're good for now, then." She moves to check the fridge itself. "You're taller; can you check the overhead cabinets? I'd have to climb up on the counters to do it."
Laura Laura Herron laughs, "Guess they saved on it. Or it's just going bad.", she smiled, opening one of the cabinets. Plates. Moving onto the next, cups and glasses. "Not too much yet.", she commented, going for the next one. Pots and pans. "Not a lot this end, maybe other side of the kitchen.", she commented, making her way across. "Anything of note there?"
Isabel Isabel, stooping to look into the 'fridge, shakes her head. "Not much besides condiments. There are some cold cuts that haven't gone out of date, but they won't stay good long without a 'fridge to keep them in. I think I did see some bread that's still good... Maybe we can have a snack after we're done upstairs, and fix some sandwiches to take home. I know my aunt'd appreciate that."
She shuts the refrigerator door. "We'd better sweep the rest of this floor before we go upstairs. Otherwise we might find an unpleasant surprise when we come back down."
Laura "Drats.", Laura commented under her breath. Fancy looks weren't paying out for the place just yet, it seemed, with the kitchen being woefully understocked. "Sounds like a plan, hope rest of the house has something.", she says, slipping out to the hallway, making her way across it to the next room. A study. Books, a laptop on the table. A stack of paper, looked like construction related. "Not much here..", she says, scanning through the room before turning back, and glancing about. Just a couple of rooms left, and then towards the floor above. "Unless you got something, think most of our bets are with the upstairs."
Isabel "I guess they cleaned out the pantry and cleared out, so to speak. I can't blame them. I wish I could've left, sometimes." Having busied herself checking doors, Isabel comes up just as empty as Laura. "Nothing here unless you like old opera and hunting magazines, and spare bedsheets. Up we go."
She pauses to look up the stairs. Even with the downstairs lights on, the upper floor of the house is distinctly in shadow. Frowning, she slowly begins to make her way upwards...
Other than a faint creak from one of the stairs, she's silent as a shadow. The darkened hallway she steps into once off the stairs goes off in both directions. "Nothing so far. I hope I was right about them clearing out."
Laura "Yeah, I'm good on that front. Doubt the hunting magazines had any subscriber bonuses attached to them, either", Laura agrees with a chuckle, before walking up the stairs afterwards. One of the doors was there coming off the stairs, seeming like a good place to start. Turning the handle, all she heard was a *click*. "Hmm? There's a locked door here.. Probably worth a look."
Isabel "Nothing we could use, I'm sure," Isabel replies, grinning back. "'Subscribe and receive a free .44 Magnum with a year's supply of ammunition!' Wouldn't /that/ come in handy right about now?"
She pauses as Laura tries that door, glancing back at her friend. "I hope it doesn't lead to a /safe/ or something... it'd probably be empty if they cleared out."
She quietly opens the door she's checking out and starts to step in... and back out, blushing. "Linen closet. I never thought I'd actually see one of those."
Laura Laura Herron sets up by the door again, "Yeah, though guess they'd have a different idea on how many bullets can be spent in one day than us stuck in here.", she chuckled, digging into her pocket for the lockpicks again. "Maybe there's a pile of gold bars they didn't take along.. Not that we do much with them either.", she chuckled, getting to work on the door. It was easier, just something to keep a door inside a house closed. "Oh, looks like it was more interesting.", she chuckled softly as she picked the lock. "There!"
Isabel "At this point, /any/ ammo'd be welcome, and a way to use it," Isabel replies seriously. "Those shamblers turn you if they don't kill you. I'd as soon stay out of reach. Guns help with that. Gold bars are pretty, but I'd rather have something more useful. And portable." After all, gold is /heavy/ in bar form!
She moves to cover Laura as the lock clicks open. "What is it?"
Laura "Hope the whoever hunted was a weapons collector, or kept supplies at home, so maybe that.", Laura smiles, nudging the door open confidently. That was confidence she was soon to regret, as she pushed the door open. An elderly woman lunged at her from behind the door, leaving the woman a moment to cry out "Wha-?", as the hands grabbed to her shoulders. She lost her balance, soon finding herself stumbling backwards the staircase, soon tumbling down with the figure. It was terribly snappy, eager to get a bite out of her, and far too close for comfort to her. "Crap-!", she cried out after the thumble, trying to hold the thing at bay.
Isabel "Strange thing to lock up with such a flimsy lock..." Isabel muses, as the door creaks open.
The sudden, explosive movement catches her off-guard. With a terrified shriek, Isabel recoils from the apparition that bursts from the door.
By the time she recovers her senses, Laura is tumbling down the stairs with the horror! And it's not letting go, not all the way down! "Laura!" Isabel cries, dashing down the stairs after them.
She doesn't dare use the Magnum at this range, especially not with Laura there. She kicks at it as hard as she can, nearly stumbling with the effort. But her hiking boot smacks it solidly on one shoulder, knocking it loose from Laura even if it doesn't hurt it much. "Laura, get clear!" she cries, fearful for her friend.
Laura Laura Herron keeps wrangling the old woman, the mutation doing it's job and giving the dead plenty more strength that it's had ever when alive, but evidently the tumble had affected it as well, it's feet broken rather unnatural angles. "Get off me!", she cries, until the frail lady got boosted off her, helped by the kick onto her. She manages to yank her arm free, taking a bit of a roll to clear away from the thing's reach. "Be careful!", she called out, trying to get up and pull get pistol-- but her foot gave away nearly instantly. "Ow--!", she yelped, fighting to pull her pistol up before the thing manages to recover itself, her eyes staring at the dead ones just a few feet away.
Isabel Isabel skips back a couple steps, clearing the thing's reach, and tries to take aim. "Laura, get back!"
The walls of the house muffle the Python's booming report, but the sound is painful within. The shot thumps solidly into an emaciated shoulder, but the old woman's not much affected, other than losing most of the use of one of its arms.
Laura Up close, it was easy to hover the gun towards the greyed woman's head, especially prone over the stairs for support, Laura's pistol let out a silenced blast, ending up sending a bullet through the extended barrel through the house's former occupant's head, having the thing slump down, now quiet, no claking of teeth and frenzied groans as the single 9mm shell tumbled down along the stairs. "Christ-- No wonder they left--", she said with a grimace, the spike of adrenaline starting to die down, only leaving a stinging pain throbbing in her foot. "Are you alright?--", she asked, glancing up, her breathing still running rapid.
Isabel With her ears ringing, Isabel doesn't hear the silenced shot as such, only as a muffled thump and a spray of gore. She closes the distance again in two quick strides, swinging her foot in a panicked arc that nearly overbalances her. There's a meaty thump and a loud rip, and the dead old horror parts ways from Laura.
It's only when it doesn't move again that Isabel relaxes, realizing that it's dead. "I... I think I'm okay," she murmurs, wincing and resting her hands on her knees, gasping. "Laura, are you okay?" She can't see it, but she's ripped her jeans in the crotch and seat seam, leaving lavender fabric showing through.
Laura "I'm alright, I think..", Laura says, her pistol slumping against the stairs, before she tries to get up. The piercing pain that shot up her foot proved her wrong. "Ngh-- Think there's somethign wrong with my foot.", she mumbles, glancing along her leg. Pulling up on the pant leg did show a large red splotch on her ankle, seeming to slowly spread with each throb of her heart. "Must've landed bad on it with that thing.", she grits her teeth together, shifting to sit on one of the steps. The smell of gunpowder wafted in the air, "We probably should get moving-- that was pretty loud..", she says, hissing as she gave her toes a wiggle.
Isabel Isabel winces, seeing that splotch and how Laura stumbles when she tries to get up. "Not good," she murmurs. "We'd better get you upstairs. We'll never get out of here if you can't walk. I can treat this, but it'll take time."
She moves to get her shoulder under Laura's. "I'll do the work. Just keep your balance and hold onto the banister. I've never seen one of those things manage a flight of stairs yet, even if they did hear that shot... and I've got my doubts." It was quick, even if it was loud, and the undead have bad ears. But she'd rather have some distance between them and the monsters, all the same.