Umbrella Surveillance System
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Licker "Charlie One-One this is Charlie Kilo-Alpha, how copy?"

"Charlie Kilo-Alpha, Charlie One-one reading loud and clear."

"Charlie One-One, requesting detachment a fire-team to provide cover for checkpoint New Mega, over."

"Roger that Charlie Kilo-Alpha, sniper team inbound on your position by fast mover, over."

Kris and his spotter, Randy Cambells, are loaded up in one of the little birds to fly quickly from Umbrella Security HQ towards the omenous and snowed in Raccoon City. The view from above is breathtaking, but perhaps made more so because of the devistation perpetrated by this Storm of the Sentry.

During approach Kris' Platoon Sargeant brings him up to speed on his mission objects; "Alright, we've got some of our guys working a checkpoint on the North East side of the City.. they called in for a some reenforcements, but we're stretched pretty thin... so they're getting you and your spotter."
Kris     Kris nods and checks his gear again. "What's the target?" He asks. Despite his experience, he had learned enough to know that when it came to UMBRELLA operations, things were always a bit cloak and dagger. Still, it sure as hell beat flipping burgers, and the ex-marine knew he could still do some good, or at least get in a good place with the higher-ups.
Licker "Hold one, Lucas, getting confirmation on target from Charlie Kilo-Alpha." The pause is just long enough for the Platoon Sargeant to relay the information to the L.T. then over to boots on the ground, then back again. Communications hasn't gotten any better through Umbrella than Kris' days in the Marines, it turns out.

"No confirmed target, just running protection detail. We're under manned at the checkpoints all across the city.. they're reporting two attempts of civilians to flee and at least one rabid dog attack. Over."
Kris     Kris nods softly. "I see. I can understand needing some extra support....wait, rabid dog? That's a new one." He says, rubbing his temples slightly. Things never seemed to change, he thought. But he shrugs and looks to his spotter. "You ready for this?" He asks.
Licker Randy is checking his Carbine rifle scope with a fractional shrug and a perfectly blase demeanor. He's been with Umbrella for a little over a year and has worked some pretty odd missions for them, which is precisely why they teamed him with Kris. A little experience with the fresh new talent to make sure he's eased into the odd sort of jobs they're called on to do.

"Paycheck is a paycheck." He says with a rye grin.

"We'll be at the rooftop in t-30 seconds, get ready for touch down." The pilot says into the headset and sweeps the little bird in with an expert precision onto a landing zone about a size and a half of that of the helicoptor itself. They pause there long enough for spotter and sniper to pull off and then dust off heading back towards HQ, "Charlie Kilo-Alpha, this is Black Briar, sniper assets in place, over."

"Roger that Black Briar.." Comms switch to Kris', "Sniper team, this is Charlie Kilo-alpha. We'll need you watching the south east sector near the intersection leading up towards the checkpoint. How copy?"
Kris     "Clear copy, Charlie Kila-alpha." Kris responds. He moves into place and sets up. He goes prone and looks through the sniper scope, locating the checkpoint and all possible paths inside. "Looks pretty much like a standard op." He says towards Randy, but in the back of his mind, he always expected things to go south. He was a bit of a pragmatist.
Licker Randy lays out prone beside Kris with his carbine off to one side, but in easy reach. Instead he's looking through a distance finders at the street level and alleyways snaking out from it, "Yeah." He says quietly through his bacleva, "Would have rather been up there with Alpha team in the sweep and clear." He admits, quietly, but they're a good four stories up so the likelyhood of someone hearing them is slim. "Wait.. eyes on, south by south west. See it? Right there beside that dumpster... what the fuck is that?"

It's hard to see, but there's definitely something dark near that dumpster. It looks kind of like it's eating something, hunched over it tugging and pulling, but the snow is making it difficult to see exactly what.
Kris     Kris looks over and finds himself a mix of horrified and curious. He had seem alot of things during his tours in combat, but this was horrifying. "No idea. But...what's it doing? Looks like...eating?" He asks. He adjusts his scope, zooming in to try and get a better look.
Licker It's probably the snow picking up that makes it difficult to see what's going on there in the alley, but the streetlight has gone out right there on that corner, casting off just infrequent flickering light. "Looks like a dog, I think.." Yeah, it must be the weather, "Can't see what it's chewing at.. radio Charlie Kilo-Alpha to send in someone to take a look?"
Kris     Kris nods. "Sniper team to Charlie Kilo-Alpha. We have a strange occurance occuring on the south west. Can you send someone to take a look?" He asks, keeping his eyes on that spot and whatever was going on.
Licker "Copy that Sniper team..." Charlie Kilo says in reply, sounding a little dubious, but following the request by sending in a single soldier from his four man team to go take a peek. "Keep eyes on my soldier, Snipers. Don't want you hotdogging and getting my men killed. There's weird shit going on out here..." Randy continues to try and see what it is in that alley, "Distance is five hundred yards. Wind four east to west." Calling out adjustments to Kris' scope for him.
Kris     Kris moves to compensate for the wind, distance, and speed. "We've got you covered, Charlie Kilo." He says. Taking into consideration that there was apparently 'wierd shit' going on, this only made Kris tighten his grip on his rifle. He starts to slow down his breathing, going through mental steps to keep his rifle on point.
Licker The soldier approaches the indicated alleyway and makes a hand signal to tell the sniper's he's going to sweep in and cut straight across the alley, get a look, and get out of view of his rifle. He holds three fingers and starts counting them down, then executes the manuever.

Whatever was in that alleyway startles, but not in a frightened way. It hunches down as if it's going to attack, but at this distance it's hard to know whether it's growling or just being defensive. Though the snow parts just enough, or the alterations to the scope provide, a clearer view of what that is down there. It use to be a dog, no doubt, and a big one to boot. Now most of it's flesh has been rotten away and one whole side of its ribcage is visible, barely holding internals inside.

Weird shit indeed.
Kris     "What the hell?!" Kris asks aloud. He moves to center the creature's head in his scope before reporting. "Randy, you seeing that? Thing looks like it should be dead. I'm getting a bad feeling about this." He says, moving his finger over the trigger, ready to fire.
Licker The soldier down on the ground saw it, that's for sure, and he shouts something in the radio having clearly not expected it. Rabid dogs are one thing, this is something completely different. He starts backing away quickly with his rifle up, not daring to go back in that alley, "What the fuck was that?! Sniper, shoot that fucking thing ma- AHHHHH!"

The dog is -fast-, darting out of the alleyway and leaping right for the soldier's throat to drag him down to the snowy pavement and start yanking its head around in a frenzy. The soldier is swinging and clawing trying to himself free, "Get it off me! Get it off! Shoot god dammit!"

"Sniper Team, what the fuck is going on down there?! Where's my soldier?!"
Kris     Kris curses and immidiately moves to take a shot for the head. "Get your men together, Charlie-Alpha! You've got some kind of monster out there! Looks like something out of a horror movie. Keep your eyes peeled." He says as he pulls the trigger, and moves with his rifle's recoil. "Randy, I'd expect more of those things. I think this might explain a few things, with the civilians trying to escape."
Licker "Yeah.." Randy might be startled, but he keeps it in. They work for Umbrella, this is probably not the strangest thing the veteran has seen, "Clean kill." He says with his monotone voice, "Soldier's bleeding heavily though..." He's staring down at the Soldier grabbing at his throat, writhing on the snow with a growing blood red pool spreading out in the white frost. The other elements of Charlie Kilo are moving towards that position, "Keep us covered god dammit... What the fuck is going on in this city?!" He gripes, forming a defensive parimeter around the soldier as one comes up to provide medical attention. "He's bit pretty good, Sarge..."
Kris     Kris keeps his head on a swivel, ready to take down anything that looks like that dog creatures. "Can't imagine that's the only one. But looks like a headshot did the trick." He says, more to himself then to Randy. "We may need to call a medi-vac for that soldier...or maybe just a flat out extraction."
Licker "Already on it, Sniper team." Charlie kilo is holding to his radio, "Charlie One-One, this is Charlie Kilo-Alpha requesting immediate med evac for wounded." The entire team is doing their level best to keep the medic and their wounded comrade protected against... well.. they're not entirely sure from what. Though one is kicking at the dead monsters side with his boot, "God damn... look at this thing."

"Charlie Kilo Alpha, this is Charlie One-One. Bingo on evac at this time.. all air assets committed, over."

"Get the fuck out of here with that shit, Charlie One-One, I got a man critically wounded here..."

"Joint he club and get in line. Over." There's genuine sympathy, but...

"We're on our own. Sniper Team, we're moving to a more se- hey, what the fuck was that?"

Kris hears it even before the rest of the team, possibly a sixth sense pregcognition to look towards the mountains. Right there over the ridge there's this god awful whistling sound... then a mushroom cloud bellows up over the horizon, lighting up the tree line like the forth of july...
Kris     Kris looks over as he senses something, and spots the cloud. "Holy shit..." He says, staring for a minute. "Charlie-Alpha. We need to get moving. I got a very bad feeling. There has to be somewhere we can bunker down." He says, looking over to Randy. "This went tits-up fast. Think whatever happened up there was bad enough that they dropped a small nuke or something."
Licker The entire squad on the ground and Randy beside Kris see the explosion as the heat of it almost reaches the city proper. That was an F-10 strike... no denying it. Someone just launched a mess of missiles out there in the mountains and laid down the thunder of god.

"Yeah..." Charlie-Kilo says.. motioning to one of the abandoned apartment buildings, "Let's sweep and clear this buildings top floor near the roof exit where Sniper Team is set up and wait for extraction.." Which may or may not be coming, but he doesn't mention that part.

"What the fuck..." Randy says, staring at the red glow in the mountains through his range finders.
Kris     "No idea, but it can't be good." Kris says, looking at the mountains. He wondered what could have caused such a strike, and if it was maybe related to what was going on with the creature. "Randy, once Charlie team gets up here, we should secure the door. Don't want one of those....whatever that thing was getting up here."
Licker Randy lets the range finders fall down against his chest and grabs his carbine to move towards the stairwell to wait for Charlie-kilo to join them. "We should set up a temporary base on the top floor... I think the storm is going to get worse.. certainly going to be some blow back off the mountain from that explosion. Wont do us any good to set up up here if we die from explosure." He offers, kicking the door in when he finds it locked.

Charlie-Kilo clears the stairwell and sets up baracades at any entry point, then starts clearing rooms. "Charlie One-One, what's the ETA on evac?"

"Charlie Kilo Alpha, ten minus ten minutes. We're recalling all field teams back to HQ."
Kris     Kris nods and picks up his rifle and moves to follow Randy. "Good idea." He says. He thinks a moment, pondering. "Ever have anything like this happen before?" He asks, figuring that if anyone would know protocol, it would be Randy.
Licker "No." Randy says with a glance over towards the inferno that was part of a mountain. "Nothing like this." He explains, "This is some whole other shit."

Charlie Kilo can be heard over comms calling ''clear'' in each of the top floor rooms until the squad leader gives the ''all clear''. One of the living rooms is turned into a makeshift triage area for providing medical attention. "Get your asses down here, Sniper Team."

Once they arrive, the extent of the soldier's wounds are obvious. His throat is very nearly torn out and he's fighting against assistance out of fear and desperation. It's by luck alone that his wind pipe wasn't severed.

"Alright. We're going to batton down until the evac gets here." Charlie lead is kneeling down with his high and tight hair exposed leaning one hand against the top of his helmet on the floor. "See if there's any food we can scavange, extra bandages for the doc.. Sniper team, you're going to do first look out."
Kris     Kris nods. "On it." He says. He walks over towards a window and peers out, watching the snowy streets below. "Things really went to shit fast. Nothing I've ever experienced could prepare for this." He says to himself. Sure, he was a little rattled, but then again anyone would be at this point.
Licker The situation could always be worse.

That is a truism of almost every military engagement and never so much so as when there's weird shit involved. The medic starts shouting that something's wrong! That ''Anderson'' is failing. The sarge rushes over, as do his friends and squadmates to try and preform life saving emergency CPR.

It is to no success, however.

Anderson dies there in an abandoned apartment.

Charlie lead throws his helmet across the room, smashing it into a bookshelf that nearly topples over, "Mother FUCKER!"
Kris     Kris looks over and shakes his head. Whatever was going on claimed another. But there was something nagging at the back of his mind. That dog, and how it looked. Why did it look dead, for one. So, he walks over and thinks on how to phrase his next words. "Charlie...I'm sorry. But something's been bugging me. That thing I shot looked like it should have been dead. It's your call but, I don't know if we should keep Anderson in the same room. Call me crazy but...I half-expect him to jump back up."
Licker Charlie glares at Kris, then down at his dead squadmate, and sucks his teeth, "Fuck that, kid.. I'm not moving my squadie... my friend.. to another room. We're taking everyone with us or none of us is getting out." He says with absolute conviction. "I saw the dog too... but that shit's just rabies." Toeing the party line, much? "This is just a crazy coincidence... nothing more. Don't lo-"

Behind him, the medic starts creaming bloody murder and Kris sees why. Anderson sits bolt upright, black lines running out from that wound all across his face, and latches onto the side of the medic's face. His teeth sink right into the skin there and he pulls back away leaving a squirt of blood across the room.

Chaos errupts as the remaining two squadies level their weapons, "What the fuck man?! Stop biting him! I thought you said he was dead!?"

The medic clutches his cheek and falls back on his back, scampering away with a kick aimmed at his ex-dead friend.
Kris     Kris curses and swings his rifle around. "Told you! Think if you aim for the head, it'll keep him down. It worked with the dog!" He shouts. He pulls the trigger again, and looked to the medic. He already began to put together that bites seem to cause the victim to come back after they died.
Licker Blood oozed from between the medics fingers where he's holding them against the side of his face trying to claw himself away. The ex-soldier is still trying to pull him back and is about to get another bite out of his leg, if it weren't for Kris' quick thinking. The side of the zombie's head caves in and blows brains against the bookshelf, the floor, the wall, and one of his squadmates... Its jaw works a little, one remaining good eye half lidding, and then he topples over in a heap of brain matter and blood.

"What the fuck!" Charlie has his pistol out and pointed at Kris, clearly misreading this situation completely. Randy, loyal as he is, has his carbine up pointed at the squad leader... the other two members of Charlie Kilo-alpha are... not handling this well. One of them is green and just got covered in his friends skull parts, the other is just staring with a jaw hanging open...

Neither of them are going to be useful.

"Charlie Kilo-alpha, this is Black Briar, how copy?" Stand off. "I say again, Charlie Kilo-Alpha, this is Black Briar, do you read me?"
Kris     "Look at the facts, sir. You man was dead, and just tried to kill all of you. I hate to say it, but your medic got bit bad too." Kris says, not flinching an inch with the gun pointed at him. "You may not like it, but right now we need to operate that if anyone gets bit, they're as good as dead....and even then we're not safe. Now, you can either lower your gun and we can get out of here, or you can take a shot at me. But to be fair...I'd ask you aim for my head." He says, eyes hinting to Randy to keep an eye on the medic.
Licker There are a lot of questionable facts at play here, but the squad leader isn't a dummy either... His pistol lowers slowly and he glances off towards his dead mate and dying medic with a little frown. "Son of a bitch..." He murmurs.

While Kris talks, Randy up nods at his shooter and turns his carbine off from the sargeant to point at the medic who is already starting to show signs that he's in advanced stages of dying.

"Charlie Kilo Alpha, this is Charlie One-One, answer me..."

"Charlie One-One, this is Charlie Kilo Alpha... had to deal with a situation. We're clear for evac." He turns to the youngest member, "Get uptop and pop smoke for Black Briar..." Motions to the other, "Go with him."

"Roger that Charlie Kilo Alpha, Black Briar inbound to your position, Over."

He looks to Kris and nods, "I don't want my boys to see this shit..." Raising his pistol to put one right through the medics forehead at point blank range.

"This is fucked..." The life drained from his face, "Let's get topside and get the fuck out of here."
Kris     "No arguements from me. But remember this, and make sure they understand the risks now. That some kind of...zombie plague's going on." Kris says, following Charlie up to the roof.
Licker That's some next level shit to swallow, but the Sarge nods and starts towards the stairs leading up to the roof without another word. He doesn't bother trying to bring the bodies, but he does retrieve their dogtags on the way out.

Randy lowers his weapon and shrugs. Blaise as ever as he makes his way along with Kris to the roof. "Hard shit..." He says in a drawl.

On the roof, the woofing of the little bird swooping in is kicking the snow banks up on the roof. It touches down just long enough fro everyone to mount up, then dusts off back towards HQ. "Charlie Kilo, where's the rest of your squad?"
Kris     Kris looks up and grimmaces. "We'll explain in the air. We need to get away from here ASAP." He says, climbing into the little bird. He reaches out to pull Randy and the sarge up inside.