Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jill Valentine Seeing the photos. Seeing the satellite images. Seeing the videos.

None of it compared to what Chris saw as he flew over Raccoon City. It was a scene of utter chaos and destruction, the kind of chaos that had not been visited upon a city in the developed world since the World Wars.

Some would argue that this carnage while on a smaller scale was no less mortifying.

Fires burned errantly without purpose or reason, spreading throughout the city with nobody to put them out.

Hordes of roaming undead walked the streets between crashed cars.

Chris had no idea what kind of influence Zima Kimbale had exerted to get him a single ride in and out of the city, even the soldiers within the city had been abandoned; even the President was having a hard time extracting his own daughter.

Raccoon City was a nightmare. No sane human being would want to remain in this hell.

The chopper pilot flew around the clocktower and then veered away, "No direct landing spot that isn't compromised, I don't think we can set down. Redfield, you're going to have to rappel down on the ground or the top of the clocktower. Your call Ace."
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield has seen things he'd never imagined existed in this world, first in the Arklay Mountains, then in a the Viral Resarch Facility in Europe and they barely fazed him. Whether it is a blessing or curse, he's always been able to shut out things in his mind that would distract him and remain cool under fire or stress. Icewater in the veins, Barry once remarked to him when they first met and they went into combat together for the first time.

What Chris see's as he stares out the window, is horrific and mind blowing all at the same time. A city in flames, the city he called home for the last two years, his City and Claire lives here too. "Take me over to the clock tower. I want to be in higher ground to assess what path to take to Valentine's last known location." He unstraps his seat belt, nodding to Sergeant Anderson. "I'll see you at the extration zone in an hour. Thanks again. I owe you." He checks his headset one more time to ensure that it is functional, and gets the rapelling gear ready to descent as the chopper circles once more and then vectors towards the Clock Tower.

Anderson, unbuckles himself and walks over to the door saying to Chris in that Texas drawl, "You are one crazy sonofabitch Redfield. Good luck and we'll be on time. Don't be late and I hope you find your friend."

"We are at the drop zone, Anderson." The pilot says and Anderson opens the door, tugs on the rappelling line to check it is attached then says to Chris, "You are green! Go, go, go!" Chris then takes a deep breath, his M16 slung over his shoulder, grabs the rope with both hands, braces his feet and then lowers himself down the line to the top of the clock tower...
Jill Valentine "Good luck out there!"

When Chris is safely on the top of the Clock Tower, he can see that at least he is safe. He has one hell of a view of the entire city, and with luck given this was where Jill's phone had been traced to she was likely here; dead or alive.

There's no other way into the building aside from a single door on the small rooftop ledge that leads inside.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield looks down at the city streets, assessing which way is the path of least resistance should he need to move fast from the Clock Tower towards another vantage point down on the street. He unslings his M16, turns off the safety with a flick of his thumb, checks the sights as he points the gun towards the door and makes sure there is a round in the chamber before stepping towards his only exit. When he gets to the door, he puts his ear to it first to listen and if there is no sound, he will put his hand on the door knob or handle, then slowly open it if it is unlocked.
Jill Valentine Beyond the doorway are a handful of undead, the T-Types he had encountered in Europe. Slow and easy to dispatch, there was about 12 of them all clawing at a door at the end of the hallway, trying to get to something or someone.

Chris would have to deal with them to investigate whatever was inside or proceed any further as they were also blocking the stairwell.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield doesn't want to risk shooting off his gun for a couple of reasons, one that might attract more undead, two he might accidently injure or kill whatever the zombies are after and three he only has a limited supply of ammo. He slings his M16 over his shoulder, then draws his heavy Combat knife from the sheath and keeps his other hand free. He checks to his left, right and behind before he approaches the doorway. Barry taught him everything he knew about knife combat and he's got scars from training knives to prove it, but it taught him to respect the blade, not fear it because it can be deadly in the right hands.

With surprising speed for a man of his size, he dispatches two zombies very quickly, using the last zombie as a shield, grabbing it around the back of it's shirt and shoving it forward. As the zombies turn to face him, they aren't smart enough to go around the meat shield he has, so when they move theirs forward to bit him, he swiftly dispatches them by sticking his knife through their eye or mouth, the soft tissue to penetrate the brain so that his blade doesn't get stuck in any bone. He's personally sharped this knife himself, so has a razor's edge anyways.

Surprisingly, he only suffered a few minor scrapes and bruises from flailing limbs but no bites as he dispatches the last zombie with a stab. So much for having clean body armor on this trip, he's got quite a few blood splatter sprays from the 12 zombies he has killed. He takes a moment to catch his breath, looking behind him to make sure that he hasn't attracted any unwanted attention. He tried to kill them as quietly as possible, but a man his size throwing zombies around and stabbing isn't exactly pillow talk. He approaches the door once he knows he's safe and puts his ear to it. "Hello? I'm Chris Redfield. Bravo Team. I'm here to help." He whispers through the door hoping that if someone is alive they will respond.
Jill Valentine The zombies are dispatched without much difficulty by Chris who has well-learned to deal with these creatures in his time fighting Umbrella's creations overseas; far easier than anyone in the city could have dealt with them and far more confidently.

On the other side of the door Jill was fading in and out of sleep, the sound of something other than the gnawing zombies snapping her awake. Was this another dream she thought to herself?

If it was, the lack of ammo in her pistols wouldn't matter.

"Chris? Is that you?" She called out, wondering if this would play out like all those nightmares where he was one of the undead.

Reaching into her boot she drew her knife in one hand before opening the door slowly, looking extremely pale, a dull lifelessness to her eyes with sweat covering her brow as she peeked out the door looking like hell.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield did learn the hard way on how to effectively deal with the undead and although he wouldn't call himself an expert, he's done this before and experience always pays off according to Sun Tzu. Another book he had to read under Barry's mentorship. Know thy enemy and now thyself and you shall always be victorious. Barry always tells him, going in headfirst isn't always the best tactic and in fact gets a person in trouble far too often. He makes a mental note to thank his old friend for the important life lessons.

Chris is surprised when a voice replies and if she could see his face at that moment before she opens the door, there would be a mixture of elation and relief all at the same time when he recognizes the voice. The voice of his partner! But as the door opens, he displays his regular poker face, the serious Chris Redfield and that is part of the curse for being an Iceman. Never let them see you sweat, because he doesn't know what kind of state he's going to find her in and god help him if she's bitten or infected...

"Valentine, thank goodness your alive." As Jill's pale looking face pokes out of the door he knows that it is her. "Yeah, it's me. I know, long story...oh no, your injured. Can you walk? We have to get out of here. This place is crawling with those things. We have to get to the extration zone." Yeah, he's just oozing with empathy, "Valentine, I need a Sit Rep."
Jill Valentine The noise above had drawn the attention of the undead lurking below and several stories down they could be seen shambling up the stairs. Their low moans echoing through the clocktower which continued to keep time even when it didn't matter to many.

Jill's smile was weak at best, the wound on her thigh below the skirt looked inflamed; with dark black tendrils snaking through her veins, "Everyone's dead Chris. I'm going to die to."

She reached out to touch Chris' arm like he might not exist, "I thought you were dead.." When she found something solid, she knew it was no dream and Chris was no ghost.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield does a quick assessment of your injuries, pulling out a tourniquet and trying his best to treat that infected leg by wrapping the tourniquet around it above the injured area. When he hears you talking about your death, he stares you straight in the eyes and says. "Valentine, listen to me. Your not going to die. We are going to /both/ get out of here and get you medical help." He rarely ever calls you by your first name, sort of a running joke between the two of you. His voice is firm, with conviction and it is a tone that he uses when he's not in the mood for debating.

He hands you one of his pistol clips, "Here take this. I heard you are the third best shot in S.T.A.R.S." He goes from being serious to sarcasim and when you reach out for his arm, he offers wrap his arm around your shoulders to help steady your balance while you put some weight on that injured leg. Putting his knife away now, he grabs his M16 in his free hand and points it down the hallway. "I hear contacts coming our way. Jill, you know the layout of this building. We need to find a way out of this hallway to a more defensible position, to hold out until extraction time." He then says matter of factly, "We've got to move, NOW."
Jill Valentine "Just promise me Chris, promise me you'll do what you have to if I turn into one of those things." She didn't even know if she had saved a single bullet for herself, the fight just to get here had taken everything from her. She had been fighting to survive and escape on her own, and even still she was afraid that she might wake up from what was a dream compared to a nightmare.

Accepting the clip as well as Chris' support she loaded her pistol with the spare clip, free hand reaching up to cover her mouth as she coughed.

Chris could feel that she was barely able to be on her feet and without his help, she was liable to collapse.

The undead below presented little threat at the moment but Chris' radio crackled to life, "Redfield, you've got something big and ugly moving in towards the Clocktower. It doesn't look friendly. We're going to provide you with a little air support to cover your escape so you can get to a safe extraction, we spotted a red brick building 2 blocks over to the north. It should work."
Chris Redfield "'s not going to come down to that you hear me. I'm not giving up on you!" Chris finally calls you by your first name and gives you a reassuring look through that poker face of his.

Chris is strong enough to support your weight and lets you verbally guide him to the nearest room that has access to a fire escape. He kicks in the door, the door frame crumples as the force of his size 11 boot is too much. The two zombies that had once be a couple when they were alive get throw backwards. When they shamble to their feet, a third zombie rounds the corner, one that is a lot shorter than the first two.

Chris without hesitation, lines up the shot and lets out an automatic burst with his assault rifle. Even one handed, he is able to kill the two adult sized zombies that were side by side, head shots but he misses the third due to the recoil. He knows his partner, they've trained together for two years, work together on the same team for one year and Barry even says it is uncanny how well they work together. Jill always has his back, just like he's always got her's and there is a reason why they are the top two members of S.T.A.R.S. It isn't just about the skill, or the courage they each display but their strenght of will and character that seperates them from the rest.

Chris listens to the comms and glances to Jill, "Shit. We've got a big boogie coming in towards the building Jill. We have to get to the LZ which is a red building two blocks north. And we are going to make it. We've got air support coming in. So we have to get down that fire escape, fast." He knows this is going to hurt her a lot but he's seen her overcome countless odds and injuries in the past. "Lets do this."
Chris Redfield "'s not going to come down to that you hear me. I'm not giving up on you!" Chris finally calls you by your first name and gives you a reassuring look through that poker face of his.

Chris is strong enough to support your weight and lets you verbally guide him to the nearest room that has access to a fire escape. He kicks in the door, the door frame crumples as the force of his size 11 boot is too much. The two zombies that had once be a couple when they were alive get throw backwards. When they shamble to their feet, a third zombie rounds the corner, one that is a lot shorter than the first two.

Without hesitation, Chris lines up the shot and lets out an automatic burst with his assault rifle. Even one handed, he is able to kill the two adult sized zombies that were side by side, head shots but he misses the third due to the recoil.

Even though he missed the third zombie, he knows that Jill will have his back, they've trained together, worked together on Alpha Team and she's one of the best partner's he's ever had, although good luck getting him to admit that.

Chris cocks his head, listening to the comms on his headset and after the burst from his M16 he responds. "Copy. I have Valentine, I repeat I have Valentine but she's injured. We are going to try to make our way down to the street level now. Do not fire if there are any civillians, do you copy?"

"Shit. We have a big contact coming our way but air support will try to give us covering fire. We have to get to the LZ, which is two blocks north. We are /going/ to make it! I'm not leaving without you!" He has seen Jill overcome countless odds and injuries before in the past and it kinda scares him to see her like this, but he pushes those thoughts out of his mind.
Jill Valentine Jill did not seem fully convinced but none-the-less despite her condition takes aim at the remaining zombie and fires a shot at it with her Samurai Edge; blowing the brains out of the back of the infected mans skull.

"Just try not to make any promises you can't keep Chris." Her voice was shaky at best as they made their way down the stairs, almost stumbling several times. Chris wouldn't know it, but most who had been infected would have already succumbed.
Chris Redfield "Nice shot." Chris, flashes a quick grin and turns his head to look at Jill, giving her an approving nod. He wants to keep her spirits up, act like nothing is wrong and even though he's deeply concerned about the infection spreading through her leg he knows that he can't afford to show it. Not now.

Chris knows that Jill is hurting pretty badly because not only by her unsteady feet but she not joking around or teasing him.

He wraps his left arm around, Jill's shoulder letting her lean her full weight on him if she wants and moves as quick as she is capable of, pushing her as much as possible because he knows time is of the essence.

"I keep my promises Jill. You know that." Chris replies to his partner and will dispatch any zombies that they encounter as efficiently as possible.
Jill Valentine Jill reached her free hand to her mouth to cough, finger off the trigger of her gun as she did so, whatever she was going to reply back to Chris seemed like it was going to have to wait until another time.

As the pair reach the ground floor of the clock tower they can hear the stomping boots of something large outside of the clocktower. With a merciless rictus grin, Nemesis decried, "STAAAAARS."

Bullet began to tear through the clocktower as it opened fire!
Chris Redfield Chris glances at his partner when she coughs, then gives her a shoulder a comforting squeeze which is a lot harder than it looks with his rather muscular arms and doesn't ask what she is about to say. Whether or not he meant to save that for another day, or just missed it might be up for debate but only time will tell.

When he hears, stomping boots and then an ominious sounding voice saying STAAAAARRRS is when the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

"Oh shit! RUN!" Chris yells, even though he probably doesn't have too because Jill is right beside him and he hears the whirring of a mini-gun barrel rotation. He shields Jill's body with his own, practically scooping his partner up in his arms like some damsel in distress, which she is certainly not and would knock his teeth out if he ever referred her as thought. Chris runs as fast as he can, away from the mini-gun fire and out or through a door if necessary to get to some type of cover.
Jill Valentine Jill does her best to guide Chris towards the backdoor of the church, shooting what zombies she can on the way; gaining some measure of life as she realized WHAT was after them, "Chris, if we can make it to the backdoor.."

They do make it to the backdoor which appears to be locked from the inside.

Minigun rounds continue to tear through the building and rip apart undead but don't seem to score any hits on Jill or Chris, mostly taking apart the interior of the Clocktower.

"Redfield!" It was Anderson's voice over the radio, "There's no fucking way you're going to make it. We're coming in hot to provide support, we'll drop a line. It's now or never."

The sound of good'ol American Military hardware could be heard joining the fight outside followed by a roar as the door-mounted guns on the helicopter lit up on Nemesis from above.
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield nods at Jill, as he half carries and burst fires zombies with his M16, holding it in one hand as they dodge the mini-gun fire ripping through the Church walls like a hot knife through butter.

Chris, was never man of many words and less so now, because his lungs are screaming as he's running while carrying Jill. He bangs into the locked back door, but it doesn't give so he backs up a few steps then dashes forward, launching his size 11 boot at it!

The locked door buckles, then gets flung open as Chris keeps charging on through like a running back trying to get to the endzone. "Anderson, we're at the back of the church! Drop that line!" he yells through gritted teeth as he wills his burning leg muscles to keep going!

Chris looks up to the Blackhawk helicopter, overhead and Anderson waving at him frantically through the open door as that same rapelling rope that was used to drop him off is now dangling just within arms reach, well it seems to be getting farther and farther every second. "Jill, grab the rope!" He uses all the strength he has left and heaves you into the air towards the safety line!
Jill Valentine As Jill and Chris get out into the rear of the Clocktower, they can see the waning crescent of a moon over Raccoon City; beautiful despite the chaotic life or death situation. The whirring rotor blades of a chopper could be heard and you could see it hammering Nemesis with constant machine gun fire, the B.O.W. actually shielding itself and trying to take cover.

Anderson could be seen throwing a rope down, calling out to Chris, "Hurry up!" Shouldering a rocket-launcher he took aim at Nemesis and muttered, "Let's see how you like this you son of a bitch."

Jill having some history with Nemesis, smirked at Chris as she took aim with her pistol and set the firing selector to automatic, "You sure know how to show a girl a good time, Chris."

As they moved towards the rope she joined in opening fire on Nemesis with every single round in her gun before holstering it and grabbing the rope as Chris tosses her up!
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield does appreciate the beauty of the moon over Raccoon City for a split second as he is running for his life, elated to find his partner, exhausted beyond belief and they are so close to getting out of here as the dangling rope is just within their graps.

Redfield might not be the fastest guy in the world, but his courage gives him strength and what he's doing right now would probably count in this case. Chris dares a quick glances behind him for a second, finally getting to see what this whole fuss was about with the Nemesis, what he saw in Europe was pretty terrifying but this B.O.W. is a whole new category of ugly.

With one hand, Chris manages to fire off a few bursts from his M16 at the beast just to keep it honest and every bit of damage counts, no matter how small it does add up eventually. "Damn that is one ugly...mother..." He doesn't get to finish his sentence because Anderson just shot it with an American made, honest to goodness, rocket launcher.


The concussive force of the blast, nearly causes Chris to fall over but he manages to recover and use the added momentumn to then leap up towards the rope! The rope is slipping between his fingers, but thankfully Jill catches his wrist and he grabs a hold of the rope almost at the very tip. He gets both hands on the rope now, using his arms to pull himself up closer to his partner and gets more support by wrapping his foot in the rope.

"Anderson, get us the hell away from here and please pull us up. We need a medic stat!" Chris yells out towards Anderson, as the Texan admires his handywork with the Rocket launcher for a second before setting it down and helping get the two of them aboard the chopper. "Wooweee! Now that is what I call a rescue! You are still the craziest sonofabitch I have ever met, Redfield and oh you saved your partner. My my...she's...medic right!" Anderson seems a bit embarrassed and goes to talk to the pilot now, while the medic comes over.

Chris wraps both arms around Jill protectively in a hug as they get helped onto the Chopper from the rope. "I promise I will tell you everything that happened, at the Arklay Mountains and what I've been doing since then." He whispers into your ear and then lets you go so that the medic can take a look at you. "Miss, let me see your leg...fuck...Anderson, call base we need a trauma unit ready as soon as we land." Chris turns with a stunned look on his face, "What?" The medic looks over to Chris, "Calm down Redfield, let me do my job." Anderson nods and starts barking out orders. The pilot pushes the engine of the chopper to the limits to get as much speed as possible. "Jill..."
Jill Valentine As Chris took her into his arms, Jill's eyes fluttered a touch, the hug returned as she leaned her head against his chest. By the time the medic got to her she was already unconscious, the medic frowning as he gestured for Chris to help give him a hand to strap the young woman in until they landed.

"It doesn't look good, she's farther along than any survivors we've seen escape the Quarantine Zone. I'm not even sure the vaccine is going to work.." The medic seemed terribly sad to break the news, but nothing was written in stone.
Chris Redfield Nemesis emerges from the flames, having taken much more damage this time, than fom all the combined small arms fire from multiple skirmishes, "STAAAAAARRRRRRRS" He raises his rocket launcher to obliterate the Blackhawk Helicopter but it now just charred metal and completely non-functioning.

Nemesis, drops the now useless weapon and tentacles are now starting to sprout from the open wounds now visible through gaps in it's damaged armor. Unfortunately, the minigun is still operational as it was shielded from the full force of the blast when it turned to it's side. It looks up at the sky at the departing Chopper with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine aboard, "STTAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRS." It says once more and then cocks it's head as if listening to some voices, then starts clomping those heavy boots in a new direction now.

Chris puts his hand over his head, sitting down on the ground near Jill as the Medic works on her, another solider assisting the medic is putting an IV into her arm and as the Medic works on her infected leg.

Anderson comes over, putting his hand on Chris's shoulder. "Hey, you did good out there Redfield and don't worry, we're doing everything we can to get her help."

Chris just stares at Jill, he feels less than helpless as he watches the two medics working to save her life.

The blackhawk is now safely out of the nightmare now known as Raccoon City. Zombie infested, more dead than living now and a monster named Nemesis roaming around with an unknown agenda.

Chris clenches his fist and swears that he someone is going to pay for this and he won't stop until he uncovers the truth and brings whoever is responsible to justice. Sliding over now, he gently takes Jill's hand as the Medics to continue to work on her and brings her hand up to his lips giving it a gentle squeeze. "Jill, I need you."