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James Scott How many days had it been since Emma got kidnapped? Hell if James knew. It'd all been a blur of ringing ears, nausea, and avoiding zombies and other survivors. Thankfully he was almost back to the base. Dirty, beaten, and emotionally drained. Thirty or so minutes pass, and the teen finds himself in front of a familiar door.

         "Anybody home?" he calls out tiredly, rapping his knuckles against the entryway.
Benny Benny looks tired, he is tired and hasn't had a good sleep since...well, since Raccoon City turned into a zombie infested wasteland. Despite his sleep deprivation, he's been busy making sure the fortifications of the base are sound and was preparing to go out alone to scout the last known location of Emma and Scott. He is about to head out, he's got all his gear ready and throws a backpack over his shoulders.

Knocking on the door? Benny grips his MP7, then tip toes over to the door and quickly slides open the eye hole cover, "Who is it? Holy shit, is that you James!? Who the hell...hold on a sec..." He yells down the hall, "Hey, Archene...Markus...James is alive!" He isn't sure if they are even around but he just blurted it out there. He quickly undoes the locks and throws open the door.
James Scott "Barely." James adds quietly, more for himself than anybody else. He does appear to have a number of bites in his unarmored spots, as well as that bit of his ear that was shot off. "Though, not everyone has a grappling hook. Please tell me we at least have running water." He may be somewhat bitter about being left.
Benny Benny quickly closes the door, once James is inside, locking it first and then supports James around the shoulder as he guides him over to the bedroom, where he was initially handcuffed setting him down on the bed. "I'm sorry...I thought you were dead. They, they took Emma. I was about to go out and recon where we last...fuck, how badly injured are you? We need Emma...I'm not a doctor. I only know basic first aid. Wait here, I'll go get bandages and water for you." He exits the bedroom and returns a few minutes later with a large mug of water, a basin of water, some clean towels and bandages. He hands you the beer sized mug of water, then examines your wounds. "So did you escape...I thought you were a goner for sure."
James Scott James Scott drops Lucille and starts removing bits of armor. As he does so he reveals the extent of his wounds, which mainly appear to be yellowing bruises and scabbed over lacerations. "I'm fine. Just need some neosporin." The boots he was wearing get kicked off as well and he plops down onto the aforementioned bed, glad to be able to sit down for a moment.

         "Killed my way out and ran. Been stuck hiding while I healed up enough to make my way back. Be surprised how hard it is to figure out which direction you're heading with a concussion."
Benny Benny looks at the wounds and has a perplexed look on his face, "I...I saw you get swarmed by zombies, your wounds, they look like they've been healing for weeks not just days." He grabbed a small first aid kit, opens it and hands you the neosporin. "How is this possible? And...if you got bit, by them...won't you be in danger of turning too?" He doesn't seem afraid if you going to turn, he's in his full armor and has all his weapons on him since he was about to head out. "Emma...we gotta find her. Did you happen to see where they took her?
James Scott "I've been infected since before the outbreak. Got bit by an infected dog before I got hit by that car." James points to his red eyes before taking the tube with a grateful nod. "As for these wounds, I couldn't tell you. Probably a side effect of me starting to mutate. No telling what's going to happen." The cap is removed and the antibacterial ointment is spread over the various gashes and scrapes he'd picked up.

         "I couldn't see where they went. When I broke through I tried heading in the direction they were going, but I got turned around. Wouldn't have been easy without all the dead out there, but I ended up breaking to try and find cover. They may be slow, but they're good at cornering you."
Benny Benny nods, the guilt starting to form on his face now as he listens to your explaination. Guilt of leaving you behind most likely, "Oh, wow...that's unbelievable and I remember someone mentioning that you had come back from the dead once. Is that true?" He crosses his arms and leans against the wall now, seeing as you are in no need of help at this stage. "Mutate? So the it the same as the one making all those people turn into zombies out there? I mean you aren't iike them at all...your...different."

He sighs a bit when you mention that you weren't able to get a lead on where they may have taken Emma. "Well, it is not anyone's fault...shit happens and I'm sorry...for pushing you, I didn't mean for you to fall. I just wanted to get your attention to follow me. But, the important thing is that your alive and now we have one more person to help us get Emma back. Archene and Markus have come up with a plan. Once we find out where Emma is being held, we are going to assess whether we just go talk to them or mount a rescue operation. Archene thinks maybe we can make a trade..."
James Scott "Couldn't tell you. Figured I was stealing drugs from my plug, but that shit wasn't any drug I've ever taken. Just made me angrier. Probably something similar to it." James screws the top back on the tube and returns it to the medkit.

         "Best thing to do is look for any buildings near there that they could have holed up in. May find some clues. If that doesn't work there are camps scattered about the city we could ask at. Somebody is bound to have ran into them." With his wounds tended to he takes Lucille back up, working on picking the bits of brain and flesh from the barbs. "But when we find them, there won't be a trade. They'll return her, or I'll kill them. Shit, just may regardless. Don't give a fuck if they took her because one of them was pregnant."
Markus Berger "Agreed. I'm absolutely sick of this madness and they are... well, der Tropfen der das Fass zum ueberlaufen bringt. Don't ask me to translate." The agreement comes from a certain NBC armor wearing scientist also known as Markus has he enters the room and look at the two with a very strained smile. "Good to see that you are still alive James."
Benny "Oh, Markus you are here. I didn't know if you were away scavenging. How is Archene doing?" Benny says to the german scientist and blinks when the man speaks German. "Ah okay...I won't ask then. But yes, James is alive."

He listens to James comments and blinks. "I'm not sure if that is a good idea, they might hold her hostage or worse. We have to assess it first. We don't know what kind of people they are. Hopefully, it is just people scared, trying to survive like us and they needed a doctor to help the lady deliver her baby. We may not need to get into a confrontation with them if they listen to reason. If they aren't nice people, then a rescue using stealth is a better option than a direct conflict. Trust me James. I'm a cop...or was...if I have a job left after this, but I've dealt with barricaded individuals before and we don't go in guns blazing. They have the advantage and we use negotations to get them to surrender. So in this case, they have Emma hostage already so we need to be smart about this."
James Scott "The straw that breaks the camels back, literally the drop that makes the barrel overflow. Took German in high school, all I got from it is a handful of idioms and asking where the toilet is." James supplies the translation for Markus before setting his bat aside. "But, I'm glad to be alive too."

         "I'm not suggesting we go in guns blazing. I'd rather somebody like you stand out front and try talking to them. I'd prefer to go in the back, maybe take my bat, maybe my machine gun." He mimes popping off a few rounds, "I wasn't a cop. I sold weed and pills. If I learned anything it's that you don't take disrespect, and that's exactly what they did. Kidnapped one of ours, and shot at us." he points out the chunk that was blown from the middle of his ear. "If you don't want other people trying the same thing you make an example. Crush them, then string them up someplace people can see."
Markus Berger "Considering that they allready went as far as to kidnap Emma I doubt that they would give in and hand her back without issue even if we were to try to trade somehow. That said, I'll leave the planning to you." With that said he vaguely nods with his head towards Archenes room. "As for Archene... he is recovering from the bullet wound. Umbrella really wants everyone dead and Nemesis is pretty damn good at making sure of that everyones does die."
Benny "Markus pretty much summed it up pretty well." Benny replies and seems concerned about the latter part of what Markus said. "I hope Archene will recover quickly and you'll need to tell us a bit more about this...uhh, Nemesis character." He watches as Markus leaves the room and then turns his attention back to James. "Impressive that you know are full of surprises besides you those mutations..." He thinks about it for a few moments and nods. "That might be the plan we need to go with when push comes to shove. Once Archene is in better health, he can act as long range sniper support and Markus can go with you in the back while I distract them in the front. That might be are only opportunity to rescuse Emma because you and Markus are right. They shot at us and went through all that trouble to take her, so I doubt they will just give her back...unfortunately but a realistic possibility."
James Scott "When people assume you're stupid it's easier to pull strings." James runs a hand through his filthy hair, sighing quietly. "And all you need to know about Nemesis is that you need to get away if you ever see it. I'm assuming that's what nearly killed me at the police station. Best bet would be to drop a fucking building on it, but I doubt it'd stop it for long."
Markus Berger "Very well, I doubt anyway that there is any other possibility and I think Archene should be up and about again soon I hope." The description of Nemesis meanwhile earns James a nod from the Doctor. "Indeed. As far as I have heard and seen Nemesis easily shrugs off bulletwounds like they were nothing including headshots from a anti-material rifle. Archene certainly tried the later. I've even been told by a acquaintance of mine that it tore through a bunch of soldiers and SEALs recently."
Benny "Holy crap...that doesn't sound good." Benny exclaims at the Nemesis talk from both James and Markus. He furrows his brow anddtakes a look at his own weapons, then looks up at the two of you. "Multiple direct head hits from that freaking cannon of Archene's and it was still standing...that's nuts. What the hell can withstand that kind of firepower? And it took down an entire Seals team? Uh where did a Seal team come from? Oh you have encountered other survivors as well Markus?" He pauses for a moment and then adds. "I actually did too, during one of my scavenging runs for supplies. I bumped into an old S.T.A.R.S. team mate near some Church where they've made a camp. They have some National Guard over there and the person in charge, I think is Richard Stadler, used to be a doctor or scientist. Met him once at the hospital with Emma. He's also happens to be a Major in the National Guard. We could go over there and ask for help or trade supplies at least."
James Scott "Doubt they'd have much to trade in the way of supplies. It's a church that's being protected by the National Guard. I'm sure that's where most of the people are going to go, so unless they're getting supplied regularly, they'll be done ina week or two." James seems pretty positive about that. "If you thought this place was crazy already, just wait until everyone is starving."
Markus Berger Markus just nods after a moment. "I can confirm that, since I've been there not too long ago myself. They lost a lot of people when Nemesis tore through them during a failed extraction and their supplies are running low rapidly, but at least I got to meet my acquaintance there. As for the reason why a SEAL team was here... Well, I know the reason, but considering who they are here for I'd would have to insist for you to shut up about it. She is a wreck allready anyway without half the city knowing who she is."
Benny "Yeah, every time I go out to scavenge, it seems like there is less and less. Not to mention I have to go farther out as well." Benny says in a hushed tone, amost as if he's ashamed to mention it because everyone knows what dwindling supplies means. "There has to be a way out of the city...why hasn't the government sent more help. There should be troops, tanks and helicopters right?" He shakes his head a bit and looks towards Markus. " have? And I'm not sure what you mean...some rock star or famous actor? Listen, if you don't want to tell me that is fine. We have to figure out a way to find Emma and then we can start firming up a rescue plan. It is unfortunate that there is some super zombie Nemesis thing running amuck out there as well...but unless any one has suggestions or knows it's weakness, best just to do as you said and run from it."
James Scott "You always have me." James throws in on the Nemesis talk. "No telling what this virus is doing in me. Doubt it'll make me stand a chance against that thing.. But I'm sure I could be one hell of a distraction." He heads over to his supplies, sorting through the various guns and pills tucked inside his bags. "Well, probably more of a minor distraction. But enough of one people should be able to run away."
Markus Berger At the guesses Markus just smirks... slightly. "More important than that. Well, for a certain value of important." With that said he turns around as he leaves the room again, although he still has to say something before leaving for real. "True. If we encounter Nemesis we will have to run since I doubt that anything less than high-explosives are going to do any good against it. Anyway, I'll leave you two to it while I go check our ammo."
Benny Benny blinks at James for his comments. "You've survived twice now from almost certain death...are you willing to risk a third by going up against that, /thing/. Your not Wolverine, James and if that things is as powerful as you both say then the only hope we have is tactical withdraw." Benny, gives Markus a small wave. "Sure thing Markus." He raises an eyebrow curiously at Markus's last remark about this VIP that he won't name. "Okay then...he makes it sound like this person is mega famous then. I don't see how that would make much difference at this time, since we are all trapped in this city and trying to find a way out." He turns his attention back to James. "Seriously James, we just got you back and I know we haven't always seen eye to eye on things, I still don't want you to charge blindly into things. If we both work together to distract it, that will split it's focus and then we can all get away."
James Scott "Probably somebody they see as more of a resource. Probably a different kind of mutant." James puts his weapons aside to find a change of clothes instead. "More than that. Before all this happened I was in the mountains. My brother Chad, his girlfriend Beth, and myself. We were coming back from a party, ended up in a multiple car accident. Eight of us all together, but infected animals came out the woods, tore everyone except for Chad and myself to shreds."

         "Haven't really cared about dying since all that. Though I was plenty suicidal before that." He flashes a practiced smile that doesn't reach his eyes as he takes those clothes and heads for the door. "I'm gonna go wash off as best I can. Covered in a lot of death, probably smell like it too."
Benny "Woah...that is...I'm sorry to hear about your friends." Benny replies in a soft voice and doesn't even know how he would feel if he was in a situation like that. He won't ask about his brother, he has a sister but she's not in town thankfully or else he would be worried sick if she was. He nods when you mention going to wash up. "Yeah, you'll feel a lot better...I'll talk to you later after you've had a rest. I'll go dig up some food for ya from our rations and set it on the table for you with some water. I'm going to head out to scout that area but I'll be back before dark."