Umbrella Surveillance System
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ID State Owner Title Description
429 Finished Benny French Roasted Benny
404 Finished Benny Agreeing to Disagree
398 Finished Benny The Undiscovered Coffee
396 Finished Benny Reunion Dinner for TEAMNIGHT!
383 Finished Benny Everybody Knows Your Name
257 Finished Benny I got Gnomed!
198 Finished Benny Now I know how Batman Feels
143 Finished Benny Visiting Hours
78 Finished Benny The National Guard Wants YOU Benny's scavenging run for Bubble Team finds Trixie, an old friend from S.T.A.R.S. and there was much rejoicing!
76 Finished Benny Cults, Kidnapping and James Oh My! Benny returns to base, explaining to Archene and Markus about losing both Emma and James during a scavenging run gone horribly wrong.