Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten When Wesker is alone with his sax, playing it epically, his phone rings. Oswell Spencer was on the line, he be all like, "Yo Wesker, my favorite Son. Let's Jam."
Kitten Ok we won't undo that pose to see who reads the log but it never happened IC. Now on to the real pose.
Kitten Within his secluded mansion, Lord Oswell E. Spencer was watching the events unfold in Raccoon City through the various hidden surveillance systems that Umbrella had built over decades. He could see the horde of undead gathering on the streets leading towards the downtown area, approaching from all sides towards the Church where several hundred survivors had holed up.

In a matter of days the shambling masses would descend upon them.

A special set of screens monitored individuals of interest. James Scott being one of them. The betrayal of Archene Night had amused him, more than it had angered him. The audacity of using an Umbrella facility as a base while hiding from Umbrella was either bold or stupid, he was not sure which.

Claire Redfield had proven troublesome, as had her brother Christopher. The loss of the Delta-Facility in Slovakia had been unfortunate, but it had only been a minor setback in the grand scheme of things. They were both little more than pawns to his plans, if not his ego though in the long run.

His prodigal son however, his greatest pawn and accomplishment was what concerned him on this night.


The Satellite Phone in Wesker's sanctum of awesomeness began to ring.
Albert Wesker It's not really surprising that Spencer bypasses the communication blackout that's stymied even Wesker's well-equipped hardware, and ample backdoor channels of his own design. It is, however, interesting-- even before Umbrella's purported perfected Host picks up his phone. "This is Wesker."

The call is answered from another Umbrella facility, deep within it, in the private berth the operative has comandeered for his own use. Sanctum, indeed-- there are likely few places left in Raccoon City that are safer, relatively speaking. If still somewhat audacious.
Kitten "Albert, my son." The British-accented voice of Lord Spencer could be heard on the other end, "I'm surprised that you've yet to evacuate the city, surely you read the reports on Operation Raccoon City and what was to come."

Was Lord Spencer watching Wesker even now? Only Spencer, and his butler Patrick knew the answer to that question.
Albert Wesker Surely, even if he were not surveilled more closely, Spencer was aware of the stern slap given to the prototype T-Type that tried to murder Wesker with a minigun. Albert's resolve is steady, a dark mirror of the resolve shown to his team throughout this crisis. "The undertaking must come first." It's practically a mantra, a sentiment Spencer would have heard many times before.

"My operation is secure." It's not the first time Wesker has had to deal with the entire logistics of an endeavor Umbrella could not be linked to, after all. In the Spook Business, it's called walking the Yellow Brick Road. "Raccoon still holds valuable research and personnel. Surely you did not expect me to pre-emptively flee, tail between my legs." Wesker smiles darkly, "We both know I can survive this; in less... useless fashion."
Kitten "Albert, I would not have expected neither you, or William to leave while you could have firsthand glimpse of what your life's work has wrought. What it has amounted to. Raccoon City was only a test, and with the data you have gathered along with Sergei I believe we can begin working on the next phase of our experiment." Spencer seemed sincere, "I would prefer never to have to question your loyalty Albert, please don't ever give me cause to do so. If we are to usher in a new era, I shall need you at my side."

"The United States Government is going to bomb Raccoon City in less than a week. The backlash against Umbrella America will no doubt be heavy, I'll need you to continue being my eyes it he world."
Albert Wesker "And whether we survived the unveiling; also a test?" The question is somewhat rhetorical. His own potential was most obviously being pushed, as well. Wesker has no illusions about what Lord Spencer is. "The escalation and rate of the Raccoon City tests is careless." Wesker observes, point blank. "A dangerous gambit to throw Uncle Sam off the scent." If a decidedly un-elegant display of just how quickly a major first-world metropolis might be relegated to a warzone; one that has to be destroyed outright.

"You know where my loyalties lie." The operative boldly posits, despite the seeming duplicity of the statement. Wesker is, however, completely honest; if not thorough in his answer. "I was born to see a cause to fruition."

Back to business, "My cover is intact, as far as I can tell. If you want me to ensure William's research continues apace, I'd advise you to return his daughter, to me." A man like Dr. Birkin is deceptively dangerous when pushed.
Kitten "Young Miss Sherry is quite safe Albert. I'm no monster." Spencer laughed, even though he had just condemned over half a million people to their deaths, "She's been enrolled in the finest school in Europe for the arts, and I've a new lab for William and Anette. My intentions may have been mistaken, but the United States Government was in close collusion with several executives of Umbrella America and were attempting to contact William for his research. I feared they would go for his daughter if they could not reach him, the security detail on her reports they've already had to deal with several American Agents seeking to take her into 'custody'. Please, relay that to William."

"As for your cover, you should continue working with it in any way you can. We're going to have to make some sacrifices Albert, the both of us. It's all in the name of progress. I'll expect you, to vigorously pursue any renegade members of Umbrella America. There will no doubt be many of them, once they've been thrown to the wolves."
Albert Wesker "The reality of the situation is not particularly relevant to the problem." Wesker calmly observes, debating the point without really -arguing- it. At the end of the day, he's right: it doesn't matter. Great, creative minds can be their own undoing; it's a tale as old as science, perhaps as old as man's ambition. "I'll do what I can to assuage him." Being harangued by Federal agents threatening him with ample consequences as Umbrella swept up his family: not great times in Dr. Birkin's opinion.

As to the other business, "I've had ample success using my... mutual" it's audibly airquoted, "falling out with Umbrella to perpetuate the cooperation of others. The Outbreak has revealed.. exceptional characteristics in some. Several may still be useful assets; you'll have to get me the details." And, as has become something of a norm, deal with Wesker's rather creative and unilateral interpretation of the mission. The True Cause. -His- crusade.
Kitten "Do what you can to help hasten the fall of Umbrella America Albert, you must insure your cover stays intact." If Albert could see Lord Spencer, he would no doubt be disturbed by the smile on the man's face, the game he was playing was so deep it was almost impossible to comprehend, "I'm also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new T-Type, I believe you've engaged it twice now."

It was Spencer's hope that the Raccoon City incident would cause a domino-effect, allowing him to accelerate his plans.
Albert Wesker "It will die or evolve into something truly interesting after the second engagement." Wesker assures Spencer, reiterating something they both already know; perhaps for no reason beyond sheer pride. "As would Umbrella, with or without my coup de grace." One he's already positioned to deliver at his leisure, truth be told. "Whose creation -is- that Tyrant?" Wesker queries pensively.
Kitten "It was the creation of Alexia at my request, that girl is quite the twisted genius. What she did to her own father...." Spencer laughed darkly. Unlike the canonical timeline, Alexia Ashford had never frozen herself in cryogenic stasis to 'perfect' the T-Veronica Virus in such an unpredictable manner. She had continued her testing and research.

No doubt Wesker would remember the self-confident and arrogant little girl who had been given a tour of Umbrella's Arklay Lab when he worked there with William Birkin.
Albert Wesker "Ah yes, the Ashfords." Wesker's recollection reveals little of his personal judgement on the matter; it simply acknowledges the familiarity. Then again, the man's built his career on being a difficult read. These days, there may linger a touch of envy for the isolationist lifestyle of researchers such as the Ashford family's isle. The chunk of information is filed away, perhaps for later utilization.

"I'll be finished here soon." Wesker assures Spencer, "But there is much to do. If there's nothing else...." As if it were an afterthought, his finger hovering over hanging up, Wesker appends, "Oh, and father. Progenitor has taken hold; I think you'll be quite interested in the results."
Kitten "I cannot wait to see the results." Spencer began a data transfer, "Doctor Blanton, has out served his usefulness. Like the B-Virus he was working on, he is no longer useful to Umbrella. I've provided the necessary data to locate his lab and recover samples of the B-Virus. These should serve as adequate proof of his highly illegal and unauthorized research in any proceedings that are to come. I look forward to seeing you soon Albert, enjoy your vacation in Raccoon City."