Umbrella Surveillance System
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ID State Owner Title Description
555 Finished Esa The Lone Wanderer
542 Finished Esa Spiritual Connections
539 Finished Esa The Missing Agent
534 Finished Esa Raiding PITE Safehouse Acting on the intelligence, John, Andrei and Barns lead a strike force against a PITE safe house in Barquisimeto. Esa looks on as the overwatch. Part 2 of 4.
532 Finished Esa Damning Information Having critical intelligence, Agent Collins gathers Rebel Commander John Black and Andrei's personal Mercenary team along with a supporter of the rebel cause to stop the impending attack in Barquisimeto. Part 1 of 4.
531 Paused Esa Oh What a Wonderful Day
517 Finished Esa Refugees of Achaguas
497 Finished Esa Inquiry of Rebels
493 Finished Esa Welcome to the Jungle
490 Finished Esa A Days Work in Cabimas TerraSave and friends continue work for the town of Cabimas, helping the rebels and citizens with repairs to housing, medical and stocking up on supplies. As things continue to progress, a FBC solider and sympathizer to the Rebels shows up, handing off more supplies that will help the town for a long time to come.
489 Finished Esa Another Solider to the Ranks Another group of soliders is deployed to Bolivar by FBC, one of them joining the Black Sword division under the command of Esa Collins.
466 Finished Esa Treating the Driver
464 Finished Esa Chasing the Supplies
417 Finished Esa Black Sword: Argentina Black Sword along with two new recruits and Andrei head to Argentina to retrieve a weaponized virus in the hands of a Mercenary team.
393 Finished Esa DSO Investigation: Handoff DSO makes a drop for Benny with information regarding a F.B.C. investigation into the car-bombing of Emma.
384 Finished Esa The Secrets You Keep, The Secrets You Tell Trixie visits Esa in the hospital. What unfolds will change her life forever as secrets are revealed.
374 Finished Esa FBC Investigation: Carbomb =Flashback scene. Emma's car was bombed and someone within the FBC was able to pull a lot of strings to get the scene cleared and a cover story placed on the nightly news. Emma's accident was covered up as a simple car crash; though rumors tell tales that it wasn't. The truth was at a seemingly abandoned warehouse on the outside. Now FBC needed to investigate what happened..
369 Finished Esa Dinner and Zombies
366 Finished Esa FBC APR Meeting Monthly Meeting for FBC.
354 Finished Esa Paris Investigation: Strange Sightings
346 Finished Esa Filling the Ranks Finding those you trust is hard. Finding those that are on secret payroll is harder. Esa turns to the only two people he can trust within the FBC to fill the ranks with Black Sword.
338 Finished Esa It's What You Know and Who You Know Isabel escaped with the footage and the patrol was silent for the rest of the night. Seemed the hordes were lessening and it was time to report back. A text message crosses Trixies phone to report in to someone unknown - Agent Collins.
336 Finished Esa Footage from Inside the QZ
332 Finished Esa Meeting at the Tower
330 Finished Esa Biohazard 3: Unto the Breach Part II
323 Finished Esa Biohazard 3:Unto the Breach
307 Finished Esa Situational Awareness Disagreements arise after the battle in Paris Quarantine Zone between Esa Collins and Bob Delgado. Question is, who is right? - This scene takes place a few hours after Biohazard 3: Open Season (Scene 306)
304 Finished Esa Licking Wounds As with all fights, be it the cold winter day on an old mans chest or those given in a fight people, eventually seek some form of medical attention. That usually means Hospital Saint-Louis; one of the best hospitals in Paris. You never know who'll show up, or what will happen.
286 Finished Esa South Seine