Umbrella Surveillance System
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ID State Owner Title Description
484 Finished Cerberus The Bomber Man A ragtag bioterrorist group has raided the Bastion Hotel, holding multiple people hostage. The leader is threatening to detonate a T-virus bomb. Local government has called in FBC, BSAA to assist with the issue at hand. This Event is open to everyone and not limited to these factions. Player Event Conclusion: 4. Bomber Man
467 Finished Cerberus Not so Quiet Attack by the Cartel
427 Finished Cerberus Quiet Night with an Assassin or The Fall of Benny
397 Finished Cerberus Another Day, Another Patrol Another day, another patrol. For Trixie though, a patrol can be anything but mundane.
351 Finished Cerberus A Chase at the Tower Isabel actions in the QZ, knowledge of the truth of Raccoon and continuous digging had caught the attention of Umbrella. However, with the political fallout in Asia, they decide to send a skilled German assassin with Rim horned Glasses.
313 Finished Cerberus Digging To Far
309 Finished Cerberus Biohazard 3: Stalking Shadows